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Worst and Boring Movie
ayushbhatt-913376 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of the worst and most boring movies. They are so many songs which don't add anything to the narrative. This movie director Soraj Barjatya used to make hit movies in 1980s and 1990s is still living there and his craft has only gone worse as time has gone. This review contains spoilers , This movie is a story of a prince played by Salman who is having trouble in maintaining relationships with his family members. Due to a crooked CEO played by Armaan Kohli who always makes schemes to create division among the two brothers , young brother played by Neil Nitin Mukesh. Salman also has problems with his sister(Swara Bhaskar) and this takes toll on his relationship with his finacee (Sonam Kapoor). There is a plot to kill the prince , and how prince look alike Prem(Salman Khan) helps in saving the prince and unite the family forms the rest of the movie. The music is bad and lyrics are the worst ever in Bollywood. Waste of 2 hours 30 minutes of your life if u watch this movie.
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neha-shivnani12 December 2015
It is one of most poorly made movies I have watched in a long time. Don't know what Sooraj Barjatya was thinking while making this one. No story, no theme, no soul, no sense, no base....what was this Sir

Salman you just did Bajrangi Baijaan, which is so good. Why did you have to do such a movie. What was the football match about. So unreal, so unwanted. Sonam Kapoor I thought could act when I saw Ranjhana, guess it was just a fluke. I am so disappointed because I have always loved Sooraj Barjatya's movies. Now next time I have to be really careful before watching his movies

Sad and disappointed
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The most Boring Movie I have ever seen.
iHammadKhan12 November 2015
The first half of PRDP flows very slow and the story moves along boringly whilst establishing the characters. The biggest problem with the movie is that the conflict doesn't seem to be too big for it to matter later on when the conflict gets solved.Prem Dilwale's too much overacting makes the film irritate you like hell. The football match sequence and the sequence where Prem mends the relationship of Vijay with his step-sisters are completely over the top ones. There are a lot of illogicalness like the placement of a palace on the edge of a waterfall. At the end of the 160 minute duration, PRDP manages to make everyone sleep and the emotions do not work at all which should in turn make the film not work even amongst the family audiences. PRDP looks completely outdated and clearly no money has been spent on the sets and the costumes. The production design is of very low standards. The VFX work is the worst you have seen in Hindi films and the editing could have been much more tighter but as we all know, Sooraj Barjatya believes in boring cinema. Himesh Reshammiya delivers a pathetic soundtrack. None of the songs stay with the viewer. And the worst one is the title track which seems to be nowhere. Each and every actor completely overacts and the one who does the most throughout the movie is Salman himself. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo can't even be thought of to be compared with classics like 'Maine Pyaar Kiya' and 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun'. The film thoroughly bores you with dull moments all over. Sure there are a lot of silly and illogical moments. And Salman Khan puts in a terrible performance as Prem Dilwala. In the first half of the film, he irritates you over time and again. Diwali is the time when families come together and PRDP will be disliked even by families as it is the most boring movie which irritates you with overacting. This festive season, avoid it for sure. It's a 0/10 rating movie to be honest, but have to give 1/10 as 0/10 is not allowed on IMDb. Sooraj Barjatya films come once in 6-7 years and there is no director in the industry who can fill a film with as much overacting as much as the he can. Advice for the youth, don't even watch it on your on TV.
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Rawal_Afzal17 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I made a personal history with this film: it is the first film ever in my life during which I took a break to offer prayers without pausing the film. I just let it run so that the torture less a few minutes less for me.

But I must add here though that I watched this film with constant smile and laughter, just thinking how can anyone come up with such a piece of nonsense.

Two worst things were the music, and was like 38 songs I think(!), and the almost three-hour long length of the film. Both of these should be logged as criminal offences in my view.

