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Ignore all the bad reviews! This was a good movie.
mcain-260577 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
** Possible Spoilers **

First off, I have no idea what these other reviewers are talking about with this "alternate universe" theory. The fact is this movies ties perfectly with the first one. All the same characters are in the movie from the first one and many references are made to Doc, so not sure how this thought came about.

This movie is essentially a version of cars where Lightning McQueen actually aged, meaning he is not the same age as in the first one. With age, especially in sports, comes new, and younger, talent. In this movie lighning McQueen is faced with this same challenge, new, younger, talent who are training in new, more advanced, ways. With this younger talent and better training methods (Lightning McQueen still trains like he did under Doc) Lightning is having a tough time competing against the new guys. He essentially has to make a choice, adapt with new training or retire. I won't go into the details of his choice as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

However, this movie was very good and, I thought, a fitting end to the franchise. Can you imagine a Rocky movie where Rocky never ages and just keeps fighting and beating everyone? No, and that is not how the Rocky series ended. Rocky retired and helped the new up and coming fighter. That is somewhat what happened here.

I can only assume the others making the reviews wanted Lightning to be perpetually young and just keep racing and racing and beating everyone, movie after movie. The writers wisely chose not to follow that formula. Yes, I will agree, there is a bit more of a story here than just pure racing, and perhaps that is what people didn't like. However, that didn't make it a bad movie.

I hated Cars 2 but I did really like Cars 3. It's not a perfect movie but also isn't what people are making it out to be. Give it a chance and I think you will like it.
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An incredible comeback for the Cars franchise Warning: Spoilers
There will be spoilers...

Oh boy, where to begin.

I'll start with the elephant in the review section: The accusations of "sexism" and "political correctness". Yes, it's true, there is a female car in the film who happens to be a talented race car. The horror!! Look, I get it. I hate having a blatant agenda shoved down my throat. Ghostbusters, I'm looking at you. This wasn't that. Not even a little bit. If you think it was, well, what can I say. Maybe you should just go home to your bunker and watch Breitbart.

The bigger, and I think slightly more understandable, issue is that of the overall message of the film: our heroes getting older, and the end of McQueen's career as a race car. Hey folks, time marches on. People change, even our role models. If your kid can't handle McQueen passing the torch on to a younger, more adequate player, then maybe you should plop your brat in front of the TV with Cars 1 on a loop. News Flash: this is real life! It happens in all sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, REAL RACING! Whether we like it or not, our heroes at some point become too old to do what they do. Progress happens. We improve. As a baseball fan, I see it every single year. Players we love go away, and new blood comes in. The message in this movie is exactly that. Kids need to learn from a young age that you can't have the same guy up there doing the same thing every day. Heck, if Cars 1 took place in the 1950s and was about the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, people would be complaining about a new car called Lightning McQueen. What an incredibly boring world it would be if Lightning McQueen always won every single race and no other cars came along to improve on the sport. He isn't becoming less of a hero, he's not being emasculated. His accomplishments aren't being diminished in any way. He's helping the next generation to become a hero too! And so what if that new hero is female? By taking this apparently contentious route, Pixar has opened up the Cars franchise to years and years of new material. New heroes will emerge and some will go away. I for one am delighted by this new direction. I was concerned with the let down that was Cars 2 that the third installment would be useless. It wasn't, not even remotely. Cars 3 is fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My 3 year old son, who is obsessed with McQueen, loved it too.
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Good Sequel! Better than the Cars 2
Mynameisroman30 September 2018
The first Cars movie was awesome and it jumpstarted a lot of rip-offs tv shows for children. talking cars or talking planes everywhere nowadays... cars was the origin and of course there have been two sequels to that movie. while the first sequel felt forced onto the franchise this one here fits perfectly. a great continuation about how his career would develop over the years. he's not a rookie any more... he's not as fast as he used to be... he needs to find out how to solve this... the hints about where the story goes are subtle and reach the right conclusion in the end. and its feels like this might also be the final movie for the franchise but who knows... it a solid 7. if you loved the first one you will love this one as well
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Not what I was expecting
elviratrevino16 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Not what I was expecting, *spoiler alert* franchise killed lightning McQueen, he never recovers to race again. Huge disappointment for my son, it was literally the death of lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen then goes on to become the youngest trainer in history bringing to an end his career as lightning McQueen. McQueen gives his position to a trainer that is older than the newer model Jackson Storm, she happens to be a girl. So my son is waiting for hero to pull through and then gets shot down by McQueen giving up. The spot McQueen gives up is won by a trick and not by speed. My son is not going to cheer for a new when the old is no more. Definitely early death of number 95. Very depressing movie. The trailer was definitely misleading.
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Please don't watch the movie if you liked cars 1
amananuj22 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In which movie does the main protagonist chickens out before the final showdown (boss fight or the race in this case) and says to his trainer that you have been training with me so you can go and win it for me.

