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Sean Bean: Mitch Henderson



  • Annie Montrose : What the hell is "Project Elrond?"

    Rich Purnell : I had to make something up.

    Annie Montrose : But "Elrond?"

    Mitch Henderson : Because it's a secret meeting.

    Annie Montrose : How do you know that, and why does Elrond mean secret meeting?

    Mitch Henderson : The Council of Elrond. It's the... it's... it's... from The Lord of the Rings. It's the meeting where they decide to destroy the one ring.

    Teddy Sanders : If we are going to have a secret project called Elrond, I would like my code name to be Glorfindel.

    Annie Montrose : I hate every one of you.

  • Teddy Sanders : [From Extended Version]  I just had to explain to the President of the United States what a beaurocratic felcher is.

    Mitch Henderson : I made the mistake of typing it into Google. Don't.

  • Mitch Henderson : Do you believe in God, Vincent?

    Vincent Kapoor : Yeah. Yeah, my father was a Hindu, my mother's a Baptist, so, yeah, I believe in several.

  • Mitch Henderson : The truth is that Mark's right. The longer we wait, the worse it's going to get. We need to tell the crew.

    Teddy Sanders : You're saying this now while Vincent is in Pasadena, so he can't argue the other side.

    Mitch Henderson : I shouldn't have to answer to Vincent or anyone else. It's time, Teddy.

  • Mitch Henderson : He's not even got to the bad parts yet.

    Vincent Kapoor : Well, let's get to the bad parts.

    Bruce Ng : We need to remove the nose LR, the windows, and the whole of panel 19.

    Vincent Kapoor : You want to take the front of the ship off?

    Bruce Ng : Sure. The nose alone is four hundred kilograms.

    Vincent Kapoor : You want to send a man into space without the front of his ship?

    Bruce Ng : Well, no. We are going to have him cover it with HAB canvas. The hull is mostly there to keep air in. Mars' atmosphere is so thin, you do not need a lot of streamlining. By the time the ship is going fast enough for air resistance to matter, it'll be high enough that there will be practically no air.

    Vincent Kapoor : You want to send him into space under a tarp?

    Bruce Ng : Yes. Can I go on?

    Vincent Kapoor : [exasperated]  NO!

  • Annie Montrose : But if something goes wrong?

    Vincent Kapoor : Then we lose the crew.

    Bruce Ng : So what, we either have a high chance of killing one person, or a low chance of killing six people. How do we make that decision?

    Vincent Kapoor : We don't.

    [pointing to Teddy] 

    Vincent Kapoor : He does.

    Mitch Henderson : Yeah, bullshit. It should be Commander Lewis' call.

    Teddy Sanders : We still have a chance to bring five astronauts home safe and sound. I'm not risking their lives.

    Mitch Henderson : Let them make that decision.

    Teddy Sanders : Mitch, we are going with option one.

    Mitch Henderson : You god damn coward.

  • Bruce Ng : Okay, um, I'm going to start by stating for the record, you are not going to like this.

    Vincent Kapoor : Oh yeah.

    Mitch Henderson : Yeah. The problem is the intercept velocity. The Hermes, well... it... it... can't enter Mars orbit, otherwise they will never have enough fuel to make it home. The MAV is only designed to enter low Mars orbit. So in order for Mark to escape Mars' gravity entirely to intercept with Hermes...

    Vincent Kapoor : He has to be going fast.

    Mitch Henderson : Exactly.

    Bruce Ng : Which means we need to make the MAV lighter. A lot lighter. Five thousand kilograms lighter.

    Vincent Kapoor : But you can do that, right?...

  • Mitch Henderson : High... hello this is Mitch... Mitch Henderson. I have some news. There's no subtle way to put this; Mark Watney's still alive.

    Melissa Lewis : Oh my god.

    Chris Beck : What!

  • Mitch Henderson : Whoever gave them the maneuver only passed along information. Crew made the decision on their own.

    Teddy Sanders : You may have killed them, Mitch.

  • Teddy Sanders : We're fighting the same war. Every time something goes wrong, the world forgets why we fly. I'm trying to keep us airborne. It's bigger than one person.

    Mitch Henderson : No. It's not.

    Teddy Sanders : When this is over I'll expect your resignation.

    Mitch Henderson : I understand.

    Teddy Sanders : Bring our astronauts home.

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