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A horror movie for our time
meezerfan12312 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What if someone decided you were guilty of a horrible crime? What if the news said you were guilty and your friends, neighbors and co-workers believed it? What if the police tried to bully you into a confession when you were completely innocent the whole time? This is the true story of Richard Jewell, an innocent man who was cancelled by the media long before cancel culture existed. Excellent acting by Paul Walter Hauser and Kathy Bates and of course directed masterfully by Clint Eastwood. If you're not frightened by this movie - you're not paying attention.
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Great movie fueled by great performances
auburnfanbo14 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The fact that this is based off of a true story makes it all the more emotionally impactful. A man and a hero's life is ripped apart by the media for no apparent reason other than to try and pin a heinous crime on the most convenient person. Seems to be the story of our time. All of the performances in this movie did the real life people this was based off of justice. Paul Walter Hauser was stunningly brilliant as Richard Jewell and elicited about as much sympathy as someone can on the big screen. Kathy Bates also delivered in spades as the emotional mother having to watch her son be wrongly accused by the United States government and the media. It's not often you have three stand out performances in one movie, but Sam Rockwell deserves some recognition too for the great work he did as Richard Jewell's lawyer and close friend. This was a story that holds a heavy message for this day and time, and Clint Eastwood portrays it in a way that is sure to stick with the viewers for a long time.
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Thank you Clint Eastwood!
flicklover11 December 2019
I just came back from a prescreening of this film and just had to comment. It is a very timely and comes in a time in our country where the media picks who they want to deify and who they want to destroy without caring about who they hurt. Clint Eastwood has created an eloquent, but searing critique on our media dominated society. He isn't Oliver Stone that comes with outrageous conspiracies and makes everyone a villain. The film says that we are forgetting that in this country your are innocent until PROVEN guilty not the other way around.

The film is about Richard Jewell, the security guard that at first was hailed as a hero for finding the bomb and prevented a worse tragedy in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics. The film focuses on the events after the bombing. Richard Jewell is presented as a humble but rather over zealous security guard that considered himself a law enforcement officer. Richard Jewell is played by Paul Walter Hauser in an oscar worthy performance. He plays Jewell with a wide eyed boy scout devotion to law enforcement but with a quiet dignity. Sam Rockwelk plays Watson, his friend and lawyer who helps him in the media a FBI onslaught that wanted to portray him as a lone bomber. His mother is played beautifully by Kathy Bates. The film focuses on the media and it's disregard to really investigate things instead of rushing to judgement because they liked the narrative. Sound familiar? Eastwood indicts them as rushing to judgement. The FBI agents are presented as doing there job but under pressure to find someone to blame for the bombing. It is all done in a great and heartfelt style which is typical.for Clint Eastwood. This man was innocent, but because he met a certain profile they went after him. The funny thing is that Jewell himself understands why they would be questioning him. But they had no hard evidence and the timeline of the bombing exonerated Jewell and the FBI ultimately declared him not a suspect. But for months they made Richard Jewell's life a living hell. The FBI was doing their job. The media rushed to judgement. This film comes out at a time where this happens regularly. It is as timely as ever.
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Thrillingly underrated.
francobulgheoz16 January 2020
Let me begin with stating, how the hell did'nt this make it to Best Picture? How the hell did'nt P.W. Hauser nor Rockwell get a nomination for their work?

Richard Jewell is a true amazing story of the reality and sadness of the american system in relation to crimes. There is always an immediate search for someone to blame after a crime happens.

Performances drive the film. Paul Walter Hauser did an astonishing work, having into account both his resemblance to the real Jewell and his amazing acting skills which yet remain unkown to many. Sam Rockwell is one of the best actors working these days, and he should've gotten his 3rd nomination in a row for Best Supporting Actor. Kathy Bates did incredible, she was true and relatable. Others such as Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde properly fulfilled the picture's ensemble as well.

Clint Eastwood is simply amazing. Being in the industry for over 70 years and still managing to impress. The plot is handled with intensity, and thrilling scenes are to remain in my memory. Though he did a great work, some particular blocking and editing disconnected me for brief moments. Nevertheless, he handled a properly written script and brought a thought provoking story to life with the great aid of the casting chosen.

This film is captivating and gripping from the first scenes already, and it manages to keep you hooked and rooting for the good guys from the moment of the incident.

It's sad to remember this as a true story because it definitively shows how flawed the society we live in is.

