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wjdwright-479857 March 2017
I don't even know where to begin. I have always liked Stephen Colbert, but, all his show is about is Trump, and how he hates Trump. This may have been funny once in a while, but, that is all he does. It's boring. Everyone is on the hate train and it is unnecessary, useless, and people are starting to get tired of it. If a show makes me uncomfortable, irritable, and unhappy, then I turn it off. There is enough negativity in this world. What most people want is someone to make them laugh and feel good. Stephen, you should pay attention. Right now all you have is an audience that is hand picked Trump haters, and, your viewing audience is also Trump haters. I know the applause feels good, but, it won't last if this is all you have to offer. I can watch MSNBC in the morning if I want to start my day negatively, I really didn't want to end my day the same way. I have decided to turn you off and MSNBC off. I don't want your stress and unhappiness in my life.
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Still hoping, still waiting...
Angelos7910 September 2015
I have been an avid fan of Stephen since 2009, which says a lot about how much i like him, considering i am not an American. In fact, here in Greece the Colbert phenomenon is virtually unknown and only very few take the time to observe the late night scene where Stephen reigned supreme (ok, maybe along with Jon Stewart). Still, personally i always found his kind of satire being cutting edge and bold, and could always discern the intelligence and warmth behind the facade of the conservative pundit. Sadly what i saw these last two days (after months of waiting anxiously for the show) was not what Stephen really deserves. All this prancing around, the constant smiling without apparent reason, the extremely safe style of humor, the really inconsequential questions...all these just are not what Stephen is. Fallon or Conan(two people who i also like for different reasons) can do that, Stephen should maintain his unique style and avoid becoming one of the plenty. He doesn't need to pretend being a conservative, he just has to remain classy and dangerously smart. The only segments where the Stephen we love broke through, were Trump's critique and some parts of the Clooney and Bush interviews. Maybe he fears CBS or the "variety" character of the show are not appropriate for what he did so far, but i honestly believe that CBS should accommodate his style and not vice versa. I say all this with sincere care and choose to avoid rush judgment and vote based on what i hope the show will finally be when Stephen gets his balance back, as i am sure he will. Please consider this more of a friendly comment rather than any kind of judgmental rant. Until then Stephen, we will all be watching, supporting and hoping for the best!
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Unfunny, condescending and arrogant
SpaceMonkey-Mafioso17 May 2017
And those are Colbert's best qualities. I kid. I kid. I kid. But not really; it's true. See: I just made a funnier joke than Colbert has made in the past year. And my joke sucked! Colbert seems like the kind of boss who sits in his office with the door closed all day just so he can fart to his heart's content. Then, when some poor minion walks into the room and smells the stale farts, Colbert just grimaces with pride because he knows if the minion says anything about the smell, he has the power to fire them. In other words, Colbert likes the smell of his own waste (i.e. his brand of comedy) and loves to spread it to the world.
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Network TV is awful
Kassdhal11 September 2015
Well, after 3 shows that were quite disappointing, it's clear that (i) Colbert is a fantastic host but (ii) being on CBS basically kills his potential.

This new show is passable, barely saved by Colbert's talent but offers pretty much no fun and no depth. In a nutshell, it's just another bland network TV show without much interest.

The inability to bring the best of the best TV host in the US on CBS demonstrates why it is way overdue that network TV shall disappear and cable shall take over. HBO has done it for TV and movies, Comedy central demonstrated it in reverse by letting Stephen Colbert go and lose most of his potential.

Stephen, please come back to cable and do what you do best instead of losing your soul and wasting your potential on CBS.
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More Like the "I Hate Trump" show.
dsalins20514 March 2017
I grew up watching The Colbert Report and always thought it was a great show, it was political satire at it's best.

