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Nicholas Hamilton: Rellian



  • Rellian : If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.

  • Rellian : What kind of crazy person celebrates Noam Chomsky's birthday like it's some kind of official holiday? Why can't we celebrate Christmas like the rest of the entire world?

    Ben : You would prefer to celebrate a magical fictitious elf, instead of a living humanitarian who's done so much to promote human rights and understanding?

  • Rellian : We want to complete the mission.

    Ben : No. There is no mission.

    Nai : Mission: Rescue dad and mommy.

    Vespyr : Mom wanted to be cremated.

    Rellian : And we want to honor her wishes.

    Nai : And flush her down the toilet.

  • Kielyr : What's a bordello?

    Ben : A whorehouse... What are you reading?

    Kielyr : Lolita?

    Ben : I didn't assign that book.

    Kielyr : I'm skipping ahead.

    Ben : And?

    Kielyr : It's interesting.

    Rellian : Interesting!

    Bo : Illegal word!

    Zaja : Dad, Kielyr said interesting!

    Ben : Interesting is a non-word. You know you're supposed to avoid it... Be specific.

    Kielyr : It's disturbing.

    Ben : More specific.

    Kielyr : Can I just read?

    Ben : After you give us your analysis thus far.

    Kielyr : There's this old man who loves this girl, and she's only 12 years old.

    Ben : That's the plot.

    Kielyr : Because it's written from his perspective, you sort of understand and sympathize with him. Which is kind of amazing because he's essentially a child molester. But his love for her is beautiful. But it's also sort of a trick because it's so wrong. You know, he's old, and he basically rapes her. So it makes me feel... I hate him. And somehow I feel sorry for him at the same time.

    Ben : Well done.

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