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Good, but not great!
Darth_Osmosis3 August 2018
There is much to like here and not much that is outright wrong or bad. It's funny, fast paced, clever and overall works quite well. However there is an ever present feeling that the first one was better.. Maybe it's cause the plot is maybe a bit too predictable and cartoonish(yeah it IS a cartoon, but still..) or that the wait between the first and this one was so long and I expected something more? It's still good, just not great!
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Entertaining but lesser than the original
proud_luddite2 September 2018
Following the superb 2004 original, the family of animated superheroes are back. This time, they are struggling to regain a good reputation for superheroes (ostracized due to the collateral damage of their heroics) while also getting caught up in fighting a scheme against Screenslaver, a villain who hypnotizes victims with TV screen images.

The idea of Screenslaver seems clever and almost touches on the modern world's collective obsession with technical devices and other forms of media. It doesn't quite get to the heart of the matter and misses an opportunity to be a clever critique of our current times. The theme even seems to be jumbled and incoherent at times.

But overall, the film is saved by funny characters and doing what action-filled, comical, Hollywood blockbusters set out to do: be entertaining. It also succeeds in adding a twist to the genre by having female characters in the centre of hero/villain conflicts. A rather smart move considering the current dynamic in the film industry.
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Falls short of super or incredible
TheLittleSongbird30 July 2018
Have always been a big fan of Pixar, liking to loving pretty much all their short films (particularly 'Presto', 'One Man Band', 'Geri's Game', 'Piper' and 'Knick Knack'). Also like to love a vast majority of their feature films, my favourites being the 'Toy Story' films, 'Up', 'Coco' and 'Inside Out' and my least favourites being the 'Cars' sequels and 'The Good Dinosaur'.

While not one of my favourite Pixar films, 'The Incredibles' is still a very, very good film that has gone even higher in my estimations after a well overdue re-watch to get myself prepared for 'Incredibles 2', fantastically animated, exciting, funny, emotionally investable and ground-breaking with great characters. Expectations were high for its long awaited sequel fourteen years on, and while it is not as good a film, and what could and should have been super and incredible wasn't quite, on the most part 'Incredibles 2' was worth the wait.

'Incredibles 2' does lack 'The Incredibles' originality (not much new here) and its emotional impact and character development is also not as good, the latter particularly is noticeably thinner (Bob for example was more complex before). It was a little too long for a story as slight as it was, would have trimmed it by 15-20 minutes and tightened the first act's pacing with it taking a bit too much time to get going.

Like others, among my biggest problems were to do with the villain. The villain was forgettable (one of Pixar's weakest easily), the twist concerning their identity that was too obvious too soon. Found their plan convoluted, that when explained made me want a re-wind button which was not possible in the cinema, and the motivation was pretty weak and extreme, took a while for me to get my head round. While the characters are fun, it did feel like there were too many, not sure whether it needed that many superheroes that aren't given enough to do other than in the climax.

However, it may sound like 'Incredibles 2' was a bad film. It wasn't. Actually enjoyed it a good deal. The animation is fantastic, smooth, vibrant in colour and meticulous in background detail, some very striking details, a richly immersive setting and the characters are well designed. Michael Giacchino's score gets one in a rousing mood while also being dynamic with the action. The action is superbly animated and thrilling with real suspense and excitement.

Writing has many moments of humour that provides a lot of laughs (Jack Jack steals the show here, especially with his powers and his fight with the racoon, with some nice lines later from Edna), moments that probe thought and drama that's relatable and never too sentimental (if not as poignant as one would like). The story does grip, more so in the Elastigirl story that really held my attention before the villain reveal underwhelmed. The family drama stuff is also very prominent, and while it is repetitive at times and there could have been less of it the best moments are very funny and it is very easy to relate to the dilemmas the characters face. Pacing mostly excites when things get going.