And no, I don't wish to simply make fun of Sooraj Barjatya thinking that his films are not meant for this age and era, because I am sure he can come up with better stuff than this at least. This too hasn't got bad basis: a person in place of another one whose much more calm and loving approach allows him to tackle things in a better way. But everything surrounding this idea and even the application of this itself is plan nonsense.
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Hard to believe 'Bollywood' is still making such clichéd movies
bunnysidhu17 November 2015
Damn, when will we ever learn? Well even before asking this, I knew the sad answer. I could not bear to watch more than half an hour of this worthless piece of s**t. The abundantly used & reused script, the all good pauper, the double role, the unnecessary songs, the out of sync pathetic & outdated soundtrack, the forced upon villains of the film & Salman's usual overacting were too much for me to handle. This whole movie is way too outdated and seems like a movie from the late 80's. The screenplay and the coincidental scenes of blossoming love between Salman (50 year Old) & Sonam (20 Years Younger) were irritatingly naive and dated. I beg to the film makers to grow up and stop testing our I.Q. already. Please have mercy on us. But then again, why would they ever stop! It's hard to believe but true that this movie has already done Box office collections nearing 200 Cr. as of yet (i.e. today : 17th Nov). 'Bhai's' Fan following from the masses in India surely encourages them to keep making these overrated pieces of junk repeatedly. I usually check the rating and make an educated guess after reading some reviews from IMDb website. But then again, the fans of these glorified actors have infiltrated deep within IMDb too and misleading gullible movie watchers to go ahead and watch these kind of movies. The wish that the censor board rate movies on I.Q. levels too. I guess I'll stick to my thought of staying away from Bollywood movies, cause while watching such crap, I tend to get frustrated and uneasy. Rest, this is my thinking on this, you take your own call. Caution : Proceed to theaters at your own risk!!!
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Abysmally Awful
hakunabear17 November 2015
So terrible. Even the trailer was unbearable, couldn't expect anything better from the actual movie. The better side of the picture is that I went to PVR and had a deep and interesting conversation with my friends. The popcorn wasn't too bad either.

