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Box office sensation Wolf Warrior 2 hitting Blu-ray and DVD in the UK this month

CineAsia has announced that the worldwide box office sensation Wolf Warrior 2 is coming to Limited Edition Blu-ray, DVD and DVD box set (with the original Wolf Warrior) here in the UK this month.

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China’s deadliest Special Forces operative, known as the Wolf Warrior (Wu Jing – Wolf Warrior, Call of Heroes, Kill Zone) is lying low. But when he crosses paths with a ruthless band of mercenaries led by a volatile and sadistic leader (Frank Grillo – Warrior, Captain America: Civil War), he must reaffirm his duty as a soldier and put an end to the gang’s reign of terror.

Fists, bullets, tanks and missiles will fly in this tour de force of action filmmaking, all culminating in a climactic battle between the highly skilled Wolf Warrior and the brutal mercenary leader.

Written and directed by Wu Jing and
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The Movie That Made the Most Money in 2017 Might Come as a Surprise

We might as well just come out and say it: Hollywood made a sh*t ton of money this year. Thanks to the overwhelming success of superhero films like Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok, we have no doubt that movie studio executives were throwing stacks of cash off of their yachts Wolf of Wall Street style each and every day of 2017. That being said, the movie that took home the top honors this year in terms of how much it raked in at the box office might come as a bit of a surprise. Sure, both Thor and Wonder Woman made the top 10, but apparently facing off against Cate Blanchett or the God of War wasn't enough to earn either hero the number one spot. According to Box Office Mojo, Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is actually 2017's biggest money maker (at the time of publishing). The stunning,
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DVD Review – Wolf Warrior (2015)

Wolf Warrior, 2015.

Directed by Wu Jing.

Starring Scott Adkins, Wu Jing, Nan Yu, Kyle Shapiro and Kevin Lee.


A Chinese Special Forces soldier is targeted by a ruthless drug lord and his band of mercenaries.

When Chinese Special Forces sniper Leng Feng (Wu Jing) unconventionally kills a wanted criminal he is sent into solitary confinement where he is recruited by Commander Long Xiaoyun (Nan YuThe Expendables 2) to join a crack team of soldiers known as the Wolf Warriors. But a training exercise is interrupted when the drug lord brother of Feng’s previous kill sends in his team of crack mercenaries – led by the lethal Tomcat (Scott AdkinsThe Expendables 2/Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning) – to put an end to the Wolf unit and the man who murdered his brother.

Wolf Warrior is something of a mixed bag when it comes to an overall comment; there
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'Wolf Warrior' Clip Has Scott Adkins Fighting an Army | Exclusive

'Wolf Warrior' Clip Has Scott Adkins Fighting an Army | Exclusive
Action icon Scott Adkins is a one-man wrecking machine, taking out numerous enemies in our exclusive clip from Wolf Warrior. There is certainly no shortage of fighting scenes in this action-thriller, as you can see in our clip where Scott Adkins' Tom Cat uses his extensive martial arts skills, even as he's out-numbered. This new film debuts on Blu-ray and DVD September 1 from Well Go USA.

The action-packed war drama Wolf Warrior marks Jacky Wu's second film as a director, following Legendary Assassin. In addition to his directing duties, Jacky Wu (Badges of Fury, Shaolin) also stars as a Chinese Special Forces soldier with extraordinary marksmanship who is expelled from the army and joins a mysterious troupe of insurgents known as the Wolf Warrior. Nan Yu (The Expendables 2, The Taking of Tiger Mountain) plays the formidable female captain of the insurgents, while British martial arts sensation Scott Adkins (Zero Dark Thirty,
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New trailer for Wolf Warrior starring Scott Adkins and Wu Jing

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming action drama Wolf Warrior. The film is directed by Wu Jing who also stars in the film alongside British action star Scott Adkins. Check it out after the official synopsis…

Leng Feng is a rebellious special force soldier. During an assault mission, he disobeys an direct order, shooting three bullets through a concrete wall for a kill shot on the drug lord, hence the nickname “Cruel Three Shots”.

While serving time in confinement for insubordination, Leng Feng ’s extraordinary marksmanship earns himself recruitment into China’s elite “Wolf Warrior Squadron.

Wolf Warrior features a cast that also includes Nan Yu, Javad Ramezani, Kevin Lee and Kyle Shapiro.
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China’s First English-Speaking Sci-Fi Film 'Lost in the the Pacific' Garners International Pre-Sales

Worldwide Sales Agent, Arclight Films, has been racking up pre-sales with theatrical release intentions for "Lost in the Pacific" the first Chinese 3D Sci-Fi action adventure film in English. The film is currently in its final postproduction phase and Arclight Films anticipates a worldwide release by the end of 2015.

Starring Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns") and Chinese actress Yuqi Zhang ("White Deer Plain"), "Lost in the Pacific" is a 3D Sci-Fi action adventure film helmed by Chinese director Vincent Zhou ("Last Flight"). The story sets in 2020 when a group of international elite passengers embark on an inaugural luxury and transoceanic flight that later gets into a seemingly unexplainable catastrophe.

"Lost in the Pacific" is making major headway to become a top international Chinese film, utilizing far-reaching first-rate global resources, including a multi-award-winning team in front of and behind the camera. Filmed at Malaysia’s Pinewood Studios in the spring of 2015, the film is now finishing its visual effects by UFO Internationals. The film’s sound editing is supervised by Oscar-nominated Kami Asgar and Sean McCormack. Oscar-winner Mark Paterson ("Les Miserables") did the final sound mixing for the film.

