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A Strong Showing From Marilyn Manson
gavin694224 July 2016
A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father (Mark Boone).

Critic Jerry Smith really sums up the world of this film when he says it's "as dirty and grimy as it gets… you can almost smell the dirt and grime." From the opening scene until the end, one cannot help but feel the same way. If this world exists somewhere – populated with nothing but drug addicts, trailer trash, and sex perverts – it is not a world any one would choose to live in.

What makes the characters interesting is how they interact within it. Our lead, Drew (Niko Nicotera), somehow managed to escape and right himself. But he has chosen to return in order to rescue his "sister", which means wallowing knee-deep in the filth and risking becoming tainted along the way. He walks a fine line between hero and anti-hero, with positive motives but questionable methods.

Also on the outskirts of this world is Pope (Marilyn Manson), a Cherokee loner who has no compunctions about killing for money. He seems like he could fit in, but chooses to live on his own, only entering the fray when summoned. He has the intellect of a philosopher or sage and this makes him more complex and interesting than your run-of-the-mill hit-man. And with his pale visage and dark hair, when he comes for you, it is as if you are face to face with the angel of death himself, or perhaps a wraith. (How much this look is intrinsic to the character or how much is just what happens when you cast Manson is unclear.)

The spark of innocence, cleanliness and hope comes in the form of Rooney (Gracie Grenier), a young girl rescued from a drug dealer's shed. Rooney has no character development, and speaks not a single word, but is obvious intended to be symbolic. Her light clothes and blond hair gives her a distinct brightness in this otherwise blemished cesspool. Her ultimate fate leaves more questions than answers.

One last character worth analyzing is that played by Michael Potts. I don't recall his name being mentioned before the credits, which is a good thing because even that much might give away his motives. He hints at his role, saying he was a "bagman" in a former life. On the surface, this might suggest he is a mob-connected, corrupt member of the police force. But once the pieces all come together, viewers might realize what his real intentions and occupation are.

All around, this film is praiseworthy, from the cinematography that could make you ill with how real it presents the world to the scripting of such deep characters. The casting is brilliant, and that bit of luck (Boone and Manson were later additions) really makes this a film that will demand an audience. Surely it is Manson's biggest and best role yet, and he's collected a wide fan base over the last twenty years.

"Let Me Make You a Martyr" premiered July 22 at the Fantasia International Film Festival. If you have the chance to catch an encore screening, do so. And if not, I would expect this film to gather some marketing momentum over the next few months. If no one has purchased the rights yet, they will soon.
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A beautiful piece of metaphysical nihilism
Termin816 September 2017
Don't mind those complaining about Manson's lack of screen time. The fact is his performance is terrifying and his characters mostly silent nature and fleeting appearance makes it. What's more they are overlooking a beautiful piece of Cajun Noir that is also a puzzling work that will stick in your head and force you to rewatch it. Beautifully shot it also contains brilliant performances. Think through it and this is a rewarding movie.
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So boring...
formulaone-3751910 September 2018
I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. Slow, ponderous, and boring. Not even Manson could save this mess.
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Thought provoked
billchev27 November 2016
Absolutely thought provoking movie. Perfect movie for movie clubs or a group of friends to go and then discuss. Exactly what we did following the movie and everyone had a different take. The music sets the scenes and really brings the viewers into the moment. The movie reveals a world of drug addiction and abuse that is so realistic that it makes you feel like you are there. The story was intentionally left open ended to stimulate your imagination. It is a definite movie to see with others. The characters were all intriguing. It is difficult to name a favorite as they all were so complex. You cannot write a review without mentioning Marilyn Manson. It is obvious now that although he is known as a musician, there is not much difference in a music performance and a screen performance. He is a true professional. Looking forward to their next project.
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Are the scores on IMDb really this broken?
john-monne28 June 2017
How this movie only gets a 5.4 as a rating is absolutely a mystery to me.. This movie is worth a watch for anyone that loves the genre, has an attention span bigger then 3 seconds and can appreciate a real movie with human reasoning. This is not your 90 minutes of 1 big action scene Hollywood blockbuster that cost 250.000.000 USD leaving you on a confusion high towards reality.. This movie is a real movie! Entertaining, interesting, meaningful, makes you think about aspects of life and about the characters life's and at the end of it it leaves you perhaps even something to talk about or ponder about. I will bring no spoilers cause there aren't any.. there is no plot, no 30 second trailer that can spoil the whole movie. I can tell you half the story and still not spoil it. So again, if you have more then half a brain, your attention span wasn't ruined and you like watching a movie for the intent, characters and story..then this is a movie you must watch! an easy 8/10!
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The horrible people, the horrible people...
paul_haakonsen22 December 2018
I hadn't heard about "Let Me Make You a Martyr" prior to finding it. Nor can I say that I have been missing out on a jewel in film history.

