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No Visitors please
darrensworld10 October 2017
My first ever IMDb review.Im compelled to write this to save you the pain of watching it. The main girl is so dreadful, she overacts in every single scene, and the boy is equally annoying. What's all that rap about? Their dialogue was not natural. I fully worked out what was going on, to me it was so obvious. This movie sucks. I still don't know what that final scene in the girls bedroom was all about. Embarrassing. It's just crap
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Flawed but entertaining
jennifer62623 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Shyamalan has suffered like few other directors as a result of his later films not measuring up to the exacting standards set by The Sixth Sense and Signs. Part of this is self-inflicted, because he has refused to veer from the"M. Night Shyamalan" formula: modern fairy tale crafted to take an unexpected turn approximately two-thirds into the fun. When the twist fails to impress or the fairy tale is dull, the movie disappoints audiences on on two levels. Not only is the movie judged mediocre, but it is criticized for failing to deliver on the promise made by Shyamalan's earlier efforts.

The fairy tale and twist delivered by The Visit do not disappoint. Hansel and Gretel effectively employ today's media and technology for narration and exposition, leading the viewer down an increasingly foreboding path. The fear and anxiety caused by Nana and Pop-Pop's odd behavior appeal to our politically incorrect subconscious: we shy away and are even repulsed by displays of dementia and senility, no matter how clinically explicable we understand those displays to be. I was pleasantly surprised that the predicted twist was not predictable, and I felt a sincere surge of a-ha! at its revelation.

The Visit falls short with respect to the traditional elements of film-making. The children, particularly the brother, are portrayed as cloying, non-credible 1980s sitcom characters with cheesy lines. Attempts at humor come off like a toast at a Dirty Dancing era summer camp in the Catskills. The siblings show no sign of being actual teenagers from the 21st century until approximately 45 minutes into the film, when they interview each other for their "documentary" and reveal certain vulnerabilities. The forced nature of this scene serves to highlight the otherwise inauthentic personalities assigned to them by the director and script. The mother's character is painted with the same superficial gloss, a problem magnified by her limited time on screen. These weaknesses prevented me from empathizing with the family members and reminded me throughout that I was indeed watching a movie.

Perhaps Shyamalan was so focused on invoking his brand upon The Visit that he was distracted from maintaining its essential quality. Like many other viewers, I still look forward to the film where he regains that balance.
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There's still originality in Hollywood horror movies !!!? I'm scared !
Alcaminhante3 October 2015
This was one of the rarest horror movies that managed to keep me totally scared and mostly uncomfortable from start to finish in years and years. I don't get this new trend of hating everything Shiamalan does. This new movie is one of the best horror concepts I've come across in a very long time and uses simplicity to the best effect.

I don't get what people these days expect an horror movie to be. If you don't think this a good example of a simple concept that works like a dream...or a nightmare, I don't get what passes for horror in Hollywood no more.

The idea for this movie is fantastic, and it's very well executed. I really don't get why people complain that nothing happens in this story. It's that type of simplicity that keeps the scary atmosphere throughout the entire movie. This is not a cgi crap action so called horror thing for teens, this is a classic old school horror, it's filled with a creepy atmosphere and uses perfectly all the ideas for each character to keep the viewer feeling uncomfortable all the time.

There's a couple of good scares ,but most of the horror really happens inside our minds. This is the best thing in this movie, it creates such an atmosphere of tension with simple things that when something really dramatic happens on screen we get ten times more startled and there's no need for any cgi on this movie at all to scare teenagers and bore the rest of us to death with the usual clichés. Not on this one.

This is clearly an horror movie for adults, its not edited at two hundred frames per second and it has a classic structure that simply is not targeted at young audiences. This is an horror movie for horror fans, it's not a popcorn movie for general audiences so ignore the bad ratings on IMDb, because if you remember the good classic stuff from the 70s like The Omen, The Changeling, or all those movies built on atmosphere instead of action, this movie is for you.

Absolutely brilliant. In my view the only thing that does not work is the final sequence after the twist is revealed, simply because the movie stops being a a story that creeps us out and becomes the usual fight for your life action bit we've seen hundreds of times. But until that happens this story is scary. Not because of what it shows but because of what keeps making us expect it's going to happen next.