Character development is nowhere near as strong here and it would have benefitted from less characters and more done with the existing characters and more thought with the villain and their plan/motivations, but the characters are mostly fun with the highlight being Jack Jack. The voice acting is terrific, especially from Holly Hunter, Craig T Nelson and Samuel L Jackson. Brad Bird is a lot of fun in Edna's small role and Catherine Keener, Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are good additions.

Overall, very enjoyable but wanted to like it much more. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Can't Escape the Incredible Legacy of the Original
ModishPictures14 June 2018
Since I already know you are going to rate this review as "Not Helpful" because I didn't rate this 10/10 stars, I figured I might as well start off by telling you how much I love the original Incredibles. The Incredibles (2004) is one of my favorite films of all time and is my second favorite Pixar film (right after Finding Nemo). I got to see Incredibles 2 early because I caught a double feature of the two films in IMAX, just in case you were thinking of complaining that I didn't see it since this review is out early.

What I loved about the original was the authenticity that the story, characters, and animation had to it. It felt more creative, natural, and beautiful. Syndrome was one of the greatest superhero movie villains of all time, not because of the amount of damage he was able to inflict upon the world, but because of the emotional pain he was able to cause Mr. Incredible and his family. The moments in which Mr. Incredible regrets his past mistakes and realizes how his actions affect others, especially his former biggest fan, are what makes the film stand out from any other hero-villain dynamic. Sadly, Incredibles 2 does not have a villain or story as deep or as thoughtful as Syndrome.

Incredibles 2 boldly and intelligently begins right where The Incredibles ended. This smart move on Disney Pixar's part eliminates all confusion and time gaps that may arise after a hiatus of any amount (especially fourteen years) between a sequel and its predecessor. The story that follows is relatively contrived and characters are clumsily introduced in order to expand the universe instead of expanding the emotions of the beloved characters. The action scenes are creative and well-animated, but they aren't memorable enough and take place in bland settings and accomplish nothing for the characters. There were many points during this film where I noticed how hard Brad Bird was trying to replicate the formula of the original film, but it became more and more noticeable to the point that it detracted from the story itself.

The great Pixar films all have excellent, fluid stories. The great Pixar films also have superb plots that deepen our understanding and feelings for the characters. The good Pixar films have entertaining, sensible plots, but they rarely deepen our love of the characters involved in them, such as A Bug's Life, Cars 2 (don't hate me!), Cars 3, and The Good Dinosaur. Incredibles 2, sadly, falls into the latter category that has a fun, creative plot, but a plot that does nothing new for its characters.

Since the villain is introduced in the trailer, I don't think that it's a spoiler to say that it doesn't feel authentic or inspired enough to be considered one of Pixar's best villains. While the motive for the villain is there, it is simply unnecessary, contrived, and unexciting. New heroes are also introduced (as seen in the poster and other promotional material). Many of them are underutilized or unnecessary. The film's weakest parts involve the newly introduced characters because they all lack the liveliness and creative spark of the original characters that are explored slightly more deeply in this film.

But enough of the aspects of the film that let me down. For all of the disappointments, Incredibles 2 also has many surprises and amazing qualities. For one, Jack Jack's new abilities are basically perfect, both in what his powers are and in how they are revealed. At first, I worried that too much of Jack Jack's powers were revealed, but that was hardly the case. Jack Jack is actually one of the best parts of this film. He is easily one of the funniest parts of any Pixar film. I couldn't help but burst out in laughter every time he made a single noise. The humor in this film is slightly more present, or maybe more memorable, than in the original. The film's message also tries to be more important and necessary besides highlighting the importance of family.

Obviously this review won't stop you from seeing this film, nor was it intended to, but I encourage all of you to see this film in theaters, but heavily reduce your expectations and don't think too much about what made The Incredibles nearly perfect, or you are sure to be sorely disappointed.
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Intense seizure warning!!!!!!!!!!!!
jonathanc-2075916 June 2018
This movie is fantastic, loved the story and the characters. Where this movie loses points is in three separate continuous sequences of intense flashing. My sister is epileptic, and with no warnings we weren't prepared for any of it. She ended up seizing after the first sequence, and we had to cover her eyes for the their two. If you or any family members are sensitive to this sort of thing, AVOID THIS MOVIE.
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Lazy stereotyping and boring dialogue
andy_stone-1858819 July 2018
Not sure what they were thinking when they wrote this, but it wasn't about the incredibles.

