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Jigarthanda : Artistic, Engaging, and No-Nonsense Flick !!
arjepoch222 August 2014
Jigarthanda is Story telling at its best, you just cannot miss a single frame of this artistic cinema for three reasons

1. I can merely remember any movie which had so many twists lately, if you liked Pizza, trust me, this movie is hundred times better than Pizza

2. This movie is artistic, in terms of how clean shots are engaged with some classic background music, there are some scenes which comply with the BGM, so much so, it takes them to a completely different level.

3. It's all about ACTING, actors in this movie do pure justice to their roll , Specially Simhaa, he nailed the character , and definitely garners admiration from audience.

I dare not talk about story line, in the end, have fun this week watching this splendid piece of cinema, brings roof down with laughter's in some scenes.

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The Magic which stays on throughout!!!Unarguably Tasty**Jigarthanda**
rockahead20005 August 2014
When was the last time we were very very satisfied , wearing a big smile and always talking about a movie which we watched? To me it was ages and today i can say that a movie has lived and satisfied a wide section of people of the South. Jigarthanda!!!!!!The Magical drink of Madurai and now the magical movie of the South.

Jigarthanda has promised on the above lines turning out to be a perfect treat to the audience who were looking for a good movie in the recent times. The Hype surrounding Karthik Subbaraj and his 2nd Outing was justified becoming one of the most anticipated movie of 2014 and featuring in the Forbes 5th most awaited movie.

After Pizza, it was a revelation of Karthik Subbaraj having churned out this one. We there more and more words i would like to add in praise of KArthik and his movie but the verdict is already there. Jigarthanda is a blockbuster and an ultimate Winner.

The Movie. Well No spoilers ahead. I want all of you to watch the movie in theatres !!!!An aspiring film maker wants to make a gangster movie and he lands in Madurai in search of an apt Gangster for his scripting. What happens when he crosses in with the most dreaded Gangster of Madurai forms the Crux of the movie.

The Characters!!!! a lot to say about so may people who worked in this Movie.

Bobby Simha: The True hero of Jigarthanda and i can confidently say no actor could have done "Assault" Sethu other than the 7 film Old Simha. Hats off to this young guy to have pulled out the role with Ease. Enjoyed each and every scene of his appearance in the movie and the mere presence of his in the film is more than enough to take the audience for an awesome ride, well this was always the case with our superstars of Kollywood but its Simha!!!The dialogue delivery and his body language speaks its all and he is sure to travel heights. Hats off to this Young Man.

Karunakaran: We have a lot of comedians in Kollywood from the likes of Karunas , GAnja Karuppu to Santhanam but KArunakaran stands out among all and he was a real show steal with his timing and the laughs he evoked in the film. A brilliant sidekick to the hero indeed and no wonder he bagged a role in our Thalaivar's movie. Keep going Karuna you were amazing.

Siddarth: Well he has come out of his chocolate boy image and good to see Siddarth accepting the role even though the movie is mainly centered on Simha. He was cool as usual and he has done his part really well.

Guru Somasundaram: Was he kept under the wraps after Aranya Kandam and Pandiya Nadu? Was Kollywood not ready to accept brilliant people? Well he was one Person whom i really liked and his characterisation was brilliant as the Filmmaking Guru. What a performance it was thoroughly enjoyed each and every scene of his. I wish Kollywood uses these brilliant people to get Kollywood to new heights and use him in frequently in meaningful roles such as AranyaKandam and Jigarthanda. Kudos Sir.

Lakshmi Menen, Ramachandran Durairaj, Aadukalam Naren and Sangili Murugan were apt in their respective roles. Watch out for the Surprises in store in the Vijay Sethupathi Cameo.

Coming to the technicians.

Gavemic U Ary: Brilliant Camera, focus and lighting. I couldn't believe that it was Madurai and it could be shown this beautiful after watching the same old routine Madurai gangster flicks. This one stands out. Without Gavemic's colour and tone the movie wouldn't have been the same as it is now. Its his sheer brilliance that makes this movie complete.

Santhosh Narayan: The beats , the drums the percussions Wow !!!!!!!!!!Awestuck with his brilliant BGM and Songs. Couldn't ask for more. Mesmerised with his sounds and songs.

