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Season 2

25 Sep. 2016
Episode #2.1
Ross prepares for his trial as Demelza and Elizabeth try to help his cause. George does everything in his power to harm Ross, Francis wrestles with his conscience, and Dwight clashes with an entitled heiress, Caroline Penvenen.
25 Sep. 2016
Episode #2.2
On the eve of her husband's trial Demelza ignores Ray Penvenen's advice and approaches Judge Lister for mercy but her plan is scuppered by George Warleggan. Warleggan is convinced that Ross will be found guilty but Ross is an immensely popular defendant and despite the intervention of Demelza's father and Warleggan's paid prosecution witnesses his own excellent defence, aided by the testimony of the captain whose life he saved, Dwight and surprisingly Jud, leads to an acquittal. Dwight also attends Francis following his failed suicide bid after his belief that ...
2 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.3
Ross chairs the meeting for his mine's share-holders, where expansion of Wheal Leisure is approved but Warleggan's spy Tankard is also present and Warleggan's heavies attack Jud for failing to discredit Ross at his trial after their payment to commit perjury. To remain solvent the Poldarks are forced to sell many of their possessions and livestock, causing Demelza to keep her pregnancy secret from her husband. However, following the attack on Jud, Ross realizes Warleggan has schemed to keep Francis and himself at odds and is reconciled with his cousin at a family ...
16 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.4
An epidemic sweeps through the county and Dwight is grateful to Caroline for providing him with a cart-load of fresh oranges to combat it. Ross meanwhile is thwarted in his efforts to expand the mine, thanks to Warleggan and his proxy, Tankard. To provide finances he strikes a deal with a local smuggler to use his beach to land cargo on, much to Demelza's annoyance. Ross also goes into partnership with Francis, despite Warleggan's attempts to split them up, and they open up the mine gaining access to Wheal Grace. Demelza gives birth to a baby boy, Jeremy, which goes ...
23 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.5
When a smuggler is caught magistrate Francis cleverly ensures a lenient sentence but Ross suspects one of his miners, Nick Vigus, as an informer. Francis is also loyal to his cousin when they meet Warleggan at a party, where Elizabeth admits that she still has affection for Ross and Caroline jilts Trevaunance before Dwight reveals his feelings for her. Francis discovers copper in the mine but his jubilation is cruelly curtailed whilst Ross once more finds himself at the mercy of Warleggan, who has obtained his promissory note and has a financial hold over him.
9 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.6
A cheerless Christmas looms for the Poldarks with Francis drowned in the mine having only found fool's copper and Ross facing debtor's prison if he cannot pay Warleggan. Ross is also anxious to expose the traitor and agrees to a dangerous scheme to trap them whilst Demelza is troubled by his frequent visits to console Elizabeth - though Warleggan is quick to ingratiate himself with the widow. Ray Penvenen accuses Dwight of fortune hunting and tries to ban him from seeing Caroline but she is far too perceptive and realistic to give up the man she loves. She also bails ...
16 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.7
Ross joins a smuggling trip in the Isles of Scilly in order to meet Mark Daniel but, in his absence, George moves in on Elizabeth. Caroline convinces Dwight they must elope for a new life in Bath, and Captain McNeil plans to ambush the smugglers on their return.
23 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.8
Ross and Dwight stand trial for their part in the smuggling. A new tin lode gives Ross renewed hope in Wheal Grace, but it is George who is there for Elizabeth when her mother falls ill and deals Ross a bitter blow.
30 Oct. 2016
Episode #2.9
Aware of her husband's infidelity with Elizabeth Demelza does not hold back from expressing her disgust and defiantly attends a house party alone. Here she flirts with the amorous captain McNeil though loyalty to Ross causes her to draw the line at sex with him. Elizabeth's marriage to Warleggan finally goes ahead whilst Ross gets good news on the business front when repayment of a previous loan enables him to maintain the mine and a profitable find is made - one which will hopefully save his marriage.
6 Nov. 2016
Episode #2.10
The mine is at last bringing Ross wealth but Demelza, still slow to forgive, goes to stay with new mother Verity. An angry Ross gives the snide Warleggan a beating after his suggestion that Ross is cheating Elizabeth's son out of his inheritance before deciding to reenlist to fight in the Napoleonic wars. Dwight also signs up as a naval surgeon but is reunited with Caroline before he sets sail. Warleggan builds fences around his property, cutting off the public right of way and Demelza is one of the casualties of his hired thugs. Irate locals march on his house, ...

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