Shyamalan is really back and this screenplay is the best thing he's ever written since the sixth sense and unbreakable. Also the casting is simply perfect with brilliant performances from everyone.

True horror is back folks. Ignore the bad hype from the multiplex popcorn crowd. This is a real gem that deserves to be among the very best horror titles of recent years and it will creep you out if you like your suspense atmospheric.
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Wait am I in the Right Theater?
homdeb105817 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The thing I found out (to my dismay) that I did not know before going to the theater was that a lot of this movie was shot in the long over-used and abused "home movie/shaky cam" format. If I had come in the theater in the middle of the movie, I might have assumed I had accidentally wandered into the 7th, or whatever, sequel to Paranormal Activity. And to add insult to injury M Night is about 8 years late to the party for that trick. Or was it suppose to be some type of irony or mocking of the standard horror movie fare? Perhaps this once creative director has finally succumbed to audience expectations --if all you want is cookie cutter, unimaginative, thematically barren, shaky cam, scary movies then here you go......

Another let down for me was that in his earlier movies there were always a number of positive sub-themes running through the movies that I found as interesting, if not more so, than the obvious scary movie theme. I failed to find any such redeeming parallel plot lines in The Visit. Again maybe he is just simplifying his movies to match his audience's wishes.

On the upside, I did find this movie to be something of an improvement over his most recent efforts. There were a few good chuckles. There were a couple of OK jump scenes. There was some tension here and there, but overall still a disappoint for me.

Of course, I eventually liked The Village and Signs a lot better after I had watched them several times on DVD. Maybe there is a jewel in the rough hiding here, just waiting to be found. Rating a 5.5 of 10 on first impression though.
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Better than it had any right to be!
saarvardi7 September 2015
Even though I've been severely burned by M. Night Shyamalan's commercial misfires (or rather miscarriages) like Lady in the Lake (ugh!), Airbender (what the hell was he thinking?) and After Earth, I decided to give him one more shot in the shape of The Visit. What worked in his favor was his superb work on the small screen in the form of the 2015 mini-series Wayward Pines - which made me believe that deep down inside Shyamlan's heart still resides a true artist, and not some lazy hack who tackles big-budget flops just to get paychecks from the studio. His recent talk in interviews about gaining back artistic control of his products was another positive step in Shyamalan's long path to cinematic forgiveness.

And so I entered The Visit, a somewhat short and intimate tale of two precocious teenagers, a brother (13) and sister (15), who travel cross country to meet and spend a week with their estranged grandparents, whom they have not seen or met since birth due to a big family feud their divorced mother (Kathryn Hahn, the most recognizable face in the cast) refuses to talk about. The sister, Becca (the promising Olivia DeJonge) also happens to be an aspiring filmmaker, out to make a documentary about the big reconciliation, which ever so conveniently sets the movie up in the popular found footage sub-horror genre - but also opens a wide crack for endless jokes and self-aware nods towards the unsuspecting audience.

Anyway, as you could probably tell by the previews, something isn't quite right with Poppa and Nanna, and even though at first they seem like reasonably nice elder folks, their strict rules (do not get out of the room after 21:30, do not go down to the basement) and strange manners (you'll see what I'm talking about) soon enough make it clear to both Becca and Tyler (the smaller brother portrayed by the superb Ed Oxenbould, who at 14 shows endless promise) that they better get the hell out of there - as fast as they could.

Besides the trademark Shyamalan twist, which actually works here and seems reasonable in hindsight (unlike, say, The Village), the extremely self-aware script and the very natural and authentic brother-sister relationship between both co-leads, lends further credence to Shyamlan's pet project. You can see that he cared for the characters, and you can also easily remember that this is a director who made a reputation for himself because he managed to facilitate such an emotional and iconic performance out of then-11-year-old Haley Joel Osment, so obviously he's good with kids. I don't know if young Ed Oxenbould is the next Osment, but he sure does deliver the goods through and through - and gives one of the best children/teen performances I've watched in a while.
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M. Night is Back, Baby!
moviewizguy2 September 2015
It's hard to talk about any M. Night films these days without discussing his career trajectory, how he started off incredibly strong with a triple knockout of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs, only to have his potential squandered, or at least questioned, with films like The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth. As a fan of Shyamalan myself, even I had to admit that he may have lost his luster. With that being said, I'm overjoyed and elated to say that The Visit is Shyamalan's best film since The Village over 10 years ago (my personal favorite). And it's not so bad it's good. The Visit is a legitimately good film, with great performances, terrific setups and even better payoffs, and an overall simple but satisfying story, which is all Shyamalan needs right now.