The whole point of the movie is that Mcqueen gets to decide when he should retire and so he trains hard to beat the rookie and just before the final race he turns to his trainer asks her to race in his place.

F**kers i went to watch the movie expecting that it will be about a comeback story of Mcqueen and not how he is forced to retire.
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1234Dmom16 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There are so many disappointments with this film, I don't know where to begin. So I'll start here…first, the tag-line that, "you can't turn back time, but you can wind it up again" is not mentioned at all by any character in this film. As it turns out, Lightning can't wind it up again. **SPOILER ALERT** In fact, he is too old to finish the race and needs a young girl car to do it for him. Did Disney not learn anything from The Simpsons?? You don't have to age animated characters. From the previews, I was led to believe that Lightning would wreck, overcome his impediments to win the race and show us all that we can do anything we put our minds to. Instead, Disney, was so busy being PC by making a girl win that they actually WERE being ageist. When you pay to see Lightning win, and he doesn't cross that finish line, you have failed as writers. I will now move on to the poor characterization of Cruz. From the color chosen for her, her dialogue, her lack of humor or connection-she was flat.

Doesn't Disney have ENOUGH female heroes-heroines?? Did they have to retire one of the very FEW males-Lightning?? This was a colossally stupid decision.

I guess Disney did not consult any child psychologists-or anyone with children-to find out that boys like cars more than girls. They have effectively ended their franchise. I feel the fizzle out coming. So much for the next generation of Lightning McQueen fans-I doubt many girls are going to be asking for race tracks with Cruz for Christmas.
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apart from good graphics, not much excitement here
musicislife-3740317 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like this movie based on the earlier ones and took my kids... was I wrong, it was awful. The whole movie is based on the red car trying to get his mojo back because he's too old or needs work, and in the end he basically quits. And still gets called the "winner." I don't like to overly analyze movies or entertainment and will watch and enjoy things with any reasonable message about self-empowerment, until that entertainment tries to shove a ridiculous message at people --- defeatist. More or less inane level propaganda, and about how NOT to succeed at something at that. If you want to see a real comeback movie, and one that makes a little sense, just rent any Rocky. 1 through 7 (or whatever they are on....) There are tons of other good ones.
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Everybody saying "this is the Cars 2 we wanted" are wrong or lying. This movie is disappointment made form.
mediadinosaur29 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, before I start I will say that I am a 33 year old woman who loves film, music, games, nature and technology. I am not hating on this because I don't like women characters, I am not some "negative nobody" as people who dislike this film have been called, who doesn't like new things. I generally see things that I do not like here. That said, here's what I have to say.

The film was marketed as a comeback for Lightning McQueen after he suffers a traumatic wreck during a race against newer model cars. These new cars are supposed to be the millennial or gen z cars of the cars world, though this is never brought up, and are portrayed as antisocial, self centred glory seekers, particularly Jackson Storm. Lightning then has to get help from a new trainer who uses things like treadmills, meditation and simulators to teach. This is to help him prove to the world that he can still be a top racer, adapt with the times and still perform his chosen job.

Sounds good right? An underdog/comeback style movie that's very popular with a lot of people. Well, the film does start the way it was advertised, with Lightning being at the top of his game and winning. The racingboard allows the newer cars in and all the older models, though not much older, have to either retire or are fired. Well what did they expect them to do when you bring in cars with lighter bodies and bigger engines? Lightning however still races and does okay. However, you can see that something bad is going to happen as each race gets darker and the music grittier, and it does with lightning crashing in the most spectacular, horrific fashion that really sets you up for his coming back and fighting for his career.

Well this does not happen. At all.

See all the stuff advertised like Lightning being able to wind the clock up again? Doesn't happen. Lightning is incapable of doing much of anything in this movie it seems, except training his only slightly younger replacement.

Lightning being an underdog and training to proving he's still got it? Nope! Lightning's underdog plot is never really looked at and so becomes obsolete in the end as this movies is not really about him.

