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  • While Raj is wracked with guilt when he tries to date Lucy and Emily at the same time, Penny wrestles with whether to take a role in a cheesy movie and Sheldon is torn trying to choose between two gaming systems.

  • Penny returns from what she believes was a promising audition for a role she actually wants. Her anticipation turns to disappointment when the telephone call she receives is the offer once again for the cheesy horror movie role she was earlier offered but turned down since she thought it was beneath her. Although she asks Leonard for advice about whether to take the horror movie role, Penny may get the most useful advice from someone's who been there: Wil Wheaton. Meanwhile, Raj runs into Emily, the woman he met online, with Amy being the intermediary in their one and only face-to-face encounter. Despite that first date being a disaster, Raj is able to convince Emily to give him another chance. Immediately following, Raj receives a message from Lucy, asking to meet. Raj has to figure out what to do about his upcoming date with Emily considering Lucy's message. Sheldon is having a major conundrum about whether to purchase a Xbox One or PS4 as his next gaming system. This dilemma by association affects Amy the most. And Bernadette makes an innocent but major gaffe at work concerning signing what she believed was a retirement card for a colleague but which turned out to be for something completely different.



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  • To pee or not to pee. That is the question plaguing Sheldon (Jim Parsons)...and simultaneously annoying the crap out of Leonard (Johnny Galecki). Sheldon can't decide between getting an X-Box One or a PS4. Believe it or not, there is a scientific principle put forth by Mirjam Tuk saying people with full bladders make better decisions. (LEONARD: Why did I pee before deciding to move in here?) But Sheldon remained strong despite the "fishtank in his pelvis". That is, until Penny (Kaley Cuoco) described how she could now cry on cue at an audition...and get out of any ticket she needed, and Sheldon couldn't hold it in anymore.

    Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) had her own problems. In fairness, she honestly mistook a Get Well card for someone who had been in an horrible car accident as a retirement card. But perhaps writing "Hey Vivian, you deserve this. And with you gone, no one will be stealing my yogurt from the refrigerator" may not have been her best moment. (and an LOL with a smiley face) Speaking of not having best moments, Penny lost the audition she tried for but the Serial Ape-ist 2 offer was again available. Even Leonard could put a positive spin on the script, although he did try saying it was a family film because Penny and an orangutan would be oil wrestling...in bikinis. (yes, both of them) But he did encourage her, saying she could rise above the horrible script and still do a good job.

    PENNY: (reading the script) Sometimes I feel like I can control the killer gorilla instinct inside of me. But then I see these bananas, and then I just want to eat them and kill people. (exasperated) What am I going to do?

    LEONARD: For one thing, I wouldn't eat the bananas.

    Raj (Kunal Nayyar) got a second chance. He ran into Emily at a coffee shop and apologized for acting like a total nutjob the last time he saw her. She admitted he wasn't the weirdest date she ever had from an online site, but Raj promised all he needed was some time. And she was willing to give it to her. He decided to practice for his next date and asked to borrow Penny to see what she thought. Raj thought laying some romantic astronomy stories on Penny might tear her away from Leonard, but he thought she was safe. Then Raj talked about two of the brightest stars in the sky, Altair and Vega, who were deeply in love but were too far apart, except for once a year when Vega cries so hard, all the magpies fly up and their wings build a bridge for the two stars to reunite for a single night of passion. (LEONARD: OK, that's enough.)

    Sheldon discussed his dilemma with Amy (Mayim Bialik), who really didn't care, but she wanted him to pass her the butter, so she had no choice to pretend to be excited. Difficult, to be certain, because Sheldon couldn't figure out why Microsoft went from X-Box to X-Box 360 to X-Box One.

    SHELDON: The PS4 is more angular and sleek-looking.

    AMY: No way!

    SHELDON: But the larger size of the X-Box One keeps it from overheating.

    AMY: Well, you wouldn't want your gaming system to overheat!

    SHELDON: You absolutely would not! Plus now, the X-Box One comes with a Kinect included


    This goes on for a while, with Amy increasing the ham factor past Shatner levels.

    AMY: This is like a nightmare! How will you ever make a decision?