The only good thing about the movie is that the set design and cinematography was vibrant and looked amazing. The movie is filled with unnecessary 6 minute songs but has a 2 minute paper-thin plot. I'm flabbergasted by how well this movie is doing, just cause of Bhai fun club. Congrats Bhai, you have done it again. You keep churning sh!t, every year, be it Eid or Diwali. Thenks!
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Felt Like I Was Watching an Indian Serial...Terrible Even for Salman Khan
sinecostantrig18 December 2015
It is tough for me to even give 2/10 to this movie. The entire movie had roughly 45 minutes of content, but was 3 hours long. The movie progressed at a very slow pace, and the direction style was very similar to how serials are directed in India (yuck). Everything was overdramatized, and I'm surprised I didn't internally combust while watching this expensively made crap put on a screen. Apart from Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, all Salman Khan movies have been the same for the past 10 years, and most of them have been pretty bad. Props to Salman for doing something different than the stereotypical mindless action movies he does, but this was probably his worst movie in the past 10 years (yes even worse than his typical mindless action movies). Salman may get to a point where he can act and make good movies one day, but this will be one of the biggest stains on his record.
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Total Disappointment.
yasminazazel13 November 2015
This is truly one of the worst Bollywood films I have ever had the misfortune to have had to watch. Having seen the trailer I was expecting a proper bollywood flick choc-a- bloc filled with culture, tradition and well...a plot! The characters are all boring and one dimensional and I found myself not caring about any of them and wishing someone would die or something so the film would hurry up and end. Nonsense, pure nonsense. The one decent song which was played in trailer was the only part of the film that was mildly entertaining. Total waste of money, I recommend waiting for the DVD release, because otherwise you'll be left feeling cheated.
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Most Overrated Movie and a waste of time
sayanadhikari20717 November 2015
If you have huge time to waste then it's a must watch movie. I can't understand how the critics (so called as per IMDb) gave it higher ratings than 1. In five days it crossed 150 Cr mark. No doubt the movie Happy New year did it almost in the same way which is also similar in quality. Action sequences were funny.Story line was boring. Emotions were fake. No proper climax was there. And last but not the least the ending was super funny (negation). Salman Khan is just wasting his carrier in it. It doesn't fall in any category of Indian movies. My advice is don't waste your money on this. The interesting fact is that it doesn't even deserve 10 lines of review (which is mandatory for IMDb).
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Worth Watching
sukhjitmatharoo21 February 2016
Some reviews don't give this film the credit it deserves, to appreciate the film you need to be able to relate to it, as everything in life, if you don't relate to it then you won't understand it. It's another film based on a character that will do whatever it takes to help out others without expecting anything in return, that in itself is something that is very rare nowadays and something every selfish person will find stupid. We live in a world where most people are have the mentality "what's in it for me" if you have that mentality you won't enjoy the film. If you appreciate your friends, family and even those you don't know but you can see they're unhappy and would like to see their problems go away and be happy, then this film is something that you would enjoy.
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blockbuster Jodi back again
beingraj15 November 2015
so the blockbuster Jodi is back again . we all know that rajshree productions always have family audience in their mind while making a movie.yet again they are successful in making a good family movie . movie is well made with mix of comedy , emotion and family drama . movie is getting mix reviews as per from our critics but as per our public reviews are concerned ..they are tremendous in favour of prem ratan dhan payo . this is a story which will make every person think about their relationship with their family . Yet again sooraj barjatya showed why he is best director in family genre. the public which are giving their money to watch prem ratan dhan payo will enjoy their time in the movie theatre. so at last i wanna say don't leave the opportunity to watch such a wonderful movie at big screen ..go for it ..its a sure shot blockbuster.
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A low IQ movie, don't believe those 10/10 fake reviews!
abhendudubey17 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Again a super 3rd class movie by so called superstar Salman.this movie starts with good gesture and classic 90's scene so that one can hope for a good movie. But sooner movie becomes TV serial type of concept. If you are planning to see this movie because of its earning at box office then you are going to get fooled. This foolish and low IQ movie has nothing to offer except a mental trauma. Acting wise Salman has again proved he has no skills to establish himself as an actor, same goes for the actress they both are awful.sooraj takes the advantage of Salman's star power as he had done nothing to make the movie worthy.I didn't thought that sooraj will make a nonsense of this type. Looks like Bollywood is in really bad and irresponsible hands.
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Waste of Time And Money.Do yourself a favor and skip it.
lovelivedance13 November 2015
Absolutely Disastrous to say the least. Bollywood keeps churning one crap after another. Salman seriously needs acting lessons. One of the top actors supposedly but zero acting.His dialogue delivery is weak and extremely annoying. Sonam cannot act to save her life. Instead of wasting money on brand name clothes wish she would invest in some acting classes. Waste of Time and Money. Neil nitin can act but has minimal screen presence. And I cannot fathom someone wanting to watch Armaan Kohli in a movie. Why can't a movie have someone decent who can actually act and no there because of family name? Salman,Sonam,Armaan etc need to retire.
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Not recommended ( This Review may contain spoilers )
nareshavil0920 November 2015
PRDP is an excruciatingly painful experience. It is not recommended even for ardent fans of Salman Khan. Because, here is seen doing the same antics, which he is famous for. Nothing new like in Bajarangi Bhaijaan. Sonam's character had lot of scope for showcasing her acting skills. But, she messes up as usual. She is a total misfit for the role. Actually the director seems to have little confidence in her acting abilities. ( This Review may contain spoilers ) It is quite evident in the last scene when prem bids goodbye to sonam. The director has shot the scene using the silhouette of sonam, instead of showing her expressionless face. Obviously she could not have pulled off this scene. About Neil Nithin Mukesh & Armaan kohli, The less said, the better. Music score is very mediocre and does not suit at all. Only respite is in the form of Anupam kher, Swara Bhaskar & to some extent Deepak Dobriyal, who stand out in this messy affair. Believe me, You are going to get Migraine like Headache after watching this. Please avoid this one.
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Feeling all Loved up!
chuwawah-919-38509715 November 2015
'All the darkness's that were there around me, they have all gone.. I also earned the value of all the dreams and all the relations.. I understood love... no one cared for me like you did.. when your color touched me, I became a wonder

Film: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Bollywood) Cast: Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Swara Bhaskar, Anupam Kher, Armaan Kohli, Deepak Dobriyal Director: Sooraj Barjatyatoo.