It's difficult to say much about the story without revealing too much, because The Visit is essentially the type of film where it's better the less you know going in. It's not to say the film is filled with plot twists left and right, but how cleverly it subverts expectations, especially based on the film's misleading marketing campaign. Let this be known: The Visit is a horror AND comedy. It's downright hilarious (intentionally so) during a majority of the film but also equally scary and creepy, which is what M. Night is known for. I was laughing hysterically and screaming, sometimes at the same time! The success of the film is how effectively it jumps in between the two genres and frequently on the dime. The third act showcases this in the best possible way and in full Shyamalan fashion.

Though there are plenty of laughs and screams to be had, The Visit is also filled with surprising moments of drama. There are, at the very least, three genuinely beautiful scenes. One of those involves a zoom in of a certain character, and it's utterly heartbreaking. Credit must be given to Shyamalan who manages to get great performances from his actors, a welcome change after the stilted and wooden performances in his last few films. Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould play the leads, and they're completely likable in their roles. Oxenbould, in particular, steals every scene he's in, providing many of the film's biggest laughs. Seriously, the jokes in here are funnier than most comedies released these days. Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie are also rightfully creepy as the kids' offbeat grandparents. Last but not least, Kathryn Hahn leaves a great impression, despite the limited screen time she has. She's truly wonderful here.

Overall, The Visit is ridiculously entertaining and a total crowd pleaser. It's the film we were all hoping for Shyamalan to make to get him out of the slump. No, it's not as great as his first four films, but it's a step towards the right direction. Recently, it's been revealed that he'll reunite with producer Jason Blum and Joaquin Phoenix for a new project. If it's another low budget feature like The Visit, which it most likely will be, we might be witnessing an era of Shyamalascance. After all, going back to basics is his greatest asset right now. Who says horror/comedy can't work?

UPDATE: The film is even better the second time around, and I noticed a lot of details I missed during the first viewing. There's even clever meta humor sprinkled throughout that might not be apparent at first. Additionally, I'd like to put a spotlight on Deanna Dunagan, who I didn't give enough credit to beforehand. She was fantastic. How great and fulfilling it is for an actress her age to have a role that is complicated and complex as is the character of Nana, to be sweet and motherly in one scene only to switch (convincingly) to creepy and insane the next. In one especially dramatic scene, you will even ache for her. Only if you stop to think will you notice the many layers Dunagan has to play with, and for that reason, she should be praised.
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The Night we knew and loved is finally back.
gvalluri10 September 2015
Well that took a while but I can now say that he is back. I think this is the kind of film where he thrives– low budget, small and intimate domestic settings and a smaller scope. It has echoes of Signs, The Village and The Sixth Sense. I see that critics are comparing it to The Conjuring and I would agree to an extent yes, it has the same level of information withholding.

It's amazing how this film manages to be so wonderfully terrifying without the use of much cgi or special effects. A couple of points in the film I yelped and let out a nervous laughter (and I'm a tough guy).

M. Night Bashers will continue bashing this film but I feel this will stand the test of time, much like his best films. I hope he keeps this up and makes two or three more of these 'small' films quickly and then perhaps, people will eventually forget his larger failures.