Last but not the least, Karthik Subbaraj: A commendable attempt and a well written script. You haven't brought in a brilliant story but you have made a brilliant script and transformed it into a brilliant movie. We are asking for more movies of you and your brilliance Karthik. A big thumbs up for you. Brilliant is all i can say.

The thrills , actions , suspense, romance, awesome screenplay, Realistic Acting by the leads and the supporting Characters, brilliant Songs and BGM and an awesome Camera and not to miss the brilliant directing skill of Karthik is the USP of Jigarthanda.

Go watch it only in theatres. Well if you are watching it in pirated CD's you are in for a Big Loss.

My Verdict: Brilliant and Awesome and i go for a rating of 10/10
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A refreshing Film!
krishtheboss52 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of the finest commercial and a well made sensible movie in Tamil cinema. Rarely we see such good movies (last in Tamil being soodhu kavum).

The movie starts off with a aspiring director (and family supports his ambition) being discouraged by a renowned director. As the movie goes on we get to know that a producer who had an ego clash with the renowned director agrees to produce our hero's film. Later we get to know the producer's words were just a gimmick for the public. The producer then sets a task for the hero asking him to take inspiration from gangster epics like Thalapathy, Nayagan, God Father, Scarface, etc and make prepare a script.

The movie then shifts to Madurai where our hero follows a rustic and violent goon named sethu (assault sethu). Then the whole movie is about how the hero gets his script done, unfortunate serious problem in his movie and how he over comes it. First half is very fast paced and the second half drags a bit but the original screen play and the performance of the actors compensates for that.

The star of the movie is the antagonist Simha who portrays assault Sethu. He carries the role with such a ease which is very commendable. His timing makes even a serious scene a bit comical intentionally. Let it be a scene in which he kills someone or let it be the scene in which he learns how to act, he just fills the scene with apt expressions. Siddarth as an aspiring director has done something that isn't his usual chocolate hero kind of role. He is good in his role and is obviously overshadowed by Simha easily. Lakshmi Menon's role is a kind of role which the audience would feel is unnecessary but in one scene she justifies the character and that changes the story flow altogether.

The music director and cinematographer's work in this movie are remarkable. Their part in the creative output is as important as the directors. Karthik Subbaraj has proved that pizza wasn't just a one time brilliance. His movies will be awaited a lot more after this one. The only minute flaw is the running time of 170 minutes. But having said that the director manages to hold your attention in a neat manner.

What starts to be a rags to riches story turns into a gangster movie which in turn turns into an amazing movie with thrills comedy and surprises filled ones. Such movies reinstate our faith in good cinema which shows skin n abuses and gore with mass heroes isn't really necessary to deliver a hit movie. In short the movie should not be missed and if u don't know the language then wait as this movie will surely be remade in many languages! Cheers to the Jigarthanda team. Thanks for making the film worth my money.
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One of the rarest movie in Indian cinema and one of the finest actor in Inidan cinema
austin-premkumar8 August 2014
The reason I watched this movie is for my favorite Bobby Simha and Karthick Subbaaraj. I stunned with the performance of Simha, he is really amazing and awesome. I am dare to say Simha is going to be finest actor in Indian cinema if he is continue to do the different character as he did so far. Even I am dare to suggest tamil old actors like Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Vijay to learn what is real acting from Simha. Simha is really great great. Am damn sure he is one of the best actor in Indian cinema. Particularly I am mesmerized when he change over his acting from don to normal man and normal man to don, especially when he ask Siddarth with knife in his hand, "pakathula vandhavudanae bayam poiduchaa", this performance is epic. And another grooving performance is, when Simha receives credits from the child of Soundhar, Simha's eyes itself conveyed the movie climax, thats why director orchestrate all the dialogue in gibberish in the climax, only few actors can do that performance and only good movie lovers can understand what Simha is expressing.

Apart from performance all credits goes to director. After Pizza the expectation was much higher on Jigarthanda. But after Jigarthanda what Karthick is going to do. lets wait and watch. Hope Kartick will come with another surprise in his next movie. But am damn sure, Karthick himself can not make flick like this again, it is a once in a life time script. I admire Karthick more than Bala, Manirathnam. Because Karthick is more intellectual director than them.

