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An Entertaining & Exciting Stuff! - Here is an actor who always (with some exceptions) delivers.
EngineerSahab23 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ever wondered what it would be like to see Tom Cruise taking a break from his usual Sci-Fi & Impossible series "avatar". Well, here is your answer - It gets even more exciting and entertaining. This is Tom Cruise's real life take on the impossible series where Barry Seal replaces Ethan Hunt and CIA as the agency, which dictates the terms. It's just that Barry loves to go with the flow and without any intention of getting involved with anything that seems out of his league and this is something each one of us can relate to. He is your usual guy who happens to be a pilot and wants to make some extra cash with every extra mile. So what's wrong with it? Well nothing is wrong when you do it for the right guys, and nothing gets more exciting and dangerous when those right guys turn out to be CIA.

What is even more amusing and entertaining to watch is the fact that despite having no choice left but to cooperate with CIA, "Barry Seal never says no" to any offer (even if it comes from any drug lord) that helps him maintain his cash flow that obviously was becoming unmanageable for him by every passing day. Although, I must admit that it was quite a fun to watch him trying to manage millions of cash that he had no idea how to spend.

You will definitely enjoy watching Tom cruise as Barry Seal who uses CIA to get his end of the bargain (and they thought that they were the only smart guys who live in one of the greatest countries of the world).

If you want to go on an adventure trip, go watch this movie and you will understand what Tom Cruise really means when he says, "I am just a gringo who always delivers".
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Doug Liam and Tom Cruise make such a great pair
mitodruroy24 August 2017
Very few directors have tapped the clown in Tom Cruise the way Doug Liman has. He had directed Tom in Edge of Tomorrow which was humorous and was set amidst a post-apocalyptic alien invasion. American Made is just as humorous and is also set amidst an invasion of sorts except this movie is a true story. Captain Barry Seal had the adventure of a lifetime before falling prey to a monster of his own doing. But what an adventure it might have been for this man to smuggle contraband into and out of the States.

I felt Tom Cruise did a great job portraying the pilot in an extremely light-hearted and funny way. Cruise is known for playing roles that ooze oodles of dare-devilry. But most of those roles are of fictitious characters. For once Tom plays a real man whose daring knew no bounds. Captain Barry Seal was like a real-life Ethan Hunt. Hence I feel casting Cruise as Seal was an extremely appropriate decision and should help in filling Universal Studios Entertainment's coffers.

If you were awed after seeing the aerial sequences in Dunkirk, wait until you have seen this film. The planes are subjected to go through some intense acrobatics which will please you. If you were disappointed with Cruise after watching The Mummy, I can assure you that you will heave a sigh of relief after watching this film. The film's story is not only engaging but also witty and hilarious. There are hardly any stagnant moments so the probability of you getting bored is very low.

A very ironic thing about American Made is that in 1986 when Barry Seal must have gone through whatever turmoil he did, a young Tom Cruise played a pilot in Top Gun which released that year. Did he know he would pay a real-life pilot who was very relevant during those days almost 31 years later ?

Watch American Made . Don't watch it for Tom Cruise's stardom. Watch it because you deserve to watch an entertaining and great film on the big screen that coincidentally has a superstar playing the leading man. I humbly apologize for the length of this post but sometimes I just can't control myself from pouring my thoughts out
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Entertaining as an Action Movie
claudio_carvalho26 November 2017
In 1978, the skilled and ambitious TWA pilot Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) smuggles Cuban cigars to increase his income. Out of the blue, he is contacted by the CIA agent Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson), who asks him to work for the CIA photographing facilities over Central America using a state-of-art small plane. Soon Barry contacts General Noriega as a courier for the CIA and is contacted by the Medellin Cartel that wants him to transport drugs to the USA. Then Schafer asks Barry to carry weapons for the Contras in Nicaragua. Barry invites pilots that are his friends and plots routes to smuggle drugs for the cartel. The CIA closes eyes to the scheme and Barry becomes richer and richer. He uses the Arkansas town Mena to laundry his money. But the DEA and the FBI are tracking him down. When the CIA shuts down the scheme, Barry is left alone and arrested by the agencies. What will happen to his family and him?

