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Not broken but not a fix also.
bryangary6528 May 2018
All a bit daft, but harmless enough entertainment if nothing else better to do.

Would appeal more to the girls than the boys
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For Wes Bentley fans ONLY
sloppy_tuna30 March 2017
IF you aren't a Wes Bentley fan there is LITERALLY no reason to watch this film. He is the ONLY redeeming quality the film has to offer. He is great in pretty much everything he's in, so other than casting him in the psycho lead, there was nothing else to redeem it; this movie was awful on every level. They either paid Wes Bentley a ridiculous amount of money to act with the rest of the clown car full of so called "actors & actresses" in this horrible pile of drek, or he owed someone a HUGE favor. The kind of favor that involves saving someone's life, or the kind of favor that involves someone keeping a horrible secret you don't want another living soul to know about. Either way, he is the single solitary reason to waste an Hour and a Half of your life you'll never get back.
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Beyond bad
tdeluca-066926 October 2016
First, there is a reason this didn't make it to the theaters or I think even have a preview in the US. Even having it come out on DVD is a waste. One of the worst actresses I have ever seen. No realism, emotion or anything that would make you believe she is going through what she is. How is she an actress? The husband just as bad, the villain had a little going at least but he had to play against these two, her being the worst so it didn't help him at all. Could had given me a little something to make it look somewhat real but it just didn't work, at all. Could say the writing was bad and that some of the scenes and what the characters did was just the result of possibly bad writing and it made the whole thing look bad but they were just terrible. I'm not going to spoil it, it does that on its own but understand it's bad acting, bad writing, scenes just didn't make sense, and just didn't have me wondering what would happen next because I didn't care. Had to see it to the end to try and help,others steer away if possible or at least try and come up with one positive, sorry I could not. They played the typical types you would think but just badly. The shocker at the end made me say , God please don't do another. Go see another movie, save yourself
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One of the worst movies I've ever seen
asharl33ngirl25 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have just watched the movie and unfortunately I have no praising words to describe it.

The idea of the film could have been interesting if the actors' play would have been any good.

The leading actress does a very weak role, she doesn't really manage to express feelings or to sustain the vibe. Even from the beginning the way she is acting lacks strength or character.

Most of the film is boring and none of the actors are making any difference. The fiancee's role has been written exactly like the biggest cliché - arrogant, cocky, gullible rich guy that lives his perfect life. The bride-to-be does the spoiled brat move that no right in the head person would do - cheat her future husband just a few days before the wedding.

The best role-play is the villain's one, although the fight scenes are incredibly superficial and far-fetched.

On one hand,you are on an island where nobody else is present, at least at that moment and your husband goes inside the building to bring you a sweater (how romantic, by the way). Suddenly you hear groans, but nothing seems suspicious to you so you decide to go watch the waves.

The crazy stalker guy can resist to a fight with a grown man, however, when the damsel in distress hits him once he falls giving her the chance to set him on fire.

All in all it was a bad movie, however, the one reason I am happy I watched it till the end is the news she receives from the doctor while laying by her husband's hospital bed, waiting for the poor doll to wake up.

That should be a good lesson for everybody who thinks that having the luck of living a good life helps them cover up all the bad stuff they do.
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lackluster thriller
SnoopyStyle2 September 2017
Tara Bloom (Jamie Alexander) goes on her bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans. She is seduced by dark, mysterious bartender Patrick (Wes Bentley). She leaves after a night of passion back to her fiancé Michael (Cam Gigandet) in California. Patrick is obsessed and flies out to stalk her. Her friend Debra (Alexandra Breckenridge) tries to help.

This is supposed to be a thriller. The problem is the horrible boring production. There is no tension to speak of. The filming is done as blandly as possible. It is dull and slow. There are no surprises. There is nothing compelling. It should be dark but it's more cheese than noir. The acting is functional. Cam is more comfortable playing a douche. His face-off with Wes becomes a douche-off. Tara is not that great to root for either. This is not really a threatrical thriller.
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Good, even if just because of Wes Bentley
phoenixshotgun5 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting, love Wes Bentley in everything he is in - he's so good at being the sinister bad guy! I'm a fan of Jaimie Alexander, so those knocking her acting skills, I think it just wasn't that type of movie that required the gushy mushy love stuff, and because her fiancée had already cheated on her, she obviously felt the need to somewhat "get back" at him, even that was decided in her subconscious.

