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The Best New Show of 2014
jgalt116 October 2014
I came in with trepidation. The whole premise is preposterous. How wrong could I have been? Turns out very.

"Jane the Virgin" (still not thrilled with the title) is beyond charming. The lead actress is adorable and so believable -- even in this jaded age. The switching between English and Spanish dialog (please don't change this; Americans don't like sub-titles but the gimmick works) -- muy excelente! The very witty writing about cultural mores, traditional and contemporary, is something very missing in today's entertainment. I caught a repeat episode of "Mike and Molly" the other night (I've only seen the first episode and did not laugh once) and was reminded of the raw, crude language that completely turned me off; that is not comedy. Yet, it is the norm today, unfortunately.

Go ahead and take the plunge -- give "Jane the Virgin" a try. She will steal your heart; she already has mine.
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good up until after season 3
daniel_larkin200323 December 2018
Up to season 3 i have enjoyed this show now not so much they jumped it ahead 3 years and i find it is not as good i think this show should wrap up now before it turns into a disaster
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Loved it at first but now.....
naomimuldrew2720 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Have binge watched this up until season 5. Absolutely loved it to begin with. Now, im just getting fed up. The story is exactly the same now as it was at the beginning. This love triangle is sooo tired. I actually want to slap jane! Might not bother watching the rest.
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On a steady decline across all the dimensions
nyccents7 December 2015
Have just binged watched over the last couple of weeks, from episode 1 to episode 29 and sadly, as fun as the beginning was--it is on a slow and steady decline. It is clearly a telenovela, and amusing as such. A definite departure from credibility, but fun.

However, by episode 29, Jane is simply an annoying as a character--her lack of common sense (despite the narrator's description otherwise), her naiveté, her stubbornness and self-righteousness --all come together to make her very unappealing. I can't imagine why either Michael or Rafael are in love with her even in suspended reality.

On the other hand, one can see why both Michael and Rafael are interesting and desirable mates. They both have more passion and intensity as characters.

The other characters are simply fun.

Overall, the acting is great, but the script writers need to find some way to make the main character, Jane, charming again. Because right now it's a drag to watch her, and the other characters can't carry the show alone.
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Refreshing and phenomenal. A perfect mix of TV culture.
andreced1011 November 2014
Coming from a country that airs cheap telenovela, it's refreshing to watch an improved everything of what a telenovela should be.

Jane the Virgin is one of the shows that do not care what the current audience wants to see / is interested to see. The plot is in itself far away from what a typical viewer is interested to watch. The plot is outrageous and in the nature of telenovelas. The creators made the show at high stakes but they also reaped greater rewards.

The cast is perfect. Each cast can carry a scene a telenovela would but with a very "American TV-show" feel. The fact the they are all talented, beautiful, and god-help-me-I'm-dying-of-laughter funny can't hurt.

What I hate about telenovelas (Aside from seeing them 5 times a week, yes, 5 times a week ) is the repetitiveness and pacing. That's not a problem with this show. I like how the show foreshadow scenes and repeat scenes with very minor but very impactful changes. The "American TV-show" pace is perfect too.