"American Made" is an American action movie based on a true story and told like a comedy despite the seriousness of the situation, with the American government interfering this time with the Central America nations. The plot is engaging and entertaining and the despicable Barry Seal is depicted as a family man by Tom Cruise that has good performance. The background of corruption, political interference, trafficking of weapons and drugs are treated like something usual by the story that can not be taken seriously. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Feito na América" ("American Made")
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Entertaining with muddied morality
neil-4768 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bored TWA pilot Barry Seal is prevailed upon by shadowy CIA operative "Shafer" to fly spy photography missions for them and, subsequently, to courier materials to and from Noriega in Panama. This turns quickly and easily into smuggling cocaine for the Medellin cartel. Much money results and, before he knows it, Seal is in the middle of a very big, lucrative and dangerous business.

Barry Seal was a real person, and the events shown in this film largely took place. I'm not sure if they would have taken place in quite the way they are shown here, though. Tom Cruise plays Seal as a likeable chap, an almost-loser who is a mix between savvy and naive, and blessed with an ability to regard morally reprehensible activity as somehow justifiable.

The film is played almost as a comedy and is quite amusing throughout, despite the questionable and occasionally violent activity which takes place.

I enjoyed it, but I found myself wondering about both the morality of portraying Seal as a likeable schmuck whose only crime was finding himself out of his depth, and also the presentation of what happened as a comedy. These were not merry japes.
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Cruise Flying High Again.
bob-the-movie-man31 August 2017
If you ask anyone to list the top 10 film actors, chance is that "Tom Cruise" would make many people's lists. He's in everything isn't he?  Well, actually, no. Looking at his IMDb history, he's only averaged just over a movie per year for several years. I guess he's just traditionally made a big impact with the films he's done. This all rather changed in the last year with his offerings of the rather lacklustre "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" (FFF) and the pretty dreadful "The Mummy" (Ff) as one of this summer's big blockbuster disappointments. So Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was sorely in need of a upward turn and fortunately "American Made" delivers in spades.

"Based on a True Story" this is a biopic on the life of Barry Seal, a hot shot 'maverick' (pun intended) TWA pilot who gets drawn into a bizarre but highly lucrative spiral of gun- and drug-running to and from Central America at the behest of a CIA operative Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson). All this is completely mystifying to Barry's wife Lucy (Sarah Wright) who is, at least not initially, allowed to be 'in' on the covert activities.

The film is a roller-coaster ride of unbelievable action from beginning to end. In the same manner as you might have thought "that SURELY can't be true" when watching Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can", this thought constantly flits through your mind. At each turn Seal can't believe his luck, and Cruise brilliantly portrays the wide-eyed astonishment required. This is a role made for him. 

Also delivering his best performance in years is Domhnall Gleeson ("Ex Machina", "Star Wars: The Force Awakens") as the CIA man with the (whacky) plan. Large chunks of the film are powered by his manic grin.

As an actress, Sarah Wright is new to me but as well as being just stunningly photogenic she works with Cruise really well (despite being 20 years his junior - not wanting to be ageist, but this is the second Cruise film in a row I've pointed that out!)). Wright also gets my honorary award for the best airplane sex scene this decade!

Written by Gary Spinelli (this being only his second feature) the script is full of wit and panache and - while almost certainly (judging from wiki) stretches the truth as far as Seal's cash-storage facilities - never completely over-eggs the pudding. 

Doug Liman ("Jason Bourne", "Edge of Tomorrow") directs brilliantly, giving space among the action for enough character development to make you invest in what happens to the players. The 80's setting is lovingly crafted with a garish colour-palette with well-chosen documentary video inserts of Carter, Reagan, Oliver Stone, George Bush and others. It also takes really chutzpah to direct a film that (unless I missed it) had neither a title nor any credits until the end. 

The only vaguely negative view I had about this film is that it quietly glosses over the huge pain, death and suffering that the smuggled drugs will be causing to thousands of Americans under the covers. And this mildly guilty thought lingers with you after the lights come up to slightly - just slightly - take the edge off the fun.   Stylish, thrilling, moving and enormously funny in places, this is action cinema at its best. A must see film. 

(For the full graphical review of the film please visit http://bob- the- Thanks.)
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American Remade
jonathan-972-15013929 September 2017
Fun movie, if not for the fact that the truth was changed to protect the guilty.

