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Definitely not as good as the first Incredibles movie
Ajk238610 November 2018
Good: The animation for this movie was excellent just like most other Pixar movies, it was funny (especially Jack Jack) and I really liked the action sequences throughout the movie. I liked that the movie showed that parenting (when done right) can be heroic.

Bad: I thought this film has quite a few problems, the biggest problem was that the ending was pretty predictable, I could see it coming. Also, there was a feminism theme with Helen which was okay but at times it seemed to shove it in my face and it got to be annoying. There seemed to be a little too much going on in the movie and a few too many characters.

I'm glad I saw the movie, I just don't think I would see it again anytime soon.
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Worse than original. Politically correct box-ticking. Bland story details.
randomStuff10120 November 2018
Half way through watching this in the cinema, I thought "maybe it's me". Maybe it's my fault I'm not into this movie. But I loved the original, so what's going on.

No. The problem is this movie is a bland attempt to express messages about gender roles and current society issues. It lacks flow, it's just a bunch of scenes one after the other, there's no coherent thread or curious elements tying it together.

Nice visuals goes without saying, but the story is let down by a sense that it's been engineered around a board room table by people referring to their social media feeds for inspiration, rather than dreamt up by talented writers.

Sure, some scenes are fun. But we're not watching a youtube playlist here, this is a movie and it's supposed to work as a whole, not just momentarily.

The script is uninteresting, the action is exciting sometimes, but other times you just want it to end or move on. Very disappointing.

Toy Story 2 was a great sequel, but this is a very poor sequel. Forgettable.

If you love the first, then hold onto that because it doesn't get better. It gets worse.
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Kinda funny how the villain is a microcosm of the movie itself...
domdom-6381828 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's just full of propaganda, I enjoyed it overall but almost every 10 minutes there was something new trying to brainwash me which I appreciated very little.

The ambassador or whatever it was is a woman, that's fine. They added what seems to be some sexually ambiguous folk in there as well, which is also fine. They said Elastigirl is a better superhero than Mr. Incredible, they showed how great of a mother and super hero she is. Then they showed how crap Mr. Incredible is at looking after the house and everything in life to be honest, a complete disaster in fact.

At the start they had to make sure Violets boyfriend tells us how he likes powerful women 'cause he's so secure in his masculinity or whatever. Two siblings run a major company, the brains behind the operation of couse, a woman. The parents of the two siblings died, yes, you've got the hang of it now, because the father was an idiot and didn't listen to his wife. The super intelligent villain, is that same woman. These are just some of the things I remember, but one of the scenes that really bothered me was a really short clip of a TV ad where a guy was baking a cake or something and the narrator said "so simple even HE can do it", imagine this scene but with a woman trying to fix a computer and the narrator saying it's so simple even SHE can do it, many people would be very upset.

I thought the first movie was pretty equal, each member of the family was equally valuable, they all realised they needed each other. While the super intelligent superhero might have been a guy, the super intelligent superhero suit designer Edna is a woman. It all seemed pretty well balanced. I'm just shocked the judge at the end wasn't a black woman as well to be honest.

I'm all up for having women with the more significant roles in a movie but this is just an overload to the point where it's blatantly obvious they're trying to brainwash us through a screen, which reminds me a lot of the villain of the movie, peculiar... The message I took away from this is that we're best off just getting rid of men because women are perfect. I guess that's what equality means now a days.
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pdantro30 October 2018
They took the women are Superior than everyone else approach and ruined the movie. All the other supers are idiots, Mr incredible can't take care of the kids. He's now dumb lazy and helpless without his wife. It's a real disappoinment, they didn't incorporate depth into the movie. My kids wanted to see the bad supers use their powers more, but that was detailed with supers that are men and portrayed as lazy, uneducated morons. The lead bad person is a women with no super powers of course.
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We get it Woman are better than man
donumdei28 October 2018
Mannn, I'm sick and tired of this feminism bs. It's ruining everything and everyone but not in kids movie. Ridiculous, I got high to watch this because I loved the first one and it was hilarious, this one is not even funny. Few funny lines other than that She's boring and unfunny. We both are equal male or female we all are same Sh T. Overall movie is boring I drifted away half way because I was waiting for funny movie not politically correct movie. Thank Hollywood you suck.
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Predictable and boring, Really!
tataojg16 August 2018
Predictable and boring, Really! Come on Disney! I was truly trying to like the movie and when the villain explains her/his reasons... well, I've lost it. My friend felt asleep...