I say, watch it. If anything, it's a fantastic lesson in directing horror through restraint.
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This Movie Will Make You Question Everything
steveallenlb28 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After enduring this flick, there are likely a series of questions you will be asking yourself. Among the many possibilities are these: #1:Why did I do it? #2:Can I get my $$ back? #3:Have I just wasted precious hours of my life I will never get back? #4:Is there anything worse than a 12 year old kid with a lisp repeatedly rap singing into a shaky camera held by his older sister who uses language reserved for grad school Art History pseudo intellectual students who smoke cigarettes & discuss cinematic themes pretending to be smart? #5:Is there a worse Director than M Night Shamalammadingdong? #6:Is there any possibility that there could be a movie in the last 5 years that I have seen that I enjoyed less than this one? #7:Will I ever let my Wife select another movie for us to go to? #8:If you are involved in some way in the production of this movie, do you realize at that time during production that you are infecting the universe? #9:Do they really make a residential oven about 7 feet deep that you would crawl into after your deranged Grandma who you have known for 3 days asks you to clean it? #10: Just how often do you have to clean this type of oven? I could go on & on & on, just like this movie went on & on lisp rapping & cringe inducing without end. The only way M Night could have improved the script here would have been for a meteor to destroy the earth in the first 5 minutes & spare me the torture of this film.
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swtcj_200019 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've only ever liked a very small number of films by M Night. And this one won't be joining that short list. It was a waste of my time and money. Slow, boring, and easily predictable. I couldn't stand the 'documentary' style of filming, hated the characters and the acting, and wanted to walk out of the movie before it was finished. I keep giving this movie guy the benefit of the doubt but time after time his movies bite the big one.

The gist is a mom has a falling out with her parents. Many many years later, out of the blue, the parents want the grandchildren to come visit. Even though she hasn't seen her parents in years, she lets the kids go off on their own to hang out with people they've never met. Then weird stuff happens and an annoying kid tries to rap.
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Disturbingly funny and interesting movie
emansmoviereviews2 September 2015
The Good: The most surprising thing about this movie was how it uniquely found a way to be scary, but still include funny moments throughout the film. It knew when to be funny, and when to be scary, without mixing the two together. The scary parts will provide quite a few jump- scares, and in some scenes they will simply disturb you. The young boy, "Tyler" (played by Ed Oxenbould ), will quickly become a favorite in this film with his various remarks, "swearing", and "skills". I think it's fair to say that "Nana", played by Deanna Dunagan, does a really good job of playing the crazy grandma given all the versatile things she did in the movie. For some, the plot twist in the story will be mild, but good nevertheless.

The Bad: As we've come to know from director M. Night Shyamalan (The 6th Sense, Signs), the "big twist" is to be expected. Because of that, if you're an over-analyzer of movies like me, you'll probably see the twist coming from a mile away. So in that aspect, the story is mildly predictable. (That doesn't ruin the movie though) Many of the scary scenes you'll see coming, and for the most part are not terrifying to the point that will give you nightmares. It's very generic horror and scare tactics that we've seen before.

The Reason: Okay, so here's the real deal about this movie. M. Night Shyamalan is known for having a really bad reputation for putting out movies like Lady in the Water, The Village, The Happening, and others. He started off great with The 6th Sense and Signs, but since then, audiences have been generally disappointed. Luckily for The Visit, this movie was not one of his bad films. It was disturbingly funny and scary at the same time. This film is like his "makeup movie" to audiences. For example, in a relationship, if a guy messes up and constantly disappoints his girlfriend, he may give her flowers as an apology. Now the girlfriend may like the flowers, but that doesn't mean the boyfriend is completely forgiven. Shyamalan is in the same boat. The Visit is his "flowers" to audiences. We'll take it, but he's still got a lot more work to do to make up for all the other not-so-great movies he's given us.

Take caution if you decide to see it. It's a unique movie. Not a Hollywood blockbuster by any means, but I wouldn't be surprised if many would enjoy it. To see this movie I recommend: Go in with low expectations, pay the matinée price, and go with a friend or date. (You'll want to talk about it afterwards)

The Rating: 7/10

For more of my reviews visit:
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Unfathomably Terrible
deebrubaker13 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Walking into the over crowded theater to see yet another over hyped M. Night Shyamalan movie, I already missed the money I had spent on the 90 minute torture. Let's face it, Shymalan has not made a fantastic movie in over a decade and this movie does not show any signs of him getting any better.

We all know as soon as we turn on a Shymalan movie that there is going to be a plot twist that is so obscure that we would never have thought of it, but the Visit fails to deliver this mind blowing twist. The idea that the 'grandparents' were mental patients who had escaped seemed pretty self explanatory from the start. Not only is the twist a complete failure but the movie delivers no real scare. There are a few cheap jump scares throughout, but no suspense or build up.