The Late Show, however, started out alright but it became cringe inducing liberal propaganda. I don't like Donald Trump, but I feel Colbert just spends the first half hour of his show complaining about Trump and feeding on the applause of the radicals he has in his audience. There are people on TV who make fun of Donald Trump and do a good job and I genuinely enjoy, but Colbert doesn't really make jokes about Trump but rather just drags on. Colbert used to be a satirist but now he seems to just talk about what Trump did and why it hurt his feelings. He is totally one-sided which I dislike seeing on a TV show, whether it is liberal or conservative. I am really disappointed with Colbert and it seems that he just feeds on his ego that he gets from his SJW audience, such a shame since I used to love this guy.
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A Grinning, Prancing Shell of the Relevant Stephen.
gulfbrze17 October 2015
Colbert's Late Show is a major disappointment. The review written by DVD says it all for me. He's a grinning, prancing shell now. Was he bought out of his hilarious, cutting-edge, truth-seeking "Report?" Is he paid now to deliver vapid lines that don't expose political lies and hypocrisy? I miss you, too, bold,relevant Stephen. I counted on you to shine a light on important truths. I couldn't wait to laugh so hard I cried when you exposed fools with self-serving policies. How often I thanked God, and yes, I am a Christian, that you and Jon Stewart were delivering important news with humor that connected with our brains. I can no longer watch the "real" you, sitting beneath your massive ego dome, proud and smiling. About what?
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g61268-14 May 2018
I loved the Colbert Report where Stephen played his "character", a stupid Republican with a tv show, like someone (anyone) on FoxNews. Unfortunately after he left Comedy Central for CBS, he was no longer allowed to be that character. Evidently he doesn't own it. So now he just tells jokes, which are for some reason all about attacking Donald Trump.

I'm no Trump fan, but doesn't Stephen realize that Trump is only one politician in Washington, and that he's a symptom and not the disease? Colbert seems to have lost his grasp of the big picture. His show is like CNN now, which is basically the Trump Channel except without jokes. It's anti-Trump, but the point is, he's all they talk about. It's like a fetish.

Anyway, I can no longer recommend watching Stephen Colbert in his most recent incarnation. But if you can find clips of the Colbert Report or even before that when appeared on The Daily Show with his "God Machine" and such - watch those!
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From Satirist to Sycophant
jgkinoz6 December 2016
Colbert won at Television – he said it himself. I gave the Colbert Report a 10/10 review on IMDb when it began.

The Report was the biggest thing on YouTube when it started because he was giving people more truth than the rest of the media and then Viacom had him removed. CBS have allowed him a YouTube channel. Unfortunately this is not the Colbert of old. If, like me, you don't like the media's lies and want to see people pointing out narcissistic ego-madness and laugh at it then this is not for you.

The old Colbert show was hilariously funny from the first episode. The format was incredible. From the very beginning I loved the narcissistic jokes; people cheering for an idiot on TV. It never bothered me that most of the audience were unaware of the ironic quality of their cheering. Colbert running in front of the guest and taking the applause was fantastic every time. It mocked the media and the audience. I loved the Report. It was packed with brilliant topical jokes and the interviews were often cutting and insightful. It was, for years, 22 minutes of brilliance. In the last few months of the Report, and increasingly towards the end; it degenerated into a not funny festival of sycophant-ism. The interviews became passive and non confrontational and the jokes started going that way also.

So how is the new show? It's been over a year – I feel that I've given it a chance... It is awful. It is mostly saccharine drivel. The political views of Colbert or his guests and the jokes seem ill-thought out and ill-willed. It's like they live on another planet.

The election 2016 was ugly. There were many personal attacks on anyone who was against Hillary. I'm so glad Clinton did not win.

It has been pathetic to see Colbert trying to pass off political attacks as comedy. And even more pathetic to see him complement and promote obviously corrupt and criminal people. This is the POLAR OPPOSITE of his old show.

It doesn't look too different on the surface. On the old show Colbert played a shallow fool but this is shallow show for fools. Colbert seems the same and the writing seems the same. It is the format of this new show that compromises what Colbert did best. Colbert was at his best at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. That old Colbert is gone. The new format will not allow it.

Colbert appears to have transitioned from sweet honey into toxic brain numbing aspartame.

The interviews are an abomination. There are not jokes as I could recognise them. I do not care about which celebrity is eating which other celebrity's cake. Why would I care about that? I find these late night celebrity interviews sickening. The Report had great interviews but that is over. It is sad to see Colbert D fanged. Long time fans will be wondering if he will ever "nail" a guest again.

He had an easy chance with Donald Trump as a guest early on. He looked like he was going to nail him, he could have done it. To use Colbert's own analogy; he failed to hit the meatball out of the park.

The is not a bad variety show. The show's agenda is probably to ingratiate Colbert with the mainstream network audience. I think going on about his Catholic beliefs will hinder that. It was funny when he was a joke character and you could laugh at him. Having sacrificed his satirical edge he has little to offer an audience.

In conclusion; If you were a fan of the Colbert Report; what is there for you? Up to 20 minutes of a watered down version of his old show. The genius of the Colbert character was that he was relaxed about the ongoing collective human madness we are all involved in. He was an absurd joke of a man; going along with the exploitation of this madness. Guests would try to ingratiate themselves with this idiot and make a fool out of themselves. Now he is part of it. He has signed up with the exploiters, I guess he always was. Maybe the joke was on me. The change is that it isn't as funny anymore. Jokes about selling your soul to the devil fall flat when you are playing yourself. It comes off as sad rather than a joke. To echo what another reviewer has said on IMDb: I love you, I miss you.