Nevertheless, it works greatly as a cinematic piece and I would love to see it again.
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Saw it, loved it.
wobblybike21 November 2019
I always wonder why some directors make crap movies and others make great movies. Clint Eastwood has one of the greatest portfolios of smart, intelligent, interesting and well acted films. From humble beginnings as an actor he has developed into an iconic director. You know going into the theatre that your going to see an artist at work. This story, this movie is what careers are made off. Go see it.
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Excellent portrayal of the sleaziness of law enforcement
thebricks18 December 2019
I have experience dealing with the Feds and found this movie incredibly compelling. So much about this movie hit home for me. Just a few examples, when the Feds came to talk to Jewell and tried to make him sign shady documents, bugging his home, the slick self-righteous agent who thinks he decides who is right and wrong, cleaning out his home supposedly looking for evidence, wasting time on easy, harmless suspects instead of finding the real criminals to boost their career. It's sad. All that time spent looking at Richard Jewell as a suspect while the real terrorist got away. They knew he was innocent, all they had to do was actually do some actual investigative, science-based investigative work instead of using confirmation bias.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Jewell didn't have access to a great lawyer or had the law enforcement background to spot the tricks the Feds were using? He would probably have been in prison until his death, which is nuts. At no point did anyone use common sense and point out that there was absolutely no evidence this guy was involved. They were looking for an easy mark.

It just shows that reform is needed drastically. I've always thought that many in American law enforcement are not educated, which leads to this sort of thing happening too often. Then you have the for-profit prison system which encourages all the corruption in the justice system to begin with.

If I had kids, I'd definitely show them this movie and point out all the things Jewell did wrong and what to do in a situation like this. It should be mandatory to show in Civics classes, TBH.
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I wasn't going to leave a review until ...
Vic_max20 December 2019
This movie is a great wake up call about the media. I wasn't going to leave a review until I read the media outcry about the film. I believe in a strong and free media but for all the good can they do, they can also be a self-serving destructive force.

This movie nicely brings that point across without getting into politics. Perhaps if Eastwood hadn't used real names of reporters and newspapers, there might have been less media blowback. But ... it's kind of like they're getting a taste of their own medicine. So it's unfortunate that they're targeted - perhaps with some fictionalization, but you can see how they scramble and plead "unfair" when the tables are turned ... like they were with Jewell.

I remember the news reports about Richard Jewell when the bombing occurred. I only recall that he was said to have discovered something about the bombing and then he was suddenly in trouble for being the prime suspect. The impression I got was that he was a troubled person and guilty -- never heard what happened afterward and never gave it any more thought.

It was amazing to watch this movie and see the events that actually transpired. It's definitely a worthwhile movie to see because it's both captivating and based on real events. Keep in mind that like any movie, some aspects are fictionalized, but the core story isn't. It's scary and real.
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Get this man Paul Walter Hauser a Best Actor nom PRONTO
TheCasualReviewer14 December 2019
It's amazing stories like these that I wish we got more of. I'm sure there are many more like this one that would be great for film as an avenue for people to learn about.

SYNOPSIS: During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, aspiring police officer Richard Jewell (Paul Walter Hauser) is working as security while he stumbles across a bag carrying a bomb. While law enforcement and the media praised him as a "hero" at first, the FBI begins to aggressively investigate the life of Richard Jewell as he becomes their number one suspect.

DIRECTION: Clint Eastwood is great. I love him as a director and as an actor in most things I've seen with him, although I struggle to feel he did something no other Director could do. I'm really glad he chose this this story to put out to the world and whether it's purposeful or not, adding his name to this project will bring this story to more people. I don't want to give him too hard of a time though, because this isn't a film meant to focus around the direction. The story/writing of this film is the focal point and he still did a very good job getting it done. To add one negative I took away, there was a moment where an interview with the real Richard Jewell played on the television as his house and it through me off a bit.

WRITING: The writing in this film was very good. It is based on a true story, so the story itself is largely what captured my attention. However, there are many movies based on or inspired by true stories where the writing couldn't really capture the heart of it and that is where the beauty of the writing lies. It's always hard to know exactly how everything went down and so whether this film is very accurate or mildly accurate, I'm glad they really focused on Richard Jewell and how it affected him and his family and how he was a real trooper through this whole process. There were a couple flaws that I did find with this film. There seemed to be some arc they were going for with Olivia Wilde's character that didn't really come to a close. Then with Tom Shaw (Jon Hamm) and Watson Bryant (Sam Rockwell), although their characters didn't have an arc to really be made with them, both of their parts ended quite abruptly. They were both vital to the story and the film didn't show me nor tell me anything about how either of those two continued after the fact. Well, there was a little info given about something Watson did, but nothing to do with Richard Jewell or his law firm that he had started (not a spoiler, was nothing integral to the story).