Not sure where to start with this, there's not one original thought in this whole movie, it's almost as though someone's re-hashed the most mediocre bits of the first incredibles film and spliced it with one of the twilight trilogy films.

I got the distinct impression this was an existing script that was adapted to fit the incredibles dynamic ~ and unfortunately it didn't quite fit.

This is a huge wasted opportunity with a franchise that could have been a huge success (I avoided saying 'incredible').

Both my kids (8 and 9) kind of liked it, but that's not enough to warrant the £30 it cost me in cinema tickets if you ask me.

My advice, don't waste your money.
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Entertaining (Until You Think About It)
dezriknightangel22 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
At first viewing the Incredibles 2 was on par (no pun intended) with most Marvel sequels: Not deep, but visually stunning and entertaining throughout most of the film.

That said...

First of all, the story is weak and forgettable. The family for which the movie gets its name is hardly relevant, with Dash and Violet having no impact on the plot (and Dash failing to receive even an attempt at a subplot). Mr. Incredible fails in everything he attempts in both heroic and domestic pursuits, and Elastigirl saves a few lives before falling for an obvious trap and being controlled by the villain.

As the story comes to its climax, all of the heroes (including Frozone and both parents) have been enslaved by the villain and its up to Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack to save the day. Rather than showing how young people can be just as heroic as adults, a car gets to be the hero, with their sole contribution being accidental. The film then concludes with complete victory for the heroes and an utter lack of character development. Such plots as the Underminer, the technology to erase memories, the damage lawsuits, and the villains unused ability to enslave the entire human race were ignored and forgotten.

This movie was little more than an excuse for Disney to push its increasingly heavy-handed political agenda into the minds of young people. Every scene is filled with cowardly men, evil entrepreneurs, and flat jokes. The movie explicitly states that it is villainous to unplug from technology and live your life and that vicarious living through screens is ideal and that protests and law breaking is the only way to change public policy.

This is not intended or writtwn ironically. This is the film's actual moral message.

I'll end with this: If you enjoy the most recent Star Wars movies where beloved characters are rendered irrelevant and progressive politics are the driving force of the story you might not mind this movie. Yet in the theater with me were a lot of children who weren't laughing and a lot of parents slowly realizing that Disney is no longer family entertainment.

Disney is a propaganda mill ranting against the capitalist middle-class society that supports it, and I urge you to stop supporting the films they release until their focus returns to quality filmmaking.
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Another movie ruined by radical feminism.
corpse_man20 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this movie is nothing but a giant piece of propaganda. I was a huge fan of the original Incredibles, and it's quite sad to see this new film reduced to nothing more than a means to push radical neo feminist ideologies.

To summarize the plot, it's basically about how Elastigirl is a more competent superhero than Mr Incredible, and so she gets chosen to be the face of the new superhero resurgence, while Mr incredible stays at home and looks after the kids. Not surprisingly, the movie emphasizes how poorly Mr incredible is at handling his new duties at home.

The main message of this movie is that Elastigirl is just as good or better than Mr Incredible at superhero work, while Mr Incredible is vastly inferior at taking care of the kids and home life in general. So basically, he is just all around inferior to her. Or let's just say it out loud, Men are inferior to women. That is the real message of the film. Ironically, it was actually released right before FATHERS DAY!!!

Now if so many other movies were not packed with the same sort of blatant propaganda recently, I could probably just right it off as part of the plot, or just originality or whatever, but since almost every big budget movie recently is so full of similar plot lines, it's quite clear what it really is. PROPAGANDA.