With what was happening outside in the world I decided I wanted to escape from the horrible reality that I woke up to and indulge myself in some of Salman Khan's motto 'Being Human' and fantasize about how the world should be.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (PRDP) is definitely a tear jerker but are they tears of joy? This film is a case of a 'doppelgänger' - any person who physically or behaviorally resembles another person. You've guessed it 2 for the price of one! A tale with a twist - The Prince and the Pauper . One is a suave and sophisticated prince and the other is a simple, generous man. Without giving too much away I have to say I really enjoyed PRDP it was light hearted, funny, colorful, sensitive, a family film that would not offend anybody.

This film was a Royal treat not just with all the Laddoo's and Jalebi's on display due to Diwali but because of the message that was clear and to the point -Family is important , any differences should be put aside for the sake of humanity,I came out feeling all hopeful and loved up!

Ms Safirah Irani Twitter@Safirah63
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Extremely dumb movie
krishnacv19 November 2015
An awful movie with the dumbest ever ending. How could he come down from bajrangi bhaijaan level to such low level piece of crap within just 3 months. Sonam kapoor is just a useless heroine and she needs some acting lessons.All of the movie looks like a play written by some dumb low IQ person who doesn't have any aims in his life. Moreover the ending is so dumb that it makes you look like a 3 year old baby who doesn't know anything. I am not surprised that the movie has made 150+ crores because like any other person i also went to the movie due to some paid reviews. IF YOU WANT TO WASTE 3 HOURS OF YOUR LIFE THEN GO AHEAD WITH THE MOVIE.
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Yet Again Salman Impresses with His Acting...Loved "Prem Dilwala"!!!!!
kokulwar-nilesh12 November 2015
Don't Worry about rating Most of rating is done by his Haters regardless of movie.. Yes U heard it right... Salman at his best in it.."Complete Family Entertainer" Very Melodramatic,A Pure Touch of Romance as Expected From Sooraj Barjatya...Yeah Some Songs Could Have Skipped but No problem...It helped us Witness Salman Khan's Charm...Sonam Kapoor Boosts Her Acting Talent with Swara Bhaskar, Anupam Kher Needs no Review he is best as Always...What Mesmerizes is At age of 49 Salman Khan Looks like an 30 yr Old Man...Movie Gives Some Moral Values which are nowadays lacking in Youth... Finally, I would just Say Just Go and See the Movie as Nowadays Such Movies are not being made..Absolute Visual Treat and Family Entertainment
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Sooraj Barjatya - Salman Khan The Perfect Combination.
arora-pawan112 November 2015
The Movie, unlike any other Sooraj Barjatya Movie gives Something Different than any other Bollywood movie.....Family, Emotions, Ups-Downs, Togetherness and PREM ;)

Salman Khan is Always at his best and his movies Keeps on getting better one by one, He can make even a bad story fun by his presence and here we had a Great one

Sonam Kapoor show's perfect image of herself as a Princess

Talent's like Swara Bhaskar, Anupam Kher, Deepak Dobriyal, Armaan Kohli, Niel Nitin Mukesh also made gave a good Charisma over their roles throughout the movie

Don't Know what Critics are gonna say but one thing is sure, This Movie Gonna Touch Heart of Audience and Break Records.

