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A happy, sad, beautiful story.
rose-gavin-177-4795039 December 2014
This turned out to be a laugh out loud move, with a few sad moments and beautiful South African winter scenery.

Classic filmmaking, no camera man with Parkinson's disease.

A real slice of life movie. Tannie Magdaleen Willemse is the aunt we all need to have, she is a typical Boer wife who makes a plan. Her son Kobus Willemse is a "genuine" guy, although in reality young Boer men have impeccable manners. Jodi Rutherford is a finds herself when she meets the Willemse family and the colourful characters.

Brümilda van Rensburg (Magdaleen Willemse) and Bok van Blerk (Kobus Willemse) are true hidden talents the the rest of the world are missing out on.

I really love the fact that the main characters can convey a message to each other, and the audience, with just a look or a nod, its these little nuances that make a good move.

Grab your popcorn and take a look at a slice of real life, after this movie you will feel better than if you spent the day at a spa.
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Love conquers all
elizevn13 June 2015
A feel good intercontinental love story, encompassed by undeniable humor, indifference, understanding and some good old nostalgia.

Subtly taking on everything you would expect to see in the ingredients for a perfect love story: wholesome, healthy and fulfilling.

Leading Lady left me smiling and believing that love will always prevail, be it in a big city or on a small farm forgotten by time, held together by hope.

If you do anything this weekend - make sure it includes Leading Lady and some popcorn!

A definite 10/10
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Enjoyable Romantic Comedy
davesmithcollegekid3 October 2018
I have seen better, but I have also seen way worse. This film doesn't pretend to be an angsty reflection of humanity, it's rather a successful light-hearted journey to a more unexplored part of the world. I had a few belly-laughs, but mainly enjoyed the journey with the characters.

It's definitely not a film for pseudo-intellectuals and will not spark in-depth conversations at a pub, but it will make the average day seem a bit more enjoyable and could leave you with a smile on your face.
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Hard to like the movie if one can't like the lead characters
ComedyFan201029 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am actually pretty easy to please when it comes to movies. I like most of them. Even if they are very formulaic as long as I am entertained I am usually happy. But this movie couldn't pass for me.

The main reason is that I just felt nothing positive for the both lead lead characters. They are so incredibly bland and stiff that it is even hard to see why they like each other. Why would anybody like them, let alone fall in love with them? One really feels more humanity, character and interesting personality in Jodi's boyfriend Daniel (Gil Bellows). Actually the end makes me happy not so much for her as for him, he finally got rid of this boring woman.

Can't say the movie is absolutely awful. Besides the total failure with both leads the rest of the cast is pretty good. And we see a lot of hilarious moments. The auditions for example were a hilarious sequence. Especially the belly dancer guy.

If only the main characters got some personality and some less cringe worthy dialogue the movie could have been good.
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