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Sarah Vowell: Violet Parr



  • [Violet and Dash demand to know why Bob hasn't told Helen about Jack-Jack's powers] 

    Bob Parr : Because I'm formulating, okay! I'm taking in information! I'm processing! I'm doing the math, I'm fixing the boyfriend, and keeping the baby from turning into a flaming monster! How do I do it? By rolling with the punches, baby! I eat thunder and crap lightening, okay? Because I'm Mr. Incredible! Not "Mr. So-So" or "Mr. Mediocre Guy"! Mr. Incredible!

    [Violet and Dash are silent for a moment after Bob's rant] 

    Violet Parr : We should call Lucius.

    Bob Parr : No, I can handle it! There's no way I'm gonna...


    Bob Parr : [Jack-Jack goes flying through the walls, catapulting himself towards the pool in the backyard, and Bob runs after him to catch him] 

    Violet Parr : I'm calling Lucius.

  • Dashiell 'Dash' Parr : Wait, I thought you renounced superheroes.

    Violet Parr : Well, I renounce my renouncement!

  • Violet Parr : Boys are jerks and superheroes suck.

    Bob Parr : Good morning!

  • Bob Parr : I used to know what's right, but I'm not sure anymore. I just... wanna be a good dad.

    Violet Parr : You're not good... you're super.

    [Bob starts snoring] 

  • Violet Parr : I hate superheroes, and I renounce them!

  • Helen Parr : [to Violet and Dash as the Underminer attacks the city]  Watch after Jack-Jack!

    Violet Parr : But I thought we were gonna go and...

    Bob Parr : You heard your mother!

    [to Helen] 

    Bob Parr : Trampoline me!

    [jumps off of the stretched-out Helen] 

  • Violet Parr : [the Parr family sits down at the dinner table; Dash reaches for food]  Did you wash your hands?

    [Dash uses his superhuman speed to run and wash his hands] 

    Violet Parr : With soap?

    [Dash runs back and uses soap] 

    Violet Parr : Did you dry them?

    [Dash shakes his hands off and reaches for the food, eating it] 

    Dashiell 'Dash' Parr : [Helen puts his Chinese food in front of him; he looks in it]  What? Is this ALL vegetables? Who ordered all vegetables?

    Helen Parr : I did.

    [puts the food on his plate] 

    Violet Parr : So, are we going to talk about it?

    Bob Parr : What?

    Violet Parr : The elephant in the room.

    Bob Parr : What elephant?

    Violet Parr : Mom's new job.

  • Violet Parr : Tony, this is my mum.

    Helen Parr : Pleased to meet you.

    Violet Parr : This is my dad.

    Bob Parr : Oh, we've met.

    Violet Parr : And this, is embarrassing, my little brother Dash, and the baby is Jack-Jack. I tried to limit it to ONE parent

    Helen Parr : We're all going to a movie too Tony, don't mind us.

    Bob Parr : We'll be sitting on the other side of the theater. Not watching you!

  • Evelyn Deavor : [Jack Jack enters the control room where the mind-controlled Helen, Bob, and Lucius are in; Evelyn is watching this via tv screens in her office]  Wha- a baby?

    Violet Parr , Dashiell 'Dash' Parr : [entering room via elevator, having followed Jack Jack]  Mom? Dad? Lucius?

    [Helen, Bob and Lucius attack the kids, but Violet projects a force field. Jack Jack telekinetically floats out of the force field] 

    Evelyn Deavor : A super baby?

    [the mind-controlled Helen grabs Jack Jack and holds him out in front of her] 

    Jack-Jack Parr : [Jack-Jack babbles happily, then notices that his mother's eyes are concealed by the glasses she wearing and is not noticing him. Jack-Jack scowls and starts to telekinetically remove the goggles] 

    Helen Parr : [Elastigirl blinks, coming back from her hypnotized state; gasps]  Huh!

    Evelyn Deavor : [shocked]  What? No! No! Put him down! No! Put him down!

    [Jack Jack completely takes the goggles off his mother, Helen and telekinetically throws them on the floor] 

    Helen Parr : Kids?

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