I enjoyed the way they told the story and how Wes Bentley portrayed his character - Debra (Debbie?") made me giggle with the baby sitter line towards the end. The fact that this guy hung around and gave that shock in the end - wow!
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THE worst film in the World....EVER!!
emailkatie-513701 May 2018
I watched all the way to the end out of pure amusement and amazement that this was even made!! It was AWFUL!! I gave it one star because I wasn't allowed to award a nothing star. It felt like it was put together by an amateur film crew! BAD BAD BAD BAAAAAAAD!! Did I mention BAD?!!
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Wes Bentley has some car payments due, I guess.
daughterofolaf22 December 2019
The setup for this movie is silly. An engaged girl, Tara, meets a bartender, Patrick, at a really stupid pseudo-sex-freak club shortly before her wedding. The awfulness hits right out of the gate. The director did a really bad job of portraying this weirdo freak club. I'm guessing the intent was to show something like what we see in Single White Female but instead it just looks like some idiots in bad clown makeup hanging out at a high end bar that was used during daytime hours to shoot this scene. Patrick is covered in tattoos and appears to be on the Gumby workout plan. He is obsessed with Tara literally from the second he lays eyes on her, he acts crazy from the get-go and he wears a ring on his index finger so we know for sure he's nuts. Even though Patrick acts bizarrely intense from the moment Tara first speaks to him, he seems to make her uncomfortable immediately, and she seems to have no doubts about getting married, Patrick is kind of hot so naturally she sleeps with him. Despite the fact that he acts like a straight up freak from minute one, Tara is shocked after waking up post-bow-chicka-bow-wow to find him acting like...well, a freak.

The acting isn't great but it could be worse considering how awful the movie is. The one exception being the girl who plays the sister-holy Toledo, she must be the director's sister or something. I hope her family didn't gather around to watch her in this because that would just be awkward for everyone. Wes Bentley is good as he always is and I commend him for being able to deliver anything in this dumpster fire of a movie. It's just a shame this is the kind of garbage he is doing now. Maybe he owed someone a favor. It is also disappointing that Alexandra Breckenridge is in this but doesn't have much to do. She is pretty good-too good for this, that's for sure. She probably should have played Tara instead of the other chick.

Lame camera work, obviously fake settings (the hospital scene is particularly hilarious), bad scene transitions, shots that last too long and laugh-out-loud camera angles involving a house elevator do not help matters. I'm guessing the director found this cool, unusual house to use for the movie, had a tent pole over the elevator and decided to use it to the fullest extent. Er, well, as far as a house elevator can be used in a movie that isn't actually about a house elevator. The other scene which stood out as being especially ridiculous was the scene where Tara and her friend meet up with a "private eye" after he looks into Patrick's background. They meet at some sort of Japanese temple to go over the findings, I assume because that is so much easier and more natural than heading over to Denny's. I actually felt bad for the director on this one. It's all kind of embarrassing at that point.

Anyway, all the typical crazy stalker shenanigans ensue. There's nothing new here at all, and there are some threads which wind up being pointless and lead to nothing. For example, the endless dossier or love letter or manifesto Patrick spends a bunch of time writing, which is apparently none of our business. So much is dedicated to him writing this stupid thing and then we do not get to read or hear or know a single thing he wrote in it. Lazy screenwriting, folks, that's what this is. The other part that goes nowhere is the introduction of the sister into the story. There is screen time dedicated to this which ends up being 100% pointless and fruitless in every way. It makes me wonder if there was more to that part but the girl playing the sister was such a horrendous actress that they cut it all out. But Patrick's note wasn't a bad actor and that went nowhere either, so again it appears this is just a bad script.

The one and only positive thing about the movie is the last few seconds of it. I didn't see that coming and thought it was pretty decent/funny/dreadful. Alas, twelve seconds at the end of a movie hardly makes the rest of it worthwhile.

