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Tribute to a friend
Horst_In_Translation20 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Mi Amigo Hugo" or "My Friend Hugo" is a 50-minute movie from 2 years ago made by 3-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone in an effort to honor his friend Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President. I enjoyed the watch and you could feel that it comes from the heart. I liked how he kept it fairly unpolitical in the first half hour as this should not have been the true message of the film. The second half has more political references, but that's perfectly fine with a guy like Chavez and yet it never feels as if Stone makes a political statement. All he shows are recordings from other media and interviews he made himself. This is especially worth watching as, with the way Venezuela perceive the United States and President Obama, who has been a gigantic failure in the last 7 years in my opinion, there would not have been many people that for example Venezuela's new President would have been willing to give an interview. As a whole, a fairly decent documentary and I recommend checking it out. Thumbs up for Stone's work here. He still has it at 70.
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El Diablo
sdquinn2-19 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Another awful piece of crap from the mind of Oliver Stone. A praise ode to one of the worst dictators of all time. Right up there with Mao, Stalin, and the Castro brothers. But then again, Oliver Stone never met a murdering dictator he did not like. It is only the peaceful Americans he hates. This piece of crap is 50 minutes of selected toadies praising El Diablo. I mean, they have to, they live in Venezuela, they have no choice. When, early in the 21st century a petition was circulated and signed demanding the removal of Chavez, Chavez had the names of all the petition signers published in the state run newspapers so everyone would know who to blacklist. All of the signers were barred from any government job. Then there are Chavez's policies. His communist government policies have taken the government of Venezuela to the point it is today. No money, no jobs, no food, babies dying daily. Makes you wonder when Oliver Stone is going to make another film saying he is sorry for this steaming pile of horse manure.
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