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Masterpiece from sooraj n Salman. SALMAN KHAN is on another level right now
misbaur14 November 2015
One of the best movies I've seen so far this, Salman Khan was just outstanding, top performance from him. He's at his best once again. Sonam was so pretty, 👌👌👌 acted really well. Really recommend to everyone who want to see a clean movie Others are pretty good too, The chemistry between salman n sonam was something else, totally loved it. There were some fun moments with salman, anu(virgin) lol n deepak which was lovely songs are good as well Watch it with family, bet you'll love it. Overall it was fun ride with some beautiful emotional moments at the end which will move you for sure. The massage you get from the movie we should not forget in life. Have a beautiful day people 😊 Keep smiling And go for the movie
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Lame Ratan Dhan Payo.
jaymittalagain-512 November 2015
There was so much hype about this movie. Sooraj Barjatya returned after 7 years. Salman Khan, Sooraj Barjatya returned after some 16 years. The songs were decent. The title song even became a hit on dubsmash. So with all this hype and high expectation we went to watch it first day first show. But it turned out to be a lame movie. Maybe we were expecting too much. They are saying that they are bringing the 90's back but sorry our 90's wasn't this lame. This is just a bad and almost 3 hours long boring movie. The songs are forced. The emotional scenes fail since you are too bored watching some illogical scenes. I think even Salman Khan fans will sleep watching this movie. The cinematography is good. The locations are very good. But that is not enough. The typical Sooraj Barjatya factor was missing in this one. Highly Disappointed.
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Excellent movie!!
pori-6173815 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent movie, Excellent family drama. Must watch. I saw this movie 3 times already with my family. Salman is the best actor ever. no adult scene, just a fresh movie. love #PRDP. best family drama movie ever. i really very enjoyed this movie such Great work. i like this film and i appreciate the work of whole PRTP's cast and crew mostly Sulman Khan and Sonam Kapoor. mostly happy to see Salman Khan with these costumes like Sheerwani all other which are dressed by Sallu Bhai.. :) Message: i just want to tell you that Thank you for the making of this wonderful film. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is a typical Sooraj Barjatya film full of annoying songs and unbaked roles.I must say that some of the dialogues are powerful and leave an impact but most of the jokes are senseless but sometimes enjoyable.This Prem is undoubtedly the best Prem and the differentiation in both the prems is well visible.The plot is predictable and the actors appointed for the roles make it more easy for us to predict the upcoming twists.
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Incredibly Beautiful Movie-- in Scope and Emotion
Snootz31 March 2016
I almost didn't watch this movie due to the repetitive negative reviews here on IMDb. Usually I find reviews here fairly spot-on. But in this case I am convinced we are living in a generation of viewers who have been raised on so much schlock, sex, violence, blood and foul language that they wouldn't recognize a prime movie if it whacked them with a hammer. Either that or we have a set of the most bogus witch-hunt reviews ever.

I could count the number of films I would give 10 stars and still have some toes left. This film has everything-- terrific cinematography, good acting (yes, a little hokey in places: intentionally so), a script that if one has a heart at all should bring tears to the eyes repeatedly, humorous moments, fun moments, bad decisions, sacrifice, redemption, hundreds of supporting actors, the most incredibly huge set I have ever seen in any film (they built an entire palace!) -- as well as the full gamut of drama mixed with comedy, music and dance.

Many others have discussed the merits of the movie itself; they have done well enough that I don't have to re-hash. What I will focus on is the incredible number of negative reviews present here. We notice a large number of the reviews are similar or identical in writing style. That stands out very clearly-- which is highly suspect. Secondly, a large number of those reviews claim to be written from differing cities in India, yet are all in perfect, pristine English. "Most boring movie I've ever seen." We see this phrase repeatedly, in almost identical words.

There are too many people giving this 7+ stars and even 10 stars (unusual to see on IMDb) to believe the legitimacy of the number of 1-star "worst movie ever" reviews. Such paradox is simply difficult to accept as valid.

All I know is I'm in the U.S., I and my sister watched the movie together, and we both loved it. I can be very critical of films and for sure I have seen some real stinkers in my day-- but this movie definitely is not one of them. This has song, dance, a delightful story... and touches the heart more than once. Have your hanky ready.