Lightning coming to race Storm in a spectacular race? Well Storm's barely seen and Lightning never races/beats him. So nope again.

Cruz being a super trainer who helps get Lightning back in the game? Again, this does not happen! Cruz couldn't train a plant pot let-alone Lightning it seems. She's at first deeming, ageist and incompetent, then goes to being even more useless with a boring backstory, before finally becoming a MarySue of all things.

From the moment Lightning meets Cruz, the whole movie just goes down hill. Basically his trainer, a failed wannabe race turned trainer, is an ageist little smart mouth who attempts to get Lightning to do the stupids things like naming his tires (seriously?! Does she not realise how many he goes through in a race?) treat him like he's 1000 years old and incontinent. Sure Lightning was out of racing for a few months while recovering but he's not an invalid or a rookie. Basically all her methods and Lightning's behaviour to said methods are stereotypical "younger idiot trying to teach technophobic older guy things" that are done for laughs but I never heard anyone laugh and kids are not interested in seeing their hero being made out as useless like this.

Once outside, the rest of the movie turns into an even bigger mess of various plots stolen from other movies such as rehashed stuff from the first Cars and Planes 2. You can see Rocky 3, 4 elements thrown in along with even more bad jokes, clichés and tropes about genders, age, minorities, and it all boils down to Lightning inadvertently training his own useless trainer (Creed). Lightning sticks her in his big race halfway through (this can't be legal or fair to the other racers) and Cruz wins in the most unrealistic fashion with all the girls cheering for her. Why just the women? Why not everyone else. Where they booing or something? I would have. And the ending saying they both won is a cop out and feels cheap.

Now, I'm not an adverse to seeing growth or changes in a character. I enjoy seeing the hero/heroine take hits and grow, not just do the same thing with no obstacles. This movie doesn't do this for Lightning. He's plot as an underdog trying to better himself is overshadowed by cruz's want/need/plot to be his replacement. It goes back and forth like this so the story never feels emotional enough to bother investing in with either character. Plus we've never actually seen Lightning win on stage, just heard about it. So this was a supreme disappointment to those wanting to see him win for once.

This is the first Pixar/Disney film to have left me feeling so disappointed that I wanted to cry. It gets 1-star for the visuals and one more star because I did enjoy it up until Lightning got to the Rusteze centre but after that, the movies garbage! It will possibly be watchable to some kids ( under 5's ) and adults who aren't bothered by the movies "plot? What plot?" Story but I don't know anyone who likes this movie. flopped at the box office and made less money world wide, after earning back its budget, than all other Pixar films except The Good Dinosaur. The main reviews simply praise it for not being Cars 2 and not much else. Granted, some like it but many others, like me, don't like this film.