The children in the movie are seldom frightened by the bizarre behavior of their 'grandparents', but they do make a lot of jokes about them and are very sarcastic about everything that happens. This strongly takes away from the horror factor. Think about it. You're stuck in a place with 2 elderly people you have never met who are very strange and at one point you even record one of them knocking on your door with a knife. Witty banter is the last thing on your mind.

Finally the very last issue with this movie comes from one of the last scenes in which the 'grandfather' shoves dirty diaper in the young boys face and in retaliation, the boy kills the old man all the while yelling like the hype man at an 8 mile rap battle. No not like he's yelling because he's a minor killing someone who just shoved crap in his face, but literally like Eminem's on stage hype guy. As if that wasn't enough to defeat the end of this movie, after a touching scene with their mother, the movie cuts to the young boy in his sisters room rapping about his visit. If a kid had crap shoved in his mouth he wouldn't be writing a rap about it. If a kid had to kill someone to go home he wouldn't be rapping about it. He would be talking to a therapist and not acting as if nothing had ever happened.

In conclusion, this movie was unrealistic, the emotions of the kids were very unnatural, the plot twist was barely a twist, and I would never see this movie again if I was paid to.
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Not so good
thebird-7107914 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In the Ad's It looks Like a Pretty Scary and funny movie. But it wasn't Scary A few jump scares Thats about 40% of the movie is a Kid rapping swearing And making no sense or want to see a old woman's butt then this is the movie for you The most scary thing in this movie was seeing a naked old woman. it was a Little funny but it was mostly weird and awkward. Some may like it but to me its just very weird. It looked WAY different in the ads in the ads it looks like a REALLY good movie but Before the kids even get to the grandparents house its already getting awkward so if you want to wast your money go and see this movie. Or if you want to see a shaky camera Or a grandmother clawing on the floor and scratching on walls Or grandpa Pooping and putting it in a boys face And Getting dressed every day in a suit or hiting a guy walking down the street.
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A contender for the worst film ever made...
Jdgane8912 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What is wrong with people? This film is currently rated 7.0?! I didn't think that I would see a film worse than "Knock Knock" in 2015 but M. Night Shyamalan's "The Visit" could possibly be the worst film I've ever seen.

Every aspect of this film is terrible. It has all the cliché problems of the "found footage" genre - the shakiness, the perfect Hollywood cinematography when these are supposed to be teenagers with hand- held cameras. The plot is Swiss cheese and the twist can be spotted a mile away (the web cam did it for me). The children are so incredibly obnoxious and their dialogue so pretentious that I wanted them to die as soon as possible.

There is a scene in it where an elderly incontinent man slaps a diaper full of feces into a child's face and I can't help feeling this is a metaphor for Shyamalan's career. He can't help producing this trash but he chooses to slap it in our faces and, like the child in the film, we all just stand there and take it. Seriously, no joke - worse film ever.
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Save your sanity
geraldctsgroup12 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan since Sixth Sense his movies are usually good. with great plots, good acting. but after Signs Shyamalan you went nuts or something cause the movies you have put out have been completely absurd. I made the mistake of reading into the reviews and got excited that M. Night Shyamalan has returned to form. HAHAHA the jokes on me I actually spent money on this retarded movie. by the way You forgot to expound on why the effects of dementia only come after 9:30PM? or maybe you did and that was one of the many parts I fell asleep. what about what was the connection to the psychiatric hospital? were they neighbors? if it was a small town as you suggest then everyone would know everyone and more than one person would come looking for the elderly couple. Sixth Sense awesome, Unbreakable was great, signs OK, the village stupid, lady in the water stupid, the happening even stupider, last air bender OK, the devil OK, after earth OK, the visit was just stupid, the twist, a child can guess. M. Night Shyamalan this is last time I will fall for your nonsense. I will never again pay for a movie of yours.
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I liked it!
vladimirnerandziicbps30 September 2015
In my opinion it's not even half as bad as people say it is. The movie is first of all entertaining which is one of the reasons why you would watch it? But also it is well made. The plot is very good and as far as i know original. The way it was filmed was great, any other way wouldn't be the same. I thought the director of this movie was great before and my opinion def didn't change after seeing this one. The acting was good. It says that it's a comedy/horror, you cant really expect to get scared in it like some people complain about. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend but it's worth the watch if you have spare time and don't know what to do with it.
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Just why?!
valentinabi29 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is garbage. There were only two times in my life in which I literally wanted everyone in the movie dead, good or bad, that being 'Knight and Day' with Tome Cruise, and this piece of garbage.