And last credits goes to composer Santhosh and cinemotographer gavemic u ary. Hats off to them. Great work.
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Must Drink It!!!
Icyrajy6 August 2014
For now, the first movie review I am giving in a written text. I was badly in need to say someone about the movie Jikardhanda and here goes.

I never know it tasted , but this movie means it should be awesome. When there were too much of commercial movies with same kind of punch dialogs, mass hero entry, unwanted songs and hero bringing the Villain down this movie Stands as an unique piece. You will never see a "already- seen- this-scene" effect.There are unexpected twists back to back. A gangster movie with perfect characterization and apt choice of characters.You could see most of Black and Yellow shades scene on the screen which highlights the City Madurai. A Villain can be a hero is the theme and this couldn't have been perfectly done by anyone else other than Simha. His Madurai slang and Body language depicted how a real gangster would look like.He lived the character. Siddarth the so called hero also played his part well. All actors have put on so much of effort to drag you inside the movie without making us give even a small neck turn. The first half is more of Hollywood Style and Black Comedy. Second half is full of humor which at times makes you miss a wit while you were hell laughing. Santhosh Narayanan BGM and Songs gave the life to the movie. He is one of the best music director of India in the recent. Karthik has given a treat better than Pizza. Everyone will surely like his South Indian delicious. Hats off. Overall worth the cost with 10 on 10 and yes you can pay more than that. Yes I am going to watch again.
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Really loved the cinematography of Jigarthanda.
imjevan7 August 2014
Really loved the cinematography of Jigarthanda. Visual Compositions have huge connect with each and every scene and Colors are brilliantly used. Its really mind-blowing experience.

Read this article in the Hindu Newpaper and you know why Gavemic U Ary cinematographer of Jigarthanda movie is so special.

Two creative decisions were made before the shooting began. "There are two houses that are featured a lot," says Gavemic. "Siddharth and Karunakaran (the hero and his sidekick) live in one, while Bobby Simha (the gangster and antagonist) lives in the other." It was a fairly simple decision to stick to primary colors for the former, due to the contrast of Siddharth's fair skin and Karunakaran's dark complexion. "We decided to do away with red, as we found it too harsh for the film, and chose to use only blue and green," he says. This explains why the curtains and the borders of the door in Karunakaran's house are green and the wall, blue. "We naturally opted for dark colors in the gangster's house. It was my decision to make the curtains white though, as I didn't want the audience to be distracted by too much color."
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By far the best "Jigarthanda" I have ever had! Yum :-)
shyloo200010 August 2014
This movie is a pride of Tamizh and Indian cinema.

What genre does it fall into? comedy? thriller? gangsterism? I say, jigarthanda in itself is a genre on its own. A very unique story telling.

When was the last time you felt more than satisfied and relished watching a movie? This movie guarantees you that feeling!

When was the last time you kept speaking of a movie for a long time? This movie will definitely make you do that!

#Jigarthanda is a cult. Standing ovation to everyone involved.

A simple yet soulful film. Every frame reflects the director's passion for art.
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New genre of movie !
SatiagoManez9 August 2014
The first thing that anyone can say after watching the movie is that its a new genre of movie.Its a story of an aspiring director who attempts making a action movie on a don's life, decides to follow such a living rowdy and in the attempt gets caught by the group. Till this point the movie is paced with good action, seriousness and leaves the audience in suspense for the interval.

After the interval, the movie has dynamic change in the direction of the story where in the gangster (Assault Sethu) himselves gets interested in the movie on his life and gives all the detail that the director wanted. But what happens after that is completely what you will never expect. The humour has worked out in an extra ordinary way that your hands might pain clapping and ur stomach might pain laughing.

The notable performance by Simhaa (Sethu) is added advantage in the movie. The characterization is so powerful that even after seeing him as a comedian in previous movies, you wouldn't feel it anywhere in the first half.