I just can say that if you like watching TV shows but is kind of bored of the mainstream vampires, sci-fi, superheroes, crime, teen girl, drama, kind. You might just be blown away with this gem of a show. This show need more hype.
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I loved it but sadly im starting to dislike the main character
delllatitudedlaptop2 June 2018
Jane at first was a young likeable woman. But after a while she becomes annoying and unrealistic. I started to like petra better actually when i couldnt stand her at first. Jane character made me rethink her motive. She clearly looks like an opportunist that took advantage of being knocked up by her crush and dismantled pedra dreams of her perfect family. It would be great if she didn't act as if pedra wasnt in rhe way of him being their for her son too, considering she have every right to be bitter about the thing. Overall its still a funny show thats why i gave it 6 stars, the main character just need to a tune up to be more likeable.
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Fresh and humorous
mimiray414 October 2014
It's presented in a comedic style that isn't meant to be taken seriously. I've seen others that commented that there was nothing funny about the situation and wondered why she didn't sue the doctor....as I stated....it is a COMEDY. If this were a reality show, it would have to involve lawyers, investigators and medical professionals. Nothing about this show feels like reality. It is presented as entertainment. I found it entertaining. It is based on an earlier Spanish version that had the lead character as a 17 year old girl, which is way more realistic if she is supposed to be a virgin. However the fact that the lead in this version is 24 adds to the humor. How many 24 year old educated attractive women in a serious relationship with a guy in law enforcement determined to stay a virgin until marriage could there be? Just saying....I think if you like a good mystery (this show also has suspense) and satire, I think this show is worth checking out. It doesn't hurt that all the actors are very attractive.
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OK and first and then not so great....
c-e-peery14 June 2017
For the most part the story is OK. But it gets so same ole same ole, story wise. And all the politics in it make it unattractive to watch. When I watch a funny TV show i don't want politics in it. This won't be the last show i give up for this reason i'm sure! If this show would give up the politics and try to remain light heart-ed and funny it would be more than 5 stars.
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xocrazykilz24 May 2015
After completing the first season of this show, I have to say it's definitely one of my favorites. It's interesting and not something typical of other shows, since the storyline is so twisted. There for awhile, it felt like keeping up with everything that was happening in the season was going to be difficult, but it's definitely not if it is something that you find interesting. If you find it interesting, you'll be glued to the TV/computer until you finish it, and then bawl your eyes out, maybe. It's not too hard to keep up with, but the storyline is unique and perfect for those who are in their late teens through early 30's, in my personal opinion.
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It was okay
Jemae7 March 2018
I used to look forward to seeing this show but as of last year, it became very political and it annoyed me, so I stopped watching it.
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Jane the arrogant, selfish, opportunistic virgin
whyclose3 March 2017
Now i really did enjoy this show. I loved the culture of the Latino household and relationships between parent and child, grandparent and grandchild. The fun add ons from the narrator makes the show even more humorous than it already is. All the characters however imperfect are endearing except for the title character Ms. Jane Gloriana Villanueva. With every episode she gets more painful to watch. The actress playing Jane does a terrible job by portraying a supposedly devout godfearing good human being as an aggressive, selfish overbearing personality and has driven me and my friends to stop watching one of our previously favorite TV shows. So previously an 8.5, I now give it a 5 and will never watch this show again.
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Jane is the Most Insufferable, Self-Righteous, and Judgmental Character
DcTvGiRl200020 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's pretty hard to enjoy a show when its title character is so full of herself and whiny that you could care less about anything having to do with her over-dramatic life. The only reason why I gave the show 2 stars instead of one is for Petra, Luisa, and Rose. Unfortunately, Luisa and Rose have pretty much been pushed to the side. They could have done so much more with having Rose as a drug lord villain juggling a life of crime while trying to make a relationship with Luisa work, but even that fell flat. Petra is that only character that has actually grown as a person. She was the character you loved to hate in the start of Season 1 but would slowly grow to warm up to and then actually like one you see all of the crap that's been thrown at her in her life both past and present. Anyway, Jane was tolerable (I guess) at the start, but it's gotten so I just can't stand it when she's in any scenes...which is all the time since she's the main character. And I still have a hard time believing any guy would want to put up with her judgmental, self-righteous, me first attitude...let alone two guys! And in the end...she always gets what she wants, which is beyond annoying. Just once it would be nice for things not to work out for her so she could be taken down a notch or two. Jane is such an unlikable character. And I could care less who she ends up with. The only reason I'll think about watching the last season of the series is to see what happens to Petra, Luisa, and Rose!
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love this show
mizgiron5 November 2014
I absolutely love this, the Spanish and English, the funny jokes, the chemistry all of it. Finally something Latin that I love to watch. I'm hooked. Love it. Why aren't there more funny shows like this ? I hate having to wait until Monday to watch it but it's worth the wait. I also like the fact that they showcase certain traditions that Latin families still try to keep in this generation. I just simply enjoy the show and I've even gotten friends and family to watch. I have to say that my favorite Characters are Jane, the grandmother, the mother and of course Rafael. The dialog is fun to watch and you can relate to some of the characters also.
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lost interest
ripler-1181311 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Everything was fine until they've killed off Michael's character.Now that he's (Michael) dead, it's quite obvious that a little hussy (Jane)will find another daddy for her son, and that's where I exit. "Michael", and "Jane" somehow clicked together, and if producers of the show can kill off an important character this easy, then all I have to say is Adios Jane, y vaya con Dios!!
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Ok but 2nd season enough
mimikarasu8 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this show, but during the second season I started to being very angry. Jane's obsession about Michael, she dumped him in the first place, she is so selfish. They said sex will not solve anything but I think she needs that...Telenovela or not she should be with Raf, the drama around could be made differently..I'm so disappointed, coz I'm surely starting to hate the main character..
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From good, to 'meh'
Deana_beepbeep13 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's often noted that in good storytelling the writer has no idea how the story will end when they start writing it.