Little did I know that Marilyn Manson was starring in the movie. But when I found out, it did heighten my interest in watching it. So of course, I found the time to sit down and watch it.

Well, some of it at least. I think I endured somewhere between 25-30 minutes of the ordeal that is known as "Let Me Make You a Martyr" before I gave up. I was utterly bored with this movie on so many levels. The characters in the story were lacking appeal, and they seemed like they were just invented on the spot as the director went along. And it turned out to be characters that you simply didn't invest any emotional attachments into; you simply just don't care one bit about the characters in the movie.

And the storyline was all over the place, which made for a befuddled and confusing mess of a story. Which ultimately was the main reason for why I gave up on the movie and turned it off. I could get through it if it was just the characters that were unappealing, but the storyline failed to appeal to me, and thus ended "Let Me Make You a Martyr" prematurely.

This is not a movie that I will be returning to watch again at any time ever. It just have zero appeal to me.
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Intelligent film about Damaged Souls
seriouscritic-4256927 July 2018
Intelligent, thoughtful film about people who are depraved or damaged; disturbed or lost; and even some who are innocent. And the various shades their souls are colored in is very much at the core of this film.

That a film grounded in gritty reality is also willing to embrace the surreal is, in these capable hands, neither jarring nor disconcerting. It hints at supernatural elements as any serious film concerned with individuals questioning life and what comes after could be expected to do. Great credit goes to the directors for their reserved and concise visual direction and their securing consistently natural and believable performances from actors playing a range of characters that easily could have slipped into the grotesque or clichéd . There is real intelligence in the writing; the rich dialogue defies the stereotypical expectations of how such rural characters speak and behave, and does so by being so specific in relation to the character's worldviews - and the fact that such lowlifes HAVE worldviews is all too often ignored by screenwriters who only know of life what they have seen in other lesser movies.

That it is refreshing, and engaging, is not to say that it is completely without flaws. Unfortunately it too often feels more a collection of intriguing scenes than a cohesive whole, and in the "clever" cutting between time frames, and character's points of view, we lose a bit of what would allow our emotional connection to such worried and wasted souls to grow beyond mere empathy for their weaknesses and struggles. I also had some technical issues; some photography was way too dark (not moody dark but muddy dark) and there are several sequences where the sound is excessively muted, and even if these are intentional effects they seem so unmotivated, or inconsistently so, that they feel more like mistakes. But these are caveats that keep it from being a great film as opposed to an extremely good one. Most films made these days would be damn lucky to be as solidly crafted

It is also not a movie for everyone; if you only want to focus half your attention on the film it's going to seem dull, boring and confusing. If you are not interested in hearing characters worldviews and think any dialogue that doesn't advance the plot is "too wordy" then you're not going to like it. But for those of us who thrive on intelligent, original and unique films as opposed to recycled, regurgitated mediocrity, films like this are a great relief.
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Southern boredom
Prismark102 November 2017
Drew (Niko Nicotera) returns to his hometown after some years. His adoptive father Larry Glass (Mark Boone Junior) is a local gangster. Drew has a thing with his adopted sister June (Sam Quartin) and plan to get away together.

However this means getting rid of Larry, meanwhile Larry hires a hit- man to get rid of Drew.

This is a dull, slow moving, contemplative southern Gothic film that really does not get anywhere and is confusing. Marilyn Manson makes an understated cameo as the hit-man.
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You have GOT to be kidding me
reissue575 September 2017
This movie was skipping around in so many places, I could not keep up with it! The problem was, in my opinion, that they tried to let the viewer "fill in the blanks" (Of which there were many) in the plot, the characters and even the locations! If you are going to make a movie, at LEAST try to explain to the viewer what is going on! This movie did none of that....I watched it and STILL do not know what it was all about! I do not know if they were trying to make a movie set in the 70's (because a lot of 1970's movies skipped around a lot too and the cars and music was definitely 1970's....or if they were just too stupid to know how to make a movie. Either way it was a disaster! I am very surprised that this movie even got a 5 out of 10 stars review! It does NOT deserve it! Not even close!
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Intelligent Depiction of Human Nature
tdwillis-262739 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was a very provocative/interesting and relatively honest film. It is shown non linear, meaning most of it's events has already happened and it is being shown to us in a series of long flashbacks as the main character is telling it. It is definitely a slow intense burn, with small crumbs of clues being left behind for us to gather with some twists and turns to boot.