ACTING: The acting is so good in this film. I can't say it's Hamm's best nor does Wilde really get a chance to fulfill the arc of her character due to the writing, but none-the-less great actors. Then you have Kathy Bates and holy crap does she deserve a Best Supporting nom. All I hear is "of course she's great, she's Kathy Bates)... AND? I'm sorry I didn't know that when you're consistently great that you should be penalized for it or receive any less attention. I get we come to expect it, but then what's the incentive to give your all if you'll just be tossed to the side, because of your positive reputation. That's totally backwards to me. Then Nina Arianda who played Nadya was awesome! She didn't have many scenes, but her back and forth with Sam Rockwell was hilarious and wonderful. Now, lets get to Paul Walter Hauser. Wow. I'm sorry, but this man is neck-and-neck with Adam Driver for me. He has not even been nominated for a Golden Globe or SAG Award? Did they even watch the film? I mean Sam Rockwell was great in this film too, but he's another one of those "yea, but he's too good to nominate. Wouldn't be fare." Paul Walter Hauser shows so much emotion and is SO good at being a man who is holding in his anger, because he respects law enforcement too much. Then in the scenes where he breaks are just tremendous. I will be sorely disappointed if he is not nominated this year.

CONCLUSION: Richard Jewell is a great story about one of American's greatest heroes who probably didn't get enough praise for the job that he did. The story itself and Paul Walter Hauser was enough for me to really enjoy this film, unfortunately there were some flaws with the story with some of the characters and some of the writing. In the end, I would definitely recommend this film for anyone to watch. Richard Jewell is the nicest man I have never met and this is just another story to show that doesn't matter how kind and genuine you are, you'll always have someone try to tear you down.
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Upsetting but excellent.
courtjes16 December 2019
Even as a former prosecutor I would have liked to arrest the FBI and media people who ruined Richard Jewell's reputation, life.I wish at the end the movie clarified how he won some settlements against the offending newspaper and others. Clint Eastwood is truly amazing as an actor and a director.
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Perfect casting!
TheTopDawgCritic19 December 2019
I'm not a real fan of slow paced long movies... unless they are made by Mr. Eastwood. He captures every tense moment, facial expression, or still scene, and manages to fill in more about the story he is telling. Casting was perfection! Paul Walter Hauser needs awards for his performance. Kathy Bates and Olivia Wilde were on point, as was Sam Rockwell and Canadian wannabe Jon Hamm - who is awesome in his TV commercials lol! Directing was perfect, cinematography great, score in line, and the writing was good. Very enjoyable film and I recommend it. It's a well deserved 9/10 from me
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Media prosecutors come back for a second helping
eapoe-434861 January 2020
This is a great movie. The acting, the writing, everything about it is excellent.

Richard Jewell is a true story, not a political ad. If you can get politics from it, you're a genius because I just watched it and I couldn't find any.

Another thing. The movie surprised me. There's humor, for one thing. Not dumb jokes but humor that comes from situations and personalities. Also, the treatment of characters surprised me because they weren't one-note. You keep learning things about them.

Look, just go see this movie while it's still at the cinema. I promise you, there's no orange-man stuff in it. It's a movie about real human beings (as opposed to over-powered purple men with scrotums on their chins) and not one word on immigration, North Korea or the pension crisis.

Or you can just skip it. Maybe Hollywood will take the hint and stop trying to make movies like this. Then we can all look forward to an infinity of super hero movies and Star Wars sequels. Won't that be nice?
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Good movie
stevestancil15 December 2019
Any "normal person" who has ever been involved as the subject of a targeted media story can tell you reporters can be monsters. Never an apology, rarely a correction, they just move on the the next story leaving a wake of destruction.
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Oscar worthy..
bondgirl-6650115 December 2019
Everything about this film is outstanding...I remember the event vividly, watching it on television when it happened. The actor playing Richard Jewell has his look and mannerisms down perfectly. He did an outstanding job. What the media did to him was horrible. He was paraded in front of the news cameras relentlessly, accused as the perpetrator of the bombing. The news media was atrocious back then, even worse today. Forget the hoopla regarding the reporter. GO SEE THE MOVIE.
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gcwilliam-7598228 November 2019
I was lucky enough to meet the lead actor, he came across as very natural in the movie and in real life intelligent, and puts lots of effort to detail.the movie itself is in my view typical of clint eastwood. mr eastwoods years of experience and professional success flows out of the screen into the audience beautifully executed by the chemistry between paul walter hauser and sam rockwell. kathy bates also played her part well, she did at times though come across with a slight tinge of over acting. after seeing this movie my heartfelt wishes went out to the real family of richard jewell. to me this movie deserves merit and recognition as a brilliant movie and cut above the majority.
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The Media Doesn't Want You To See This
springfieldrental16 December 2019
Today's media, with its harsh criticism of this film, has suppressed the opening weekend box office of this very fine movie. After watching Richard Jewell, I can see why the print and television outlets don't want this movie seen by too many viewers.