  • I came to watch a horror movie, not a silly 13 (9?) years old white boy shaming himself while trying to rap. I fast forward those parts, they were just too shameful to watch.

  • How come anyone could possibly believe that someone would let her kids go to their grandparent's house after 15 years without seeing each other, alone?! F*ck at least go with them in order to be sure that your parents are able to take care of 2 kids, you neglectful mom.

  • I won't deny that the parts where the grandma was acting strange were somewhat creepy, but there was a minute in which it became just forced and unrealistic.

  • I'd rather gouge my eyes before watching those kids trying to act again.

  • The kids tell their mom that 'something strange is happening' and she doesn't even ask what it is, she just tries to make her kids shut up by saying 'oh they're just old, don't worry' 'But mom grandpa poops himself and grandma is crazy' 'shut up and make me go watch my boyfriend winning the most hairy chest competition'.

  • As I wanted the kids to die quickly so I could go away, the best part was when the grandpa shoved the poop-covered diaper in the kid's face. That was glorious yet it wasn't enough to keep him from rapping.

  • After your mom finally pays attention to you and she tells you that those aren't your grandparents, what do you do? Nothing. You play Yatzee with the guys and then you don't even try to smash the chair in their faces, and when the fake grandpa locks you up in the room with the crazy woman, what do you do? Keep recording and screaming. You don't put the camera down not even for a second so you could, I don't know, beat her up for good?

  • Why does the police take so damn long to arrive there?

  • Why nobody felt the smell of decomposition?

Long story short: the movie is horrible. Go spend those 5$ in something more constructive like food.
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Late to the party with nothing new
kierley7711 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
**Contains Spoilers & Gripes!** I saw the trailer for The Visit and was hooked instantly - it really looked great, had fantastic atmosphere and suspense. Unfortunately it was one of those cases where the guy who edited the trailer should have made the movie as the bar had been set much higher than the finished product came near to delivering.

Firstly this movie is (yet another) "found footage" film, a sub-genre which has arguably overstayed its welcome and I started getting itchy feet within the first few opening scenes. Secondly (based on the trailer)I thought I was in for a supernatural thriller but it's not. That's not to say it's without its moments of suspense and laughs on our trip to Grandma's house but sometimes these laughs feel almost unintentional. Speaking of unintentional, The dialogue of the two young protagonists is clearly the words of a 45 year old man trying to write for what he remembers young teenagers speaking like 20 years ago (and the camera-work for young teenagers with cheap hand-held cameras is almost Hollywood-like cinematography).

Overall a film that's oddly less than the sum of its parts and a clear missed opportunity. It'll be a long time before I get suckered again to see another M Night Shyamalan film.
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The best worst movie ever
kiara543716 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this expecting it to be terrible, and terrible it was. I couldn't contain my laughter at the entire stupidity of this movie. Half of it didn't make sense, the jokes weren't funny, the main girl is pretentious and annoying, the boy is also extremely irritating and his raps make my ears bleed. The only part that kept me walking out of the cinema was that twist in the middle. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA???? WHO FUNDED THIS?!?!?

I tried writing a review of this, but I couldn't, so instead I'm just going to do a quick Cinema Sins thing and list all the things that don't make sense in this movie. Spoilers ahead.