I don't mean to be overly critical, as I really liked this movie quite a bit and thought it a quality made, interesting and worthwhile watch. But I would be remiss if I didn't include that some reviewers stated they had a difficult time understanding what was going on in the movie. For me, it was one of the things I really appreciated about it. In most cases the creators didn't underestimate the intelligence of the audience. That is such a HUGE plus in my book, as it is usually the types of films I enjoy the most.

The actual story/screenplay is very intelligently and intuitively written. There are some very deep and meaningful interactions that were VERY true of human nature. Although based in a not overly realistic drug world, the story of revenge, love, redemption, hope and hopelessness was presented proactively and thoroughly.

Although Marilyn Manson is memorable here, there wasn't one actor/actress that did not pull their weight and offer up an exquisite representation of their character. As I have not seen Mr. Marilyn's acting ability before this movie, it was fun to see him, especially. I wasn't surprised he did so well as he is an outstanding musical performer. I believe, he may of instinctively understood this dark role, on a personal level. No wonder he did so well. I don't believe this role was written for him, but it may as well of been. He was perfect in it. As a fan, I am happy to see him stretch his creative wings. Ultimately tho, I extend many BRAVOS to all the performers!

The cinematography/camera use/lighting was creatively well done. The score/screenplay although a bit odd in a few beginning scenes,(personal taste) over all accompanied the rest of the scenes nicely without overshadowing them, and as in all quality films, pushed the ambiance and feel of particular scenes up a notch to it's finest point.

The sound and editing not distinctive (indicating again, skillful contributions)

Costumes and dialogue appropriate and realistic if not unassuming which would be what is called for in this type of story.

I hope that this film gets the regards it deserves. I can tell it was done with everyone involved, giving everything they had. I will be watching it again, as I am sure I missed things the first time around.

For me, that means it's a GOOD movie.

Just a little, hardly noteworthy, side note. And a very vague spoiler alert. But I gotta get this off my chest....

First off, you can not wax philosophical just moments after shooting heroine in your vein. (and if it was methamphetamine, you may think you are waxing philosophical, but you certainly aren't leaned back comfortable and still, on a couch while doing it.)

The bag is shown with the drugs in it, and it was a large amount and of an odd color to be heroine, methamphetamine, coke, or any of those types of drugs. It appeared to look more like weed. Which doesn't make sense as you can't shoot weed into your veins. It just kinda threw me off and seemed confusing and inaccurate. I suppose the more you know about something the more it stands out in movies when it is depicted wrong. I mention this ONLY because many reviewers stated how dirty and gritty and realistic this film was. YES the drug world is dirty and gritty and dangerous, but I'm not for sure that the creators of THIS story have ever lived in the type of world they wrote about here. I found it more of a cliché drug world then an honest depiction but believe that it still works well enough to present what this story is truly about. None-the-less....THAT particular scene doesn't make THAT much difference. Or won't make that much difference, for most viewers.
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If you read the synopsis... You spoiled the whole movie.
IvnSoft7 November 2017
Got the movie, because i like revenge movies... It is dark, depressing, surrounded by scum bags and drug addicts. That gets really well presented.

But that's it. The acting is sub-par, the voices sound like they are non convinced with the script, and the story ? well, it is described in the synopsis. Nothing new. (and nothing wrong with that)

I feel these flaws basically killed the movie :

  • It is filled with long unneeded dialogues. Most of them don't really matter, and skipping them wont affect the movie in the end. - I got annoyed with Slaine/Hondo first... And then i started noticing the same behavior. Everyone take long pauses to deliver lines, without purpose, perhaps trying to give it a hint of suspense. - Cerebral ? Intelligent ? Not a chance. It is a simple movie, you can follow it even half awake. Presenting the story in a non-linear way does not make it intelligent.

I don't have an issue with slow movies. But this one is slow just because. And that bothers me. 30 minutes into the movie i was bored and waiting for it to be over.

I can't recommend this movie. Perhaps if you like to watch a favorite actor, but that's it.

So, summary : Sub-par acting, boring long dialogues, annoyingly slow pace.
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Another Hollywood Promotion Film of Drug Use and Suicide. Because It Made Me Want to Slit My Wrists.
bob_james939725 December 2018
If you can make It to the last 20 Minutes without blowing your brains out, It gets good. If you love watching junkies shoot up, you'll love this! No real story to speak of. I may have to watch it more than once to actually pick up on any real plot but I would surely be dead. Oh yeah, and Manson(which is the only reason I watched this) was as stiff as a board.
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Intriguing & Intelligent
sfx-882-82603127 August 2018
This movie demands 100% attention - it is not a "sit back and go with the flow and a bag of pop corn" movie. If you don't pay attention, you don't get it. It being the story, the plot, the meaning and messages. And if you don't get it, the whole thing doesn't make any sense and will leave you in confusion.

