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Brilliant! MUST SEE!
arif-38-30493327 June 2014
If you are an African American or an African Non-American, this movie is FOR YOU! I was in tears almost throughout the movie, and it moved me so to the point that I will be devoting more of my time to solving our Black Rights issues (whether on a local level or a world level). This is not just a movie that will get you riled up, but one that will also give hope to those who have no clue of how to properly articulate the problems they have encountered, and the struggles they endured on a regular basis throughout their life an a person of African Decent. In addition to giving hope, it will also teach one of the things that he/she can do even on a small scale to embitter his/her own situation, as well as the community. My favorite part of the movie is when they begin to cover the solution for our economical situation. One of the speakers expounds on how important it is to hold ourselves to a higher standard as African Businessmen/women. This is of immense importance, and I'm glad that it was covered in a way that wasn't a turn off for the everyday brother like myself, and that I could still laugh at because they gave real life scenarios and examples! ONE LOVE!
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derron_h-41-49615230 June 2014
After watching Hidden Colors 1 & 2 Hidden colors 3 put it all together. It held me in my seat. I didn't want to get up and take a chance on missing anything. For me it was the most powerful movie I've ever seen. The information contained in the movie is information all Black people should and need to have. Hidden Colors 3 is not only a documentary but if your paying attention it is also a guide for what we as a people NEED to do if we are to survive. I drove from Baltimore to DC to see the movie and was proud to see the movie was packed with both young and old people. It was almost standing room only. It did my heart good to see that. If I had known the movie was going to be that good I would have did everything I could to get a bus load of people to the movie. All people both Black and White need to see the Hidden Colors series and have discussions about the content. In conclusion do whatever you have to do. Get your hands on the Hidden colors series and watch it with your family, your grand parents, your friends and definitely your children. GET THE WORD OUT.
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I wish this documentary was a lie
Shubie11 September 2014
Most of the negative reviews I've seen about this documentary were about the inventions of Africans and African Americans being lie. In which.... Africans/African Americans didn't have a right to even be alive! Let alone claim something they created. So that part made sense to me. But we weren't there to know who's lying or telling the truth (side eye). What I do see is that Blacks today will create something and people of other cultures copy it, or try to steal it as their own. And since nothing under the sun is new... You get my point. But not once have I seen comments and reviews about the way Africans were treated being a lie! Not one! Tortured, disfigured, raped, beat, hung, enslaved, stabbed, cut, chocked, shot, spit on, urinated on, limbs removed, beheaded, abused, caged, chained, kidnapped and whipped. Was that a lie? And they got the audacity to be afraid of African American/Black people? People keep calling this a "movie" and clearly this is a documentary! I've read some of Tariq Nasheed's books and yes he does have a book about pimping, he also has books to enlighten you to be a better person no matter what race you are! But people don't see that! So I guess that automatically deems him as a joke? When the real JOKE is how I've been lied to in my History book. Blacks, Africans, African Americans have never been considered equals. If you disagree with the "history", why are there pictures to prove everything that was said in the documentary? Go and Google the torture people went through. So now Google is a joke too huh? People back then weren't ashamed or in denial about that they did to Africans/African Americans/Blacks. So why are we? I WISH this was a dream and this never happened to people but it did. It still does. Why?
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I loved this movie and can't wait to see the 4th break down being a Christian and Christianity I am excited!
Kenyae Kofi2 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was just even a stronger wake up to the black race! If you're an African American and you still doubt this movie its a very sad thing to see but you're on a mental lock down. The facts about the rules of racism was so intense because all these rules have been fulfilled on our people. It is so heartbreaking that racism plays that way and I feel people are taking this movie too much to heart because they are too deep in their own ignorance. But this movie has facts that never stop and I can't wait to see the Fourth documentary it definitely has my support and its going to be the best I cannot wait to see all the lies become decoded in a matter of minutes.
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Long and constant beating in your face movie
Ernie Mink14 July 2014
It was educational at best, to a degree, but kept beating black this and black that over your head until you just shut it off! I saw most of it and I am glad SOME got the idea that racism is just plain stupid and ignorant and that color does NOT matter. Slavery was not even about that. It was about control. The same thing is going on in government today, and the new world order wants to oppress and control all of us. This has already been proved. I have many black friends, but I do not agree that being black means you are not a good person or that being black means you get shafted. Most of your sports people are black and some of the richest people in the world! Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson (sadly taken from us), Denzel Washington in the movies, and the list goes on and on. I do not care what people think of me, and I do not let myself be controlled by history or the past. My friend is Caucasian and does not even know what race he is, nor does he care!!! People are way too selfish, egotistical and prideful, and that's what gets them in trouble. You cannot use your race to blame all people's actions every time something wrong happens or you get the bird on the road, for example. Get over it people! I agree Obama is a crook and a criminal, because he is, but just get over yourself and move on with life.
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liquidvizions16 July 2014
Just what we need. Another blame my race for all my problems when most of them are my fault. It is time to dry it up people and quit the whining. This movie is just that. Whine whine whine. Not to mention boring as can be.

Movies like this just try and make people feel sorry for themselves. That is all there is to it. Nothing deep about movies like this. They just try and drag people down and keep you there. Quit blaming society and get out there and make things better for you. No one owes you ANYTHING.

So watch this if you in the need to feel sorry for yourself because that is all you are going to get out of this nonsense.

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Good documentary and very informative
jikan96731 May 2016
I was skeptical of the information promoted and provided in this film. But, I researched all the information I watched after watching this film. I was blown away... All of the information was easy to find on the net as well as Amazon books. I've ordered most of the books and this is just amazing that none of this is taught in mainstream society. Maybe there would be less racism and hate in the world if this information was taught to everyone. I know a lot of people are just writing this off as some Afrocentric b.s., but seeing as everything has been documented by non-black people, it makes it all the more believable. I would say, watch this documentary objectively and then do your own research. Many people are over looking at the surface and not seeing this is just historical information that is has been swept under the rug.
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