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Eli Fucile: Jack-Jack Parr



  • Lucius Best : [about Jack-Jack; to tired-out Bob]  Looks normal to me. When did this start happening?

    Bob Parr : Since Helen got the job.

    Lucius Best : I assume she knows.

    Bob Parr : Are you kidding? I can't tell her about this, not while she's doing hero work!

    Jack-Jack Parr : [sees Helen on the TV]  Mama!

    Helen Parr : [on television; reused footage of The Incredibles]  Girls, come on! Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't think so!

    Jack-Jack Parr : Mama!

    [points at the TV] 

    Bob Parr : [turns off the TV with the remote]  I've got to succeed! So she can succeed! So WE can succeed!

    Lucius Best : I get it, Bob! I get it! When was the last time you slept?

    Bob Parr : Who keeps track of that? Besides, he's a baby. I can handle it, I got this handled.

    Lucius Best : So... you're good then? You got everything under control? Right?

    [sees Jack-Jack playing with the remote, who then disappears into another dimension] 

    Lucius Best : WHAT THE - ?

    Bob Parr : Cookie! Jack-Jack, want a cookie? Num num, cookie?

    [Jack-Jack makes noises from the other dimension] 

    Bob Parr : Jack-Jack, num num! Num num, cookie! Cookie!

    Lucius Best : You're not... ?

    Bob Parr : Cookie!

    Lucius Best : Oh my gosh!

    Bob Parr : Cookie!

    [Jack-Jack reappears; Bob gives the cookie to him] 

    Lucius Best : Whoa, K! Okay, so he can still hear you from...

    Bob Parr : ...from the other dimension.

    Lucius Best : That is freaky.

  • Evelyn Deavor : [Jack Jack enters the control room where the mind-controlled Helen, Bob, and Lucius are in; Evelyn is watching this via tv screens in her office]  Wha- a baby?

    Violet Parr , Dashiell 'Dash' Parr : [entering room via elevator, having followed Jack Jack]  Mom? Dad? Lucius?

    [Helen, Bob and Lucius attack the kids, but Violet projects a force field. Jack Jack telekinetically floats out of the force field] 

    Evelyn Deavor : A super baby?

    [the mind-controlled Helen grabs Jack Jack and holds him out in front of her] 

    Jack-Jack Parr : [Jack-Jack babbles happily, then notices that his mother's eyes are concealed by the glasses she wearing and is not noticing him. Jack-Jack scowls and starts to telekinetically remove the goggles] 

    Helen Parr : [Elastigirl blinks, coming back from her hypnotized state; gasps]  Huh!

    Evelyn Deavor : [shocked]  What? No! No! Put him down! No! Put him down!

    [Jack Jack completely takes the goggles off his mother, Helen and telekinetically throws them on the floor] 

    Helen Parr : Kids?

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