In real life, Barry Seal was fired from TWA in '72 when he was charged for smuggling plastic explosives across Mexico. He flew tons of coke into the States for multiple drug kingpins, including Escobar. When he was busted, he started working for the DEA as an informant. He was overweight, poisoned his fellow Americans with drugs; and didn't care about his family enough to enter WITSEC.

From a historical perspective, it should be taken with a grain of salt that a guy like Seal, given his position, can be placed in a situation where everything is cool, time after time after time after time again.
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Entertaining, but quickly fades
rabbitmoon3 December 2017
American Made was a good watch - the story keeps a good steady momentum, the direction and editing are vibrant and dynamic. It has the vibes of something like Wolf of Wall St or a Guy Ritchie film, where despite the nature of the events you find yourself rooting for a criminal and laughing at the black comedy of how things unfold.

But it stays firmly in the mode of fast-paced 'zany' without ever really digging into emotions, desperation, or any human reflection. Barry Seal as a character remains a breezy, zany blur. Its just that kind of film. I think Cruise has a lot to do with that - his vanity as an actor, having to be seen as either confused- smiley or cool-intense in any given moment limits his courage to do anything else (Born on the Fourth of July was a real anomaly for him in terms of range).

Its as entertaining as any two episodes of Narcos - but without Narcos' complexity and variance. Good but not great, definitely worthy of a viewing.
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A seriously fun Cruise lead comedy/thriller
eddie_baggins24 August 2017
While we all eagerly await the release of the recently announced Top Gun sequel, Tom Cruise's latest slice of polished Hollywood entertainment American Made, allows us all to see what it's like when Maverick becomes a little naughty in his retirement from flying fighter jets, verbally sparring with Iceman and making out with Kelly McGillis.

Re-teaming with his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, American Made is a relentlessly energized and seriously fun examination of the true life story of American Airlines pilot Barry Seal, who gave up his life as an everyday pilot to not only become a CIA recruited pilot delivering messages, guns and various other treats to South American contacts, but a drug runner for the Pablo Escobar Columbian drug trade, which makes for a wild ride that would be utterly unbelievable were it not in fact based on truth.

Fair warning to all, Liman and his leading man are totally uninterested in giving a dry history lesson of Seal's exploits, as American Made sees the two Hollywood heavy hitters instead turn their trajectory towards delivering a heightened and often over the top examination of these events and with Liman bringing his Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow expertise with him to the event and with Cruise seemingly having the most fun his had in years, the risk to go for something different other than an awards baiting or dialogue heavy expose has paid off hugely, with American Made easily becoming one of the year's most purely fun and enjoyable rides.

At almost 60 years of age you'd be rightfully thinking it's about time that Cruise take a seat back and enjoy a more quiet time in his career but the unstoppable and enthusiastic leading man is having a blast here bringing Seal to life.

In almost every scene of the film, Cruise and Liman continue on with their rapport that they built in Edge of Tomorrow and Liman should be commended for bringing out Cruise's natural talents for comedy and when mixed with his easy going charisma that has made him such a beloved acting figure, Seal offers Cruise one of his best and most interesting roles in his long and varied career, no small feat when you consider the quality of his often underestimated C.V.

American Made's frenetic and sometimes scattered focus may detract from some viewers experiences and those looking for a more sombre take on a no doubt very serious topic may be disappointed but Liman and his cast's (that includes great bit turns from the likes of Sarah Wright as Seal's wife Lucy and Caleb Landry Jones as Lucy's dim-witted brother Bubba) ability to extract the absurdness and craziness of this whole situation and turn it into such a fun piece of entertainment should be a winner in the majority of cases, much like Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street did.

Final Say –

With Cruise on top form and Liman instilling his film with a breathtaking amount of energy, American Made is a pure piece of cinematic entertainment and an awesomely fun companion piece to Cruise's other well-known plane centred star vehicle.