It wasn't just the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the paper the broke the story of the FBI's interest in Mr. Jewell, but CNN, NBC, the New York Times and a host of other news outlets were complicit in crucifying an innocent security guard who spotted the explosive backpack. Director Clint Eastwood meticulously goes through each step of how the FBI's rush to judgement and its supporting media cast ruined the reputation of the hero who saved hundreds of lives from a terrorist action and portrayed him as suspect number one.

The film's impact is further magnified by the media's actions today. Members who write and spout unproven accusations, provided by gov't agencies, should have learned important lessons from the Atlanta Summer Olympics episode. But sadly, they hadn't, and will continue its barbaric habits. A must see movie!
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The difference between a hero and a villain can be one libellous move - 8/10 ⭐
pere-2536615 December 2019
Eastwood has done it again, adding yet another wonderful film to what is a beyond legendary filmography. Based on the real-life story of a heroic security guard turned villain during the '66 Centennial Olympic Park bombing, we see the horrifying extent to which the media can vilify an individual, especially one as kind-hearted as Richard Jewell. So many incredible performances but Paul Walter Hauser... man oh man... his portrayal of the titular man is as deeply affecting and human as anything I've seen this year. Incredible stuff!
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A serious subject handled with deft humor
DOGSLEDDER5414 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Jewell is a great story, a tragedy that needed to be told. It is a shameful episode of both media hysteria and the excesses of inept law enforcement and abuse of an accused citizen. In this story, the media is shown rushing to judgement and convicting an innocent person in the press and on TV, a person who is ignorant of the power of the press, and the power that the FBI has to crush persons who are accused or suspected of crimes. The FBI repeatedly ignores the rights of the accused and tries to trick Jewell into confessing without meaning to, with blatant disregard for both ethics and the law itself. The corrosion that was so pervasive in 1996 is still there- and has grown to immense proportions. The other element to this story, the lack of care taken by the news media is also relevant today. In this story the reporter who wrote the story naming Jewell as the main suspect eventually discovered the truth and attempted to correct the error as best she could unlike today- the media are dangerously taking sides on political issues rather than reporting or doing the job of a journalist. This is destroying trust of the media as surely as the politicization of the FBI and Justice Department will destroy the faith in the Federal government itself. Mr. Eastwood's film is sounding an alarm. Will anyone listen ?
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First Hit: Outstanding film and portrayal of a man who went through hell because of the FBI and the malfeasance of a newspaper reporter.
michaeldoud14 December 2019
First Hit: Outstanding film and portrayal of a man who went through hell because of the FBI and the malfeasance of a newspaper reporter.

I so bought into Richard Jewell's character as portrayed by Paul Walter Hauser. He was terrific and gave me a real sense of a man who really tried hard to follow the rule of law and be someone people could count on to protect them.

This is based on a true story about Richard Jewell, who was pretty much a loner, lived with his mother Bobi (Kathy Bates), and wanted to be part of the law enforcement community all his life.

When we first engage with Jewell, he's a supply clerk in a company and we see that he is thoughtful and careful about his work. We are shown this as he overhears a loud, aggressive telephone conversation by Watson Bryant (Sam Rockwell) and a client of the company they work for.

Apologizing for overhearing the conversation (there's no way he couldn't hear), he tells Watson to look in a drawer because Jewell has filled it with the pens Watson uses in his work. Also, asking Bryant to open another drawer, it is filled with Snickers candy bars, the snack food Bryant eats when stressed.

Through this interchange, hey become acquaintances and chat from time to time. One day Jewell gets a job offer to be a security guard at a local college campus. Saying goodbye to Bryant is very sweet. Bryant caught off guard, gives him a $100 bill in case he might need anything during the transition between jobs. Jewell is touched, and for him, their friendship is now rock-solid.