Why didn't the mother show the kids any pictures of her parents, how did they afford two really good quality and expensive cameras, why did that kid rap in front of his grandma, why did they keep going out after 9:30 pm if they saw their grandma not only puking, but NAKED, why didn't they tell the mother everything they saw, how were the grandparents always 'out' when visitors came, why did they leave that girl hanging on that tree for all to see, what was up with that alien story, why didn't THE KIDS RUN, why did she actually get inside the oven, why did he all of a sudden get all weird and personal with that 'you think you're worthless' talk with his sister, why was he zooming in on the camera why did they not just pretend they were sick, how were the grandparents paying the bills, how did the grandparents have internet, why did the kids not fight back, why did the boy just stand there while the grandma LOCKED HIS SISTER IN THE OVEN, why the boy just stands there and let the grandpa shove literal s**t in his face, why did the boy go absolutely insane, why did the grandma stare in the water, why did the fake grandparents kill the real grandparents and take care of their grandkids, why was the grandma smart enough to ruin the girls laptop camera but not smart enough to destroy the ethernet cable, why did the police not suspect the kids of just being murderers, why were they absolutely bats**t crazy, but only at certain times, why did the grandma get uncomfortable when they talked about the daughter, why was the ending so terrible, why did the boy have an expensive camera and laptop, but a s**t mobile phone?

But, the most pressing question of all, why in gods name did that girl wear that UGLY yellow turtleneck sweater?!?!?!

I have so many more questions, but my brain needs a rest. 10/10 worst movie ever would see again

TL;DR: Terrible movie that doesn't make sense but funny sometimes without meaning to be.
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More Crap From The Crap Master
chicagopoetry24 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
M. Night Sham is back and as lousy as ever. Presenting the one director most famous for living his career in reverse. His great masterpiece was his first movie and it has been nothing but downhill from there. Each film gets worse and worse. And believe it or not, in an attempt to make a big comeback, he resorts to the found footage genre, the cheapest, sleaziest and laziest genre in existence today (sometimes I wish Blair Witch Project was never made so I didn't have to suffer through one of these lousy movies after another). This film might have been something where we saw some promise if it was some director's first attempt, but it's not, it's freaking' M. Night Sham's umpteenth freaking' film and so it's a pile of garbage. The big surprise twist is obvious from about twenty minutes into the film and from then on it's just another stupid found footage film. This could have been a pretty scary film if it WASN'T in the found footage genre. The found footage concept detracts from everything as we wonder, who is still filming? why is the camera still filming? how convenient that the camera fell to the ground and is still filming at such a great angle. Blah blah freaking' blah blah blah like EVERY other found footage film ever made. Too lazy to actually make a film, well then, resort to found footage. The crappy cinematography can be blamed on the concept. Yeah, M. Night Sham is back alright, back to the same old crapola.
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What could have been
bechtolrw19 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well the return of M. Night was... A long boring ride of over the river and through the woods and can we just go somewhere else? This would have been a great half hour Sci-fi flick! Unfortunately it lasted an hour to long. The daughter was a long drawn out artistic bore. Watching another movie where the cast films the movie is showing me just how unoriginal And out of ideas M. Night really is. As far as a comedy horror flick the funniest part is the 12 year old white kid rapping like he's straight outta Maine. The daughter wants to create a film about "the Visit " which she might as well got directing credits. I don't think M Night actually showed up to work on this disaster we will call a movie but at least it only cost 5 million dollars so which leads the viewer to ask what happened to the other 4.9 million dollars. Just a boring ride to Grammys house. Maybe the next M. Night movie will be better.
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Not as good as everyone seems to think it is.
sam-distefan0913 September 2015
With unlikeable children as protagonists and cheap jump scares, The Visit serves as less of a comeback for Shyamalan and more of a reminder as to why I haven't seen any of his movies in theaters since Lady in the Water (yikes to that one too, by the way).