And if there is to be a Cars 4 starring Cruz? No thanks! I'm so done seeing the franchises that I love being destroyed by Disney and their ever-growing greed. This movie was a cashgrab and it's clear the writers had no respect or inclination to depict the characters we love as they should be or grow them properly. So thank you Disney, Pixar, for ruining cars and for this film being one biggest disappointment of 2017. Screw you!
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Disappointment for Cars' fan children
cenaykarabork25 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My son was born in 2006, we watched first movie maybe a hundred times, and second one several times. Cars was like Star Wars for us. And 3rd movie? At the end of the movie my 11 years old son was so upset to see Mc Queen as a retiring loser car, he only said: "I'll never talk about Mc Queen, this is the end". Bugs Bunny does not get old, why did you have to retire Mc Queen so early? And we hate that yellow car, Cruz, it can never replace Mc Queen. Mc Queen is red, how could you turn it to blue?! This movie is a big disappointment, we'll try to forget it
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Destroys the aura of Lightning Mcqueen
zinc-525 June 2017
The first Cars movie is a classic that will be enjoyed for a long time to come. Cars 3 a has a few major problems. - We don't want to live in or know about whatever 'new reality' this movie has created, where Lightning isn't the fastest car anymore. We especially don't want to know that there is an entire new generation of cars that are faster than him. How depressing is that. - The movie has very little of the heart, soul, and humor of the original. It has a very different feel, with the 'next gen' cars speaking and acting like spoilt millennials. Jackson Storm is a nasty piece of work. - If feels like the point of the movie is to reinforce that 'girls can do anything' (like most movies these days). That's all well and good, but it's not what we paid money to actually go and see. We want to watch a movie about the movie's actual hero and main character, Lightning Mcqueen. And we want to see him win and NOT be depressed, old and slow most of the time.
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How awful this was
hunterwaldis27 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When Cars the original came out I was seven years old I followed the "trilogy" to where I am now 18 and let me tell you something... this was not how I wanted lightning to end his career I mean Jesus was this movie awful. I would rather have watched the big bang theory on repeat for the rest of my life.
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dawsanlackey19 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I warning you all right now SPOILER ALERT. So one might believe that this film would be about lightning feeling bad after his big wreck and wanting to train and work hard to beat the car that made him feel that way but no it's about him training while everyone is tearing him down with the excessive old age jokes, and telling him that he will never be fast enough to beat the car who caused him to feel that way in the first place but despite that lightning continues to train and failing at every point which by this time who would think he would see some progress but no it's quite the opposite he gets slower and the cherry on it all toward the end of the movie it's the big race against the character Storm so lightning starts the race after the first lap he quits and sends in this flat character Cruz to take lightning's number and finish the race despite the character Cruz has no racing experience and she magically beats all the new racers including lightning's rival Storm but it gets worse after the race lightning retires from racing(despite throughout the whole movie him saying that he will never retire) and lightning becomes Cruz's coach. It gave no closure to lightning's story and not to mention the character Doc is dead without any explanation but magically the truck that trained Doc and was older than Doc was still alive which again makes no sense. So to sum it up lightning retires and becomes a defeatist. Don't watch unless you want your kids to be disappointed.
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rsj_13129 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Even my son was asking throughout then entire 1 hour middle portion of the movie , "why aren't they racing, is he gonna race Jackson storm ...". I just kept saying yeah son eventually. Then it's the female that ends up racing in the end and my 5 year old son experience his first episode of disappointment and fraud. How do you explain to a 5 year old that it's politics and the moral of the story is no longer innocent heroic comebacks but now it's about equal opportunity and forcing ideas on young minds. Kids just want to see a good , animated race movie AS ADVERTISED!!! Instead it's 10 minutes of racing, and an hour and a half of training and build up that leaves you asking yourself... did this have to be nearly two hours long?! Garbage
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Thought we would finally see McQueen win......we never will it seems.....
rsaurusrex24 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts with Lightning as a 10 year veteran in the racing world and at the top of his game. Then the racing board, for some reason, lets all these new hybrid cars force all the older racers out, except Lightning, who crashes. Months later, with no mention of his injuries or his trauma, Sally gets Lightning to go back to racing. After meeting his new boss, Lightning gets a trainer called Cruz, to help get him back in shape. But Cruz is clearly not a good trainer as she spends more time trying to get Lightning to name his tires, nap, goes overboard on the excessive age-shaming, and he ends up losing his temper.

Lightning makes a deal that will allow him to continue his racing career, if he wins, and goes to train outside but has to take Cruz, who is again, useless. He has to teach her everything and this goes on throughout the film, and she in no way does her job of training Lightning. He loses his temper with her and we find out that oh! She always wanted to be a racer but was told she couldn't and wimped out. Boo boo!

Lightning goes and visits his mentors mentor and this Smokey guy helps somewhat though the old cars from the 1940's take delight in pointing out how old and useless Lightning is, which seems very hypocritical, and Cruz is still incompetent.

Looking thoroughly disheartened, Lightning leaves for his race, starts in last place but works his way up to 15/43. Then he hears Cruz being told she's not a racer, takes pity on her, puts her in the race and she then annoys the top racer, does stunts and has Lightning talk all cutesy to her, then wins. They then basically retire Lightning.

This is a very basic description of what goes on in this movie. The trailers had us believing that this was going to be some sort of awesome, comeback movie. The whole "I'm coming for you, Storm" thing? Doesn't happen. Instead the movie is just a mess of various movie plots mashed together, rehashed plots from the first film, constant age-shaming ( seriously, they never stop calling Lightning old in this) and PC messaging.