2 stars because Pixar's effects are amazing.
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Intense seizure warning!!!!!!!!!!!!
jonathanc-2075916 June 2018
This movie is fantastic, loved the story and the characters. Where this movie loses points is in three separate continuous sequences of intense flashing. My sister is epileptic, and with no warnings we weren't prepared for any of it. She ended up seizing after the first sequence, and we had to cover her eyes for the their two. If you or any family members are sensitive to this sort of thing, AVOID THIS MOVIE.
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Incredibly boring
travcycles11 July 2018
If it weren't for the baby this will be zero stars. I actually laughed a few times because of the baby but is nothing like the first one. The first one was fantastic with fresh ideas, etc. This had no fresh ideas, was super slow at many points in the movie and almost fell asleep. Save yourself the time and just watch the first one over again. You will enjoy it much more even though you've already seen it.
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Could have waited another 14 years
ladawnclarepanton22 July 2018
My 14 year old daughter loved it but I was bored stiff. Nothing new. Nothing surprised me. Nothing interesting. The first one was hilarious and unexpected. This wasn't. Wait for it to go on TV. Save your money.
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Can't Escape the Incredible Legacy of the Original
ModishPictures14 June 2018
Since I already know you are going to rate this review as "Not Helpful" because I didn't rate this 10/10 stars, I figured I might as well start off by telling you how much I love the original Incredibles. The Incredibles (2004) is one of my favorite films of all time and is my second favorite Pixar film (right after Finding Nemo). I got to see Incredibles 2 early because I caught a double feature of the two films in IMAX, just in case you were thinking of complaining that I didn't see it since this review is out early.

What I loved about the original was the authenticity that the story, characters, and animation had to it. It felt more creative, natural, and beautiful. Syndrome was one of the greatest superhero movie villains of all time, not because of the amount of damage he was able to inflict upon the world, but because of the emotional pain he was able to cause Mr. Incredible and his family. The moments in which Mr. Incredible regrets his past mistakes and realizes how his actions affect others, especially his former biggest fan, are what makes the film stand out from any other hero-villain dynamic. Sadly, Incredibles 2 does not have a villain or story as deep or as thoughtful as Syndrome.

Incredibles 2 boldly and intelligently begins right where The Incredibles ended. This smart move on Disney Pixar's part eliminates all confusion and time gaps that may arise after a hiatus of any amount (especially fourteen years) between a sequel and its predecessor. The story that follows is relatively contrived and characters are clumsily introduced in order to expand the universe instead of expanding the emotions of the beloved characters. The action scenes are creative and well-animated, but they aren't memorable enough and take place in bland settings and accomplish nothing for the characters. There were many points during this film where I noticed how hard Brad Bird was trying to replicate the formula of the original film, but it became more and more noticeable to the point that it detracted from the story itself.

The great Pixar films all have excellent, fluid stories. The great Pixar films also have superb plots that deepen our understanding and feelings for the characters. The good Pixar films have entertaining, sensible plots, but they rarely deepen our love of the characters involved in them, such as A Bug's Life, Cars 2 (don't hate me!), Cars 3, and The Good Dinosaur. Incredibles 2, sadly, falls into the latter category that has a fun, creative plot, but a plot that does nothing new for its characters.

Since the villain is introduced in the trailer, I don't think that it's a spoiler to say that it doesn't feel authentic or inspired enough to be considered one of Pixar's best villains. While the motive for the villain is there, it is simply unnecessary, contrived, and unexciting. New heroes are also introduced (as seen in the poster and other promotional material). Many of them are underutilized or unnecessary. The film's weakest parts involve the newly introduced characters because they all lack the liveliness and creative spark of the original characters that are explored slightly more deeply in this film.

But enough of the aspects of the film that let me down. For all of the disappointments, Incredibles 2 also has many surprises and amazing qualities. For one, Jack Jack's new abilities are basically perfect, both in what his powers are and in how they are revealed. At first, I worried that too much of Jack Jack's powers were revealed, but that was hardly the case. Jack Jack is actually one of the best parts of this film. He is easily one of the funniest parts of any Pixar film. I couldn't help but burst out in laughter every time he made a single noise. The humor in this film is slightly more present, or maybe more memorable, than in the original. The film's message also tries to be more important and necessary besides highlighting the importance of family.