In the original Incredibles movie, Elastigirl and Mr Incredible were equals. They both had strengths and weaknesses, and in the end she ended up saving him. I loved that movie. It was about a loving family and about equal partnership. This new movie however, Mr Incredible and Elastigirl are not even close to being equals. he is completely incompetent and demasculinized, while she is vastly superior at pretty much everything. AS I stated previously, this fits in with the modern trend of movies, which seems to not only put Women in postions of power (which is great) but also seems to greatly emphasize their superiority over men. This needs to stop. Especially on a movie released just before fathers day. Like seriously?

WE are basically telling our children they don't need fathers and don't need to listen to their fathers or respect them, because they are just completely incompetent, second rate people. I would NOT let my children watch this movie!
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Forced feminism ruined this movie.
admin-1658223 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is not about family like the first one!

Having a strong female lead is great, but emphasizing their superiority over men, over and over, joke after joke, just made this movie unbearable. That is not equality!

The first Incredibles movie brought the entire family together as a whole and was solid, one of my all time favorites. Even though the Incredibles 2 started off good and it was funny (at first) with how Mr Incredible had a hard time with the kids, it never ended. As the movie goes on and on you soon realize what's happening because it's not subtle. The boys can't play because their masculinity is too destructive, so Elastigirl has to go solo to restore their image, but she's really just being tricked by an even smarter female who has an idiot for a brother (he just happens to be the President of a huge telcom company). Violet's character is developed as she matures and is beginning to understand the world as well as her powers. But, Mr Incredible and Dash are just kinda punching bags to make fun of and serve no other purpose. Other than us seeing all the powers Jack Jack has, he really doesn't do anything either other than cause problems. Sure near the end the whole family sort of gets involved, but they're mostly just taking turns running after Jack Jack. The movie really should have been called "Elastigirl and Friends".

To sum it up, the story was boring and predictable. They had a certain direction to follow with the feminist agenda and the writers probably did the best they could. But if you think I'm crazy, even the film's producer Nicole Paradis Grindle confirmed that its feminist premise was years in the making. This movie taught my daughters that family only gets in the way, masculinity is dangerous, men are stupid, and women are victims.

It's worth noting that my first review was declined by the IMDb staff using a general "does not meet guidelines" reason, which simply means that person doesn't agree with me and chose to censor my review. This is my opinion and view of the movie, and your bias should not be used to censor your opposition to further promote your agenda.
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Dumbed Down to the Max
IsabelM1123 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
(I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum) I really don't know what to say about this film.

As someone who absolutely loved the first one and went into this one desiring to love it as well, I was extremely disappointed and just incredibly confused. I have a number of issues with it, but let's get into the first one.

Tone: Not every film in a series/sequence needs to maintain consistent tone, I get that. But the first film has always stood out from other animated movies, because of its serious tone and mature themes (children and adults can enjoy it). This movie feels like a different franchise entirely. It lacks all the high stakes, emotion, and seriousness of the first film. Consider just a couple moments from the first film: the plane crash scene, the scene where Mr. Incredible threatens to kill Mirage, the scene where Buddy gives his "it's bigger, it's badder" monologue, the scene where Mr. Incredible realizes his fellow supers are dead and is then absorbed by black slime, or when Elastigirl considers that Mr. Incredible might be having an affair when she finds a white hair. Any one of these scenes is more complex, emotional, and interesting than the entire Incredibles 2 film. The second movie lacks any sense of stakes or seriousness. It felt like the most dumbed down version imaginable. The first film was so smart in its approach and dialogue, and the characters felt realistic and intelligent (the fight between Elastigirl and Bob when he comes home late). This film has lost all of that completely. For example, the scene where Elastigirl is talking to the sister and says "are you asking the believer or the cynic?" was possibly the most cringe-worthy, out of place dialogue I've ever heard. Like they were trying to intellectualize a moment so hard it just felt forced. Even the color scheme of this movie felt jarringly different and so saturated, like the colors were turned up to the max. The first film had a color story that made sense: it's grey and depressing when Bob is working, explosion of color once you get to Nomanasan. There's a development of color that is both metaphoric and makes sense. This film's color story felt childish, which would be fine if it was just a children's movie. But it's apart of a franchise that's first film was an iconic masterpiece with mature yet fun themes, and in that respect it is seriously disappointing and difficult to watch.

