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I decided to see this movie based on the title alone....
brianl-142-18224824 October 2014
Went to see this movie with friend because nothing else is on. In a nutshell, the director took the apartment from Dredd, general atmosphere of George Romero movies, some Asian pop-stars, tossed in a blender, and filmed whatever detritus that came out. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for a long ride, because the prologue lasted for a whole hour before the titular zombie fight club starts.

There are some T&A in there, but not enough to justify the ticket price, and not the ones you went in hoping to see (Jessica C for me). My feeling is that the director is familiar with elements from various zombie movies, yet completely missed that zombie movies are always about the human; zombies are forces of nature that creates the survivalist environment which brings out the cruel and selfish tendency within us. Instead we get characters that are just as bland and dumb as the zombies they are fighting. Zombie Battle Royale would be more fitting title for this movie.

The movie has no idea whether it wants to be an action film, body horror, or slap stick comedy. Switching between all three at will. It has all the subtlety of a getaway BMW that is somehow emplaced inside an apartment unit on the top floor, smashing through multiple concrete walls until it's sailing through open air, crashing to the ground with nary a dent. And yes, that scene is in the movie.
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A blight on the Zombie Apocalypse
tcbdeo21 June 2015
Films without plots can be done well given good direction and acting. Well-written films can be good despite bad directors and actors. Zombie Fight Club has no good element in its production.

"So bad it's good" doesn't even fly with this film. The more-American-than-American accents provide the bulk of the humor. The film's focus on the innate evil of humanity (its only constant) oozes away any value a good riffing might redeem it with.

Zombie Fight Club directly takes elements of The Raid and The Walking Dead and removes the elements of 'Redemption'. Instead, the martial arts police are dirty cops and the civilians are plagued by a distinctly East Asian pathology. The crux of Zombie Fight Club is the argument that humankind is innately evil, and, pushed to the limit, will gleefully discard its visage of goodness. Even the two protagonists, who bear a transparent semblance of morality, lack any dignity.

Romero's legacy is dismantled and digitally spit on by Zombie Fight Club. If you want to enjoy a poor zombie movie, stick to films like Redneck Zombies. In the very least, the garage special effects will be more entertaining than Zombie Fight Club's digital massacre.
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Is the Review fro Brian Liu Relevant? NO!!!!
arfdawg-123 December 2014
The Plot.

It's the end of the century at a corner of the city in a building riddled with crime.

Everyone in the building has turned into zombies.

After Jenny's boyfriend is killed in a zombie attack, she faces the challenge of surviving in the face of adversity.

In order to stay alive, she struggles with Andy to flee danger.

Strange zombie movie that's all over the place but no where near as bad as that idiot on IMDb said.

Break down: The first half is rocking.

The second half is disjointed at best.

The direction sucks for the duration. But for some reason you cannot take your eyes of this film.

I give t a six for chutzpah.
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I enjoyed it
dworldeater26 September 2020
Zombie Fight Club is not the sort of movie that would win an awards. However, as a fan of campy B movie horror action I enjoyed this quite a bit. Now, there are some flaws for sure and the film is a bit disjointed and falls apart a bit in the second half. But, I digress Zombie Fight Club is a non stop action packed gorefest like Raid Redemption with zombies. As far as that goes this film delivers the blood splattered goods in spades here with a level of carnage that goes past eleven. The people who review and rate this movie on here must not be horror fans or action movie lovers. There are a enough bullets, blood and brutal beatdowns to make the most ardent of action fans wince. The fight choreography is great and Andy On is good as leading man and takes down an army of the undead with guns, sharp and blunt objects as well as using his kung fu skills as well. In Hong Kong cinema this kind of movie is extremely rare and is the 1st movie I have seen like this from there since Bio Zombie. Zombie Fight Club is not as well made as Bio Zombie, but far surpasses it for extreme violence, gore and sheer action. The best/worse actor in Hong Kong Michael Wong appears and is actually decent in this. To see what I'm talking about, check out his awkward performance in Beast Cops. Also, there is a Taiwanese rapper called Mc Hotdog(I plan on looking him up later) and lots of gorgeous skantly clad Chinese woman to take this already insane movie over the top. I thought this is good for what it is and for this type of craziness, I'm all in.
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Just not good.
armadillo-946171 September 2019
I gave this movie 3 stars. All 3 were for the hot Asian girls. The story and video game special effects were pretty bad.
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Weird one
kosmasp1 November 2015
I'm not sure what Shi Cheng means exactly (not that it matters now, after watching it), but I'm sure it doesn't translate into "Zombie Fight Club". I'm not even sure (or wasn't most of the time), why they chose that title. Apart from making this appealing title wise to some viewers (?), I reckon.

