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Season 2

16 Mar. 2016
Finding David
The Roses search for their missing son, David, while Alexis takes her relationship with Mutt to the next level despite technically being engaged to Ted.
16 Mar. 2016
Family Dinner
Johnny, David and Alexis realize that no one in their family knows how to cook, while Moira tries to convince her family that she does and that their former cook's enchilada recipe was her own family recipe. Moira is determined not only to pass down life skills specifically to David, but show him and the rest of the family that she really can cook. But first, she has to convince a less than enthusiastic Jocelyn to borrow her kitchen to prepare the meal. Meanwhile, Johnny is looking for somewhere quiet away from the motel as an office. Bob thinks he has the perfect ...
19 Jan. 2016
Moira learns that Jocelyn leads a women's a cappella singing group called the Jazzagals. As a professional performer, Moira is somewhat offended that she has not been asked to join. Once Moira does make her want to be asked known to Jocelyn, they may come to an impasse in the group's audition policy versus Moira's "offer only" policy. Johnny, who has made arrangements with Bob to use his garage business as an office space, may find that Bob's long absences, while providing Johnny with some solitude to do work, offers its own challenges. David is dismayed to find that ...
26 Jan. 2016
Estate Sale
Johnny and Moira go to a local estate sale auction, where they wonder what ever happened to their old possessions. Jocelyn spots what looks like a new mattress at the sale and wants to buy it at the auction, but Moira will do anything to get the mattress to replace the broken springed one they are currently sleeping on at the motel, despite she and Johnny not having the money to buy it no matter how much it will cost. Where the mattress ends up may be a bigger issue for Moira than what happens at the auction of the item. Meanwhile, Roland asks David for a favor: to go...
2 Feb. 2016
Bob's Bagels
As Johnny, Bob and Roland are at the garage cum Johnny's office, Roland asks Johnny why he needs an office, namely what business is he thinking about starting. As he has no concrete business in mind, Johnny, purely as an example, mentions that he sometimes craves a good bagel but that there is no bagel shop in town. Later, Johnny is surprised that Bob is running with the idea of opening a bagel shop with no true business plan in place, basically running by the seat of his pants while continually asking Johnny what needs to be done to realize the "plan". While Johnny ...
9 Feb. 2016
Moira vs. Town Council
Moira is dismayed at the run down state of the town, especially the garbage strewn about the in guise of curbside giveaways and the lack of manicured plantings. Moira decides to take her beef to town council, not just to get it raised as an issue but to get decisive and immediate action at the expense of any other issues council is facing. David has started his job at the Blouse Barn. A comment that Wendy makes about David using the company credit card for improving the store takes a change in meaning in David's mind leading to he trying to improve the state of his ...
16 Feb. 2016
The Candidate
With news of what was Moira's triumphant appearance in front of town council, localized rumors abound that she is running for the council seat made vacant by Ray's resignation, which she has no intention to do, especially in a backwater town like Schitt's Creek. Those rumors make Johnny think of running instead, he who has campaign war room experience. Moira learning of someone else who is running changes the complexion of the ballot. Now that Alexis and Mutt have broken up and Alexis has moved back to the motel, Alexis wants to hang with anyone - primarily who most ...
23 Feb. 2016
Milk Money
The council by-election campaign officially begins, with two of the candidates, Moira and Jocelyn, quietly embarking on an image war. David gets caught in the middle of this unspoken feud. Meanwhile, Alexis runs into Ted, who she has not seen since she broke up with him, as he has been out of town to recharge his juices. Differences that she notices in him in combination with she no longer being with Mutt make her quietly reconsider her decision about Ted. And Johnny has to reimburse Bob for what he learns was the expensive raw milk he took in the garage refrigerator,...
1 Mar. 2016
Moira's Nudes
In the heated election campaign, Moira learns from her opponent Jocelyn of some nude photographs of her on the Internet. Admitting the existence of such photos to her family, technologically challenged Moira has to get those around her who she trusts to help her find those photographs and remove them from cyberspace. This task ends up being more challenging than Moira hopes, but in the process she begins to have bittersweet thoughts about the existence of the photos themselves. Meanwhile, Twyla cannot extend credit to the Roses for their meals at the diner anymore, ...
8 Mar. 2016
Ronnie's Party
After learning that Jocelyn held a campaign party to woo prospective key voting groups, Moira feels she has to do the same. She starts working for Ronnie's endorsement, Ronnie who implies that she and a group of women are open to lending their support to whichever candidate is willing to work toward the wants of their key demographic, a party for who Ronnie will hold at which Moira can speak. Moira makes some assumptions as to what that key demographic is, which may make an ass out of her if her assumption is wrong. Meanwhile, Wendy, David's boss, is having problems ...
15 Mar. 2016
The Motel Guest
The Roses' peace and quiet at the motel is interrupted in the middle of the night by a new guest who has moved in next door. They will learn that that guest is Roland, who is trying to hide the fact that he and Jocelyn have had a major fight, he lamenting in a loud and specific way of his grief. Roland and Jocelyn's problems lead directly and indirectly to Johnny and Moira facing the state of their own marriage, as they deal individually with Roland and Jocelyn. This situation makes Alexis think about moving out on her own, which she believes she now can do since she ...
22 Mar. 2016
Lawn Signs
What few campaign lawn signs Moira had have all gone missing. While she is uncertain what happened to them in her tizzy, Johnny is certain it was the opposing camp of the Schitts that had something to do with it. In speaking to Stevie, Johnny gets a clearer picture of what happened. Through it all, Jocelyn and Moira come to some conclusions about the election and what the results mean. Meanwhile, Wendy has overextended herself in all the changes David has made at the store, and as such she has to fire him solely because she can no longer afford to pay him. But when he...
29 Mar. 2016
Happy Anniversary
It's Johnny and Moira's anniversary. Because Moira makes it obvious to Johnny that she expects something special to happen to mark the occasion, Johnny decides at the last minute to have a special dinner for two at a restaurant in Elmdale that Roland and Jocelyn had mentioned to them as the most exclusive in the area, and to which Roland and Jocelyn were going to take them to as part of Moira's "welcome to town council" package. That dinner for two becomes a bit awkward when part of their current lives and part of their past lives converge unexpectedly at the ...

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