4 future presidents out of 5
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A welcome return to Form for Tom Cruise !!!
venkatesh-tumu19 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have to Confess i am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, but when i got a chance to go to an Advanced Press Screening of his latest movie with my Brother, who works in the press i reluctantly gave it a shot. I surely had a pleasant surprise in store, with the movie being a blast from start to finish and had a ton of retro 80's music. After the disaster that's THE MUMMY, Tom Cruise returns to form with some of his best work in the last 10 years outside the Mission Impossible franchise. Its a story based on the real life events of Barry Seal, a pilot who plays a crucial role in the Iran-Contra Affair, here we see Tom Cruise return to familiar territory where he makes us fall in love with a Semi-good guy who does bad things but we are not quite sure and root for him, because Tom Cruise makes us fall in love with him with his 1000 Watt Smile. The supporting cast was serviceable but make no mistake this is a Tom Cruise vehicle purely designed to show everyone he still has it !!!
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Feels like watching a movie length montage
Sawyer-481516234214 October 2017
I had virtually no expectations for this movie other than a trailer I had seen.

Turns out the entire movie is like a trailer. The whole movie was a series of jump-cuts from scene to scene. There were a ton of montages of Cruise flying, smuggling, etc. It felt like the movie tried to hard to not get bogged down in details, but as a result I found the movie hard to connect with. It didn't help that Cruise's character doesn't have much of a persona. He likes to fly and has questionable morals (such as being willing to smuggle drugs) but there is not much there beyond that.

I think they wanted to show that he loved his family but he made so many questionable decisions that put them at risk that it was hard to like his character. Plus some people have described this as a comedy but it totally lacked any laugh out loud moments or even internal chuckles.

I feel like this story could have been better told with more of a cohesive story line, rather than having Cruise montage his way through it all. It felt like a 2 hour trailer to me.

I gave 5 stars because the movie is somewhat entertaining, but I feel like it fell short of it's potential and I wouldn't watch it a 2nd time.
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An enjoyable if somewhat lengthy movie
terrynz-1607823 August 2017
I was lucky to get an advanced screening. First off, at least it kept my attention the whole way through. I had previously seen Cruise in the "Mummy" movie recently released and was not impressed with his acting there.

In this movie he returned to form and therefore the story-line was far more plausible. I say story-line, but in reality it is one of those docu-drama's, being based on fact. I wonder how much was dramatization as there were some parts where you would ask "did this sh*t really happen?!"

Would I be inclined to add it to my DVD collection, no. It was good as a one time showing. I suspect the length of it worked somewhat against it. A long movie needs to build up to a crescendo, and whilst this had lots of action it never seemed to hit that top note.
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An entertaining and fun well-made film boosted by great direction and acting.
helmutty3 September 2017
Doug Liman and Tom Cruise paired up together again for a fast-paced and colorful biography on Barry Seal. American Made may not have the blockbuster action but it holds up on its own firmly with the help of a great direction by Doug. Tom Cruise is definitely the main highlight of the film and he is what made it so entertaining.

The story: The pace is brisk; it takes the audience on a crazy ride from the start and never slows down. Though it never felt boring, sometimes I felt that it could have slowed down for some development. After the film ended, it seems that Doug and Tom had a clear mind on just keeping the audience as entertained as they can be. It cuts to the chase and never dwells on anything such as emotions. It moves quickly from event to event. Advantage is that I was not bored at all. Disadvantage is that it felt like a 2 hours montage on Barry Seal's life. There is no real tension or character's development. The realism is helped by the smart decision of filming like a documentary. Be warned: Action genre fans may be disappointed that is no big action. It is strangely classified as action.

Acting wise: Tom Cruise looks like he had lots of fun filming. It is just entertaining watching him immersed himself in the crazy and fast-paced world of Barry Seal. The rest of the cast are decent but not impressive.

Music wise: Christophe Beck created a decent mood of the different years. Since Doug wanted the film to feel realistic, it is not jam-packed with music. There are many moments where sounds and ambiance take the front seat.

Overall: It is not impressive but it is a solid entry to Doug Liman's and Tom Cruise's filmography. I went in with low expectation and had no idea about the outrageous stuff Barry Seal did. And not only was I entertained, I was immersed into the world of Barry.
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Cruise and Liman make a great pair again
scandinavianmail3 September 2017
Always reliable if not exactly visionary, director Doug Liman has another entertaining outing with Tom Cruise, reinventing his charm, swagger and grin as tools for finding easy cash and marital respect when honest work doesn't exactly get one far enough.