Bottom line: this movie is only for major fans of the stalker movie genre or Wes Bentley and even then, I wouldn't bother with it unless you have watched every stalker and Bentley movie on earth already.
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Maybe a bit slow and predictable, but not too bad.
johannes2000-118 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A rating of 4.2 here on IMDb is a bit too harsh, it really isn't THAT bad! It's actually very watchable, it has a reasonably thrilling story and the acting by the main characters is pretty good, with Wes Bentley as some very creepy psychopath. My main criticism concerns the tension that somehow seemed to sag-in somewhere in the middle-section, when it got a bit too low on real action. I also had some doubts about the casting. Jaimie Alexander was convincing enough as the beautiful, guilt-ridden bride-to-be, but her fiancé (Cam Gigandet) didn't match her enough, he was só listless and respectable, on the brink of boring, it seemed like a very odd coupling. And Wes Bentley was given a way too extreme outward appearance, I just could not imagine this pristine goddess fall for such a guy, even as a one-night-stand. And then there were some other improbabilities. They had to hire a private investigator to find out the back-ground of Patrick; why not begin with checking the bar in New Orleans where he obviously was employed when they met? And why didn't Michael scream something like "Tara, call 9-1-1 now!!" when he was assaulted by Patrick in the hotel-garden after the wedding, she was within hearing-distance, we saw her hearing the noises of the struggle! Anyway, the final twist was a nice surprise (although one can wonder why this obviously very intelligent woman didn't take precautions!). Anyway, as far as I'm concerned it was entertaining enough.
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We skipped watching the basketball game last night for this
hunterb-062845 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert Central coming up.

Wow. What a rush. Who'd of thought after a long drive home from Chicago back to Detroit could be accompanied by pure cinema gold. I had just gotten home from an alcohol fueled journey and just wrapped up an episode of trash reality TV to find an erotic love fest going on in which I was immediately captivated by the foreplay this specimen put into every leg kiss he laid on her. It wasn't until I pulled the IMDb page up to see what other movies the female lead had been in only to find out that Broken Vows was sporting a MEAN 4.2.

It was at this point, I needed to see more.

I've never seen such acting. I mean, someone get this guy some more notepads. 1 will not cut it for his aggressive writing style. Seriously, at least 2 more notepads.

If you wanted another boring love drama with Leo Decaprio let me tell you that this is not one of those movies... it's so much more than that. Oscar worthy performances all around.

I would pay $100 to have my brain wiped to be able to watch this again.

IMO the 10/10 scale just isn't high enough. This is one of those up to 11 spinal tap moments.

If you haven't already pulled this up online and ordered it so you can binge it 7 times over in the next two days then I've let you down.

Get the man a whole box of notepads.
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I enjoy watching bad stalker movies but this was atrocious
artemis84-111 January 2021
I sometimes watch bad stalker movies. I find their predictability, bad acting and uninspiring dialogue somehow entertaining on a rainy day.

But this was bad-bad. Who green lit this? Who wrote this and why did they want to punish us?!
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Watch for Wes Bentley
lawman-6529427 November 2020
Saw this movie on Amazon Prime since I am a fan of Wes Bentley and recognize Jaimie Alexander from the Thor movies. In terms of the premise it is very simple. Jaimie Alexander plays Tara who is engaged to be married to Michael. While out with her friends for a bachelorette party they let loose and have fun. Tara meets a bartender at a club named Patrick, and they end up sleeping together. After that moment Patrick ends up developing an obsession with Tara and once she makes it clear that it was simply a one-night stand that is when things start escalating.

Like other stalker movies he gets more involved in her life and looks for ways to sabotage it. In terms of acting it was not great with the exception being Wes Bentley. He does crazy very well (see a similar movie called P2 where he absolutely tormented Rachel Nichol's character in a parking lot). I would go so far as to say that he carries this movie because the rest of the cast was mediocre to poor. Even Jaimie Alexander was fairly bland and only stood out because of her beauty. I have seen her in Thor and a few episodes of the TV series Blindspot, so I know that she is capable of putting in a good performance. Her friends and sister (Emily) were terrible and cringy.

I do not regret watching this film and have seen much worse; however, in terms of the obsessive stalker-type movies it has been done better elsewhere. As a matter of fact, Wes Bentley's own P2 (2007) was very well done on what looks like a smaller budget with fewer cast members and confined primarily to one location (an underground parking lot). Give P2 a watch instead; however if you absolutely must watch this then see it for Wes Bentley and only watch it once. 5/10 due to Wes.
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odiebeau3 September 2020
Poor acting, unbelievable script. Just so bad. The ending was just shockingly far fetched.
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Superior Lifetime Channel-Style Film
lavatch12 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A woman has a final fling prior to her marriage. But the man with whom she has spent the night turns out to be the lover out of hell. "Broken Vows" tells the story of a stalker who turns what appears to be a perfect wedding into a nightmare.

The film has all of the elements of a formula film on the Lifetime cable network. Jaime Alexender is perfectly cast as Tara, the protagonist who recognizes that she has made a "mistake" on the morning after sleeping with a New Orleans bartender, Patrick Flynn. Wes Bentley is outstanding as the psycho who begins stalking Tara, her fiancé Michael, and her family members. Cam Gigandet is solid as the trusting fiancé radiating a hangdog look deriving from the guilt of having already broken his own vow with a brief, adulterous liaison.

