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Sam Neill: Actor Odin



  • [Thor arrives at the Asgardian Palace to see a giant statue of Loki and the crowd watching a play re-enactment of Loki's death] 

    Loki Actor : Oh, brother. This is it. I take my leave.

    Actor Thor : You fool, you didn't listen!

    Loki Actor : I'm sorry.

    Actor Thor : Lady Sif, get help!

    Actor Sif : [runs]  Somebody, help!

    Loki Actor : Sorry for all I've done.

    Actor Thor : Shh. It's all right. Hold on.

    Loki Actor : I'm sorry I tried to rule Earth.

    Actor Thor : They'd be lucky to have you.

    Loki Actor : I'm sorry about that thing with the Tesseract. I just couldn't help myself.

    Actor Thor : I know.

    Loki Actor : I'm a trickster.

    Actor Thor : Yes. So mischievous.

    Loki Actor : Sorry about that time I turned you into a frog.

    Actor Thor : It was a wonderful joke.

    Odin : [watching the play]  'Twas indeed hilarious.

    Actor Thor : You are the savior of Asgard.

    Loki Actor : Tell my story.

    Actor Thor : I will.

    Loki Actor : Build a statue for me.

    Actor Thor : We will build a big statue for you.

    Loki Actor : With my helmet on, with the big bendy horns.

    Actor Thor : I will tell Father what you did here today.

    Odin : [whispering]  I didn't do it for him.

    Loki Actor : I didn't do it... for him.

    [Loki Actor 'dies' as the choir sings chorus] 

    Actor Thor : NOOOOOOOOOO!

    Actor Odin : And so, Loki died of his wounds, giving his life for ours. He fought back those disgusting elves, he brought peace to the realm.

    [a blue boy appears on stage] 

    Actor Odin : Loki, my boy. 'Twas many moons ago I found you on that frostbitten battlefield. On that day, I did not yet see in you, Asgard's savior. No. You were merely a little blue baby icicle... that melted this old fool's heart.

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