I can certainly say the movie has all the gripping elements to make the audience to be involved with the script from few mins from beginning till the end. The movie has achieved what was intended and defines to the meaning of the title (Hot-Cool) (First half-Second Half), But you cannot make a clear choice whether it was a complete movie in spite of the efforts put in the climax to justify it. And the most powerfully introduced character gives all the details of his murders as a recording which also adds to contradictory facts.
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"Jigarthanda" - A Master Piece...!
fernandez-jeswant4 August 2014
Hi Folks,

To tell about the film, scene by scene detailing of screenplay, dialogue, songs & BGM all were mixed with the right proportion.

To be honest to myself, Movie was expanded to almost nearing to 3hrs..!! But though the drag in time was not an issue as the twist & turns in the plot of the movie was made the audience glue to their seats...!!

The cast & crew made a good & best..!! efforts on acting, stunts, cinematography, Music, & the Director - Karthik's touch to the script made the movie a TOP NOTCH...!!

I can proudly tell as a fan of Tamil cinema....!!! That Tamil Cinema (aka) Kollywood is globally getting established well due to these kind of Offbeat movies which works out well both box office & as well as 'Award Winning..!!"

Last but not least...! Kudos to "Jigarthanda Team"

Thanks for making Rs.120/- a worth spent..!!
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Raw, Subtle & Artistic. All at once.
anarchythegamer4 August 2014
To start with, Jigarthanda is a movie which exceeds all expectations. Saying that it doesn't have any cheap suspense or melodrama to usher it forward. Its a perfect symphony conducted by who else, the director who doesn't want to please his audience, or at least not in the way other directors would want to. Be it the well composed music sequences which is a masterpiece by itself or the unassuming camera-work which surely will take the DOP, Gavemic to places in the coming days. Jigarthanda is a fest. Coming to the lead actors (there are no HEROS or VILLAINS), who do justice to the faith shown by the director on them.Owing to the fact that we live in a period where a Bolly hero KICK's his way to the box office. JIGARTHANDA is a gem and Karthik Subaraj is an Artist who knows his craft. SPECIAL MENTION: The rain scene which is followed by the toilet scene. Masterpiece-Goosebumps. BTW this is not a review of the film, just a few words of praise.
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excellent movie
balajiirttech7 August 2014
Film is very highly entertaining Brilliant movie.. I had an awesome time with this non-stop fun, especially Sim expressions were simply awesome.It is one of a top Tamil movie from the year 2014. kudos to the team.. The whole crew of Actors, Director, and Writers has done a commendable job. I would urge all those who like to watch good cinema to watch Jigarthanda. Kill and Laugh ...is the best punishment of this decade.One of the best Tamil movie ever DOT.People haven't enjoyed a very long time go and watch this is in theater.

It's a comedy thriller and will leave you with the satisfaction of having watched a good film
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Jigarthanda Review...A Different Movie that worked out
yadaven8 August 2014
Jigarthanda is an amazing movie that all of you should watch in the theaters. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Superb performance from Simha, nails the character and really makes the story great 2. Great script/screenplay by Karthik Subbaraj. He was the reason this movie worked and the twists in the movie was what made it really interesting., 3. Santhosh Narayanan composed some great BGM for this movie and also a great soundtrack 4. Although not that prominent, Siddharth does a good job in his role 5. The movie is extremely hilarious, especially in the second half, but it sticks to the script and doesn't get out of hand.

6. Karunakaran does a good job of making the scenes comical and his timing is almost perfect.

7. The cinematography in this movie is extremely good and crisp, especially liked how the camera was still, nicely zoomed, the angles in which the shots were taken.

8. If you liked Pizza, this movie has plenty more to enjoy than Pizza.

9. Only minor flaw, there was almost no use for Lakshmi Menon but in order for the script to have worked she had to be part of the story.

10. Final verdict: Definitely an award winning movie (Cinematography, BGM, Simha, Screenplay, Direction, Music, Comedian, and possibly film)and everyone has shown they have potential for films in the near future.
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Short review
sarathpillaijl22 July 2019
This is definitely one of the best blend of humour,drama and crime. The way the story moves is very interesting. Will definitely make you laugh. The crime scenes is equally intriguing. Definitely a fresh one. The direction and screenplay is perfect. Both of these made the movie refreshing. The cast is very capable. They were used maximum in this movie. The story is very unusual, and it is very nicely used in this movie. Overall an outstanding movie
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JIGARTHANDA is nice gangster entertainment movie.
dhaya-cool9 October 2014
JIGARTHANDA is nice gangster entertainment movie.