At his new job, he has a run-in with some students who are breaking campus rules and he gets fired for this and because he's overstepping his bounds by stopping cars on the highway near the campus looking for drugs.

These things highlight a couple of things about Jewell, he believes in following the rules, and he can and will step outside the bounds of his authority.

Getting a job as a security guard for AT&T at their sponsorship of events at Centennial Park as part of the celebrations for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics in Atlanta, GA. His thoughtfulness and kindness are highlighted here, as well. Providing water or Coca Cola to pregnant women so that they do not become dehydrated, and he also supplies the lighting and filming crew in the nearby tower with food or other things they need. He wants to be helpful.

He's also looking for suspicious items and people. When he discovers a backpack that has been left under a bench where he was sitting, he tells the police. The police team brings in some experts and they realize it is a bomb. While moving the crowd back, the bomb explodes, and two people are killed, and many others are injured.

At first, he's seen as a hero and is on television. He's proud of his work, and his mother is especially pleased because her favorite newscaster, Tom Brokaw, spoke glowingly about her son.

FBI Agent Tom Shaw (Jon Hamm) was also stationed at the park and is disappointed that he was stationed there, and even worse, something happened on his watch, and he didn't prevent it. After interviewing Jewell's past records and after meeting with the college who fired Jewell, Richard becomes a suspect. What does Jewell do when he realizes the FBI is considering him a suspect, he calls Bryant.

Local newspaper columnist Kathy Scruggs (Olivia Wilde), who only wants to make a name for herself, uses her sexuality towards Shaw to extract this FBI probe about Jewell. She writes an unconfirmed expose front-page article in the newspaper, and in a New York minute, it jumps up to become national headlines.

Now Jewell is seen as the vilified criminal, not the hero, all in a span of about a week.

The film then tells the story of how his friendship with Bryant and the undying support of his mom, and longtime friend Brandon Walker (Mike Pniewski) help him through the onslaught of the rush to judgment people - the FBI and Media.

I did find it interesting that this film has come out when both the FBI and the Media are under a public spotlight and scrutiny.

Hauser needs to receive an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Jewell. He was terrific in bringing this confused, caring man to life. His sincerity, thoughtfulness, and helpfulness (even at the wrong times) are excellently portrayed. Rockwell gives yet another robust and stunning performance as Jewell's friend and attorney. His sarcasm and pointed jabs at the FBI's flawed work were excellent. Hamm was good, but it would be nice to see him in a role where drinking and sex are not his only motivation. Wilde was all over the place and enjoyable as Scruggs, who clearly had only one thing on her mind, fame. Bates was terrific as Jewell's mother. Her demonstration of faith in her son and that he wasn't who people were making him out to be, was sublime. Nina Arlanda, as Watson Bryant's office manager and friend, Nadya Light, brought a beautiful blend of humor and persistence to Bryant's actions. Billy Ray wrote an outstanding screenplay that was crisp and painted each character entirely. Clint Eastwood did an excellent job of directing this story. He is usually efficient in telling stories and here he stepped it up a notch.

Overall: This was a wonderfully entertaining film and brought to life a story I read about some twenty-three years ago.
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Watch a man get mauled by overzealous FBI and frantic media
paul-allaer15 December 2019
"Richard Jewell" (2019 release; 125 min.) brings the story of the suspected 1996 Atlanta bomber. As the movie opens, it is "1986 Atlanta" and Jewell is working as a supply room manager in a small law firm. He gets to know one of the lawyers,, Watson Bryant. We then go to "1996 Piedmont College" where Jewell is working as a security officer but he really sees himself as a law enforcer. Eventually, just months before the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he is fired by Piedmont's President... At this point we are 10 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from director/producer Client Eastwood. Here he brings the story of Richard Jewell, whom you may recall was a security officer at Atlanta's Centennial Park the night a bomb attack killed 2 and wounded many more. For reasons the movie reveals in great details (but I don't want to spoil for you), Jewell becomes a "person of interest" and the frantic media jump on the story. It is frankly incredibly frightening when you put it all into context and see how a man's life gets mauled. Per the usual, Eastwood does a great job to keep the movie going forward. The all- star ensemble cast is incredible: Paul Walter Hauser IS Richard Jewell, and Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm and Olivia Wilde are equally outstanding. This movie was filmed in the Spring of this year, and now barely 6 months later, it is already in theaters.

