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Growing up, with some geocaching thrown in
electric_water_boy11 March 2017
In the first few minutes of this movie you will come to hate the main character Erica and wonder how her Dad Ethan will survive raising her. But then events happen in her life that begin to change her and you will start to root for her. By the end you will love her. The stories of some of the minor roles in the movie will have you rooting for those people as well. Geocaching plays a role in this movie, and it is the most accurate display of it I've seen. This movie had me mad, sad, crying, laughing, and feeling happy. It's a great movie!
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Great Family Friendly Movie
ssawyer-310481 February 2017
Treasure is a great, family friendly movie. Erica's story is one that a lot of people can relate to at least in some part. Everyone has gone through a hard time in life, much like Erica is. Being a geocacher myself, I can tell you that geocaching is very accurately depicted in Treasure. The character of Ryan, played by Matt Mercurio, explains many of the rules of geocaching to Erica (Ansley Gordon). I really enjoyed that many different aspects of geocaching were included in the film, including puzzle and multi caches, trackables and geocoins, swag trading and Cache In Trash Out. While geocaching is a large part of the story, there are many other great parts to it as well. This kept the movie fresh. If the movie was just about people going out and finding geocaches, I'm sure a lot of people would be less than interested. There's a lot than can be learned from this movie as well; how to deal with grief and peer pressure, how to help your community and how to treat others in general. Overall, a job well done by all of the cast and crew.
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jamalking1520 November 2019
Simplistic acting and story development, but story was valuable. Those who demand great acting and directing to appreciate a story will be disappointed. But those who can appreciate a good story and uplifting entertainment will enjoy. Good to watch with family and kids. Rebecca Blair was probably the best actor in the movie, but everyone else did a good enough job to make the story passable.
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A new friendship develops between a troublemaker girl and a geocacher takes them to a journey of life where she learns the meaning of life.
drkazihussain18 January 2017
Chris Williams has done excellent job in creating the story with great thoughts to every detail which makes you feel that you are in it yourself. Many laughing moments, many sad tear jerking moments as the main characters encounter people with needs making them realize the meaning of life. Geocacher was not even in my mind whole watching bcoz my attention was more on the social, cultural, family, homeless needs. Excellent story, excellent cinematography, very good editing, superb background music matching the moods, realistic dialogues, good acting, good locations, appropriate colors, meticulous direction. Has both domestic and international appeal. Will do very well in international market. Overall rating: A+ 4.0/4.0, highly recommend this movie.
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I shouldn't have like it
wturber-537154 January 2020
Seriously, a lot of the acting is wooden and ranges from competent to poor. The dialogue is often unnatural and cliche'. The actor's pulled punches in a fight scene and the contrived resolution of the resulting confrontation were both laughably bad. And the story itself and plot devices were mostly cliche' and predictable. Characters evolved too quickly and without enough justification. But I still found myself wiping a tear from my eye at times. Go figure.

I could make more criticisms if I were of a mind. And a person could reasonably rate this movie at 3 or 4 stars based on the overall quality. But, I've turned off movies that were crafted far better than this one because they failed to make me care even a little bit about what was happening. Somehow, this movie made me care and the movie's many flaws somehow didn't spoil it for me. So I watched it through to the end with the help of a bit of tissue (while still noticing that the color correction and lighting of that final scene were kinda bad). If you can look past this movie's significant imperfections, it may be a worthwhile watch for you as well.
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Enjoyable, uplifting
jonesihim2 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Although the acting was somewhat novice, the story kept you engaged the entire movie. Those of us with teenagers can relate. It gave hope to a dark situation. Kudos to the people who made it. We need to see that lives can be changed.
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Cue the Violins. Be Prepared to Wade Up to Your Waist Through Cliché Land
bluesunflowersb24 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Want a feel good movie replete with a ploddingly predictable plot line so saccharine sweet it'll make your teeth ache? Yep? Then this one's for you.

It must be watchable. I watched the whole thing. It beats getting stabbed in the eye with a stick . . . barely. Still trying to figure out why I stuck with this one until the bitter end. Hoping against hope something realistic would happen, I guess. Plus I wanted to write a credible review warning others to find something better to watch.

At one point the violin music is so overdone, you'll want to put the whole thing on mute. The story is trite. Don't expect a single surpising thing to occur. The only thing this movie is missing is some sort of God message.

SPOILER ALERT: I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to try and launch any rocket, especially a cardboard one, with winds so gusty they're whipping your hair around.
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I wanted to like this
jessica-22721 December 2019
But I can't figure out if it was the writing, acting or direction that was off, maybe all 3? For some reason I watched the whole thing (boredom?). The best part was the geocaching storyline. But that starts with her saying "there's my friend from work." At what point did they become friends? It's a lot of that.
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