Director Karthik Subbaraj (Pizza) deals movie in Madurai thriller about "Hero decides to make a movie about a gangster and how he overcome his issue" with fun type of screenplay Siddharth given a neat performance and good acting.

Lakshmi Menon is aptly cast as a simple looking girl, not much given important role.

Karunakaran keeps you in splits with his comic timings, cute expressions and dialogue delivery.

The star performer is only man Simha - He is terrifyingly menacing at times while cool and humorous in others and given a remarkable performance.

Vijay sethupathy - Guest role appearance was surprise Other actors have also done their parts well.

Music are OK.

Dialogues by Karthik Subbaraj was superb.

Plus : Story Simha Performance Siddharth + Karunakaran combo Comedy

Minus: film runs slow, Lenghty (2nd Half) Songs

Verdict: A film not to be missed!.

3.25 /5
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remake movie of Korean movies
vijay2304827 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Nowadays Tamil cinema going to poor condition. All are copying other languages films. JIGARTHANDA also following the same way. This s not a fare for pure Filmakkers. It will spoil all other young talents in future.


First ten minutes of first half, and total second half is worst presentation. Making of the movie is good. But the script is worst and cop.

So kindly requesting the young filmmakers don't do the copy. Think little at least. Because so many young talents waiting with there original scripts.
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Good movie...but
sanjayppc2 December 2014
Jigarthanda is a brilliant film directed by Karthik subburaj. Siddharth is the hero but it is the Vila Boby Simha who walks away with the honours.

Sidhharth has gone the aamir khan way by giving space to Simha to outshine him. Kudos for that.

The film is definitely different from the usual run of the mill stuff that we see, but in the end, some disturbing questions are asked which have no answers.

The Villain is a murderer but goes scot free in the end. Worse, he earns the sympathy of the audience. Does it absolve him of ll the innocent people he has killed.

I was in fact very disturbed, specially in the introductory scene, where the villain torches an innocent journalist & the audience clapped.

Also, the hero Siddharth is shown as becoming a "rowdy" at the end.

Directors & heroes should realize the impact films have on people, specially youngsters & be more responsible while making films.
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Jigarthanda (U/A) TAMIL -------- my Rating : ★★★½ NEW TREND IN TAMIL CINEMA
yunusitboss8 August 2014
Jigarthanda (U/A) TAMIL Sarabham (U/A) TAMIL Kick (U/A) Hindi New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https://www.facebook.com/YunusIrshadsMovieReview

Jigarthanda (U/A) TAMIL -------- my Rating : ★★★½ NEW TREND IN TAMIL CINEMA

STRENGTHS :- * Sethu's character played by Simhaa : award winning ... * Santhosh narayan's Background score.... * Sound design and Sound effects.... * Story Screenplay dialogues Direction : followed a new trend of violence + comedy......

WEAKNESSES :- * Lakshmi menon not well used ..... * First half slightly disappoints the audiences ...... * Length of movie runs 170 minutes ....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall.. it is one time watchable gangster movie with a new concept delivered in Tamil cinema contains Fear in first half and the story gets enjoyable in second half with some comedy elements to it .....

An aspiring director targets a ruthless gangster for making a violent gangster film. His discreet attempts to research the gangster fail miserably. Finally when he gets caught snooping, the tables are turned on him.

Director: Karthik Subbaraj Writer: Karthik Subbaraj Stars: Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon, Simhaa | See full cast and crew »
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Jigarthanda (2014)
santhosh-1029015 April 2018
The film was very good. Bobby Simha acted very well in the movie. Even other actors also acted very well in the movie. Songs and BGM were also good in the movie. But some scenes are so violent.
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#JigarThanda- When Kodambakkam meets Madurai (warning: Heavy Spoilers)
PrakashAlagar7 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Many will miss this man when they start praising this movie. But I would like to start with him. Yes. Thank you Siddarth for accepting this script even after knowing the how much big the role of Villain is. I respect you.