Cruise plays a totally reprehensible and despicable character and yet manages to keep everyone invested in the ride that accelerates with every misstep on the way, fully captivating the audience to wait for the extent of the looming train wreck. Cruise is entirely game here, not once trying to make audience feel sorry for his character or thinking that maybe he had a heart of gold, after all.

Worth pointing out is also a stellar turn from a less prolific Domhnall Gleeson whose ambitious CIA operator is equally blind, naive and brilliant, and Gleeson makes his oily presence wonderfully effective.
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Blows the doors off the guns and drugs Iran Contra Scandal
rekotreed8 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
By Terry Reed, Author of Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. It finally happened. The complex core of my book Compromised, the CIA's covert guns and drugs debacle cleverly mislabeled the Iran Contra Scandal, has hit the big screen thanks to the efforts of Universal Studios, Director Doug Liman, Screen Writer Gary Spinelli, Tom Cruise and a host of professionals. Liman told me he was attracted to this project as a result of insider information he gleaned from his father Arthur Liman, Chief Counsel for the US Senate's investigation of the Iran Contra affair.

As the person who wrote the original, first hand and definitive book on the Barry Seal/Mena, Arkansas operation, from the inside, I was the most skeptical critic the movie had to win over since I had lived much of the Mena ordeal right along side Barry Seal…the movie's main character played by Cruise.

Sure, there are major deviations from the historical record of what happened in Mena, and the screenwriter exercised his dramatic license combining characters and blending together events for the purpose of cramming this sordid story into 120 minutes of educational entertainment. But that's Hollywood.

As someone who worked with several major Hollywood production companies and screen writers (Clint Eastwood and Dennis Hackin just to drop names) who attempted to bring Compromised to the theaters, I realize how difficult it is find that balance between authenticity, entertainment, time constraints and marketability. Doug Liman has done just that! Those I worked with who attempted to whittle Compromised down to an understandable narrative were most often left with a docudrama type product that in most cases over-reflected the political bend of the whittlers. Just as the title of my book suggests, the Iran Contra scandal and the subsequent unraveling of a CIA covert operation run amuck impacts both political parties. Sure, most will argue that Hollywood is liberal and most likely to err on the side of protect-the-Democrats at all costs, but let's face it, the vast majority of the guns and drugs scandal imbedded within the Mena/Contra support program falls directly into Republican laps. Again, Liman did a superb job of staying true to the Mena geographical location and then suggesting strongly that then-Governor Bill Clinton had a hand in it when the US Attorney's efforts to apprehend Seal in Arkansas are thwarted.

But alas, two hours is a short time to compress history, relay intricate information into a comprehensible story line and then ultimately deal with the life and fate of Cruise's character, pilot Barry Seal. Cruise for the most part is receiving accolades for his Seal portrayal, and I agree American Made underscores that occasionally Cruise can move outside of his Mission Impossible persona and reacquaint us with the depths of his talent.

I must say how rewarding it is to have consulted on the movie with Doug Liman and his staff, and to see how he wove the nuances I provided into the scenes in such an authentic and unobtrusive way. The Contra training camp and mile-high-club scene are just a few of those nuggets that cause the screenplay to frequently place foot on terra firma.

Debbie Seal, the real life widow of Barry who unfortunately is being forced to relive this tragic chapter of her life by watching her husband's demise, saw the movie in a different light. She reminded me that Barry was double-crossed by the Reagan White House which not only resulted in her husband's death by Pablo Escobar, but also forced her to raise their three children alone. Debbie compared it to Jacqueline Kennedy watching a movie of the JFK assassination. A grim reality check.

The Mena/Iran Contra scandal resulted in many of us falling into the category of "disposable assets" and being falsely labeled when a covert White House back door operation ran amuck, and we became political liabilities. Much of what we suffered through was the result of cowardly behavior on behalf of the Reagan/Bush Administrations who knew full well that many of us who were recruited for this covert operation were "left in the cold" and disavowed when this violation of Congressional Law (The Boland Amendment) became public knowledge. Most of us were Vietnam Veterans who had skill sets needed for the operation and felt honored to be selected to become part of a CIA backed Air America style operation.