Plot: Most predictable plot ever made. As soon as you see it, you know the siblings (sister) will turn out to be bad, and that she's controlling screen slaver. And of course Elastigirl finally gets her turn to save the world and Mr. Incredible + family will have to go save her (a reversal of the first movie that at first seems creative then becomes almost too predictable). And I have major issues with the villain. They are literally fighting people who can be calmed down if they just remove goggles.

Characters: What happened with the characters? They were all dumbed down versions of themselves. Even that scene with Dash where he can't pronounce decimals, which was supposed to be family friendly and cute, was just irritating and felt dumb for his character. Elastigirl was over the top to the point where she didn't feel like herself. Bob was the... same? I guess, but had zero development. Violet, who I get is going through her angsty teen thing, is okay. Even the minor characters, Edna aside who was fine, like the guy who helps them relocate each year was off. In the first film I appreciated his seriousness and matter of fact style, which appeared cold but you could tell he actually cared. Even he felt crazy different.

It actually hurts me to continue critiquing this film, so I'll stop there despite the many other issues I had with it.
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Such a bore - I actually fell asleep!
chcsola20 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, just do yourself a favor a skip this one. I was a true fan of the original and was so excited to see more of this franchise -- but I actually fell asleep during this boring sequel! My problem had NOTHING at all to do with the movie having a female lead, but just that it was simply so uninteresting! Too much dialogue and build-up that never went anywhere, the characters were whiny, and I don't even think kids over 4 would enjoy this snooze-fest (if even then). What a waste of the past 14 years -- all that time passed and no one bothered to develop a clever or entertaining plot/script. My kiddo and I booked it immediately as the credits began to roll. What a blown opportunity. Notice how all the glowing reviews never mention specifics? They're all fake/paid for. Save your time and money on this one, trust me!
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Disney makes every movie a comedy
TheBigSick18 June 2018
Under Disney, star wars becomes comedy, marvel becomes comedy, and now pixar also becomes comedy. Actually I am not a hater of comedy, but too many jokes or too much humor just slow down the pace and distract/shatter the main plot. Comedy may be a good form for cash grab, which is exactly what Disney is looking for, but is not definitely suitable for all films and should be properly controlled.
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jacob-8634917 June 2018
14 years and doesn't even come close to the original. Lacks depth, originality, and a decent script. Almost feels like a spin-off feel good movie. By no means is it bad, but the tone change as well as a weak story whilst living in the shadow of the first just leads to a huge disappointment.
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Could have waited another 14 years
ladawnclarepanton22 July 2018
My 14 year old daughter loved it but I was bored stiff. Nothing new. Nothing surprised me. Nothing interesting. The first one was hilarious and unexpected. This wasn't. Wait for it to go on TV. Save your money.
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Incredibles - part deux deux
drdeathforpresident16 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The family is back fighting crime & saving the world this time in a not so comedic way, more so along the lines of "leave it to beaver" & "father knows best." The beginning starts off great, trying to save a city from total destruction - the whole family is involved here; when the smoke clears they relocate to a motel, their egos damaged but fate steps in and they again are moved to a swanky mansion with the works. Pops is stuck at home being the mother to the three rugrats especially the baby, Jack - Jack who as we see as the film drags on has these incredible (oh, you see what I did here?!) powers i.e. breathing fire & spewing out laser beams from his eyes (best scene involves Jack Jack and a pissed off racoon) - whilst elastic mom tries to save the city from a villain who leaves his victims in a trance; the film bounces back and forth to the father teaching his kids life lessons then wham! back to the scene of the crime that being 'elastic mom' trying to save a monorail from flying off the tracks. This is a super hero version of "Mr. Mom." hmmm - two hours and change, really pixar?
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Don't listen to the haters
ckcreach18 June 2018
I don't undertsand why people think this is "feminist propaganda" this movie has been in the works for several years and long before feminism was in the limelight. If those people bothered to look at the trivia section of this page you can see it was in brad birds plan all along for the sequel to have Mr.Incredible be a stay at home Dad and elastagirl be the main protagonist.