During filming, "Lost in the Pacific’s" international cast and its universal themes attracted industry attention across the global film market. Arclight Films, which is handling all rights outside China, started the first round of sales in May during the Cannes Film Market when the film was still in production. Since then, the film has secured a number of deals, including Ram Indo in Vietnam, Viswaas in India, Aqua Pinema in Turkey, Pioneer in Philippines and Pt Prima in Indonesia. Arclight Films will be presenting the film to buyers with never before seen footage at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff).

Releasing a film in China, the United States and across the world can be ambitious for any Chinese film, but Arclight Films is confident in "Lost in the Pacific." Although China’s movies have found their niche market in Mandarin-speaking communities in cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Seattle as more Mainland Chinese films getting released in United States, "Lost in the Pacific" is different from other Chinese films. The film is not only aiming to release in major cities around the world, it’s perfectly positioned for a wider release as it is an English-speaking film and lacks a significant amount of language and cultural barriers than many other Chinese films to date. Having represented many Chinese films including "Special ID," "Wolf Warrior," and "Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal," Clay Epstein, Svp of Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films remarked, “'Lost in the Pacific' is extremely marketable and holds significant commercial value due to its international casting, story telling and the quality of production.”

“China’s film industry is witnessing increasing box office sales both at home and overseas,” said Elliot Tong, Head of Asian Sales and Acquisitions for Arclight Films. “A film like 'Lost in the Pacific' has all the makings of an international success story on a global scale.”

Director Vincent Zhou also hopes the film will be able to reach more audience worldwide. “It will be an extraordinary visual and acoustical experience with a unique adventure story for the global audience without language barriers,” he said.

“ Distributors have a wonderful opportunity to offer audiences something fresh and exciting,” continued Tong. “Buyers from all territories see enormous potential in 'Lost in the Pacific.' There’s not only fierce competition between Chinese films and American films but also between different Chinese films with the goal of being released to the American marketplace, and I firmly believe in Vincent Zhou and the his international team highly-acclaimed professional collaborators.”

Arclight Films will be showcasing the film further at the American Film Market in November. 'Lost in the Pacific' could very well be the first Chinese independent Sci-Fi film to receive a same-day release worldwide.
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Wolf Warrior Action-Packed War Drama Debuts Under WellgoUsA

Wolf Warrior Action-Packed War Drama Debuts Under WellgoUsA

An Elite Squad of Mercenaries Just Met Their Deadliest Target Wolf Warrior The action-packed war drama Wolf Warrior, Wu Jing’s second film as a director (following Legendary Assassin), debuts on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD Sept. 1 from Well Go USA Entertainment. In addition to his directing duties, Wu Jing (Badges of Fury, Shaolin) also ...

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SPL2 Scores Massive Opening In China

Ten years after Wilson Yip jump-started Donnie Yen's career with Spl (aka Kill Zone), the sequel is upon us, and it is making huge bank in mainland China. Kevin Ma over at FilmBiz Asia has done the maths, and claims that Soi Cheang's sequel has scored "a record opening for a contemporary action film", taking Us$50.6 million since opening on 18 June. A 3D release no doubt helped, but Wu Jing is on a roll after his last effort, Wolf Warrior, pulled in close to Us$100 million earlier this year. However, even with those figures, SPL2 could only place second to Jurassic World over the Chinese bank holiday weekend.A sequel in name only, SPL2: A Time For Consequences stars Tony Jaa, Wu Jing and Max Zhang,...

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'I Am Somebody' to open Shanghai fest

  • ScreenDaily
'I Am Somebody' to open Shanghai fest
Derek Yee’s I Am Somebody will open this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival (Siff, June 13-21), while China-Russian co-production Ballet In The Flames Of War will close the event.

Directed by China’s Yachun Dong and Russia’s Nikita Mikhalkov, Ballet In The Flames Of War is a romance set during the Second World War and opened the Chinese Film Festival in Mosow last month.

Meanwhile, Mikhalkov’s Sunstroke is one of nine films selected for the Golden Goblet Awards, along with Daniel Barnz’s Cake and Taiwanese director Tung Wang’s Where The Wind Settles (see list below). Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev (Leviathan) heads the jury for the awards.

Films nominated for the Asian New Talent Award include Japanese director Momoko Ando’s 0.5mm, Iranian filmmaker Hooman Seyedi’s 13 and Labour Of Love from India’s Aditya Vikram Sengupta.

Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home is also nominated in this section, but for the
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Wu Jing's 'Wolf Warrior' heads to Us

  • ScreenDaily
Wu Jing's 'Wolf Warrior' heads to Us
Exclusive: Well Go USA has swooped on North American rights to Easternlight Films’ 3D war epic Wolf Warrior, directed by and starring Wu Jing.

Yu Nan and Scott Adkins [pictured] also star in Wolf Warrior, which is in post-production and will be available in IMAX 3D.

Easternlight has also sold it to Noori Pictures for Thailand, Viswaas for India and Myanmar Cineplex for Myanmar.

Wu Jing stars as a Chinese special forces soldier who is expelled from the army and joins a mysterious troupe of insurgents known as the Wolf Warriors.

Yu Nan plays the formidable female captain of the insurgents, while Scott Adkins plays a foreign mercenary out to capture him.

Easternlight, the Asian arm of Arclight Films, previously worked with Wu Jing on Spl and Legendary Assassin.

The film will be released in China on April 2, one day before Easternlight’s Outcast, starring Nicolas Cage, which was mysteriously pulled from release last year.
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