This is where I do take exception to the movie plot line. Many of us, myself included, had nothing to do with the transportation of illegal narcotics into America. We were briefed on Barry Seal's multi-prong, multi-agency (DEA, and US Customs undercover activities penetrating the Medellin Cartel that included "controlled deliveries" of cocaine) operation but the vast majority of us were tasked with the difficult and dangerous work of training the Contras to build out their own guerilla warfare weapons air delivery system and delivering both munitions and humanitarian aid in a war zone. The movie had two different opportunities to move deeper in this direction, but I presume time constraints kept the plot line humming along in the direction it took.

All in all it is a great first effort to bring the Iran Contra scandal to the movie theaters. It is about flawed human nature, war, life, death and the seedy behavior of politicians and the alphabet soup federal agencies that violate their own codes of ethics and policies,all in the guise of National Security.

If you haven't seen American Made do so. But I must brief you. Fasten your seat belt, stow your tray table and get ready for an exciting, educational and turbulent flight.

P.S. Thank you Doug Liman for your satchel charge effort to blow the doors off this scandal. Iran Contra still screams out for an in-depth and tell-all docudrama production that lets the political fall-out descend as it may and truly takes no prisoners. I am currently working on that project.
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Brilliant & genius making from biography crime genre !
stevenclayalcander8 September 2017
At first i thought this movie will be boring as hell because of biography and crime genre, many movie with similar genre failed to bring the movie to success. I think it will be hard to make this kind of movie but Doug Liman as the director and Tom Cruise as the main character (Barry Seal) make this movie to the top of their best !

The story telling is good and makes the audience can follow it easily. Its not too complex, but not plain too. Many humour inside it and Tom Cruise acting really makes it real ! And because this movie based on true story, and has reveal one of many dark secret on USA government, it makes this movie more interesting ! I cant believe this movie can be one of my favourite and be the one of top on my list. So recommended for the audience who love crime story with comedy, just try it !
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Cruise is superb. Entertaining film about a morally questionable real-life character.
pr658 September 2017
Cruise is superb in this film, and (in my opinion) his performance captures the audience's attention throughout the film. For me Sarah Wright (the main character's wife), and Alejandro Edda (a Cartel character) also made a mark on the film, with other actors being overshadowed. All in all this was a high-octane and highly entertaining film about real-life historical events that deserved to be made. On the negative side, I would say that it glamorizes the life of Barry Seal and makes him seem like a 'nice fun guy' which is unfortunate. The real-life Barry Seal was a drug smuggler who must have cared nothing for the people who suffered as a result of his drug-running, including the numerous victims of his Cartel 'friends'. Due to the controversial historical and political events portrayed (and also hinted at) in the film, it may have been deemed necessary to do this in order to produce the film in the first place...
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Awesome! Tom Cruise's best movie yet
Screenwriter1098765432124 August 2017
Lured by adventure and bucket loads of cash, a gutsy TWA pilot takes on flight operations for both the CIA and a Columbian drug cartel.

In this pacey action film, Tom Cruise pulls off the ultimate feat of an A List actor- he disappears in the role of Barry Seale, ace pilot, lover of risk, dedicated husband and father, and player of games with some pretty shady people. It's a fun role, but deadly serious, and Cruise gets the tone just right.

The director Doug Liman weaves his magic to recreate the effect of being there- in the naive eighties, in the middle of all the fun of flying and unexpected opportunity, with the cautionary tale of Barry Seal a window into the world of corruption we only only saw glimpses of at the time. My only complaint was that third act dragged a little, but it's a real life story, so what can you do.

Full credit to the excellent Domnhall Gleeson as the CIA spy who lures Barry into the web, he's one to watch in the future.

And kudos to Cruise who apparently did his own stunts. So go see it! Take some popcorn & put some bums on seats!
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Cruise makes a Comeback
febhanli22 September 2017
Tom Cruise is back with a vengeance and after the train wreck that was The Mummy i can safely say that this movie proved that Cruise can act and Liman can direct.

While the narrative structure isn't always the best flowing the movie delivers great performances, an atmosphere that sucks you into the time period, and well made shots.