The animation was good though and the music is decent. I did like the little flashbacks Lightning has of Doc, very sweet. However, they felt like a forced plot to get Lightning shoved into retirement for this knock-off character, who cannot even fulfill her job to as trainer to Lightning. But then this movie is really about Cruz and her being the new star of Cars and retiring McQueen. Yes, athletes can only do their thing for so long but McQueen is a fantasy character. Also other cars from the franchise got upgrades like full carbon fiber bodies, upgraded to gas/electric types, newer spoilers, exhausts and engine tweaks. Why not Lightning? (think of all the toys his new look would have sold)

Cruz didn't even earn her place as a racer, she had to be given it. Lightning and the other racer all went through all kinds of training, practices, races and worked their way up. She had some racing skills from her past and McQueen taught her stuff but she never works for her place like the others. I'm not sure this is a good message for kids, girls in particular. It's like saying just cruz, yeah I went there, through life and wait for someone to give you stuff. Don't waste time learning/knowing/working for something properly. The whole 2 cars winning the race is cheating. I know in real life a driver can swap with another, using the same car. Here though, the cars are athletes and so by switching in Cruz, that's just like a runner tagging in another whilst all the other runners do the whole race. Not fair at all.

Cruz could have been great. She could have been a phenomenal trainer, who knew the racing world on all levels and looked after Lightning, been the brains behind him, trained him on the tech and outdoors. Instead, being a trainer is shown as second rate and she's stereotyped as the younger, better, smarter, technology reliant gen z kid, who cannot function outdoors. Whilst Lightning is the "damn you kids and your techno whatnots. Get outside and play!"..... Bleh…..

The newer cars were all boys and this is Pixar's fault entirely. This is a fantasy world. It doesn't have to reflect all the nonsense in real life They could have had girl racers, boys, butch girls, pretty boys, asexual, etc. They could have made it so the Cars world already was all-inclusive, where they didn't have all these gender/race issues. Kids would see that it was normal to except everybody more if they saw it as normal in their media. But nope. Pixar can't do that.

Also, Jackson Storm, Lightning's supposed rival, is rarely seen and is nothing more than a mouthy, antisocial, gen z stereotype that just feels kinda meh as a character.

I know it's a kids movie and you're not supposed to look to much into it but when I went to see the film, no one was laughing, kids were upset, some people just left. My nephew and nieces hated the film. My friends and their kids also disliked it.

The only plus is that Lightning said he was only training Cruz for the season and then going back to racing. Maybe Pixar will finally listen and give us the real racing experience that we asked for, showing us champion Lightning. It's all fine to give stuff up for others, be kind and all that but you are also allowed to be good at something for yourself. To win/earn something, feel good and not have to give it up. Isn't that what part of life is? Oh well..
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A disgrace to the original Cars
Stinkelman18 June 2017
I am a huge cars fan, I absolutely loved the first movie, the second movie was still really good, but the first was a classic.

This movie was an absolute disgrace to the first two. The writers were different and they absolutely destroyed the atmosphere of cars. They brought in way to millennialist stereotypes and decimated the standard set by the first two movies. Things were misquoted from the first movie and characters were poorly developed.

Don't waste your time or money.
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Can this movie be anymore PC?
proishaanpuripro26 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
All i have to say, way to completely ruin the franchise and take a dump at the mcqueen's legacy. Doesn't Disney already have enough female protagonists as it is? Yes, Cars 1 did great, Cars 2 was terrible, but cars 3 is horrible. I am honestly surprised to see that the third installment has got almost same ratings as Cars 1.

-Okay, lets begin. The movie is really depressing if we look it from Mcqueen's view, as it turns out the true antagonist of this sequel is actually "Age". Yes, he is getting old and can't win against new generation of cars, but that was supposed to be the whole point, a heroic comeback that old/previous generation cars still have it that no new cars have which is on-road experience. Didn't Doc Hudson won against a new gen car by outsmarting it? Why Mcqueen had to wuss out at the final race? Despite the whole emotional build up even after the Mcqueen's crash, the movie tells us that "Hudson was ready for a better comeback and he was ready to give it all after his major crash, but he never got the chance and eventually retired", but Mcqueen still has the chance, and what he does with it? He gives it to the female rookie racer and she actually easily wins by the end. It was her first race at the championship and she won. I don't get it why is it that the female protagonists always have it easy. Now, kids are gonna learn that and learn life the hard way. Sure, throughout the entire movie it definitely looks like he is gonna pass on the torch, but it is just pathetic he never had his final race because he accepts, he is getting old and can't win against new generation racers, and that's how it ends. Sure, Cruz Ramirez won at the end, but it was her win, not Mcqueen's because he has given up. Whatever happened to never giving up? Sure, he could have given up his racing career after that by telling the new generation cars that he still got it, but what the heck? The old cars feels so terrible in the entire movie after being replaced by the new cars and Mcqueen was supposed to be the light and prove everyone wrong. Instead, we moved on from training Mcqueen the new way to passing on the torch to a female rookie to show everyone ladies can race too. It is quite obvious at this point that they are baiting us towards a new sequel trilogy series with new female protagonist. Disney should be ashamed, first they ruined Star Wars franchise and now this, and i only blame liberals. You know what's truly the worse? If the whole theme was opposite, it was an old female lead feeling like giving up her race career and passing on the torch to a new young rookie and cocky male racer, then i would love to see the reaction of everyone.
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Shocking Ending...and not in a good way.
rws_203 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In this one, Lighting struggles to keep up with the new young techno cars on the circuit and has to go find his racing mojo. Along the way he meets a young racing car who is ironically his trainer, it turns out she is the one who needs the training from Lighting. Lighting teaches her his techniques, whilst trying to improve himself.

