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MPAA Rated R for violence throughout and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Yes no

Violence & Gore

  • On a helipad on a boat, a man head butted another man and pulls a pin out of a grenade that the man he attacked had. He uses the man as a shield against a group of attackers, and the grenade explodes, knocking everyone to the ground. He is then tazed in the leg.
  • A man brutally fights several men on a boat while his hands are tied, and he tackles one of them through a glass pane and over the side of the boat.
  • A man slams a guard's head against a window and hits him over the head.
  • Two guards walk through a doorway and a man smashes one in the face with a gun, and hits the other, and takes both down quickly.
  • A man climbs aboard a boat, and violently kills several attackers with a knife, and small blood spatters can be seen as he cuts one man in the leg, and stabs and sliced several people in the neck.
  • In a pool with a glass floor that extends out from a rooftop, a man is funneled through a hole in the glass and falls out to his death.
  • There's an intense shootout in a submarine pen in which a man guns down a group of attackers with a handgun and several machine guns. He also throws a grenade which blows one man over the side of a catwalk. Another man is blown through a doorway by a grenade, and the last attacker is killed by a third grenade which falls into the hatch he's in.
  • A man holds a woman and man at gunpoint and throws the woman down. The man being threatened quickly disarms and defeats the other man.
  • A man brutally fights and kills several men on a boat. He uses one man as a human shield against gunfire, crushed another man's throat with a gun, breaks another's neck, and lastly throws a grenade into a pool and then throws the last attacker into the pool. A small explosion of bloody water erupts from the pool.
  • A man gets into a brutal fight with a group of S.W.A.T. officers on a beach.
  • A shootout erupts inside the lower deck of a ship between one man and several guards. He shoots several men and retreats to the hold, and shoots another man. Small bloody holes are occasionally seen.
  • A man is pursued through a ship by several attackers who shoot at him as he attempts to save a woman. He fights with several of the men as the woman also fights several people.
  • A man slams a table into a woman's face and then engages in a lengthy and brutal fight with a several men in a restaurant area, and burns one man's face on a grill. The group punch and kick each other, and they crash into things and cause much destruction, as well as fighting with weapons.
  • A man brutally kills another man in a prison.


  • 10 uses of "f**k", as well as milder bad language such as "bitch" and "bastard".
  • Some milder bad language such as "bitch" and "bastard".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few characters can be seen drinking on occasion.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man and woman brutally fight on a boat, and she crushes his crotch, but he shoots her in the stomach and some blood is seen. They hit each other, and he throws her into a small pool.
  • Two men get into a brutal fight on a boat. One repeatedly punches the other, and the other hits him with an anchor and then a chain. The first man finally wins when he wraps the other man up in the chain.

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