It's no surprise then, considering the creator of the show kept the character of Michael longer than she initially wanted, the earliest seasons were the best. These episodes, with no clear plan for the endgame (or at least, significant deviations from what was planned at the outset), were the most entertaining and endearing. The ones with the most surprises, best character development and organic story telling. Not to mention, the deviation from the endgame was because the majority of viewers didn't buy the Jane and Rafael pairing. Yet for some reason, rather than allowing the story to flow, the creator decided to force the non-working storyline on the viewer anyway.

Since the death of that main character, the story has been marching along to a predetermined end. With every step feeling forced and insincere. Everything is trying to convince the viewer to buy a relationship that does not work. It doesn't help that the two main characters, Jane and Rafael, have zero chemistry. Each scene the two share is unbearable. Which isn't to say they are bad actors. But their interactions are cringeworthy, in a bad way - and considering its central to the show, that's a pretty big deal.

On a positive... PETRA. Yael is the undoubtable star of the show and the only reason to watch passed the third season. Also Xo and Ro. It's a shame that the supporting actors and storylines are far more interesting than the main protagonists. The only reason this show hasn't been cancelled is because of viewers investment in the supporting casts characters and stories.
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A soap any like other
shakeel_tabish_829 November 2015
I have a disclaimer, "I do not like soaps at all". Every soap that I accidentally saw growing up with my family made me realize why I hated soaps. Why am I telling all this? Because "Jane the Virgin", is unlike any other soap I have ever seen. Most soaps are boring, tedious, unnecessary twists, stretched, overly dramatic and too serious or trying too hard to be funny. The best thing about this show is that it avoids all of these mistakes.

This show can be taken and is a good satire on soaps in general and telenovellas in particular but it also has merits of its own. It doesn't solely rely on making fun on other soaps to be successful. It is genuinely funny and has enough twists to keep the audience engaged. Also the little messages the show gives in a few moments in every other episode are real and relatable to us average mortals.

The show also has a wonderful take on life in general. It tells us that we should not take our lives too seriously and not everything is in our control. We think most of the times that we are the leaders of our destiny and we can shape our lives any way we want. Yes to a certain extent we can but we should never rule our environment and the part played by it in our destiny. The show even goes a step beyond this general realization that I stated, it teaches us how with all the unexpected turns and twists in life we keep growing and moving on and life never stops. This is the sort of outlook on life the show promotes and it is a very good message in my opinion. Every one should watch this show! :)
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Not going to watch this show anymore
jocelynwong10 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not going to watch Jane the virgin anymore because Michael/ Jason isn't who Jane chose. Honestly- Rafael? The same guy who is emotionally abusive and does not respect her religion?
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Two words: Yael Grobglas
jasminhegmann3 May 2019
Okay so this isn't a high class fancy proffessional review. Story ist fine, it's fun to watch, nice idea and intelligent executed.. BUT if you are not convinced yet - watch for Petra. You may not get it yet... but you will. Yael Grobglas acting and the character is extraotdinary!!