For me it was a bit of a poor excuse for a Pixar film, and the ending is probably one of the worst I've seen in an animated flick. It just feels so unfulfilling and so not like Lighting McQueen.

(If you do not want to know the ending do not read on!!!!)

In the end, lighting makes his return to racing after training in the off season. During his big comeback race, halfway through he decides that the car he has been training deserves to try and finish the race?

So instead of it being make or break for lightning, it turns into making a name for the young race car that he has been mentoring.

I think the ending will be Marmite for people, some will love it and some will hate it. I personally didn't like it at all.

Everything up to the ending is quite slow paced and a tad boring.

Sadly Cars is another franchise that has suffered through the making of sequels. Shame.
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PC crap!
adj-jarvis30 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying I love the Cars movie franchise, so when I first saw the trailer and the poster for this latest instalment, I was very excited.

To start off with, I was thoroughly enjoying the film and loved this whole Cars version of the Rocky Balboa films. It was great. They included Doc Hudson as a vital part of the story of Cars too, which I loved. Great character. Then comes along this new piece of crap, Cruz. I didn't like her character from the get go. Dull, annoying and about as funny as a funeral. Anyway, that was fine. Sometimes you just have to accept annoying, two dimensional characters in a film.

However, what I can not bare to see is PC bullcrap. It turns out that ***SPOILER ALERT*** rather than making this miraculous comeback after all his training, Lightening McQueen quits the race. He quits and allows his trainer, Cruz (a female character of course) to finish the race. Of course she wins, of course she is the hero, of course the camera switches to other female Cars characters celebrating (wooooo women empowerment!!!!!!). I am all for equality. I really am. But this is not the case. It is so in your face and as soon as Cruz took over from Lightening, I actually wanted to leave the cinema. They have basically retired lightening and made the new Cars hero, a woman. I mean, what is that about, seriously? completely goes against the plot of the film and basically b***h slaps its viewers and fans. "Hey folks, you think your hero Lightening, the character that makes the films, the character we know and love is going to win?! *B***H SLAP* NO! he is going to crash out and you now have a woman hero!!! yay pc guys, yaaaay!".

Literally ruined the film. Tell you what Disney, next time you want to shove some PC rubbish in our faces, write a whole new film and make the hero a woman. Don't dump on our old beloved heroes. Dicks.
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An uninspired borefest
Nobody-2722 June 2017
I am one of those guys who actually liked the first Cars film. That one had a soul. Then came the second installment, which was even better - one of those rare sequels that did not feel forced or redundant.

And then Cars 3 came along to spoil it all.

How bad is it? Well, bad enough that a kid next to me could not wait for the film to be over. And bad enough that I was struggling not to fall asleep due to pure boredom. The middle part of the film (like from 15min in to about 15 min before the end) is mostly a blur for me - it was that bad. They say that with any story, you want to leave audiences questioning "And then - what happened?" so that the story shows "and then - this happened, and then - this..." but this film has nothing happening. There was tons of talk, reminiscing, fear of old age, but nothing worth watching.

One saving grace is the film's visuals. And there was one camera move I loved. That was it.

Oh, in case you have heard of the ending, which I will not disclose here - it feels terribly forced. Lightning McQueen makes a random decision that is supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy, but it doesn't. It just leaves everyone with the big WTF on their face, and rightfully so, because it is so out of character and so stupid. So, the ending does not work, as much as it was cute as an idea. Good ideas need to be well executed to work, otherwise they fail.

