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Catherine Keener: Evelyn Deavor



  • Evelyn Deavor : The fact that you saved me doesn't make you right.

    Helen Parr : But it does make you alive.

  • Evelyn Deavor : [Jack Jack enters the control room where the mind-controlled Helen, Bob, and Lucius are in; Evelyn is watching this via tv screens in her office]  Wha- a baby?

    Violet Parr , Dashiell 'Dash' Parr : [entering room via elevator, having followed Jack Jack]  Mom? Dad? Lucius?

    [Helen, Bob and Lucius attack the kids, but Violet projects a force field. Jack Jack telekinetically floats out of the force field] 

    Evelyn Deavor : A super baby?

    [the mind-controlled Helen grabs Jack Jack and holds him out in front of her] 

    Jack-Jack Parr : [Jack-Jack babbles happily, then notices that his mother's eyes are concealed by the glasses she wearing and is not noticing him. Jack-Jack scowls and starts to telekinetically remove the goggles] 

    Helen Parr : [Elastigirl blinks, coming back from her hypnotized state; gasps]  Huh!

    Evelyn Deavor : [shocked]  What? No! No! Put him down! No! Put him down!

    [Jack Jack completely takes the goggles off his mother, Helen and telekinetically throws them on the floor] 

    Helen Parr : Kids?

  • Helen Parr : I counted on you.

    Evelyn Deavor : That's why you failed.

    Helen Parr : What?

    Evelyn Deavor : Why would you count on me? Because I built you a bike? Because my brother knows the words to your theme song? We don't know each other!

    Helen Parr : [glares]  But you can count on me anyway.

    Evelyn Deavor : I'm supposed to, aren't I? Because you have some strange abilities and a shiny costume, the rest of us are supposed to put our lives into your gloved hands. That's what my father believed. When our home was broken into, my mother wanted to hide. Begged my father to use the safe room. But Father insisted they call his superhero friends. He died, pointlessly, stupidly... waiting for heroes to save the day.

    Helen Parr : But why would you... your brother...

    Evelyn Deavor : Is a child! He remembers the time when we had parents and superheroes. So, like a child, Winston conflates the two: Mommy and Daddy went away because supers went away. Our sweet parents were fools to put their lives in anybody else's hands. Superheroes keep us weak!

  • Helen Parr : Who did I put in jail?

    Evelyn Deavor : Pizza delivery guy. Seemed the right height, build. He gave you a pretty good fight. I should say I gave you a pretty good fight through him.

    Helen Parr : But it doesn't bother you that an innocent man is in jail?

    Evelyn Deavor : Eh, he was surly. And the pizza was cold.

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