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Ty Simpkins: Adam


  • Adam : I know who you are. You're a teacher, at Essex County, right? I know, I know, cause I've seen you. My son goes to school there. Yeah, not teaching today, huh?

    Sarah : No.

    Adam : What is it, recess? My son's name is Adam. He's "special needs." You'd recognize him if you saw him.

    Sarah : There's a lot of kids.

    Adam : You know what this song's supposed to be about?

    Sarah : It's about a fire lake?

    Adam : Wow, you are a teacher.

    Sarah : You send your son to a regular school?

    Adam : Yeah, until they kick him out.

    Sarah : You don't send him to a special education program, or anything?

    Adam : No, he's... He's a foster kid, right? And the agency claims they didn't know about his condition. We thought we were getting a...

    Sarah : ...normal kid?

    Adam : Yeah right, okay, I'm an asshole, alright? But you know, look, it's a burden.

    Sarah : They don't let you just dump him?

    Adam : I'm glad you weren't my teacher.

    Sarah : You should be.

    Adam : Look, I mean... He's a sweet kid but if you're looking for Rain Man, or like a math genius, or a classical fucking pianist, you're out of luck.

    Sarah : I heard that a lot of these kids, though, they're gifted. You just have to recognize what it is.

    Adam : Oh, he's gifted in starring at the fucking TV all day. So am I. And what's your special talent? What are you good at?

    Sarah : Well, I'm...

    Sarah : [Sarah and Joe start to have sex in a hotel room and Sarah rides Joe even harder]  Fuck! Fuck me! Harder! Oh yeah! Do that! Do that! Yes!

    Sarah : [after Joe cums on Sarah's face, she starts to get dress]  Is it three o'clock yet?

    Adam : No.

    Sarah : I'm supposed to pick up Adam. And I'm giving you a B+.

    Adam : Well, I'm glad you weren't my teacher.

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