Many movies came in Tamil with a powerful villain. I would say our 'Assault Sethu' is the most powerful villain Tamil cinema ever saw. In the trailer itself they have clearly portrayed Villain as the most important character in the movie. I believe Simmah's portrayal in the trailer is the reason for pre-release expectation of this movie even though many of us were aware that this movie is Pizza director's next.

Coming to the plot, young aspiring director Karthik played by Siddarth (might be named after Karthiksubburaja himself) insulted by one director-judge and defended by a producer-judge in the semifinals of short movie competition. At the end of this ego clash, director eliminated Siddarth but producer assured him to produce his film. This is the very first scene in the movie that led the story to kick start. This scene was so real as a reality show and it even showed what may happened behind the screen in reality shows.

The producer wants Siddarth to direct a gangster movie with blood and gore. He even gave him the option (movie may be his own or a copy). He decided to write script based on a living gangster. After getting help from his journalist uncle and his police friend he got file of Madurai Don Assault Sethu . The very first buildup for villain begins here.

Siddarth then reached Madurai and succeeded in convincing his friend to let him stay in his home by offering him the role of second hero in his upcoming movie. He starts to chase Simmah from now. He is trying hard to collect information about him that makes us to believe him as Pukka don even before he appears on the screen. Even the hero started seeing villain as a idol. He glorifies his achievements even though himself and his friend have the fear inside of getting caught.

Villain assault Sethu grabs all our attention with his superb performance and Siddharth also got meaty role and more screen space.

The flow of movie changes for every 10 or 20 mins keeping us hooked up with the movie. All the scenes looked so fresh and real. the romance between siddharth and Lakshmi menon was minimal and fragile. Anyhow it looked okay since siddharth's intention is to act like loving her to get information about Simmah. When the movie nears the end of first half we all would have got thrilled with such engaging scenes. These thrilling sequences reminded me that of Pizza. Interval block was perfect to stir our expectation.

It is no more a gangster movie when the second half starts. Simmah gave permission to take movie about him and second half gets its pace with scenes by Vijay Sethupathi as rising Assault Sethu. Then in next course of movie Siddarth joins Simmah gang fulltime to observe and write the script lively. Siddarth does influence Simmah some times. It all makes us to laugh. Meanwhile Siddharth started ignoring Lakshmi as she is no more useful to him. In order to give heroine the role, Lakshmi Menon was used to change the movie's course a major one this time by polluting Simmah's mind making him desirous to become hero of his own movie that eventually will trouble Siddarth. She did this to take revenge on Siddharth as he cheated her.

Initially Siddarth opposed this plan but later agreed make him as hero. Then the training sessions and shooting sequences moved with funny scenes that lags a little as weak portion in the movie. But not too boring.

In the next course of this movie , The movie 'AA.Kumar' gets released. I would like to leave at least this last surprise to the readers of this review. This last portion of this movie brings back the last pace in the previous portion. Finally the movie ends with a silly twist which i don't consider as so.

It is completely a new treatment of a gangster based story. But i expected that the movie would join the league of Pudhupettai and Aaranyakandam. But it doesn't since it a path breaking genre defining movie (don't ask me what genre it is). We can expect some movies in future to join the league of Jigarthanda.


Simmah Screenplay (twists/changing courses) BGM by Santosh narayanan Story Characterization Portrayal of Cine industry Negatives:

Romance Acting training and shooting portions Disappointment:

Not a gangster movie


It will be good movie for most It will be favourite movie of film buffs who loves cine industry Jigarthanda- When Kodambakkam meets Madurai
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An experience of quality cinema at its best!!!
adarshnarayan6 August 2014
Ever since the first teaser of this film came out, I was hooked to it. And boy did it deliver!!! Bobby Simha has everyone in the theater terrified by his acts in the first half and then the twist in the second half gives him even more ground to play his amazing acting skills. Siddarth does his act well but its admirable that he let Bobby overshadow him whenever he is on screen. Karunakaran as his side kick Oorni is well cast as well as all others in this movie. I always thought a good film maker is one who gives definition to each character in his movie so that we get engrossed in their lives. Here Karthik has given dimensions to each little character and we cannot get them out of our heads. I always thought if u give the audiences a good scene every 5 minutes of your movie, it could be a entertainer and here we have a movie which entertains you every single minute of that 170 minutes duration. Movie is a classic!!! I'm glad that I watched it in theater and god bless Karthik Subbaraj!
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Blast from Karthik Subbaraj and Simhaa
charlesakon-71 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Movie is the best for comedy, twists, action, acting, surprises from various characters and story.