Please, feel free to consider the negative reviews as suspect (at the very least)-- and give this film a try. The best and most valid review is your own.
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Even an average Barjatiya film is an easy watch.
anupapu812 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO - Its hard to say that Barjatiya's movies are outdated for present audience. At any part of the day anyone will like to see MPK or HAHK or HSSH or Vivav. Yes we can skip Main Prem Ki Dewani Hoon. But yes i would like to say that Barjatiya has to change his treatment on some of the things , take number of songs as example. This is a comeback of PREM , and a treat to watch (although nothing new what we haven't seen recently).Can't say anything about the story as the plot is too simple and predictable. Its not new to Barjatiya's film. He never use to shock us. So why exactly we watch a Sooraj Barjatiya film. Because of the moments. Which make us laugh & cry. Unluckily those moments are far less in this film. Which made this movie a long , sometime enjoyable , sometimes plan affair. Its also true that nowadays disputes in a family don't get resolved in a manner like Barjatiya use to do 20 years before. Yet its good to watch but hard to get blown away by it. When it comes to acting . its funny that i find the characters played by actors so similar to the characters played by themselves in some other film. Salmaan as Prem Dilwale is too similar to Pawan Kumar from Bajrangi Bhaijan and the other character he players of prince Vijay Singh felt like Chulbul Pandey in an angry mood has been called to do the prince character.Although Salmaan was good in both the characters but he didn't mastered them like he did in Dabang and BB.Same goes for NItin Mukesh doing the same character he did in Players. His role was too small and haven't done anything exceptional. My favorite Deja Vu was Armaan Kohli who looked like he is straight out of JAANI DUSHMAN's shooting and was still in that character only. He is a really bad actor. And its was a bad decision to cast him as the antagonist. Sonam Kapoor not repeating any of his previous character looked beautiful , but i didn't felt the royalness in her.I mean she was acting too casually for being a princess. Summing up the acting department , the best and truly believable character in the movie was played by Anupam Kher of 'VIRGIN BAPUU'(yes thats what Prem Dilwale calls him). There is nothing to say about the grand sets and costumes as from the first released pic of the movie it was clear that the movie will look great anyhow. But the things which made the movie a little outdated were the Melodrama , too many not so good songs , and bad editing. Director must have thought that Himesh is not quite a Music Director for making songs which can tie up the audience to the seats. And yes i have said this a lot of times that Melodrama is something which should eradicated from the present Bollywood. That doesn't mean that emotional scene are not required but they need to be done in a realistic manner.The climax of the movie is too stretched and will taste your patience. Yes its a family movie , but i think that n the way of connecting the families Barjatiya may get cut out from the youth which is the Biggest audience of the country. If you want to see nothing out of the box with whole of your family , in which nothing tragic will happen , where the whole story from the start is clear and you know that how everything will be fine at the end , then this is a movie for you. As for myself i would say that at any day an average movie by Barjatiya is an easy watch. 6.6/10. And yes i would like to say that i would be very disappointed if just because of festival season and Salmaan Khan this movie will cross 300 crore. By ANuP APu KuMaR
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family entertainer
vksukla11 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
this is a perfect family entertainer movie. after a long time such a wonderful movie has been made. i believe every family loving people should watch it once. also after a gap of almost 10-15 years a movie of such type has been made. i am big fan of these superstars. every time they have grouped together have given us a ideal Indian movie. this movie will be a perfect movie full of entertainment and comedy .i would suggest everyone to go and watch with your family. this will be a nice movie as his movies are. everyone go and watch it once.i will be watching it several times. i would like to give it 10 out of 10 just because of its family content and entertainment.
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A Bit Regressive Here, a Bit Outdated There, but Innocently Endearing and Naively Charming on the Whole
DareDevilKid5 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

Rating: 3/5 stars

"Prem Ratan Dhan Payo" flows freely and the story moves along nicely whilst establishing the characters. However, the biggest problem with the film lies in its conflict, which doesn't seem to be too problematic to really evoke concern later on when everything gets resolved. But this doesn't create an issue with the proceedings because Salman Khan's Prem Dilwale character keeps us entertained with his innocent antics and simplistic charm. Most of the audiences should love Salman's act.

The climax between the dual characters of Salman and Neil Nitin Mukesh, and the scene where the doppelganger Prem posing as Prince Vijay Singh mends ties with the prince's step-sisters stand out as real tearjerkers. There are a few absurdities like the placement of a palace on the edge of a waterfall, and a few dialogues and actions sound and feel regressive as well as outdated. Additionally, though the movie looks opulent, and clearly a lot of money has been spent on the sets and the costumes, the visual effects aren't the best you've seen as compared to recent Bollywood fare, and the editing could have been tighter, too, but as we all know, Director Sooraj Barjatya believes in excesses, which isn't such a bad thing considering the timing of the film's release.

Nevertheless, at the end of its 160 minute duration, "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo" manages to make everyone smile, and the emotional moments work in their own innocuous, innocent, albeit naive way. The film thoroughly entertains with very few dull moments if you can immerse yourself in the world depicted on-screen.
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