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Season 1

30 Sep. 2013
A gamer starts playing "Tumbleweed,' the most modern, graphically advanced, video game in history. But his impatient want for violence and sex activates an unexpected feature in this highly advanced game... consequences.
3 Oct. 2013
Bang tries for a second time to get 'balls deep' into the game's bobcat babe, Mirabelle. But when the game asks him to complete an annoying side mission to gain her trust, Bang finds out what a bobcat really is.
7 Oct. 2013
Badass Mode
The Tumbleweed web series continues as Bang, spurned by Mirabelle for not plucking chickens, gets another chance to impress her out of her dress. But just as things start to go well, a band of Bandoleros arrives and ruins Bang's chances at virtual sex. His only option? Badass mode!
15 Oct. 2013
After making it to the town of Tumbleweed, Bang does what any good gamer would do and finds the nearest prostitute. But when the game locks him out of the boudoir and inspires a mad killing spree, Bang sees what happens when you mess with the Madams.
22 Oct. 2013
Tumbleweed continues as Bang is robbed by the prostitute, Delilah. An unpaid bar tab and a vicious beating later, Bang finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery, shootout. Will 'Tumbleweed' punish our hero again? Or can Bang get away with all the money...
28 Oct. 2013
A Path to Blaze
After leaving Tumbleweed, a frustrated Bang wanders into multiplayer mode. In this wild and dangerous terrain, Bang finds himself in a gunfight with an eclectic, half-baked gamer from Paducah, KY. Their encounter leaves Bang at a crossroads where he must decide which path to blaze.
4 Nov. 2013
The Man in Black
Bang and Zeke's plan to save the lovely Mirabelle is waylaid when a stranger known only as "The Man in Black" enters town with discouraging news, Tumbleweed is to be purified. Can Bang rally the town to stand up to this villain? Or will the good old-fashioned fun of a gun slinging, hooker toting, bar fighting, town be lost forever?
11 Nov. 2013
A Distraction
In the epic finale of the hit web series, Tumbleweed, Bang returns to a suddenly empty town (that he led to a merciless slaughter) to save the lovely Mirabelle. But to do so, he'll need guns, allies and a distraction big enough to fool the murderous and evil band of Bandoleros.

 Season 1 

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