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10 out of 9 :-)
mrpapasme1 February 2016
Please ignore all the other reviews.

This is some funny stuff right here.

If you like Workaholics, you'll love Idiotsitter.

Maybe not for the more mature of audiences, so if you're a big kid who loves a bit of clever toilet humour... then this is the show for you! :-)

A straight-and-narrow young woman is hired to babysit a mega-rich woman child who has been left alone in her daddy's mansion under house arrest.

Jillian Bell is a great comedian. Her dummy persona works perfectly in this role.

I loved her on Workaholics and she is equally as awesome in this hilarious comedy.

I've watched 3 episodes and I'm hooked!
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Humor for the sake of humor
cekadah13 March 2016
It's really unfortunate some of the reviews here just do not 'get it'. This series is just surreal comedy for comedies sake.

A good example is the episode when Gene's mother visits and her mother is a man! Yet no mention is ever made why it's a man. This was one of the funniest episodes - actually every episode is funny! The creators: Jillian Bell, Charlotte Newhouse, who also star in the series as Gene and Billie, are so spot on with their writing and acting there just isn't enough praise to give them.

The first episode had me totally hooked and each episode since then has been just as good. I can see where some just do not 'get it' because they can only absorb something like The Partridge Family which is spoon fed to the viewer.
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Watch A Couple Episodes Before You Judge
YouPregnant4 February 2016
I just finished watching episode 4 of the first season of idiotsitter which featured a guest appearance by Channing Tatum, who I figured did the show because he costarred in the movie 22 jump street with Jillian bell who is the idiot in the show. I have been a fan of Jillian on the show workaholics for years and am pleased to see her get a shot at starring in her own show. the first episode of the season left a bit to be desired but I have to say the show is growing on me quickly. I enjoyed the third episode "the funeral one" so much I even watched it a couple times. yes this show is about 2 girls acting idiotically and that's not everyone's brand of humor but it is mine as I grew up watching and loving shows like beavis and butt-head and married with children. I really believe this and shows like this are for smart people to laugh at as where stupid people will only think they are too smart for it. Id say I judge a comedy show by how many jokes land for me and this one hits the mark. I hope it continues to be funny or get funnier unlike broad city which had a great first season but disappointing second (in my opinion anyway). I have always thought men are much funnier then women but shows like this are changing my mind. give this show a chance and I think you'll like it
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immature/silly humor isn't for everyone
animegamer42011 March 2016
the show is "my type of humor" its silly immature and "stupid in a clever way". every episode has given me 2 belly laughs. while i can understand someone seeing their obnoxiousness as forced and shrill, its never annoying for more than a moment before it makes you laugh again. the budget seems to be pretty good. the character acting stupid (gene) isn't really that stupid, its more schticky. the two girls really act like a caricaturized version of me and my best friend. the show has great guest characters. this show is one of the best things to come out of comedy central in a long time. this isn't going to appeal to the masses but if you like friends giving each other a hard time and acting like grown up kids then its for you. i cant even compare it to any other show.
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An extended - and rather unpleasant - comedy sketch
cherold22 January 2016
Idiotsitter is like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch, with an obnoxious idiot acting obnoxiously idiotic while another character acts flustered. It is apparently a web series that has been brought to comedy central, and perhaps in works fine in the brief web-series format, although I kind of doubt it.

As I write this, there is only one other user review, from someone who stopped watching halfway through. I also stopped watching halfway through. I suppose it's vaguely conceivable that the second half is really funny, but that would surprise me tremendously.

I laughed a couple of times, but mainly I just felt annoyed.
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..we're all nuts.. they just take it out of the closet and film it
bjarias17 September 2016
.. it's very strange most all the time.. but some of the bits are extremely funny (the burial sequence is classic)... amazing how much 'comedy' programming never elicits one bit of laughter... well this is most definitely 'strange-comedy'.. and without doubt, lots of folks will consider some of it side-splitting, and another group will find those same situations completely tasteless.. you always get the feeling you're going to stop watching at some point soon.. but there you are episodes later, still sticking with it.. the leads are brilliant, and should you like it at all, it's unquestionably because of their work (and this style comedy is very much talent and work).. with so much boring comedy programming being force-fed the general viewing audience today.. this one's a solid and welcome change.. we all have times of insanity, these guys just kick it up a notch, and film it.. very cool
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Witty, Wonderfully Refreshing, and Wildly Entertaining!
Jess_Jacobs5 March 2016
I just found this show on Hulu and I was hooked from the very first episode! It reminds me a lot of the "female" version of Workaholics in which one of the main characters also plays in. I love the instant chemistry between the two leading ladies and how effortless their acting is in this show. It's kooky and somewhat bizarre but in a good and raunchy way. I've only seen six episodes so far but will look forward with anticipation to watching many more! Great acting, fun show, and the zaniness is very much entertaining.

This is an adult-themed show so please do not watch with children under 16 in the room.
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Really !!!!
viper429537 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First off I'm sorry, if you are reading this review you must be contemplating watching this movie. STOP RIGHT THERE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I have watched 12 minutes out of 21 and I am still shaking my head as to why I waited 12 minutes, with all thats going on in the world today I wasted 12 minutes of my precious time just so I could waste another 12 minutes writing a review...OK now i hit the submit button and have to write some more about this awful show. Acting, Ha, its like they were playing stupid cause they could, I mean thats the mentality that went into the writing of this show. I just don't know what else to say other then, Watch something else.
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Girl Power!
JasonDanielBaker30 March 2016
Bankrupt scholar Billie Brown (Charlotte Newhouse) is hired to tutor entitled rich girl Gene Russell (Jillian Bell).

After a rocky beginning a mutually beneficial kinship develops. The two combine to take on challenges neither could hope to solve on their own.

Beneath the veneer of slapstick humor the Comedy Central show Idiotsitter is a life-affirming depiction of the power of modern sisterhood present in the friendship between women. Feminist narrative never worked on as many levels as this one does.

Female friends should watch this show together and assess whether their relationships are as satisfying and liberating as the one shown between Billie and Gene.

They will see the potential for greatness that lies within all women to cooperate with each other in a mystic rhythm for the betterment of humanity. They will know a feeling of connection with one another only slightly less enjoyable than scissoring.

Was it not Alexis de Tocqueville that wrote of the potential greatness of America within it's associations i.e. the power of networking? That phenomenon combined with women's liberation can be fascinating when played out in a fictional structure.
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