But even after understanding somehow, why they chose that title, it's kind of lame. But let's get back to the movie, that has scantily dressed women in it (there's a bit of nudity during a sex scene too, in case you were wondering) and some fighting and shooting in it too. There's a bit of an attempt to make some zombie jokes and other things to that effect, that either kind of work or are annoying. Depending on your taste. The action scenes (stunts) are pretty decent and the actors are pretty ... if that helps
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You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
BA_Harrison15 May 2017
A zombie outbreak leaves the residents of a tower block fighting for their lives. One year later, and survivors Jenny (Jessica Cambensy) and Andy (Andy On) find themselves at the mercy of a schoolteacher turned tyrant who pits the living against the dead in a gladiatorial arena.

According to the quote on the DVD cover, Zombie Fight Club is The Raid meets Dawn of the Dead. Yeah, and I'm Iko Uwais' personal trainer. The fact is—as if you really need to be told—that this Taiwanese action/horror hybrid is nowhere near as good as either of the aforementioned classics. It's got an uneven structure, unlikable characters that it's hard to give a damn about, unimpressive fight action, and lots and lots of gore, the vast majority of which is CGI.

It's not all bad news though: some of the zombie makeup is fairly impressive, there are quite a few very attractive ladies wearing sexy outfits, and we get one sequence that is so outrageous that it cannot fail to entertain: while a crippled old man fights zombies with the help of hydraulic power-legs and a chainsaw, Jenny and Andy drive his BMW—parked conveniently in the middle of the apartment building—at speed down a corridor and through an external wall, falling several storeys, both somehow surviving the impact.
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i seen worse ...not bad at all!
xpress-262-81882325 December 2014
noticed zombie in the title so i had to watch it.

a building riddled with crime.

police on a sketchy mission just shutdown the elevator.

most of the people from the building turned into zombies.

and in the middle of it all is jenny.

she faces the challenge of staying alive.

with danger around every corner and behind every door.

will she make it? or join the rest of the pack.


feels like an action movie with an attempt on horror.

i'm glad they didn't go overboard on the comedy factor.

as for the zombies getting shot and the blood splashing everywhere.

they actually did a nice job on that.

sure can be better but not bad at all!.

all the other graphics are just bad and worse.

some decent acting and some not worth writing home about.

but overall...this still is a great movie.

compared to "rec" i would say about just as bad.

reason...this1 got some bad bad graphics...

rec got screwed by the whole bible thing.
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Second-Rate CGI and Action
Uriah4330 April 2019
This film essentially begins about 30 minutes prior to a zombie outbreak with three separate groups of people congregating at different levels of a large apartment complex. The first group consists of some kidnappers who are holding a wealthy man hostage pending a ransom. The second involves a rap musician and his followers who are in the process of having an orgy. The third group comprises several law enforcement members who are about to break down the door of a drug lab. The focus then shifts to the second group where a new drug is being introduced which consists of ingredients used to make bath salts. And not only does death quickly follow those who take it but they are also quickly transformed into raging zombies who subsequently proceed to wreck havoc upon everybody within the apartment complex-to include the other two groups just mentioned. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film had plenty of action and CGI which might appeal to those interested in these specific qualities. It also featured a number of attractive actresses which included Sharon Hsu (as the "female courier"), Una Lu ("Yi-Yi") and Candy Yuen (as the "female prison leader"). Unfortunately, the CGI was rather second-rate and the constant action hindered the necessary plot and character development. That being said, while it definitely had some potential, it failed to live up to it and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Below average.
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Enjoyable over-the-top Asian zombie effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder20 April 2019
During a massive zombie plague, a group of residents in an apartment in Taipei finds themselves stuck inside the building with the bloodthirsty hordes and must find a way to get out alive, only to see years later a far more deadly society to rise up from the aftermath and must band together to save themselves.

