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Sex & Nudity

  • Characters are implied to have romantic relationship .
  • Few hugging and flirting.
  • Protagonist fight shirtless in the climax.
  • Just songs have naval showing dressings. Rest of the movie is a decent watch.

Violence & Gore

  • Here most of the violence is from action and the action here, if not too bloody, is brutal. Action involves lot of hand to hand combat, stabbing, slashing. However, action is over the top here, so it is not that impactful
  • Violence here is executed so over the top, logic and physics defying that it sometimes become cartoonish.
  • There is a brief and brutal fight in a metro train.
  • A goon neck got violently snapped and got stabbed by a knife in the back. Then, main character violently beat up and crush another goon head by a jeep tire offscreen. We can hear head crushing.
  • Many flashbacks and dreams related to certain characters contain lot of violence.
  • A policemen got brutally slammed on a spike. Some bloody injury is shown.
  • There is a brief shootout on a family's home in which many of them got severely shot.
  • A person got shoot in his head. Some blood spurts out.
  • There are multiple slashes from knife and machetes by characters. In train sequence contains lot of bloody slashes from machetes and even in climax four people got stab by two machetes.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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