This is so sad; it is worse than not having Colbert on TV at all. The experiment has not worked: Just end the show and let Stephen go.

I think that when we will look back: The worst thing Colbert ever did will be those Joe Biden interviews.
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Unfunny and Boring
katelynbrocks28 August 2018
It took about thirty seconds solid for him to rush through his introduction and get straight to talking about Trump. Stephen Colbert is one to not delay his use of Trump to please his demographic and audience that are ONLY there for his discussion of Trump. If Colbert tried to be funny someway else, he wouldn't be. The only reason he is as "funny" as he is now is due to his Trump discussion. It's like 99.9% of his show. Everytime I just decide to sit down and give him a chance, I'm left waiting in agony as I wait for his actual, genuine "late night" content.
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I Used To Rate This A 10
mitchlb4521 October 2017
Stephen Colbert used to make fun of democrats and republicans. He was wacky and zany, but he would always come around to make the points that needed to be made. No longer. It was shocking to see him completely turn around to support Hillary in entirety and mock the Republican party. Since then it's been like watching CNN with a slight touch of humor. You might think from my review that I'm a staunch Republican. I'm not. I'm an independent who used to watch the Late Show because I think both parties are insane. I no longer get any satisfaction from this show or Colbert. Hope it tanks and he gets replaced.
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Okay, but incredibly disappointing after The Colbert Report
grantss19 December 2015
Okay, but incredibly disappointing after The Colbert Report.

I was skeptical when Stephen Colbert got offered the role of hosting The Late Show. The Colbert Report was one of the funniest, if not THE funniest, shows on TV. It was clever, edgy and didn't mind taking pot shots at politicians, esp right-wing ones and Fox News. Surely moving to a mainsteam show would mean Colbert would have to dumb it down and appeal to a wider audience?

Well, I gave it a fair chance but I fear I was right. The edginess has gone ("Oh, no, kids might be watching!") and his shtick has been dumbed down quite a lot.

Even worse, and something I did not see coming as I figured its is well beneath him, he is having to play all those stupid clickbait games that Jimmy Fallon does (and which makes Fallon's show such a waste of time). You know, get some major star in and instead of asking them intelligent questions, get them to do something stupid. Just so that there'll be dozens of clickbait posts the next day with "See Stephen Colbert get Victoria's Secret models to eat buffalo wings!", say.

There are occasional glimpses of the old Colbert. Some clever skits, biting satire and the pokes at right-wing politicians, but they are few and far between.

Best thing to do: watch the clever stuff, fast forward through the rest.
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Don't Know How People Watch This Show
jshane728 April 2016
I'm in Colbert's demographic (early 40's, Libertarian). I watched his show for the first time tonight and found it unbearably bad, particularly the segments around the interviews. The show is so hokey, cheesy and filled with bad jokes/bits that I actually felt embarrassed for the guy. They leave the applause meter on way too long, so these pathetic jokes and horrible bits are followed with this awkwardly long, canned applause. It was like watching a train wreck.

The interview segments were pretty much the same old boring crap we've been seeing out of late night talk shows for decades. BORING!

The most entertaining part of the show was Colbert's ears. When the camera angle is straight on Colbert's face, you can see that his ears are bizarrely asymmetrical. I couldn't stop fixating on these strangely mismatched ears. It's like they came off of two completely different heads. Beyond that, there is nothing even remotely interesting about this crappy show.
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Would prefer to see comedians and not activists on late night
thebricks23 January 2020
That's why I don't watch anymore. At some point, TV execs felt like they needed to appeal to mythical millennials who supposedly all vote left, live in lofts and hang out at hipster bars. I think that there aren't actually many of these people out there. Maybe if you're a one-percenter, I don't know.

Is it possible that comedians just don't have to do late-night anymore? Jay Leno worked hard, coming out every night, never using substitutes, it's a lot of pressure when you can just do a movie or Netflix special and vacation the rest of the year.

Personalities like Colbert appeal to lowlifes like my brother who don't want to find a job. Some of us like to get out there and do something during the day, make something of ourselves. You can't get everything free, hate to break the news. Unfortunately, the way things are in this country, there are a lot of uneducated people, and let's be honest, the schools don't teach values or educate children anymore now, who don't understand how an economy works. They don't want to learn how the world works. Tell someone that everything should be free and they're going to fall for it. That's how Andrew Yang is still in the race for President.