If you do pay attention, and if you're in the bonus position of viewing this movie at home, where you can hit "replay" the moment the credits roll, layers upon layers of interesting ideas become revealed.

There are many things to like. The performances were very good across the board, and the refusal on the part of the director to show the violence in the usual gory detail becomes more ... poignant as time goes on. I mean that both in terms of the time of the unfolding movie as well as in terms of watching it more than once, which I would recommend.

This movie is intriguing and extremely intelligent. I absolutely applaud this on all levels. The only reason I took a point off and gave it nine stars instead of ten was that I would have preferred the dialogue to be slightly crisper/clearer in the sound mixing to help us "understand."
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It could have been pretty good with a little work
scienide-298-22135720 September 2017
I loved Niko Nicotera and Mark Boone Jr as Ratboy and Bobby Munson on Sons of Anarchy, and have been a Marilyn Manson fan since about 1997, so I was hopeful. Ultimately I wasn't overly impressed with the movie ,or should I say, "film" as a whole, though. It was shot well,in my opinion, but it rambled along and just sort of lost momentum and ran out of gas at the end. It could have been a decent movie with some tweaking on the ending. It wasn't a total failure of a film, but I don't see myself ever watching it again on purpose.
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a slow crawl
kazimatzu22 December 2017
Apparently the director thinks he's tarintino a bad film where the only good acting is done by Marilyn manson of all people. all the other parts are very overdone and the direction is awful.
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A chilling grimy compelling crime film that's characters you will understand or fear
jmarinko92512 July 2017
After watching Let me make you a Martyr I needed to re watch it. The story is told in non linear fashion and some of the scenes are so intense it's easy to get caught up in you're anticipation of what happens next. Thought provoking to say the least issues of poverty, disparity and society are all exemplified here. At a certain point my cowcatcher questioned me" Is this how it really is in some places" I responded the people there most likely think the same thing about where we live.

Of course I was eager to Marilyn Manson on screen having enjoyed his role in the third season of Salem and just knowing he was a part of it swayed my decision to view it. While he is not the lead his scenes are memorable to say the least.

I saw a q&A on YouTube with the director and when questioned about the films conclusion he said he did not want people leaving this one with the attitude of well I just watched another movie. I believe he has succeeded in that. A good watch but not for the faint of heart of course.
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Haunting feelings, desperate search for salvation
aulin-fan29 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this film from beginning to the (open) ending. An indie masterpiece movie. Feels like not so many people did appreciate what i consider a very underrated movie. Manson's got only a bunch of minutes, but his character is so deep and controversial. I suggest watching this movie with a group of friends, as after you'll see this you will discuss A LOT. Yes, there are some flaws in the plot that sometimes is confusing and "nowhere to go", but overall I think is a very very good movie. Nico Nicotera and Sam Quartin are so good. Wow, Sam Quartin...I love her character so much and her acting. She' so wonderful and I fell in love with her character at once. She's so fragile but also so strong. You'll remember a quote from Manson's character, about differences between good and evil, forever...one of the best movie quote of the last years, I swear.
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Meet the gatekeepers
billieljaime13 February 2019
He movie is about facing your life and death. Facing the "gatekeeper". It is extsestential. The only characters that mattered were the man and interviewer. Manson also represented something, death comes, he is a sort of earthly gatekeeper in a grim way. How will you respond to.the gate keeper when it is your time? With honesty or accolades? Ego? Pride? Will you confess your deepest sins
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Terrible waste of time
canenero30 January 2019
A movie that seem to try and borrow the "chopped" short-movie narrative/editing from Pulp Fiction, and the scummy environment of Winter's Bone. A bad mix of boredom and nonsense that makes you scream "why!?!?" At the tv, and to yourself for enduring through a story that never picks up. I'm not saying that the movie needed action scenes, just that all the good bits are way to cryptic and only clear to the terrible writers of this.
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A question about the boot
swalpole13 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not a great film but Marilyn Manson owned the screen whenever he was on. In an attempt to be cerebral it just ends up confusing.....I have one question though, how long was the girl in the boot for?
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not my thing therefor it was too slow
trashgang13 September 2017
Marylin Manson in a flick, that I do want to see so i picked up this one. His performance was okay and all the acting was okay and I can't say a thing about the cinematography or even the score and with all the high ratings I think I must have missed something because it just wasn't my thing.

I can dig slow movies and have no problems with flicks full of characterization but this one was a slow mover and a bit too slow with too much of blah blah. But for the people who adore dark flicks it's a must see.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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