First half of the film goes with series twists which makes audience to sit with eagerness to see second half. Sethu (Simhaa) is the best in the film. I felt Sethu is the hero in the film. The way he carry the fire in acting brings energy in audience. Vijay sethupathi entrance made me to get up and whistle. While first half goes like investigation about sethu, second half brings the interaction with him. final recipe is Karthik Subbaraj "Jigarthanda". I felt like first is a complete movie and the second half is next sequel. Spending 3 hours for a movie like Jigarthanda is worth for Comedy. A Complete Family Entertaining Movie.

As every movie comes with mixture of good and bad, this movie have a lead character as a draw back, Lakshmi Menon. Yes, she is not fit for this kind of movies. she look wired in some emotional shots. She is awesome in Kumki movie. cause she have lot of tribal face value than a thief. Siddharth, felt like he is the best supporting character than Hero. But its not at all a issue for this movie. Climax screen play if perfect.

Directors Sergio Leone, Quentin Tarantino. I saw their style of taking a film in this movie. Very much impressive. This is "Jigarthanda".
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Awful !! Totally disappointed !!
vela_divinedoll7 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After heard so many positive reviews, was madly wanna watch the flick and watched it at last . Cinematography and BGM are cool at some parts. Simha's acting is elevating the movie though..

Story got inspired from the couple of Korean movies. Plot of first half remains me the movie "A Dirty Carnival" and the second half got inspired from "Rough Cut". Happy to be a buff of Korean cinemas !!!!

Karthik Subburaj is one of the critically acclaimed director (my fav too), by his movie Pizza.. He made the whole Indian cinema to look in to his debut movie..

Have given 4 stars because of the crisp cinematography, lighting, Simha's screen presence and BGM (in some sequences).

Actually the director tried to troll some real life jokers in film industry, by portrayed Simha as a buffoon.. But actually those scenes were not that much amusing.. Moreover People watched those scenes along with me in the theater were not laughing,likewise as shown in the film !!

Expected a lot from director, but finally got disappointed !!
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kbenny6 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
movie runs more than 2 and half hours, which is such a waste movie.

please vote genuine, what for 8.6 IMDb rate.??? what does the reviews rating stand for?? mad max is given 8.2 the revanant as 8.2 and there are many films that needs to be given more than 8 this doesn't need 8 it has to be given 3 or something like that for nothing

don't even know where do i begin with this atrocity. Everything was horrible, from the premise, the actors, the comedy relief, the stunts, heroine, Story (there was none). It is like a wasted potluck, anything you pick from this movie can taste literally horrible and you would wonder why do you need it at all I like masala movies, not a huge fan but still, as i saw the trailer i knew what was i into. All i was expecting from this movie was some really fantastic dialogues which will become the cuss of all Chennaiates in future and a equally good acting by Siddharth and some mindless action. Please anyone tell me if this is too much of an expectation. And the movie did not miss this by a pinch, it missed it by a huge mile.
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The most overrated movie of this decade
kavyatayya17 August 2019
Seriously! How did this movie got so much hype.... It's just an other comedy story with a low-key crime background. With a lot of flaws the movie just didn't concentrate on the main subject rather than showed some pathetic drama on some village gangster. This movie is an absolute replica of Poolarangadu ( a Telugu movie released in 2011)
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I feel like watching "Udhayanu Tharam" in Tamil- i don't agree this is a novel / fresh script
mail-rajkumar-r10 August 2014
Although overall it is an good entertaining movie. I cannot agree this is a novel script. I feel like watching an old movie in different language. Since everyone seems to say this is original / novel script, but I feel it is a remake of the movie released earlier in 2005 in Malayalam named Udhayanu Tharam which was well received the same way because of the unusual story.

Similarities, Apart from the core concept, even the scenes are similar Arguments over artistic movie vs entertaining movie. Bring acting teacher and his teaching comedy with navarasam Turning the original script without the knowledge of the hero that he was being joked...
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