There is a build-up to the wedding day of Tara and Michael with extremely revealing moments when both Tara and Michael are aware of the strange behavior of Patrick, yet refuse to communicate with each other. In withholding what they know, Patrick is provided with the opportunity to catch them off-guard and to disrupt their lives beyond belief.

The film was successful in developing what could have been stereotypes into fairly well developed characters. The well-intentioned friend Deb, the ineffective private eye (Clay), and the naive sister (Annie) were all well-conceived and well-performed roles.

The directing was well above the standards of an average Grade "B" film with interesting camera angles and overhead shots. The costume design was only limited in repeating much too often the black dress worn by Tara. There could have been a greater variety of costuming, as it was clear that Tara and her family were affluent member of the Eastern intelligentsia.

Still, as a low-budget, direct-to-viewer film product, "Broken Vows" is an extremely entertaining and not-to-be-missed film bargain from your local Redbox machine!!!
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sonrisaparatu7 September 2019
I only watched this because it had Cam Gigandet in it. This is one of those movies, when after it's done, you wish you could get that time back. Poor direction, cliche storyline, horrible acting. All around BAD and disappointing. Too bad you can't rate it a negative number.
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Not that bad
tomfsloan28 October 2018
The plot was somewhat typical, but not bad. The acting was decent. Bad acting stands out like a sore thumb. No sore thumbs here. I was happy to see the private eye slug the bad guy again after he was down in the one fight. Something rarely done in these movies. There were some creative cinematic angles here and there, but the sideways elevator was a little much. Overall, it kept a pretty good pace and had minimal stupid things.
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Only if a dark thriller with a bad ending script suits you..
jplox1 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I admire Wes Bentley from EVERY season he has been in American Horror Story. He's one of the best.


This thriller started right: boy mets girl, girl goes to bed, she regrets but he likes her, then he starts chasing her. That's expectable.

The movie has a good pace, bad sound effects and it seems to be like a b movie (lower caps) with no budget, acting from the main character is good, she is losing it and gets help from a cop with her BFF.

All good,

Then things go south, they go to a remote beach for honeymoon and suddenly there he goes, without any issues he gets to the private island, kills the one guy left at the hotel and then he gets killed at the sand.

At this point it started feeling like American Horror Story, Hotel.

Then, the movie ends with a poor script and it keeps questions unanswered, the husband is alive but in a the hospital bed.

The writers slowly started creating the story, and then they got anxious and ended the story badly.

If you are into dark comedies, or dark dramas, you may like it.
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Really solid movie
frankieescandon-690595 February 2018
Films like these are usually cliche and quite predictable. With the same concept and a similar plot. But this film does something special and it actually becomes a decent movie. The director does something that grabbed my attention for the whole movie and that's tell a story with good character development that wastes no time giving me a decent film for my movie night.

The stalker guy was given a back ground story as to why his obsession and how his obsession with women escalated. And that paved the way for how this film was going to turn out. That right there made this movie a must watch. And a gripping thriller that is pretty fun.

The acting in this movie fits in rather nicely with the plot of the movie. Both the first and the second half of the movie does it's job. I give this film a B+.
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nnelgsworld20 January 2018
Humans have to always criticize, whether a new singer is in the music scene or a new movie is out. People don't appreciate the work, the time, the passion, the energy in every thing that is done. It's easy to sit back with your hands crossed on your belly and critisize. It's a great movie and it makes you think and reflect in life. I loved it but I hate people moaning like old people. Go and get a life. Start appreciating things in life. Be positive!
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Great story but not quite edgy...
cahidi18 October 2016
The story line and the idea of this movie is very common, but great nevertheless. Although a few actresses didn't perform really good, but Wes Bentley was great. Typical thriller scent is exuded really well along this movie. Although there's a major setback with the audio. The thing that this movie's lacking is good background music. I felt that every time thrilling scenes came, there's not enough supporting music to heighten the tension. Thus damaging the movie quite bad. Usually movies like this requires theatrical orchestra for better result. I don't know was it because of budget problems or was it poor decision making, but I think background music is the key ingredient that is missing from this flick. Other than that, this movie is pretty good to watch. I recommend this one to anyone with no stomach for thriller movies. This one can give you a good exercise before you deal with the really scary ones.
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