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Season 4

29 Mar. 2018
Welcome to Rootopia
Three years have passed and things are a little different now. The Shop At Home Channel was bulldozed, Gayl and JD harvest pouch mucus at their kangaroo farm, Rootopia, while Renee showcases products with her nine babies on the all-new shopping channel, The Feelin' It Network. Rev. Dave hocks religious survival kits with his new on-air partner and "friend", Kitty.
29 Mar. 2018
The Feelin' It Network
Gayl and JD stop by The Feelin' It Network to sell some products. JD takes it upon himself to discuss a new business proposition for Natasha, and Gayl is left to sell Bum and Thigh cream without JD.
29 Mar. 2018
Gayl and JD discover that the Mexican border wall construction is driving up sand prices, so JD cooks up a plan to dredge for sand in nearby lakes to sell to the Americans. Renee and Dijon start a new venture, and a sinister force closes in on Rootopia.
29 Mar. 2018
All About Eve
Following the death of Eve, Gayl and JD host a kangaroo funeral at Rootopia. Rev. Dave's girlfriend Kitty channels the Holy Spirit, and Renee and Dijon crash the party, reality show style.
29 Mar. 2018
Bloody Greenies
As JD packs his things to head back to The Middle East, Gayl struggles with the idea of shutting down Rootopia, and his life without JD. As they say their goodbyes, environmental activists ambush Rootopia and they're playing for keeps.
29 Mar. 2018
Penniless and on the run in America, Gayl and JD resort to desperate money-making schemes. Renee and Dijon's relationship is strained by the pressure of feeding nine children and starring in a grueling reality show.
29 Mar. 2018
Neck Cream
Gayl and JD sell a brand new product at a trade show, but it doesn't go well. Gayl throws in the towel on the women's beauty game, but when he receives new information about his father, he finds a new meaning in life.
29 Mar. 2018
Hard Wright
Gayl and Rev. Dave trek deep into the Catskills to track down Gayl's father. On the arduous journey, Gayl succumbs to hallucinations and has a moment of self discovery. Renee and Dijon's marriage reaches the breaking point.
29 Mar. 2018
Take What Is Ours
JD and Gayl reunite. They make a plan to head back to Hamilton, announce their new million dollar product on live TV, and take back Rootopia from the "greenies" - by any means necessary.
29 Mar. 2018
Apocalypse Soonish
Gayl, JD, and the rest of the gang work to rebuild Rootopia, but nuclear war seems inevitable. Gayl is surprised by by an unexpected visitor who could save them all.

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