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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violence and bloody images, terror and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • A husband and wife kiss briefly. No sex or nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • There is sight of dead bodies, sometimes with bloody injury detail, as well as sight of very heavily decomposed corpses.
  • In one scene it is suggested a man has gouged out his own eyes, although the gouging is not shown.
  • In another scene it is suggested that a woman has cut off her own fingers, under the influence of a supernatural entity.
  • There are scenes of strong and sometimes bloody violence, when people are forced to kill others by a supernatural entity, or when they take their own lives in order to get away from the entity.
  • In one scene a woman holds a child under bath water in order to drown the child and in another a man's limbs are broken and contorted after he is pushed down a staircase.
  • There are references to suicide and assisted dying, but always in a supernatural context where the suicides are motivated by people wanting to get away from the supernatural entity.
  • Lots of bloody, shocking death scenes with several decayed corpses shown throughout the film.
  • Two decayed corpses are shown. One is of a woman, who has been dead for months, in the drivers seat of a car that had crashed into a tree. We see that her arm has been broken and her skin is decaying from her face and entire body. The other corpse is of a man covered in blood with maggots squirming all over his face, which has been partially eaten by the maggots. Extremely disturbing.
  • An old woman jumps down a stairwell causing her to explode into pieces and blood shown


  • There is infrequent use of strong language ('f**k').
  • The profanity is infrequent and mostly mild, but there are one or two F-words.
  • Infrequent moderate profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is smokes cigarettes throughout the film. In one scene he offers one to a woman, who declines, though she ends up smoking a cigarette later in the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a number of scenes of strong threat and horror, including regular 'jump' scares, as an entity suddenly appears behind people, or out of the shadows, and grabs at them.
  • There are also sequences of suspense in which people enter a haunted house and other darkened spaces to investigate supernatural sounds and movements.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A possessed man attacks his pregnant wife with a pair of scissors. The scene cuts to her body lying in a pool of blood, with the bloody scissors on the floor next to her and bloody handprints all over the walls. The husband is then also shown dead, having been drowned in a bathtub. This is very shocking and disturbing, especially since they had previously been portrayed as a loving couple.
  • A possessed woman bludgeons her husband and pushes him down a flight of stairs. The scene then cuts to her drowning her young daughter in a bathtub. The girl is shown screaming and struggling as blood comes out of her mouth and we see the water start to turn red. Very disturbing.
  • A woman climbs several flights of stairs and jumps. We see her hit her head on a railing on the way down and then blood splatters when she hits the ground.
  • A dead man is shown lying on the ground in a pool of blood, with blood smeared all over the walls around him and a fork stabbed into his neck. The man's wife, who is implied to have killed him, is shown cutting off her own fingers with a kitchen knife (lots of blood is shown and the act is shown up close). Very graphic. Her bloody stumps are shown in another scene as she grabs another woman's hand.
  • A woman drives frantically after witnessing a murder and is startled by an apparition of a man with a bloody face and mouth in her backseat. She swerves, hits a barrier, and drives off the road where she crashes into a tree; we see her arm break (bloody sprays) and then we see her bloody head fall into the window from outside the car.
  • A man in the passengers seat of a car draws his gun, and from outside the car we hear a gunshot. The scene then cuts to back inside the car and we see that the man shot himself in the face. Half his face is shown to have been blown off, with blood everywhere, and he is later shown with his face extremely disfigured. Later we see him being rolled out of a hospital room on a gurney with his eyes gouged out, which the camera lingers on for several seconds. Very, very bloody.
  • A possessed woman stabs herself in the throat. It is seen mostly in shadow, but we do see a lot of blood spray.
  • A young girl, who is later revealed to be an apparition, has a bloody nose and blood is seen streaming down her face. A man helps stop the bleeding, and when his back is turned she coughs up a lot of blood.

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