While this movie follows Shyamalans traditional game-changing-twist-at-the-end formula with an attempt to balance in a sentimental dramatic storyline as well (in the style of The Sixth Sense and The Village), the jump scares and irritating dialogue (why does the boy decide to say pop stars names instead of swearing? Why is this girl so pretentious and irritating?) undermine it in the end.
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The Visit - Trailer Trash!
drdeathforpresident11 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say? Misled by a movie trailer, yet again. I should of known better. The trailer gives off this 'cool' horror air to it; crazed, psychotic grandparents. That was so far off the mark. It's basically a film about two young kids who visit their demented grandparents. I walked out. The granddaughter walks around the house filming everything. At one point, I wanted to stick my hands through the screen and smash that video camera to pieces. A couple of scenes are chopped. One scene in particular that annoyed the hell out of me was the 'oven' scene. In the trailer, the grandma demands the granddaughter to "get inside" the oven to clean it. I'm thinking "That's pretty creepy. Grandma is going to bake her." Nope. The granddaughter goes inside the oven for maybe a second tops and guess what, she wipes the oven and NOTHING happens. Why am I livid? I paid 12.00 stinkin' bucks to see a HORROR film (like the trailer depicts) not a drama about senile old people.
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Surprisingly Good
eagvolcomeg2 September 2015
I'm one who's grown to hate the found footage filming style. Going in that was my biggest worry. But I must say M. Night does a fantastic job behind the camera. Even though this style of filming has become stale (to me anyways), Shyamalan makes it feel refreshing and new. There are also some truly beautiful and impressive shots throughout the film, which was really good to see. I also really enjoyed the performances from everyone. Especially the two kids, they were surprisingly pretty fantastic. The little boy comes off as annoying at first, but he grows on you. And he ends up being hysterical. Both the grandparents were good as well, but the grandma stole the show between the pair.

In the end, I very much enjoyed The Visit. It was an absolute blast. The whole audience was really into it, which really added to the experience. This is one of most fun times I've had at the theater in quite some time. I recommend anyone to go see this movie, and see it with a crowd! Who would have thought Shyamalan was capable of making an intentional comedy? The Visit is truly one of a kind, there's no other movies out there like it. It's so original and so unique, the more I think about it the more I love it.

And yes, there is a twist.
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Terrible mess of a film.
jacquesciesla199812 September 2015
This movie sucks. Plain and simple. Before I get into this garbled mess I'd like to point out that I've only seen one M. Night film, that being Signs. And I found it to be just OK. I went into The Visit with literally zero expectations. The trailers didn't give me enough to form an opinion one-way or the other. I had no preconceived notions about the film or the director; I went into this completely cold.

Two kids, Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) go spend a week at their grandparent's (Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie) place. Their mom (Kathryn Hahn) had a falling out with her parents at a very young age, so Becca and Tyler have never met them. This basic premise leads to various jump scares and unintentionally hilarious points of terrible dialogue, acting, and overall stupidity.

At it's core, The Visit, could have been an interesting horror flick about dementia and old age. However it just ends up being a dull and uninteresting horror. From the onset we can tell something's not right with the grandparents. They act very peculiar from the first time we meet them until the very end. No subtlety to the performances and it's clear their nuts from the very beginning. There's no slow build to anything because we've already seen so much. By the end, when we're suppose to be truly scared for the kids the audience is just tired from the prior 80 minutes of film.

But nothing seems to register with these kids. Tyler starts to question their behavior but not before he's already seen some truly odd things that would make any kid question the situation. A big problem with this film is how unbelievable these kids are. Becca is annoying and is written way too smart for a kid her age. Not to mention the actress, Olivia DeJonge, can't act for anything. Ed is a written as if M. Night has never even met a thirteen year old. The moments when we are forced to learn a little bit more about these kids are just uninteresting and painfully heavy handed.

M. Night is trying so hard to get his message across that when it finally hits, it done right painful to watch. It's so heavy handed and over the top it hurts. I would recommend this to people as an unintentional comedy, but the humor doesn't come nearly enough to warrant somebody sit through this mindless wretch of a film. Avoid it at all costs.
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Sucks donkey nuts
texasforever-6925912 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I truly feel this is a really bad Film I did not enjoy it at all. I am lying their is one hilarious part where the grandpa shoves his diaper in the kids face. I want my $5.50 back for watching this movie. I would've rather watched pixels again. Don't waste your time watching this in theaters. Don't rent it on redbox. I will find this movie at Walmart in the section of crap you should never watch. The little boy in the film brought some humor to it but not enough to give this movie 3 stars. M Night's films are not enjoyable I continually go watch them and always end out being disappointed. I'm suppose to make this review 10 lines but I don't think I can cause the movie sucked so IMDb post my review so everyone and their momma knows this movie is terrible
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