This movie hits all the right points, good story arc, good character development, and good humor. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and there were no dull moments that I can remember
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Most predictable and stupid story line ever
jmandawg18 June 2018
SPOILER: Ok, i went to see this for my step sons birthday, needless to say we all left the movie disappointed, super predictible storyline, really dumb story. You basically know who the bad guy is right after they are introduced. The storyline seems like something from a scooby doo episode except not as good. This movie should have been a straight to video releases. I don't know why everyone is giving this movie such rave review. Maybe they just enjoy watching a baby shoot laser beams from their eyes and that satisfies them. As always, you have to compare this to the few 'perfect' movies out there. Compared to The Transformers animated movie, I'd have to give this movie one star. Also they had way too many shots of elasti-girls butt, which just looks awkward and gross. Don't waste your money folks.
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Not worth the wait at all. Wait longer for home release
val-2633416 June 2018
The reviews on here must be paid for. Saw with a group of 4 adults (3 were women) and 5 kids. Only 1 of the adult women laughed out loud during the movie and she only laughs at really simple humor. None of the other adults laughed and none of the kids did either. The original was great (8/10 or 9/10), this was not. Even asking the kids all said they knew who the surprise 'villain' was early in the movie. Many animated movies have a depth to the movie that both adults and kids enjoy. This did not. It was very simple humor. The main humor had to do with the super powers of the baby and how hard it is to be the Dad left alone with the baby. Just wasn't funny unless you really like simple humor. I did hear a 5 year old girl tell her mom she really liked it on the way out. I think that was the target market.
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Radical feminism destroys another film.
juanjo_lfs11 August 2018
English: Nothing more to add to the title of this review. Another film destroyed by the obsessive tendency to flood films with hundreds of feminisms that sometimes causes weariness and shame in the public by the feeling of watching feminist propaganda more than a film itself.
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Incredibly boring
travcycles11 July 2018
If it weren't for the baby this will be zero stars. I actually laughed a few times because of the baby but is nothing like the first one. The first one was fantastic with fresh ideas, etc. This had no fresh ideas, was super slow at many points in the movie and almost fell asleep. Save yourself the time and just watch the first one over again. You will enjoy it much more even though you've already seen it.
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Snoozer. Disney figured it was bad, so they had to tell us it's great.
pinheadmt5 July 2018
So boring, drags on and on. How does this have so many stars? So disappointed, was excited to see this. I guess I should have known it was going to be bad, since it starts out with the voice actors telling us how good of a movie it is. They have to convince us ahead of time. And maybe that was part of the let down. I wanted it to be good, but it was so excruciatingly painful to sit through. Please don't waste your money. Or at least have low expectations going in, so you can enjoy it more. I thought kids movies are supposed to be short... if after an hour it's still boring, what's the point? I kept waiting for it to be over, it wouldn't end! So I left.
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I left the theater after 30 minutes
jessekimes-191311 July 2018
I loved the first movie. We were robbed on this sequel.
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Not impressed
saurabhkas18 June 2018
This movie was a drag. Surprised even after 14 years they couldn't come up with anything interesting.

Plus the short Japanese film at the start almost made me throw-up. I thought that was the popcorn but The ticket checker confirmed it was the movie.

Characters were all annoying. I loved the original but this sure is one to be skipped
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scottdwyer16 June 2018
Might have been better if I had brought my grandkids with me. This was yet another boring superhero movie. I fell asleep... repeatedly!
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Is not for children
alexandrreis15 July 2018
Boring movie. I almost slept. Me And my family went to the cinema expecting to have good laughs and fun, but what Ive watched for 2 hours was a very annoying movie, without emotion, just in an attempt to pass messages like for example female empowerment. The short film we watched at the beginning and much better, just for him was worth the ticket.
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