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Season 3

6 Jan. 2019
Episode #3.1
Former car mechanic and petty thief Nicky is working for drug lord Marco to set up a network in Denmark. Traumatised and insomniac detective Alf working with the drug squad finds a storage room full of dead Roma who are all, on paper at least, millionaires. Nicky is told by a bent policeman that his ex-wife has handed their son over to social services.
13 Jan. 2019
Episode #3.2
Bank clerk Anna Hansen, passed over for promotion and ignored by a churlish husband and son, is drawn into the world of money laundering. Alf is led by the dead Roma to a travel agent used for the same purpose by Nicky, who is looking for his son.
20 Jan. 2019
Episode #3.3
Anna is looking for clients for her money laundering business and picks up some handy tips from an unsuspecting colleague. Nicky gets stroppy with one of his buyers. Alf is pursuing the man who may have killed the Roma but when he sees Nicky, remembered from an earlier case, he thinks he might be on the wrong trail.
27 Jan. 2019
Episode #3.4
Alf's boss tells him to forget about Nicky but he goes it alone until he gets help from an unexpected quarter. Nicky's having trouble finding a customer for a drug delivery gone wrong until he's introduced to a Palestinian with big ambitions. Anna's attempt to open a Dubai bank account for her new client is turned down by a young smartass but she's not giving up.
3 Feb. 2019
Episode #3.5
When Anna's husband finds out what she's up to and orders her to stop, she asks Nicky to send in his goons while she sets up a money laundering network. When the bugs he's put in Nicky's flat yield no information, Alf, whose behaviour is becoming increasingly psychotic, decides to shake things up by arresting a drug mule, but it goes disastrously wrong.
10 Feb. 2019
Episode #3.6
A new romance, the prospect of gaining custody of his son and increasing harassment from Alf lead Nicky to think of getting out of the drug business. Anna is told that all the bank's accounts are to be audited and needs to cover her tracks in a hurry. When Alf learns that Marco is coming to visit Nicky, he sets a trail to catch them both.
17 Feb. 2019
Episode #3.7
Nicky's happy family life is interrupted by sidekick Lala who is taking over the hash business but is going too easy on their main customers, Wasim and Nabil. When Lala is the victim of a vicious racial assault, Nicky abandons him to them. Anna has to deal with Alf, who's come to examine Nicky's bank accounts, and bank manager Nete, who needs a combination of cajoling and threatening to keep her in line. Alf is being blackmailed by the corrupt chief of police, who wants him to stop going after Nicky.
24 Feb. 2019
Episode #3.8
War has broken out between the hash gangs and Nicky is once again at loggerheads with Lala, who is willing to traffic guns to Nabil to fight it. Alf has rediscovered his moral backbone and resumed the investigation into Nicky and Marco. When the chief of police reacts by threatening to slash the department's budget, Alf comes clean to his boss who gives him 24 hours to nail the pair. Sifting through the evidence he has, Alf suddenly realises who Marco is. But Lala has beaten him to it and goes looking for Nicky with murder in mind.
3 Mar. 2019
Episode #3.9
Although he's badly wounded, Nicky escapes from hospital, kidnaps his own son and tells Anna to transfer his money to Spain only to find that Lala and Nabil have seized control of it. When Anna asks Nete to help her recover it, she is fired instead, but with the gang threatening her family she heads off to Nete's house with murderous intent. Alf's attempts to pursue Nicky are thwarted by the chief of police, who uses his blackmail evidence to have him suspended from duty. Nicky realises he now has only one way out.
10 Mar. 2019
Episode #3.10
Anna decides that the only way to be rid of Lala and Nabil's threats is to come clean to the bank about her money laundering, even though it will mean going to prison. Alf hands Nicky over to the police who've come to arrest him, not knowing they're working for the chief of police, who wants Nicky out of the country for good, but Nicky leaves clues for Alf to go in hot pursuit before he can be bundled on to the plane. As the criminals are brought to justice, for Anna events take an unexpected turn and her future is looking rosy, but do Alf and Nicky it's anything but.

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