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Stereotypes Galore
katiesmolkov12 April 2017
I wanted to give this show an 8. At first, I thought it might be stupid and it was but I decided to give it a try and it was funny stupid. I enjoyed it the first season and wanted to give it a try just because of all the great reviews but the second to last episode of the first season turned me off. I know everyone thinks this show pushes diversity. Yes, at the expense of less thought about minorities. Eastern Europeans are tired of being portrayed as criminals or evil spies with creepy, fake Russian accents. We're tired of seeing ourselves as criminals or as poor whether in the news or in story. My extended family were brutalized by Nazis so every group has a struggle but that definitely doesn't make Eastern Europeans as a whole the bad guys. I have been struggling with people making fun of my Eastern European last name in high school and what do they name the mean girl at Jane's high school? Kovakovitch.(Not even sure that's a real name. Looked it up too. But what does it matter?) They even threw a mature little joke in there : making the "v" into a "b." Rhymes with bitch. So creative, right? Sure, there are Hispanics. Let's tack in some lesbians too. That would make it better, right? Unfortunately, those are stereotyped too. Jane is the typical Mary Sue to present a new culture to mainstream media. One of the lesbians wrestles. The problem lies in that the show wants to please everybody. You can't have a religious Grandmother Alba who supports Jane if she ever decides to get an abortion. I know a lot of Catholics and this would never be them. It would be nice if there were a way the writers could apologize and change up the script a little but what has been done has been done.
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Super fun and entertaining until it wasn't...
Miranda121621 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Super fun, entertaining and creative show until the abortion (Zo would have never done that...especially so casually) and killing off Michael and Zen Raf and the Marabella turning into an annoying kids hotel and Bruce. I went from binge watching it (completely addicted) and looking forward to the next episode to angry, confused and sad not looking forward to watching it. If the show just stayed with comedy, satire, mystery, celebrity appearances, fun new short term characters and cliff hangers, I would have kept watching. It just got riDiculous and inconsistent with the genre of the show :( So disappointed because I lOVED the actors and the characters, originally. Loved the narrator...he was hilarious! The hashtags. So creative and clever. Now, I just feel disappointed and in mourning.
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There's better garbage to waste your time on.
t-sharron6268 July 2017
My wife ran out of shows to watch, so she started watching this one. Usually, I don't care for any of the shows she watches, but I can sit down and get into the story and tolerate them.

This show? I hate every time it's on. I can't stand the stupidity. It's not even remotely funny. Seriously. My wife doesn't even laugh. The story is just plain ridiculous and stupid. The characters are almost all completely unlikable and annoying.

Ugh, sorry, take all this for what it's worth, but honestly this show is absolute trash. There are multiple other garbage shows you could watch before having to give yourself over to this mind-numbing, irredeemable garbage.

Boo from me.
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lakewoodangel10 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It is okay. Jane could have been replaced with a better actor.
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very un realistic I would not waste your time
bsmith-087574 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So just finished up with the first season and watched two episodes of the second season and decided to watch the last chapter which I'm so happy I did ! Because I didn't waste all my time. The first season was pretty good I love the Spanish and English dialogue! But the writers are just doing to much ! Its very unrealistic. Who would have a baby before having sex ? Rafael and Jane should have had sex I understand the show would lose the title but its stupid to begin with second why are her and Michael getting back together ? I would of liked to see her with Rafael and Petra having Rafael's baby ? That just ruined it. I don't want to see her have his baby they should make the sperm someone else's but in the end Rafael and Petra will probably be together like Jane and Michael. just so happy I didn't waste more time watching this extremely irritated at how it played out. Definitely lost a fan !
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Great ... start. Generic finish.
harbeau27 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Good: This show started out really well, from my standpoint. A little bit corny, a bit campy, but it didn't shy away from it. In fact, it embraced the fact that the dad Rogelio is a telenovela star. I loved the fact that it mixes with the unique blend that is Florida...a bit English, a bit Mexican, and a bit Cuban. The romance is in the air, and the language flows naturally between English and Spanish, with subtitles that allow you to carry the conversation. (I also love that every once in a while they DON'T provide the subtitles where it isn't essential. It makes me want to learn Spanish, and I don't live anywhere close to the Mexican border!) The plot follows the growing relationship between Rafael and Jane, and I wanted them to find their way together!

The Bad: About Ep. 16, I started to get a bad taste in my mouth. Jane suddenly can't keep away from Michael, (who is suddenly a good guy again) Rafael starts to close up and act like an idiot for no apparent reason, and I started to curl my nose up as I saw where it was going. Rather than stay original, the show is becoming yet another generic love triangle. And here I had such high hopes for original entertainment for the show, for the growth between Jane and Rafael and how they were going to try and manage the pitfalls of real life. But the way it is going right now, it's just another generic telenovela (soap opera). Anyone know anything else new, original and a bit romantic? I think I'm going to need to find a new show to watch. :P
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