Obviously this review won't stop you from seeing this film, nor was it intended to, but I encourage all of you to see this film in theaters, but heavily reduce your expectations and don't think too much about what made The Incredibles nearly perfect, or you are sure to be sorely disappointed.
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Dumbed Down to the Max
IsabelM1123 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
(I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum) I really don't know what to say about this film.

As someone who absolutely loved the first one and went into this one desiring to love it as well, I was extremely disappointed and just incredibly confused. I have a number of issues with it, but let's get into the first one.

Tone: Not every film in a series/sequence needs to maintain consistent tone, I get that. But the first film has always stood out from other animated movies, because of its serious tone and mature themes (children and adults can enjoy it). This movie feels like a different franchise entirely. It lacks all the high stakes, emotion, and seriousness of the first film. Consider just a couple moments from the first film: the plane crash scene, the scene where Mr. Incredible threatens to kill Mirage, the scene where Buddy gives his "it's bigger, it's badder" monologue, the scene where Mr. Incredible realizes his fellow supers are dead and is then absorbed by black slime, or when Elastigirl considers that Mr. Incredible might be having an affair when she finds a white hair. Any one of these scenes is more complex, emotional, and interesting than the entire Incredibles 2 film. The second movie lacks any sense of stakes or seriousness. It felt like the most dumbed down version imaginable. The first film was so smart in its approach and dialogue, and the characters felt realistic and intelligent (the fight between Elastigirl and Bob when he comes home late). This film has lost all of that completely. For example, the scene where Elastigirl is talking to the sister and says "are you asking the believer or the cynic?" was possibly the most cringe-worthy, out of place dialogue I've ever heard. Like they were trying to intellectualize a moment so hard it just felt forced. Even the color scheme of this movie felt jarringly different and so saturated, like the colors were turned up to the max. The first film had a color story that made sense: it's grey and depressing when Bob is working, explosion of color once you get to Nomanasan. There's a development of color that is both metaphoric and makes sense. This film's color story felt childish, which would be fine if it was just a children's movie. But it's apart of a franchise that's first film was an iconic masterpiece with mature yet fun themes, and in that respect it is seriously disappointing and difficult to watch.

Plot: Most predictable plot ever made. As soon as you see it, you know the siblings (sister) will turn out to be bad, and that she's controlling screen slaver. And of course Elastigirl finally gets her turn to save the world and Mr. Incredible + family will have to go save her (a reversal of the first movie that at first seems creative then becomes almost too predictable). And I have major issues with the villain. They are literally fighting people who can be calmed down if they just remove goggles.

Characters: What happened with the characters? They were all dumbed down versions of themselves. Even that scene with Dash where he can't pronounce decimals, which was supposed to be family friendly and cute, was just irritating and felt dumb for his character. Elastigirl was over the top to the point where she didn't feel like herself. Bob was the... same? I guess, but had zero development. Violet, who I get is going through her angsty teen thing, is okay. Even the minor characters, Edna aside who was fine, like the guy who helps them relocate each year was off. In the first film I appreciated his seriousness and matter of fact style, which appeared cold but you could tell he actually cared. Even he felt crazy different.

It actually hurts me to continue critiquing this film, so I'll stop there despite the many other issues I had with it.
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robertolavratti27 July 2018
Predictable and boring storyline. Really bad movie, stupid feminist propaganda and a really pain to me to see what they did with the characters.
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Get woke, go broke.
alinsplice24 September 2018
It's not the first movie that got pu....fied and got broke, it's the only way they will learn.
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destroyed my expectation..
polarbear192428 October 2018
Dont watch it if u loved incredibles 1. it is a shame that to focus the feminism they destroyed what we loved about the incredibles..the movie name is incredibles not elasta if you want to focus the feminine power make a movie name elastagirl..all will be happy
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Forced feminism ruined this movie.
admin-1658223 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is not about family like the first one!

Having a strong female lead is great, but emphasizing their superiority over men, over and over, joke after joke, just made this movie unbearable. That is not equality!