For the most part, this one wasn't all too bad. One of the strongest aspects to be had here is the absolutely breakneck pace which really gets this going immediately. The opening of the film drops us into the zombie outbreak quite rapidly with the party guests succumbing unknowingly to the creatures while they attempt to have sex with the girls or invite them into their room unaware they're not acting like zombies but really are. Likewise, the unauthorized raid on the drug hideout not only features some dazzling gunplay and brutal hand-to-hand combat but also has the stellar encounters in the hallways as they try to escape featuring plenty of carnage and over-the-top action. That this all comes about before the half-hour mark is all the more impressive and makes for a lot to like. This early action helps to make for a really thrilling scenario here. The relentless attacks shown on the other residents of the building all give this a non-stop, action-packed story. That this allows for a chance at storytelling within here, not only by detailing the zombie outbreak through the drug but also that they're capable of learning by sniffing out victims or shifting focus during attacks. This still drops back into all-out action in the finale due to the wholly enjoyable escape and the setup underground that emerges here. The other plus here is all the fine practical make-up not only on the zombies who are suitably wet and messy but also the stellar gore featured for the graphic dismemberments and zombie kills. These here are the film's pluses. That said, there are some problems here. The biggest issue is the absolutely confusing setup of the film to appear as two separate films at once. For the first hour, we have this stellar film about various characters in a zombie-filled apartment complex trying to stay alive and escape which was thrilling, intense and enjoyable. However, nearly an hour in this switches gears and turns into futuristic post-apocalyptic gladiatorial pits filled zombies. This change is lazy, explained away in a brief scrolling text and really could've been its own movie. Likewise, the other big issue is the use of appallingly obvious CGI not only being used for explosion sequences but backgrounds, gore enhancement and various other tactics that try to make it look more expensive than it is but fails miserably. These here are what hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Language, Extreme Graphic Violence, Nudity, a sex scene and drug use.
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Entertaining outrageous zombie addition
amesmonde11 February 2015
A building riddled with a menagerie of working girls, criminals and loners find the corridors of their apartment block infested with zombies.

Oh my have things have progressed since Junk Shiryōgari (2000) and Versus (2000) (certainly in the effects department), Zombie Fight Club (2014) is better than the influx of recent DTV walking dead movies globally produced, in contrast to most Asian dead movies its light on humour, tonally it's reminiscent of The Horde (2009), Rammbock/Berlin Dead (2010) mixed with Joe Chien's own twisted incoherent Zombie 108 (2012).

Chien's zombie offering is packed with action, actually wall to wall bloodshed, excellent make-up effects and an abundance of practical and CGI blood which puts some American modest budget zombie films to shame. It's colour palette is dark, accompanied by a pumping soundtrack, it's undeniably fast paced. Oddly it inexplicably interchanges between English and Mandarin and it's a film of unorthodox two halves with no third act.

When it does slowdown it has a fistful of creepy moments but these are few and far between as buxom beauty Jenny played by Jessica Cambensy witnesses her boyfriend, his crew of rappers and strippers come toe to toe with growing army of zombies. After a flash forward a year after the outbreak Jenny has gone all zombie killer sporting a new hair cut and an even tighter costume (yes there's the shameless objectification of women but no more than The Resident Evil franchise tries to gloss over).

What it lacks in plot it makes up for with its kick-ass female and male characters, soldiers and loads of zombie kills, impalement, bullets and action setups. Yes the characters are at times cartoonish and its gratuitous but it's a solid addition to the Asian live action zombie market, if you're in to it.
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