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Season 4

23 Sep. 2016
Chef Larry/Lost in the Woods
Larry gets a chef's hat and convinces everyone that he's an expert chef, but it's really Bob who's doing all the cooking. / Bob, Larry, and Mayor Archibald get lost while hiking in the backyard.
23 Sep. 2016
Shrink-abeezer/Motato Is My Neighbor
LarryBoy and Bob must find a way to help Ichabeezer after he's been shrunk by Motato. / Motato has a negative influence on Ichabeezer when he moves next door to him.
23 Sep. 2016
Invisible Arm Wrestling/Silly No More
Larry claims to be the arm wrestling champion of the universe, but Takeasaurus has something to say about that. / After being told he's too silly,NLLarry vows to be silly no more.
23 Sep. 2016
Stunt Driving School/Off the Rails
Bob and Larry must get their stunt driver's license when a giant loop-de-loop is installed in town. / Bob must pick the new conductor of the veggie train between Larry or Ichabeezer.
23 Sep. 2016
Jimmy and Jerry's Big Mess/Beatbox Bill
Bob and Larry help Jimmy and Jerry clean up their house so Jimmy and Jerry won't stay at their house. / Larry and Bacon Bill start a band, but Larry gets jealous of Bill's incredible beat boxing skills.
23 Sep. 2016
Larry the Sleepwalker/The Case of the Missing Monocle
Bob goes to great lengths to keep Larry from sleepwalking. / The mayor's monacle is missing, and Madame Blueberry is on the case.
23 Sep. 2016
Larry Gets a Bulldozer/Bird on the Loose!
Larry feels pressured to perform crazy awesome tasks with his new bulldozer from his friends. / Against Bob's advice, Larry brings home a pear-a-keet to be his new pet bird.
23 Sep. 2016
Leader of the Team/Tina's the Boss
Bob wants to join LarryBoy's team of heroes, but keeps getting in the way. / Tina starts a volunteer fire department with Bob and Larry.
23 Sep. 2016
The Puppy/Larry's Cousin Comes to Town
Rooney the Olive Hound gets jealous when Ichabeezer finds a lost puppy and takes care of it. / Larry's jealous when his incredibly talented and accomplished cousin George visits.
23 Sep. 2016
The Bob and Larry Show/Save the Cherry Cat
Beau Rockley drives Bob and Larry apart when he interferes with their TV show. / Granny Asparagus offers to bake cookies for Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry if they can look after her cherry cat.
23 Sep. 2016
Larry and Bob make trading cards of everyone in the house, but Bob feels sad when no one wants his card. / Motato invents a grow-ray and uses it to become a giant. It's up to Ultra Veggie Bob and Plantasaurus Larry to stop him.
23 Sep. 2016
The Good Samaricumber/Destination: Space Station
Pa Grape tells LarryBoy the parable of the Good Samaritan. / Bob and Larry set out to build a rocket to go to space.
23 Sep. 2016
The Big Race/Yambot
Everyone in town participates in a wacky race all over the house! / Ichabeezer can't get Motato off his lawn, so he calls Yambot for help.

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