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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive material

Sex & Nudity

  • Hulk's bare butt is briefly shown. Prior to, another man reacts to the sight of him naked from the front (off screen). A comment is made to the effect "that's in my brain now" upon seeing Hulk's private parts.
  • While flying a spaceship, someone reveals that the ship was "used for orgies and stuff." Another character quickly responds with, "Don't touch anything."
  • The main male character wears clothes that accentuate the male form including his large muscles, some of which are exposed. Other than the partial nudity mentioned above, there is no nudity in this film.
  • Thor tells Korg "My hammer pulled me off," to which Korg replies with "Oh my god. A hammer pulled you off?", mistaking it for masturbation.
  • There is a portal called,"The Devil's Anus."

Violence & Gore

  • A man fights off devilish hordes and runs from a dragon. Its head is severed and a very large amount of green slime (brain matter?) is spewed onto onlookers.
  • Some of these scenes feature no blood to little blood.
  • A woman mows down a large group of soldiers in a stylized battle sequence. Three or four supporting characters are killed by thrown knives, one impaled.
  • Large battle at the end contains many skeletal soldiers being killed by swords, machine gun fire, and lightning. One enemy is beheaded.
  • A man is captured, beaten, threatened to be eaten.
  • A character is brutally melted by a rod. The character turns towards another character and asks for help.
  • A character falls out of a plane and violently lands on the ground. This is used in a comedy way
  • A man convulses violently after getting shocked by a device. This happens a couple of times.
  • Thor and Hulk have a massive brawl in an arena, and both punch and slam each other around, knocking each other into walls and hitting each other with weapons. At one point Hulk beats on Thor repeatedly, until he charges up with electricity and blasts and beats Hulk several times.
  • Typical Marvel violence
  • At one point in the film, Hela digs her elbow into Thors back (there is a spike protruding from it). This causes a squishing sound indicating the piercing of her elbow into Thor's back. She later removes it causing another squishing sound, and then proceeds to choke Thore. This is brief. No blood is shown. Can be scary for children


  • Minor profanities only, including three "S words," "damn", "B word."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters are seen drinking beer.
  • A character is shown to be very drunk numerous times, admits to drowning out their misery with constant drinking
  • Thor drinks some beer while talking with Doctor Strange in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character is melted and screams during the process in obvious pain. This is somewhat disturbing.
  • A devil monster character is shown made entirely of flames. he has devilish hordes and a large dragon that fight the hero. (only frightening for young children)
  • A man is expected to behead a young woman in front of a crowd. At the last moment, the woman is saved, but the scene is emotionally intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • When Hulk gets out of a bath showing the main character where a ship is. He gets out of the tub naked but nothing is shown below the waist. The scene is brief and lasts about 15 seconds max. But still nothing is shown

Violence & Gore

  • In a scene Thor loses an eye because of Hela and spends a good 20 minutes of the film - 5 or 6 scenes, some close up - with the wound visible. This is fairly disturbing, but not graphic though, as the wound is clearly make-up.
  • The main villain slaughters an army of female warriors on the backs of winged horses in a stylized flashback sequence. Both horses and women are seen falling from the sky injured or dead. The camera pans over a shadowy battlefield strewn with dead warriors with blades through their chests. No gore, just a sense of sorrow or dread. This may be especially upsetting for young animal lovers.
  • Two characters recognizable from previous Thor movies are killed with a sudden sword through the chest. It's also worth mentioning that Hela uses sudden swords several times in the movie.


  • A rock creature says "Piss off ghost", then after that he says "he's freaking gone"

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In a scene, Odin tells Thor and Loki that he loves them before he dies peacefully by fading away. This scene may upset some viewers on an emotional level.
  • The Hulk screams and thrashes around violently after seeing a video clip. It may scare some younger viewers as they may not understand what is happening.

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