All in all, the story feels like a typical Hollywood "paint by numbers" screenplay which was developed by going over McKee's or some such author's check list, and then going like this:

  • Start with action on page 1? Check. - Unexpected ending? Check. - Lots of dialogue in the middle part? Check. - Take care of the minorities? Check.

And so on. Painting by numbers never produced anything worthwhile.

Story must come from the heart if it is to work, otherwise you get Cars 3 - an uninspired borefest.

Essentially, Cars 3 is a 10 minute story stretched to painfully long 110 minutes. I was shocked when I discovered that it was that long - for a CG feature with no story, those extra 10 minutes are both expensive and meaningless.
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Pixar 1995-2017 ?
qrpike15 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Good:

  • The graphics looked absolutely amazing. Best animation visuals I've ever seen. That's about it...

The Bad:

  • The trailer for the movie was *completely* misleading.

  • Doc hudson died without any explanation. Cars that trained him ( older ) are still alive which makes you think something unexpected must of happened? I'm guessing this is because of the voice actor passing away, but some kind of explanation would of been nice.

  • A lot of bad messages for kids. Aging is something to be made fun of ( excessively in the movie ). Once you're older there's no way you can possibly win. If you're not winning at something, give up and circumvent the rules so you can basically cheat to win ( because that's all that matters ). If someone says you can't do something ( Cruz not able to be a racer ) stop trying completely and wait until you're grown and someone comes along and fixes the situation for you.

  • The interactions between 'Mater and Lighting were the highlight of Cars 1. Funny jokes, fun times, laughing and friends. Mater and most of Radiator Springs were left out of this one. The movie was very serious and the jokes that were said were untasteful ( mostly about his age ). I'm not sure I even laughed once during the movie.

  • The level of propaganda was impossible to look past. Cars 2, and especially Cars 1 cultivated a following of mostly young boys that are into cars/racing/trucks etc. They wait until Cars 3 to turn the entire franchise into a story about equal opportunity and equality. The main reporter in the movie is suddenly female, the famous demolition derby star is female, and the new hero/racer of the Cars franchise is female. She has no experience as a racer, drives on the beach once ( never practices once on asphalt ) and then goes to win the race with Jackson Storm who has set all kinds of new records? After she wins the race the camera cuts to every one of the female characters going "whooo". I don't understand why a kids movie has to push politics and ideology. IT'S A KIDS MOVIE. Also, I can't see my 4 nieces hanging up their Frozen outfits to get some Cruz toys.

All in all it left a really bad taste in my mouth not only about Cars but Pixar/Disney as a whole. Are there going to be any more innocent kids movies with humor for the adults as well, or just neutered stories for the sake of PC.
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They killed McQueen! and put somecar else on the screen...
araujo_jrl30 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What happened?... Are they trying to shutdown some "old" franchises?... this movie is a total anti-climax, you go in full of expectations and go out trying to forget it... to keep the good old memories... it is sad... they completely abandoned the universe created in Cars 1 and 2 and all other spin-offs... they tried to do something new, a new perspective, but did not develop anything beyond a scratch deep... nothing makes any sense... no fun... no logical connection among story developments... I will try to forget it... but it will be though... in the end there is no hero left...
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Even Mater cannot save this one.....
abhishes-572-4063016 June 2017
This is a classic example of Hollywood culture of trying to force a sequel even though you have no thought of idea.

When I see the movie it seems that someone forced the writers to do a rush job just because a sequel had to be made.

All characters look clichéd and boring. There is nothing new from a character perspective. The movie manages to be unnecessarily emotional and most events in the story look like filers which are totally unrelated to the story.

They totally fail to live the magic of the original cars movie. This one is very disappointing and just outright boring.

