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Brad Bird: Edna Mode (E)



  • Edna Mode : [to the tired Bob, who is holding Jack-Jack]  Done properly, parenting is a heroic act... done properly.

  • Bob Parr : [Jack-Jack rages in Edna's room]  Combustion imminent? What does that mean?

    [Jack-Jack explodes and becomes surrounded by fire] 

    Edna Mode : It means fire, Robert.

  • [an exhausted Bob has asked Edna to temporarily take care of Jack-Jack] 

    Edna Mode : Robert! I am not interested in babies! I am an artist and I don't time for any of this to...

    [Jack-Jack's nose transforms to look like Edna's nose. Edna notices this and is taken aback] 

    Edna Mode : T-Today...

    [Jack-Jack widens his eyes to make them shaped like Edna' s and grows hair that looks exactly like Edna's hairstyle. Edna looks at Jack-Jack's face closely, amazed] 

    Edna Mode : [to Bob]  Robert... Are you see this?

    [the exhausted Bob doesn't respond. Edna rolls her eyes and turns her attention back on Jack-Jack. Jack-Jack sneezes and shoots right up in the air. He free-falls back down. Edna rushes to grab him ,but Jack-Jack telekinetically floats three feet from the floor before Edna could catch him. Jack-Jack laughs] 

    Edna Mode : [floored]  Oh... My God.

    [grins broadly, estatic] 

    Edna Mode : YES!

  • Edna Mode : [Bob has driven up to her gate, and her face appears on the screen]  Elastigirl's suit...


    Edna Mode : designed by Vincento? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

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