The first Incredibles movie brought the entire family together as a whole and was solid, one of my all time favorites. Even though the Incredibles 2 started off good and it was funny (at first) with how Mr Incredible had a hard time with the kids, it never ended. As the movie goes on and on you soon realize what's happening because it's not subtle. The boys can't play because their masculinity is too destructive, so Elastigirl has to go solo to restore their image, but she's really just being tricked by an even smarter female who has an idiot for a brother (he just happens to be the President of a huge telcom company). Violet's character is developed as she matures and is beginning to understand the world as well as her powers. But, Mr Incredible and Dash are just kinda punching bags to make fun of and serve no other purpose. Other than us seeing all the powers Jack Jack has, he really doesn't do anything either other than cause problems. Sure near the end the whole family sort of gets involved, but they're mostly just taking turns running after Jack Jack. The movie really should have been called "Elastigirl and Friends".

To sum it up, the story was boring and predictable. They had a certain direction to follow with the feminist agenda and the writers probably did the best they could. But if you think I'm crazy, even the film's producer Nicole Paradis Grindle confirmed that its feminist premise was years in the making. This movie taught my daughters that family only gets in the way, masculinity is dangerous, men are stupid, and women are victims.

It's worth noting that my first review was declined by the IMDb staff using a general "does not meet guidelines" reason, which simply means that person doesn't agree with me and chose to censor my review. This is my opinion and view of the movie, and your bias should not be used to censor your opposition to further promote your agenda.
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My childhood movie ruined
anton-cekov30 October 2018
Do not expect what you seen in 2004. 3 times i was allmost fall asleep. I consider it on sometimes for family drama not child focused animated comedy. Dissapointed at all. P.S. Im not troll reviewer, just badly dissapointed.
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Feminism Disney style
wyplmaa28 October 2018
If you don't mind your intelligence being insulted and you like to humor women with their fantasies about world domination, then this is for you. Now for those men and women who actually live in the real world and need some reality included even in an animated sci fi flick, then you won't be happy. One thing is great, I won't say what it is, but it involves the youngest Parr member. Other than that, its a left wing oriented movie for those who refuse to live in the real world.
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I almost fell asleep.
tk-761901 July 2018
Having seen the original ground breaking movie, i looked fwd to this as a lot of you did. It flowed straight off from where part one ended and for those who love the first movie, this was a nice added touch.

What made the movie bad was the intense focus on the family life and mr incredible's internal struggles with his wife working while he stayed at home. They really over played that and made mr incredible look incredibly weak.

I wont talk about the main theme of good vs evil. It was predictable but this is a children's movie so dont expect anything too deep. However, i've seen better developed plots that kids got in similar movies.
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Lazy stereotyping and boring dialogue
andy_stone-1858819 July 2018
Not sure what they were thinking when they wrote this, but it wasn't about the incredibles.

Not sure where to start with this, there's not one original thought in this whole movie, it's almost as though someone's re-hashed the most mediocre bits of the first incredibles film and spliced it with one of the twilight trilogy films.

I got the distinct impression this was an existing script that was adapted to fit the incredibles dynamic ~ and unfortunately it didn't quite fit.

This is a huge wasted opportunity with a franchise that could have been a huge success (I avoided saying 'incredible').

Both my kids (8 and 9) kind of liked it, but that's not enough to warrant the £30 it cost me in cinema tickets if you ask me.

My advice, don't waste your money.
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My five year old could not stay interested
tigger11217221 July 2018
This movie was too long and had my 5 year old completely bored.
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Misses The Mark
hyperjet18 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Over all I found it somewhat entertaining for a popcorn flick. It has a good amount of action and a few chuckles. I noticed an improvement in the art (which was already stellar in the first film). the problem is that it's a sequel to...THE BEST FILM EVER MADE! How does one wait fourteen years and come up with this?

