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Bad to the bone
kosmasp2 February 2017
As a TV movie/thriller of the week, I guess this can pass through. Then again, the question is, what are you looking for? There is a nice twist, that I didn't really think about much, but I also didn't really invest much time thinking about anything while watching this. Taylor Cole is holding her own, but there is not really much she can work off here (not counting all the coincidences and what not that put her into a tough spot, she has to get out of).

Kober has a nice little role, but overall it's just flowing along nicely. While it has some scenes of violence/graphic depiction, this does not feature too much violence. It tries to stay on the suspense path. You have to decide if it is enough
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Actually Not Bad
llsmith-8718220 December 2020
A clever plot, but not original. Taylor Cole is aluring in an oxymoronically aloof way. Very poorly directed or edited but a worthwhile watch.
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Lotsa plot holes
darkavenger777 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The premise here is the Lifetime Heroine (LH), or perhaps in this case an anti-heroine (LAH) since she is somewhat of a bad girl (she rides a motorcycle and has several tattoos). She was a bone marrow donor some time ago. When she is not jogging, the LAH fixes cars and bikes at a shop with her friend Frances.

The recipient of her marrow was none other than the Lifetime Psycho (LP). He starts off ganking a woman he has abducted, but it is done off screen. Body count: 1.

The LAH doesn't get along with her landlady. The landlady is ganked by the LP. Body count: 2. He leaves some blood behind, and in one of of several plot holes (which is why this gets a relatively high Lifetime movie score), the LAH's DNA is on file due to a juvenile arrest, and the DNA test is done overnight. DNA samples are not taken from juveniles, and they usually take weeks to obtain results.

The LAH was hooking up with the county sheriff, who surprisingly didn't need a shave. While all of this was going on, he was about to pop the question to the LAH, but she bailed after seeing him waiting for her with a ring. She's busted and hauled in for questioning.

This movie had more females in jeopardy (FIJ) than any I've seen recently. Three of them are ganked by the LP, and he's credited with 5 more that took place before the movie began. The movie had a high body count with 4 actual and 9 total.

One of the ganked gals is a deputy that was transporting the LAH after her arrest in a police (not sheriff) car. The well equipped LP has a road construction blockade set up and uses some spike strips to blow out the police car tires. Despite the facts that spike strips do not blow out tires and the car was only doing maybe 20 MPH, it ends up far away. The LP goes 6 million dollar man and ends up at the car in under 15 seconds (he would have had to run 60 MPH to do this).

He drugs and kidnaps the LAH and takes the female deputy's body. The LAH is handcuffed to a chair and her ankles are tied. She manages to break the chair and free herself, using a convenient shovel to knock out the LP. Pursuant to the rules of being a LH, she does not gank him, try to tie him up, or even use his vehicle to get away (added a Lifetime point for this). Instead she takes his keys and runs into the woods. Another surprise is that she does not trip and fall. Too soon for that.

Her female co-worker is kidnapped, taken to the LP's lair, then bound and gagged and hooked up for a blood draw.

The LAH links up with her dad the ex-con. He gives her some stripper clothing and a wig from one of his friends, and like most ex-cons he also has a gun. They end up tracking down the LP- even though the doctor had said records were confidential, the LP's kid had been mailing drawings to the LAH, so both knew where the other lived. Plot hole, they really are confidential.

Even though he could have driven away in the sheriff's truck, the dad gives himself up to create a distraction so the LAH can get away. She tracks down the LP using the return address from the kid's drawing. A whole bunch of FIJ and some ineffective gunfire ensues. In one of the larger plot holes, the LP runs off into the woods in the dark. The LAH, having been rescued by her co-worker and armed by another female that was wounded, takes off in pursuit. It's 106 miles to Chicago, it's dark, she has no idea which way he ran, and she's wearing stripper boots. Hit it! In one of the last scenes she has the LP at gunpoint, but of course he's not done yet. She is distracted, he makes a move, she drops the black gun, and he is choking her. Shots ring out and dad has conveniently found the black gun in the darkness and ganked the LP.

The LAH confirms her anti-heroine cred in the final scene as the sheriff pulls up to talk to her as she is jogging. In a normal Lifetime movie they would figuratively ride off into the sunset together. She leaves him hanging and jogs off into the sunset by herself.

Real movie score: 4/10 (higher is better). Lifetime movie score: 8/10 (higher is stupider).
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