Colbert thinks he's smarter than everyone. Little does he know, the joke is going to be on him.
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The late show just ain't funny anymore
rjslabmm12 February 2017
Colbert is just trying to hard to be funny, and it isn't working, the show is lame, and the music just doesn't fit. After years of David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, I just can relate to this new show ... I'm totally disappointed. I've tried to watch the show, but I tune in to be entertained, and I'm not, the last skit with Jon Steward fell flat. Colbert is just not the guy to be doing the late show! So let's end the agony that everyone is feeling and can call it a day, I had wished that the show would have been awesome, but it's not, and nothing that CBS does is going to change this fact. Late night TV should be a place to help me forget my cares and give me a place where I can relax and forget about all the problems of my day. This show is just to painful to watch let alone to enjoy. Pull the plug and lets move on.
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Major BORE! CBS, you just don't "GET" late night do you?!
pappycaligula12 November 2015
I'll make this short. I find this show incredibly boring. And apparently the target demographic of 18-49 has decided there is better on TV too as the week of November 9th, 2015, Kimmel has moved ahead to put Colbert in third. Even SETH MYERS has moved within a half percentage point of The Late Show. Couple that with the Dumbed Down Irritating BRIT who follows on "TLLS", CBS has shown it just doesn't GET us Night Owls...You are NOT worth watching!

Like someone else said something about Narcissistic People, Colbert IS a MAJOR BORE!. (and yea, his band IS awful!)CBS, just air reruns of some of your better shows from the past, OR better yet, LET your affiliates air local programming from 11:35p to 7am the next morning instead!
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Just not funny
ss-7641217 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry Stephen, you're just not funny. Get some new material. This night after night of whiny-ass political complaining is a chore to watch. You should get together with that other clown Meyers and see who can be the UN-funniest. You guys don't seem to get it. Obama is not president anymore. This guy somehow got elected so obviously there are a significant number of people who like him. Lazy, is it, let's do what everyone else is doing. Why don't you grow a pair and make fun of the people criticizing? What happened to you?
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We get it!!!
uland-505669 September 2018
Even here in Australia we loved our Late Show from the USA but really??? Don't you have anything else to entertain us apart from your Trump hate speeches. I now only occasionally turn your show on to see if there are any changes to the format but alas, nothing has changed. Just to lay my cards on the table, I'm not a Trump fan either, but if I want constant political views, I'll watch an appropriate channel.
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Watch Paint Dry Instead
danielscrugham4 May 2017
DO NOT watch this horrible waste of time. Colbert is the most stupid late night show ever. He thinks his terrible Trump jokes are funny because of his obnoxious audience. The audience is worse than Colbert (that is saying A LOT). It is pathetic to think that Americans actually watch this low-class trash. People who watch this show are losing both sleep and their minds. I do not recommend this show to anyone and would rather watch paint dry for a year.
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I'm done.
flexyracer13 June 2019
Stephen Colbert was once entertaining to me. I enjoyed his perspective on various issues. But I am finally leaving as a fan of The Late Show. I'm tired of his perpetual lampooning of Trump and his pathetic impression. His guests pitch their book or movie or their political announcements. These guests are stooping low to get a free commercial. I now watch Johnny Carson on antenna TV. He was the master that Colbert will never be.
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So Hateful, so Sad!
toddconaway8 October 2018
Used to watch, now it is just sad. Johnny Carson is turning over in his grave. Way to ruin a wonderful comedic TV show.
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Oh Steven... what have you done?
lokilfa12 November 2016
I feel compelled to write this review just after US presidential elections because this last month changed dramatically my views on the program. I'm not an American citizen but an avid onlooker and political events happening there have such a great effect worldwide. To fully capture the feelings of the people there, late night shows are quite helpful while entertaining. Letterman's long career on this particular show was characterised by a sometimes cynical but always detached rapport with politics. That was a healthy if a bit too play-it-safe attitude.

I always found informative, funny and interesting Colbert's previous show and I thought he innovated the Late Night formula correctly. It was not as fun as the Report and guest- based shows tend to be boring product placement with exceptions on good nights but I felt Colbert's part was still enjoyable even if CBS restrained his comedy.

Then the election came to the last month run and the show was completely ruined.