"Richard Jewell" premiered wide this weekend, and I couldn't wait to see it. The Saturday early evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was attended dismally (4 people exactly), much to my surprise. If you have any interest to see how the 1996 Atlanta bombing played out, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
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Another Fantastic Clint Eastwood Movie
efernand-6453315 December 2019
This is a movie that tells about the dangers of reckless journalism. Journalists plays a very important role in a free democratic society however, they must act with integrity, utmost diligence and caution because they can destroy people lives when they write recklessly, this is what happened to Richard Jewell.
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Best Movie In A Generation
frank412215 December 2019
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE! We are all Richard Jewell. When a once storied agency can abuse it's power and take away all due process rights afforded in the Constitution, we all in grave danger. I once thought that the corruption in the FBI was limited to a few corrupt execs at the top, Jewell proves that is not the case. The program I work in is being scrapped and rebuilt as it is not very efficient. The FBI is not only totally inefficient, they are actively working to frame the innocent and destroy people's lives. FBI has lost all credibility. They knew that the entrapment they set up against an uncouth Jewell would make him a perfect patsy. The FBI had no concern of finding the actual bomb maker, they put all their energy to violating due process rights, and continued to harass a hero when they knew they he was innocent. The FBI needs to be scraped and rebuilt as an investigative agency that protects, serves and follows the Constitution.

The media also needs to be held accountable for destroying the lives of innocent people. Jewell settled out of court with Tom Brokaw and NBC. Brokaw shamelessly said this, "They probably have enough to arrest him right now, probably enough to prosecute him, but you always want to have enough to convict him as well." Having read 'Unfreedom OF The Press' by Mark Levin, this movie substantiates everything in that book.

All the actors gave passionate career performances beyond my wildest expectations. Given that, Paul Walter Hauser as Richard Jewell gave one of the best performances I have ever seen. I was totally immersed in his role. He was me, my neighbor, the security guard at my job who works tirelessly to keep me and my colleagues safe. Thank you everyone involved in this wonderful masterpiece.
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Thank God for Clint Eastwood
TheTruthDoor15 December 2019
"Richard Jewel" is another Clint Eastwood masterpiece. It is a factual portrayal of the Centennial Park bombing in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics, that is timed just right for our political environment today. The movie never goes over the top. It shows that the FBI is made up of human beings and nothing more. They have opinions and make mistakes just like the rest of us....whether intentional or not.

Oscar predictions: "Richard Jewel" - Best Picture Paul Walter Hauser - Best Actor Kathy Bates - Best Actress Sam Rockwell - Best Supporting Actor Clint Eastwood - Best Director

Our country is a better place because of Clint Eastwood...he is a national treasure.
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Sam Rockwell
peterscottburrage18 December 2019
Can smell another supporting role Oscar with this performance. Great bio movie.
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Excellently done movie
mildbillt-5-66599814 December 2019
Very good depiction of the events surrounding the 1986 bombing in Atlanta. Definitely an inndictment on the media. The 24 hour cable news networks have been a blessing and a curse. Back in the "olden days", news was about 24 minutes which included international, national, local, sports, weather, and cat bites dog stories. Now the news is in the business of reporting what will give them the highest rating instead of primary purpose: keep a free people informed. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story. Eastwood is the last great director! Acting was top notch. Hauser was outstanding and truly deserves an award.
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Two Solid Performances, One Interesting Story
imjaredross21 December 2019
I was too young to remember the events of the 1996 Bombing, so this film is my first true introduction to this story and I could not wait to see it. Following the events above it tells the story of Richard Jewell who was portrayed as the bad guy in the events after the bombing. It's a classic story of a man who was framed for a crime he did not commit.

Clint Eastwood is the perfect person to direct such a movie, reminding me of his past films such as American Sniper and Sully. Richard Jewell ends up being a solid movie, far better than Clint Eastwood's worst film to date which was released last year, 15:17 to Paris. It has great performances, tense moments and an intriguing true to life story.

Paul Walter Hauser as Richard Jewell is incredible, finally this guy gets a role that puts him in the forefront and he supplies us with one one the best performances of the year. Kathy Bates can also not be ignored, playing Jewell's mother with such wonderful love and feebleness. It's Kathy Bates at her best.

However, problems arise in this film specifically with the villain of the film played by Olivia Wilde who breaks the story of Jewell's possible involvement. They character is nothing more than over the top, one dimensionally evil. The only thing missing is the twirling mustache. She is by far the films biggest problem.

However, the film pulls through with an emotional roller coaster, great performances and an interesting true story that I'm glad was finally told.
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