    SHELDON: You see? I don't know! What should I do?

    AMY: PLEASE PASS THE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (BTW, the audience was laughing so much at Amy's overreacting, they didn't even WOO! when Sheldon kissed her goodnight. On the lips, although it was more just put them together and stay there for a few seconds.)

    Raj's relationship issues have hit a snag. Other than that he actually HAS relationship issues, Lucy texted him and wanted to get back together. So Raj was in a bit of a quandary. Howard (Simon Helberg) figured he could date two women at once, but Raj disagreed. (RAJ: Zero women. That's my sweet spot.) Penny figured until he slept with one of them, he was OK to date both. Raj couldn't believe it, but both Howard and Bernadette agreed at the same time. Oops. Neither of them said they were dating others while they were going out, and Penny assured Leonard she wasn't seeing anyone else while they were dating. And then Leonard waited for her to ask him the same question. (PENNY: Come on, really?)

    Leonard and Penny decided to talk to Wil Wheaton about her situation. (BTW, YouTube his name for a really nice moment he had at a recent convention concerning a young girl in the audience who was being teased at school for being nerdy.) Wil freely admitted he had taken a number of jobs he had been embarrassed by in the past. (PENNY: I wouldn't exactly call Star Trek embarrassing.) Professionally, Wil admitted it was tricky. You had to like the projects you were working on, but you also had to pay the bills. Sometimes, working on something you know sucked could be soul-crushing.

    WIL: I was in Stand by Me (1986) as a kid and it was a huge success. The terrible movies I did came after that. You can imagine how that feels. I'm telling you, this business is brutal. To this day, I HATE going to auditions. I walk in, and I can just feel them thinking, "he was such a cute kid! What happened to him?" And then I don't get the job, and I can't find out why. Then I get so depressed, there are weeks when I can't even get out of bed.

    LEONARD: OK, this was helpful.

    Thankfully, Wil was OK. He found himself in the TVGuide crossword puzzle as 12-down. As for Penny, she still didn't know what to do. But Raj decided he was going to say "yes" to everything in life to be more adventurous. Yes to life, yes to love, yes to whatever. (HOWARD: He's going to die alone, right?)

    Sheldon and Amy headed to the store, and he was completely confident he had made the right decision. Of course, he was also completely confident when he made his father buy a Betamax instead of a VHS. He was also certain HD DVD would win out over Blu Ray, and he bought a Zune.

    AMY: What's a Zune?

    SHELDON: Exactly. An MP3 player made by the same people who made this X-Box!

    Amy was upset because Sheldon did plenty of research and polled many people, only to still be waffling. Amy decided she would flip a coin and see if Sheldon was excited or disappointed by the outcome. Heads it's PS4, tails it's X-Box One. Sheldon flipped it.

    AMY: What is it?

    SHELDON: A quarter. (and tosses it away)

    AMY: Could have given it back to me. That was a choice.

    Sheldon took so long to make a decision, they got kicked out of the store and couldn't buy either one. Amy took the crying Sheldon to get some food.

    AMY: What do you want? Thai food? A burger?

    SHELDON: (screeches) I DON'T KNOW!!!!

    It turned out Raj couldn't keep up the deceit on his date with Emily and admitted he was seeing Lucy on Saturday. He didn't think he was getting back together with her, but he wasn't completely sure. Emily wasn't sure, either, but she was promised some weird on her date so they went through with it. Raj said Lucy and he only hugged twice and kissed once, but there was a handshake loaded with sexual innuendo. Emily couldn't believe Raj felt guilty about Lucy sending him an email when they never slept together, and she actually thought it was adorable.

    RAJ: Are you sure? This is the part of the night when I say something stupid and the girl usually leaves.

    EMILY: I'm still here.

    RAJ: But now you make me wonder what's wrong with you.

    EMILY: We just met. You don't need to tell me about other people you're seeing.

    RAJ: Really? Because 'I'm dating two women' is basically the only cool thing I can say about myself.

    As for Penny, she went through with Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill. She wasn't happy...until she met the orangutan. Played by Wil Wheaton.

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