My biggest fear about having a sequel is that they'd messed with the original and/or get political. They did both. As far as messing with the original, Tony will never have the memory of getting the courage to ask Violet out at the track meet, the epic finale of the first film where Bob and Helen see Jackjack's superpowers while being taken away by Syndrome was written out like it never happened, and we knew in the first film that the Pars were going to mop the floor with the Underminor. That was the punchline of the whole film. Also the 'family as one' moral of the first film went out the window. *Spoilers*. In the new film, the Underminor gets away and never gets what's coming to him. I like the idea of having the villain being a woman this time, but Evelyn filling that role just seemed forced. I have a hard time buying it. We see Bob jealous and hurt by not being included in Winston's plans but he never gets to redeem himself (his big deed is pushing a rudder?). In the first film he was 'super' in every way possible (remember how he calculated the velocity of the jumper and when he outsmarted the robots?) In this film, they paint him as sloppy which is unfair. Helen never had to deal with Jackjack's powers like Bob did. There is no closure to the (outdated/overused) Mr Mom thing. No redemption. We saw JackJack turn into metal in the original but it never touched on this. The little devil monster and the 'multiply' trick was used over and over. Would have liked to have seen more of his mimicry skills. Heck, if this movie was all Edna and Jackjack, it would have been a big improvement! All the new supers they brought in just cluttered up the plot (not that there was much of one). We know nothing about them except that they are dumb. It also lacks that wonderful mid-century charm of the original. It is way too urban and the house and boat are just sterile. Dang, I would have LOVED it if they at least could have included the original incredible house being rebuilt at the end of the film. It would have signaled that the charm of the original might eventually come back (in about fifteen more years after a dozen more penguin films ;)

I actually posted to the old IMDB message board two years ago that I was afraid of the idea of a sequel. I was right. And the feminist political theme didn't help (if you doubt me, notice that almost all the males have strange, fruit shaped heads). Sorry, I don't mean to be such a pessimist. It's not a TERRIBLE film. But as a followup to the greatest film ever made? I'll go with my original assessment from two years ago and watch The Incredibles with a smile. And pretend this film never happened :/
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Is not for children
alexandrreis15 July 2018
Boring movie. I almost slept. Me And my family went to the cinema expecting to have good laughs and fun, but what Ive watched for 2 hours was a very annoying movie, without emotion, just in an attempt to pass messages like for example female empowerment. The short film we watched at the beginning and much better, just for him was worth the ticket.
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Classic Milking of the Classic.
curiousmolar21 June 2018
If you don't have Interesting story to tell then just start releasing part 2,3,4 etc. They didn't add anything of value to the original. It was such a drag. The story was for 4 year olds Awe about. Just put some thought into making movies. What were you thinking this was just lazy writing on your part.
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Yea...another boring Feminist movie..with bad language
mailad-5471829 July 2018
Took my family to watch it. If it weren't for my kids birthday I would say absolute waste of money. The movie has very little going for it and puts a large emphasis when they swear. I can see why hollywood is having a tough time with sales. Typical old fashioned useless dad and super mom storyline. When feminists are such a small percentage world wide why bother with silly brain washing nonsense. Are they that insecure that they have to ruin all movies and genres?
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Entertaining (Until You Think About It)
dezriknightangel22 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
At first viewing the Incredibles 2 was on par (no pun intended) with most Marvel sequels: Not deep, but visually stunning and entertaining throughout most of the film.

That said...

First of all, the story is weak and forgettable. The family for which the movie gets its name is hardly relevant, with Dash and Violet having no impact on the plot (and Dash failing to receive even an attempt at a subplot). Mr. Incredible fails in everything he attempts in both heroic and domestic pursuits, and Elastigirl saves a few lives before falling for an obvious trap and being controlled by the villain.

As the story comes to its climax, all of the heroes (including Frozone and both parents) have been enslaved by the villain and its up to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack to save the day. Rather than showing how young people can be just as heroic as adults, a car gets to be the hero, with their sole contribution being accidental. The film then concludes with complete victory for the heroes and an utter lack of character development. Such plots as the Underminer, the technology to erase memories, the damage lawsuits, and the villains unused ability to enslave the entire human race were ignored and forgotten.

This movie was little more than an excuse for Disney to push its increasingly heavy-handed political agenda into the minds of young people. Every scene is filled with cowardly men, evil entrepreneurs, and flat jokes. The movie explicitly states that it is villainous to unplug from technology and live your life and that vicarious living through screens is ideal and that protests and law breaking is the only way to change public policy.

This is not intended or writtwn ironically. This is the film's actual moral message.

I'll end with this: If you enjoy the most recent Star Wars movies where beloved characters are rendered irrelevant and progressive politics are the driving force of the story you might not mind this movie. Yet in the theater with me were a lot of children who weren't laughing and a lot of parents slowly realizing that Disney is no longer family entertainment.

Disney is a propaganda mill ranting against the capitalist middle-class society that supports it, and I urge you to stop supporting the films they release until their focus returns to quality filmmaking.
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