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Season 2

27 May 2016
Part 14
Meg learns her father kept a secret from the family for years. A voice from the past threatens John's plan to frame Wayne Lowry
27 May 2016
Part 15
John decides to run for sheriff. While meeting with a business prospect, Kevin finds an unexpected money making opportunity. Sally learns about Nolan.
27 May 2016
Part 16
Kevin's first transaction goes smoothly; his second is a disaster. John hunts for Eric in order to force Lowry to propose a plea deal to the police.
27 May 2016
Part 17
Kevin's actions loosen John's hold on Lowry. Sally gets a visitor from her past. John decides whether to help or hinder a bust on Lowry's operations.
27 May 2016
Part 18
Danny's old partner in crime in Miami is determined to make the Rayburns pay. Investor Roy Gilbert agrees to fund John's campaign, on one condition.
27 May 2016
Part 19
Eve reveals family secrets to Janey. Ozzy continues to provoke John. Meg finds a link between Aguirre's shady past and someone close to her.
27 May 2016
Part 20
At Aguirre's insistence, Marco questions Kevin and Meg about the time frame following the Red Reef Inn murder. Diana comes to a horrible realization
27 May 2016
Part 21
Kevin finds a possible solution to his financial problems. Marco checks up on Meg's explanation for her suspicious behavior. Sally makes Eve an offer.
27 May 2016
Part 22
John finds evidence that refutes his alibi. Eric makes a remark that catches Marco's attention. Meg must decide whom to protect: Marco or her family.
27 May 2016
Part 23
Marco scrambles to get Eric immunity. Nolan recalls meeting Robert. Meg and Kevin turn against John, who pursues the one man who can alter his fate.

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