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shreyanshupanda7 December 2021
It was unexpectedly more fun than i anticipated. It almost felt like a proper episode of naruto. Though it was a little chessy with the usual naruto motivational speech.
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This one truly hits home.
Prashast_Singh18 June 2021
This Naruto special was immensely enjoyable, thanks to its treatment akin to the original show. Although 40 minutes long, which makes it the longest Naruto special feature, it was pretty fast-paced and action-packed to make the time fly by very quick. Also, while the animation is clearly dated at times by today's standards, it never becomes an issue since this is the style we've come to associate with Naruto. There are even a few moments where you might end up shedding a tear. I almost did.

It did have another simple fighting plot, but it was done with finesse and enough surprises on the way. Most importantly, it managed to hit home emotionally, especially in the second half, and the characterizations worked well. It was good to see Team 7 in action overall, even though it's just Naruto and Sasuke who dominate. Shibuki is a surprisingly well-written and developed character, and his scenes were emotionally impactful in the latter half. Humor was minimal but there were moments that were outright hilarious. The music was also good.

All in all, this one has a good plot, well-written characters, solid action and a nice emotional investment. As a Naruto fan, that managed to tick all the boxes for me and I would recommend watching it if you too are a fan of the character or the original show.
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