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Season 2

23 May 2015
Wanted: The Sugar Beet Gang
The quads argue about how to complete their history assignment.
30 May 2015
No Ifs, Ands, or But-ers
The quads turn their garage into an awesome hangout space, improving their social status.
6 Jun. 2015
Urban Legend Outfitters
When Dawn fakes a story for her column, the urban legend of Pigfoot begins to take over Edgewood.
13 Jun. 2015
Do-It-All Dawn
Dawn assures her parents that she can handle it all when she begins to play tuba.
20 Jun. 2015
Unhappy Campers
When the quads go to summer camp, they realize they can establish new identities. This puts Dawn in an uncomfortable position when she refers to Dicky as her "boyfriend" in order to try and impress her new friends.
27 Jun. 2015
Mall in the Family
The quads convince their parents that they are responsible enough to explore the mall on their own.
11 Jul. 2015
I Want Candace
Nicky, Ricky and Dicky ruin Dawn's chance to meet her idol, and must find a way to make it up to her.
18 Jul. 2015
Sweet Foot Rides
The quads want to sell a new shoe prototype that Tom invented, but they become convinced that someone is trying to steal his idea.
25 Jul. 2015
The Mighty Quad Squad
The quads create superhero costumes for a child's birthday party; when a video of Nicky as Goggle Man goes viral, the popularity goes to his head.
11 Nov. 2015
Ricky befriends a group of sophisticated country club children who challenge the quads to a high-stakes mini-golf match.
25 Nov. 2015
Go Hollywood, Part 1
The quads win their family a vacation to Hollywood, and find themselves caught up in a case of mistaken identity.
25 Nov. 2015
Go Hollywood, Part 2
The quads win their family a vacation to Hollywood, and find themselves caught up in a case of mistaken identity.
9 Jan. 2016
Rock 'n' Rules
The quads decide to secretly rent out the garage in order to have money to make their own house rules.
16 Jan. 2016
Ballet and the Beasts
Dawn joins a ballet class to have her own activity away from her brothers, but her plan is spoiled when the boys join the class too.
23 Jan. 2016
She Blinded Him with Science (Bob)
Nicky, Dicky and Dawn challenge Ricky's firm disbelief in superstitions, but they go too far in proving him wrong.
30 Jan. 2016
Harpers for President
Ricky is confident in his ability to get elected as class president until Dawn enters the race; Nicky and Dicky go from being Ricky and Dawn's running mates to their rivals.
6 Feb. 2016
Doggy Door Afternoon
Squishy Paws runs away when the quads are home alone, and they argue about who should be in charge of the search.
13 Feb. 2016
Three Men and a Mae B
Dawn must run a tricky game of interference when each of the boys reveals they have started to look at Mae in a different light.
20 Feb. 2016
Diary of an Angry Quad
Dawn plans to get back at Nicky, Ricky and Dicky for reading her diary one too many times, leading none of them to trust each other.
27 Feb. 2016
Quad Court
The quads create a courtroom in their garage to settle their own arguments and end up using the court to pass judgment on friends and classmates.
5 Mar. 2016
The Quad-Plex
The siblings try to avoid being seen at the movies with their parents for fear of looking ''uncool.''
9 Jul. 2016
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Sicky
When Dawn gets sick Nicky, Ricky and Dicky must survive the day without her but they fall apart.
16 Jul. 2016
Mission: Un-Quaddable
The quads are excited when action star JT Steele comes to live with them while researching his latest role.
23 Jul. 2016
A Brief Case of Popularity
While trying to fit in with the coolest people in school, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn must keep Ricky from making them look uncool.
30 Jul. 2016
New Kid on the Block
The quads try to make friends with their new neighbor in order to get access to her cool tree house, but soon discover that she is not what she seems.
6 Aug. 2016
The Tell-Tale Art
Dawn grows suspicious of her brothers when Ricky takes credit for artwork that Dicky painted and Ricky uses Dicky's ideas for his own gain.

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