all i wish that they had left the original alone and not made this sequel.
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Easily the most disappointing Pixar film
Boson2716 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes that's right, this film is even more disappointing than the abomination that was "Cars 2". There are some truly atrocious creative choices made towards the end of the film which I will discuss in a moment. Let me first point out, however, that there is some good in this film. The first act does an alright job of setting up the stakes and character arcs. We are introduced to the new characters and it moves a long at a pretty fast pace. The second act, though a bit meandering and slow, explores Lightning McQueen's relationship with Doc Hudson. It was easily the most poignant part of the film and gave good closure to Doc's character, something "Cars 2" failed at altogether. Additionally, the animation is absolutely sublime and Randy Newman's score beautifully echoes that of the first movie. Where the film completely and utterly fails is the third act. Spoilers follow. The biggest issue with this film is Cruz Ramirez. She weighed down the movie in the first and second acts, and in the third act, renders Lightning useless. The film sets up an underdog story with Lightning's crash and subsequent recovery but never delivers this. Instead, Lightning gives up in the middle of the final race in Florida and passes the torch onto Cruz who, despite this being her first race and her only training for two weeks, magically wins. Lightning, the beloved racer from the first film, is completely cast aside for the annoying, moronic, and horrible Cruz. It's PC-pandering at its worst. Cruz is a complete Mary-Sue. She didn't have a shred of likability in the first two acts, but I could tolerate her because it was still Lightning's story. The third act feels like it was written by new-age feminists who completely miss the point of the "Cars" movies and don't at all understand the concept of a narrative character arc. What is most devastating is the fact that we never got to see Lightning rise up through the ranks, beat Jackson Storm, and finally become the fabulous racer we know he is. We never got to see Lightning WIN. The film leaves you totally deflated and empty; flustered and angry that Pixar, a studio that has proved again and again its deftness at storytelling and filmmaking craft, has fallen to the collectivist propaganda that is plaguing some films lately. If you were a fan of the first "Cars" film, a fan of Lightning McQueen or even a fan of great movies in general, please PLEASE avoid this one. You will only be let down like I was. I repeat, DON'T WATCH IT.
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Speed with heart
Ramascreen12 June 2017
#Cars3 is speed with heart. It's fun, exciting and emotionally endearing. The first film was about a lost small town USA and the humbling of a cocky racer. The second movie didn't quite know what it wanted to be, part espionage, part mistaken identity, part global tournament, all wrapped up in a poor attempt to address friendship. But this third installment is about the racer becoming the mentor while at the same time honoring the legacy of a very important person in McQueen's life, Hudson Hornet, who's voiced by the the late great actor whom we cinema deeply miss seeing on screen, Paul Newman.

In "Cars 3," Lightning McQueen suddenly finds himself blindsided by a new generation of blazing fast racers. He's seeing himself and his fellow race mates forced to retirement. Refusing to be told when he should call it quit, McQueen is determined to get back in the game, acquiring the help of a new sponsor and a young trainer who's secretly wanting to be a racer. But all that only brings McQueen to the doorstep of his own inspiration, the late fabulous Hudson Hornet. This enlightenment will prove once again whether or not Lightning McQueen still has what it takes to be a champion.

It's obvious from "Cars 3" that Pixar had learned the lessons of their mistake or blunder that was "Cars 2." The story in "Cars 3" is more coherent, clear and straightforward and it goes back to Pixar's strongest strategy which is to appeal to our deepest emotions. It doesn't necessarily rehash the first film, but more of presenting our hero deciding for himself to take on the next chapter of life that is just as fully rewarding as beating his opponents on the race track, which I think is a well put progression in McQueen's evolution as a character.

I think you'll be wowed at the film's excellent effort in pulling parallels between Hudson Hornet's experience and what McQueen is going through. It's like every piece fits into its place naturally, like it's meant to be. The new rival, Jackson Storm makes the cocky McQueen in the first film look tame. You don't see much of Mater this time around, but that's actually not a bad thing. You'll love some of the new racing tricks that "Cars 3" has up its sleeves, I'm entertained by them and I'm not even a Nascar fan. And the rookie/trainer who secretly wants to race, Cruz Ramirez will surprise you at every corner, that one is like a an eager young prodigy whose skills are just waiting to be discovered given the right opportunity. The themes basically ask the inevitable questions of what we all should do when we get older and are no longer able to do some of the things we love, what would be the the options then. And so I think "Cars 3" does an excellent job of letting you know that if you've reached the point of success, we should then do our part to now guide, train, teach others to reach their point of success too. Don't burn the bridge behind you.

-- Rama's Screen --
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Stalled in pit lane....
stazza19 June 2017
As a huge supporter and fan of the first CARS film, and not caring at all for the 2nd, this one was phoned in, lacked the "SOUL" and interest of the original. The parts are there, the deep drama and personal problems but it failed to flow. Just plodded along from thing to thing until the big climax ending. The ending was fine, but I have zero desire to ever watch this again, and won't be buying the disc, and WILL be watching the original again to re-feel everything that was missing here.

And it is almost too deep for kids. Lots of talk about life and retiring from it, and not lots of kid style hijinks.

It looked great and had a story, but felt like a cash grab --- or that all the original PIXAR writers were not involved.
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