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When the love triangle topples over, guess who is the one left alone and crying?
Amari-Sali10 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In the season finale we finally learn whose Karma's final choice between Liam and Amy will be. Will sleeping with Liam give him the edge over Karma's kiss? Would a decade+ friendship be the foundation for Karma to decide to give up Liam and truly turn her best friend into her official girlfriend? Well, at Amy's mom wedding, all is revealed.

Topic 1: Love without Sex – Shane & Pablo

Needless to say, Shane is by no means over Pablo. He basically stalks him online and even follows Liam to Amy's mom's wedding just for a chance to see him. However, with Lauren upset about the pill thing, which lead to her being dumped by Tommy, she makes sure Pablo knows Shane is a bad person. But, like Shane, Pablo tries to play both sides and when the two have alone time it seems Shane screwing over his best friend means nothing almost. If just because this celibate young man wants Shane in his life, as well as Shane's lips. But with their connection comes a confession of celibacy, something Shane seemingly may not be able to live with.

Topic 2: Love Is a Losing Game – Amy, Karma & Liam

With Karma having a full-fledged relationship with Liam and Amy, both find themselves in bliss. Liam seems to finally have a girl who loves him for who he is, as a whole; and Amy has someone who knows her better than she knows herself and can defuse even the rage her mother can cause. But Karma can't have both. Liam wants Karma bad enough to lie to Shane about crashing the wedding so he can see Pablo; Amy and Karma not only have an epic dance routine, but also Amy finds the perfect wedding speech for her mom by looking at Karma; and truly if I was at all for Liam and Karma, this episode would leave me torn. But I have 0 love for Liam and Karma together so there is no conflict.

Well, at least for me. Karma on the other hand finds herself dealing with an upset off Amy who hates the fact Liam crashed what was a special moment for her family, and in a last ditch effort to win Karma she confesses her feelings, and notes when they began. Leading Karma to give an "I will always love you" speech, but she notes that her love is platonic and that while the kiss was hot, it wasn't what Amy thought it was. Something Lauren overhears as she ease drops.

So, with that, you are lead to believe Amy has lost this major battle, and likely the war. Which leads her ready, and willing, to get drunk. Strangely with a companion. Lauren, her new sister, brings cake over and the two bond. She even claims that she won't extort Amy over what she has learned, though with Amy knowing about the pill thing she really couldn't if she wanted to. Either way, the new sisters seem to bond over being dumped and it makes for Lauren's second sweet moment of the episode behind her toast for her new mom.

Leaving you likely with the impression that the season is going to end with Liam and Karma together right? Wrong. Shane makes sure that Liam isn't stuck in the lie Karma told and this infuriates him to no end because with a family of liars, the last thing he wants is to date one. So, even though Karma confesses to lying there is no being forgiven, at least for right now. If anything, it is time for revenge. Thus leading to a really drunk Amy, and a clearly drunk Liam having sex, in Amy's bed, with a picture of Karma and Amy on the nightstand. Making us wonder if maybe that kiss between Amy and Liam might have had something to it, or if this is purely to upset off Karma?

Things To Note

According to the Faking It Facebook account, there will be a season 2!
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