A highly underrated movie that i would personally recommend and a definite 8/10.
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American Mess
tigerfish506 October 2017
It's naive to expect anything close to the truth from 'based-on-true-story' projects, but it shouldn't be unreasonable to hope for content and coherence. 'American Made' plays like a movie trailer throughout its two-hour length, stirring together the standard ingredients of 1980s cocaine smuggling sagas like 'Blow'. The story boils down to a procession of mustachioed Colombian cartel bosses, DEA agents and drug-courier aviators hauling cocaine, firearms and bags of cash around jungle landing strips, hotel lobbies and small town banks in the ugly fashions of the day.

Tom Cruise portrays pilot protagonist Barry Seal as an easygoing coke-smuggling, gun-running, Caddy-driving adventurer. His self-deprecating charm and aerial dare-devilry are supposed to hold the film together, but both charisma and exploits seem stale. After the CIA persuade Seal to aid their anti-communist follies in Central America, this sophomoric operator fends off the various suspicions and demands of his dumb blonde wife, crooked associates and two-faced CIA handlers. The script never bothers to develop any of these stock characters as the story unfolds with the depth of a music video. At the conclusion, there's little reason to believe a word of it, or care what happens to any of the participants.
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TomCruise at his best
antoniotierno3 September 2017
A great story perfectly representing those years and with a stunning performance by Tom Cruise. I would say one of the best movie ever, in this genre, which is midway between a CIA based film and a biopic one. Barry's narration, delivered direct to camera, takes the form of a series of clips from a fuzzy home video supposedly shot in the mid-1980s, laying out the historical background in a dense fashion (he pretends at one point to confuse two countries) which seems most directly indebted to Adam McKay's The Big Short. The biggest coup is the casting of Cruise, who functions as a pure icon, recycling all his usual mannerisms – the grin, the hand gestures – and even revisiting his past as a pilot in Top Gun. The catch is that his depthless showboating for once seems intended as anything but likable.
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Seen it all before and much better
omendata2 November 2017
What a turgid bore fest.

Don't get me wrong I like Tom Cruise but we have all seen these stories before and made much better - Lord Of War with Nick Cage was ten times better film than this.

Was not exciting in the least - there seemed to be a missing tension in the story; whether this was because of Tom Cruise' blasé performance and seeming safe atmosphere it just didn't convey any danger, suspense or even anything new to add to the genre.

Seen it all before drug cartel movies are ten a penny and this was not even worth a penny! Cannot believe the high 7.1 mark for this, just shows the level of expectation of our reality TV generation - how sad!
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An entertaining take on an unbelievable true story
DJKwa5 September 2017
If American Made proves one thing it's that truth is stranger than fiction. The story of American aircraft pilot Barry Seal who became a drug smuggler working for the Medellin cartel, casually rubbed shoulders with Pablo Escobar and ran a massive money laundering operation all while being employed by the CIA, would seem a stretch even by Hollywood's standards. Yet it's precisely the "based on true events" part of Seal's story that makes American Made such a fascinating film to watch.

We are first introduced to Seal as a disillusioned TWA pilot looking for something to put the thrill back in his life. When approached by the CIA to fly reconnaissance of communist factions in South America, he immediately jumps at the opportunity. Flying solo from the US on his own private two- engine plane, it's not long before Seal is intercepted by the Medellin cartel and offered large amounts of cash to smuggle drugs into the US. Ever the opportunist, Seal agrees and soon finds himself playing on both sides of the law and making more money than he knows what to do with. But as the demands from both sides grow increasingly untenable, Seal finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, with his luck quickly drying up.

Tom Cruise brings his manic charisma to the role of Seal, and he's a good fit for the highflying, larger than life character. It's hard not to look with contempt at a man who transported illegal narcotics into the US en masse, but Cruise does a good job in humanising Seal and portraying him as more than just a criminal. At heart, Seal is a family man looking to provide for his wife and daughter but whose unrelenting pursuit of the American dream finds him working on both sides of the law.

The charisma Cruise brings to the role goes a long way in making Seal an endearing protagonist, and he seems to have fun in the role. Following the underwhelming performance of The Mummy earlier this year, American Made represents a return to form for him and a welcome return to the more grounded narratives in which he fares far better with.

Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Fair Game) complements Cruise's commanding performance with his highly energised filming style. The camera is rarely steady for more than a beat and its constant zooming, shaking and moving around lends the film an effective faux doco feel. On the flipside, however, the incessant camera movements are distracting during some of the quieter moments in the film. In one simple conversation scene in a diner, near the beginning of the film, the camera haphazardly changes angles and abruptly zooms in towards the characters as they speak. It's awkwardly staged and distracts from the dialogue. Luckily the film moves at such a fast clip that Liman's hyperactive filming works mostly well but some restraint would have gone a long way during the smaller scenes.

Overall American Made is a fascinating biopic about a larger than life character. The film benefits greatly from Cruise's committed performance and Liman's lively direction to provide an entertaining take on an unbelievable true story.
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Hollywood finally gets it right
diane-3412 September 2017
When Hollywood gets it right and stops making movies for children they can actually make a beauty like this one. My wife and I just returned from such an accomplished film some minutes ago: American Made.

We have seen Tom Cruise in a number of his previous films (not necessarily by choice) and both of us kind of cringed at his screen presence. He delivered his lines well enough, but we did not see him as a genuine character; he seemed always to be playing his roles rather than living them. The exception was the movie we attended this afternoon; Cruise "stepped into the role", he became Barry Seal and us, the audience lived his demise with him from airline pilot to cocaine courier to arms smuggler for the American government.

This movie could not have been made while Ron Reagan was alive and the other principles like Ollie North sat in positions of decision-making power close to the Oval Office. This movie was about Barry Seal, Drug Smuggler and tangentially about the evil and stupidity that lurked in the minds of people that ran the American government and caused the deaths of many thousands of people in Central America.

This is a brave and thoughtful film that all lovers of America should see; besides its political strength see it because of it is a high film making aptitude.
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Pure boredom
barbaravannorde3 September 2017
After seeing the trailer of American Made, I was looking forward to this film. The trailer is misleading to say the least. I expected a combo of Blow and The Wolf Of Wallstreet. However, this film does not contain anything we haven't seen before. There are many movies with similar stories to this one, but none of them are this boring. There is no suspense in this movie. The story is not cohesive and predictable. It is not to blame on the acting of the cast. It's just a badly written story and the movie is to long.
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The Fun Way of Showing Biography of Barry Seal's Unique Life
michael_sujantono27 August 2017
For a biography movie, this one was interestingly done. The way the story was told made it seemed quite fun. Some portions were using dark humor and Tom Cruise was real charming in here. I could actually picture him as this real unique character. His relationship with his wife and family was also real fun to look at, especially during the moment when he tried to convince her about the good about his works.

One cool thing about the movie was the very good costumes and sets. It was like we were transformed into the world of the 1970s and early 1980s when the film was set. Especially the make up effects of Tom Cruise was also exceptional. He looked a lot younger than his actual age here. Even my wife was very amazed with his appearance and looks. In addition to the costumes and sets, the film was also having some songs from that period which enhanced the aura of 70s and 80s here.

The main attraction of this movie was definitely the uniqueness of Barry Seal's life as a pilot and smuggler and also the impacts he had in the US history during the Ronald Reagan's presidency then. It even had some political figures mentioned as well. The title of the movie also suit the story very nicely. You would understand why it has such title by the end of the film.

In the end, you could already guess the conclusion of the movie. Especially if you are a history buff who already knew the story of Barry Seal. There appeared to be various versions of his life story, so I am not sure either whether the one we saw here was the real actual version. But anyway, in term of entertainment, the movie was made into a non boring kind of biographical movie. However, those who were expecting to see Tom Cruise kick a$$ in this movie would probably be disappointed cause this is not that kind of movie. There were some action scenes but this film could not be categorized as action type. There were no very emotional moments as well (which I found rather odd as usually biography movie would have some of those parts).

Finally, if you are looking for a good biographical crime movie, this one might be a good option. Though this was not as heavy as other movies in such category, it was still interesting to see Tom Cruise's portrayal of one of the controversial character in US history. It was also directed by Doug Liman who was the director of some good and/or commercially successful movies such as The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Edge of Tomorrow and few others. But for those who are looking for movies with lots of actions by Tom Cruise, better wait for his next Mission: Impossible movies.

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