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Entrapped will pick up two years after the second season: the police duo Andri and Hinrika, get drawn into a war in the remote highlands, where two rival groups fight over specific pieces of land, but for very different...

Season 2

26 Dec. 2018
Episode #2.1
Outside Parliament in Reykjavik, a man throws himself at the Minister for Industry, setting fire to them both. He dies, but she survives. Andri Olafsson, now working in Reykjavik, is assigned to the case.
30 Dec. 2018
Episode #2.2
Andri Olafsson's investigation takes him to a small town in the north of the country where his estranged daughter lives with her aunt and where the population is wary of a proposed expansion of the aluminum smelter.
6 Jan. 2019
Episode #2.3
The Hammer of Thor member in custody confesses to Andri that something big is about to happen - but won't budge on the details. Andri and his team investigate.
13 Jan. 2019
Episode #2.4
Andri races to save Hafdis when she is kidnapped by members of Hammer of Thor. Skuli is found in critical condition. Aron and Thorhildur make a startling discovery.
20 Jan. 2019
Episode #2.5
Gisli's funeral takes place, prompting a drunken outburst by Vikingur. Thorhildur and Aron's secret is discovered. Ebo is threatened. Thorhildur continues to communicate with the mystery person using the secret mobile.
27 Jan. 2019
Episode #2.6
Andri and Hinrika return to Finnur's house and discover the Euros. Thorhildur and Aron in trouble. The cell phone is still active. Ebo and Pawel raise the tension in the plant. After the funeral, Vikingur is enraged, out of control.
3 Feb. 2019
Episode #2.7
Another murder, this time at the power plant, everything points to the same suspect. Meanwhile, discontent and problems with power plant workers could ruin Halla's plans. It seems that nothing can stop her, not even family pain, continues with her plans and business with the multinational. Hinrika, in the middle of her separation, hides a secret. Andri can't contain her daughter.
9 Feb. 2019
Episode #2.8
Tensions in the town mount as pollution of the water becomes public knowledge and Vikingur and Aron's families are targeted by angry towns people. Thorhildur finally admits to Asgeir she had the cellphone all along while Andri and Hinrika question David at the plant.
17 Feb. 2019
Episode #2.9
Asgeir's car is found in flames, prompting Andri to accelerate the investigation starting with his own daughter. Kettil and a reporter find the origin of the pollution.
24 Feb. 2019
Episode #2.10
As Andrí is ready to apprehend the killer, his daughter is abducted and in danger. With Hinrika's help, he finally gets all the people involved to reveal their secrets and can establish the killer's motive. Everything comes to an end during a stand-off with the police at an abandoned ski lodge.

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