The power of the jester is immense as he can freely mock the powerful without reprisal and spell more truth in a joke than a pundit can in long PC-ruled convoluted analysis. Colbert wilfully renounced this almost sacred role and destroyed this precious mask. He completely sided with HRC losing any comedic perspective, his bits became simply a ranting word by word repetition of what the outrageous Trump had said the previous day with some stitched on comedy remarks and nothing but that for weeks. NO JOKES on HRC but just false sounding and pandering praises, adding to the boring disgrace the guests were 99,9% HRC spokespersons or her fans/endorsers (all except Viggo Mortensen).

It ended up being ironical in his failure: Colbert's show has completely ceased to be funny while actually harming his political cause by amplifying Trump's message. Colbert's political attitude should not have been the main concern for the audience in the first place, at least not more important than quality entertainment. No wonder a poll taken few days before the vote shown that 75% of American public perceived the media to heavily favour HRC (that's far more than just Republican voters). Colbert was just part of the chorus and not the worst (Samantha Bee...ugh!) but he should have known better.

I've got nothing against Colbert's political ideas or his openness about those, I never particularly liked HRC and I find Trump quite dangerous, but the lack of comedy is unbearable and unjustifiable. It was a deceptively easy task to make fun of a man who surpasses his worst critics' expectations by almost daily announcements containing racial, gender and generic outlandish charged statements. Trump used the media and the media only wanted more in a circle of desperate addiction. Other hosts went with the flow and writers had a paid holiday. I judged Colbert's and Di Nello's wits to be superior and up to the task, alas they failed miserably.

How will the show fare in Trump-Land now? Will it become even more partisan and boring? Will it adapt to other themes? I'm not going to be there to watch, that's for sure.
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I Miss You, Stephen
dvd1239 September 2015
I've never had a poster of anyone on my wall. I went to a couple concerts in high school, like U2 and the Ramones, and had a shirt or two, but never wore them. I've always viewed that kind of celebrity worship as being kind of infantile. So when I do fall head over heels in love with a celebrity, it's kind of a big deal. And there's no celebrity, past or present, that I cherished as much as I cherished you.

There's a guy on a late night talk show that looks like you, sounds like you and even has your name, but this doppelganger doesn't have your soul. This grinning, unconfrontational Stepford Wife is a hollow shell of you. You were punk rock, this guy's Disneyland. You changed the world. He sells some hummus.

It's unbelievably difficult to imagine a life without you. I know that nothing lasts forever, so our time together was always going to come to an end, but it was a day I never wanted to see- and a day that came far too soon.

I love you, I miss you.
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Great topical humor
rodkg-9532722 December 2018
Great selection of guests and skits. His interaction with his guests make the show funny, informative and entertaining.
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Colbert is not funny, it's just sad. You really want to help him but there is nothing you can do besides let him flail around.
brianh-3658214 October 2016
Colbert is not funny. Waiting for entertainment from him is like waiting for Hillary to tell the truth. You keep waiting for it, but deep down you know it's never going to happen.

His attempts at making a joke are so crude I am shocked the CBS network doesn't fire him. Please get a host with some class CBS!

The last show I watched he was saying something about putting his dick in Trump's mouth. CBS bleeped it out but he said it so many times you didn't need to read lips to know what he was saying. I am disappointed that entertainment in America has stooped to such trash!

Will not watch again!
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Finding its feet... and still a fine showcase
rzajac14 September 2015
It ain't perfect--but I remember that even The Colbert Report took a week or two to refine its look/feel. I'm sure Stephen will graciously take thoughtful feedback from the producers and make the few modest tweaks needed to make it work a little better. I'm basically referring to the fact that Stephen still acts a little like it's just _his_ show (like it was with the Report). He'll figure out how to really hand the show over to his guests a little more effectively, and it'll be well nigh perfect.

But enough with the remonstrance. Colbert brings one element of his old show, in tow, which is refreshing and wonderful to see in this environment: Superb writing, lovingly delivered.

The thing Colbert does better than Letterman is the writing. As of the first week, the thing Letterman did better than Colbert is the interviews. I have absolutely no doubt that Colbert will warm up in that latter regard and learn to make those interviews more like forces of nature, the way Letterman did.

One more observation: Colbert has a special way of wedding trenchant observation with good-heartedness. Not to say that Letterman didn't do this, just that I think it's a necessary, "must have" element to these kinds of proceedings, and here's hoping Colbert will continue dishing it up in his own personal style.

Addendum, 2015/9/22 --------------

As I continue watching, I have to add a note about Jon Batiste. I'm reminded of Federico Fellini's encomium to Nino Rota: Yea, verily; Mr. Batiste is an "angel of music". Congrats on getting him, Stephen.
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