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Please don't see this poor try of movie
beto_dacl22 April 2017
Bad copy of a great Indian movie. The same recycled actors and actress. The same cheap humor of "the new Mexican cinema"

Please, if you're of another country don't think that Mexicans are as weak as this movie in every sense is.

It's sad because there are a lot of talented young people in my country wishing an opportunity to do something new, but in México all of what matters is the money
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"Let's do it all over again, but worst"
macf-1294114 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Here we go... I saw the original movie last week and it was AMAZING, from the script to the actors and production team. That was a really good movie that caught my attention and actually touched my heart and made me think about what I really wanted to do with my life.

Now... in THIS VERSION (Mexican remake) it looks like these people just took a look at the perfect script and sad "Let's do it all over again, but FREAKING WORST". This movie is AWWWFULL with the exception of some very good camera shots and maybe only ONE good joke. So the "writers" omitted EVERY SINGLE SCENE that makes this movie have sense and connect with the audience. They took away the explanation of why is the pen so important for the principal of the institute (A simple screw because of a death wife... please). They also omitted the explanation of the MOST important line of the movie "All izz well". This movie lacks originality, is a failed attempt to make this movie more "Mexican- like" and so it has to appeal to the last resource of a super boring movie "FART JOKES". The camera shots are just fine despite the fact that the movie appeals to shots of Martha Higareda's butt and boobs (no offense intended). Also in the job interview of "Felipe", the real tension comes from the fact that he is in a wheelchair and the camera centers the actors face instead and "Felipe" gets MAD instead of HUMBLE AND UNDERSTANDING. I REALLY WANTED TO BE SUPPORTIVE OF Mexican CINEMA. BUT THIS MOVIE AS MANY OTHERS FAILED AN ATTEMPT OF BEING AT LEAST GOOD. IT WAS REALLY HARD TO WATCH A VERY GOOD MOVIE (THE ORIGINAL) TURNED INTO AN AWFUL MOVIE.
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An Absolute Insult to the Original Masterpiece ! ;-(
krisfernandes16 June 2017
Absolutely awful no where close to the Indian original 3 idiots. Just boobs and ass and few philosophies of the original​ movie more than anything the movie lacked heart and emotion. All izz well the most important saying in the original movie no sign of it in this Remake it's like they turned a beautiful masterpiece into a frat house. Please stick to the Original cause that's a gift to Humanity this movie is just Garbage waste of time. Not a pinch of originality found in this movie very disappointed if this is what Mexican Cinema has to offer. Hopefully future remakes don't turn out like this.
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Would You Believe These Three Idiots Could Save the Planet?
lavatch16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of the taglines of this film remake is "Dare to be an idiot," and the film actually appears to take itself seriously. From start to finish, "3 Idiots" never finds a narrative rhythm or engages the viewer as either a comedy, a romance, or a drama.

Structurally, the film unfolds as a flashback where some young men search for a long-lost college chum. But the screenplay is so confusing that it is difficult to the difference between timeframes.

For most of the film, it appears as though we are watching a comedy with no laugh lines. Then, the narrative turns very serious when one of the students is struck by a car and is in a coma. The transitions are awkward as we alternate between wild sequences of delivering a baby during a hurricane, a Romeo and Juliet encounter on a balcony, or lame attempts at flatulence jokes.

During the closing credits, biographical profiles crawl across the screen, informing us that what we have just watched was based on a true story of a group of brilliant students who made breakthrough scientific discoveries that aim to save the planet.

Ostensibly, the theme of the film is "passion," as the students' creativity and dedication finally pay off. But the major problem of the film is that we never see the passion. We see infantile behavior, constant highjinks, bad behavior, and no traces of passion.

This should have been a film about dreamers as agents of social change. Instead, it was an exercise in adolescent shenanigans and amateurish screen writing.
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Very good remake of the original Indian film
jack_mortonmorris5 June 2017
I saw the film this past weekend in Austin, Texas with my gal who is from Honduras and the theater had quite a few Espanol speakers in the audience and everyone liked it. It has laughs, seriousness, and sadness and love moments in the script, and I thought the actors did a good job. Who cares if it is a remake? It was made to appeal to a Latin American audience. I think Lionsgate made a wise decision in distributing this film to an American audience, obviously they see something in the film that other critics do not. Do not be swayed by negative criticism and go enjoy the movie, I know I did, and I lived in Chihuahua, Mexico for two years and I am a Gringo and I do not think it is a substandard film from Mexico or a waste of money at all. Go see it and you be the judge.
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Its okay
sarahschiller-7287931 May 2017
In general, this film seems an episode of a corny soap opera, at least a well made one, the message they seek to give to the viewer is invaluable. Unfortunately the story wasn't developed in the best way.Anyway I will give it six stars for the pretty woman. Have fun watching it guys!
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