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not worth it
brainwerx-19 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first 2 episodes. No chemistry, no real plot, same old trite story lines. It's typical of a lot of American shows, that try to make something close to James Bond style agents.

I was huge fan of Strike Back, and this show is trying to be kind of an American version of that series. There is no way that it can live up to it. This show has a weak plots, weak characters ( although I am a fan of Hephner). The entire idea of this based on an unknown section of the constitution is laughable. I don't understand why there is this constant need to deify the past in America. This show seems to want to continue this trend. All in all, while I would have liked this show to succeed, I don't think it will. The writing just doesn't cut it.
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There Should Be A Law Against This Sort Of Rubbish
kmichaelpm9 November 2015
Having watched episode one and finding it hard to forgive myself for wasting my time and probably shortening my lifespan.

I forced myself to endure episode two in order to confirm that it was actually as bad as I expected it to be and that episode one was not a bad nightmare I experienced.

There now seems to be no doubt, that American series makers are either completely brain dead and or simply do not care what rubbish they produce as long as it can be sold to the unsuspecting public and they can take our hard earned cash.

There is absolutely no story/plot.

The acting is beyond atrocious. Sharon Stone has not done herself any favour by being a part of this farce.

As for the other so called actors....better not to comment as the English language does not have the words to describe how bad they are.

This is truly the most pathetic offering I have seen in a very...very long time. The producers should be ashamed.

Please avoid this absolute rubbish at all costs. You will not forgive yourself if you watch it.
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The biggest secret in the history of the United States
Dr_Sagan17 November 2015
The biggest secret in the history of the United States (!!) is that the vice president has (yes only one) agent (!) to send for secret missions! I really can't imagine what might be the ...smallest secret in the history of the United States!!!

Anyway the secret agent has no ...identity while his name is ...John Case! and his first mission (with the current vice president played by Sharon Stone) is to find another man with identity (!) whose name is Nicolas Volker!

Soooo...the plot is ludicrous, just an excuse for a new 007-ish agent with all the skills and some of the witt of his British colleague.

This is not a series to take seriously and the question is if it is fun to watch. Well, This is a genre we have seen a million times. If some producers decided to produce such a series, they must surpass previous installments. Unfortunately this is not the case here. Even with a secret agent named ...Case.

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A Strong Cast And Plenty of Action
atlasmb9 December 2015
John Case (Jeff Hephner) is a secret agent who works for the Vice President of the United States (Sharon Stone). This gives the President plausible deniability if his existence ever came to light, which is just how the job was designed back in the early days of the republic.

As the premise was described by producers and actors of the show, the series is supposed to be about an "American Bond". That's exactly how the show feels, though Case feels more Craig than Connery. The show jumps into the action as quickly as any show I have seen--no doubt wanting to grab an audience immediately. The makers of the show also wanted the show to be "big, fun" and "almost like a comic book", which means the astute viewer will suspend disbelief and sit back for the ride. And the line between good and evil will be clearly defined, though not without its occasional twist.

The first episodes are very satisfying, with plenty of action, great production values, and a storyline that involves a formidable Russian opponent named Olga (Olga Fonda).

Gerlad McRaney plays the part of Malcolm, the man who provides guidance and backup, the Alfred to Case's Batman.

As the show continues, hopefully they can keep the missions interesting and further develop the various characters that populate the world of John Case, Agent X.
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Complete and total garbage
thegiant-9506110 November 2015
Sometimes you just know when a new show is going to be good or bad. I lasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds on this garbage before realizing without any doubt it was rubbish, and switched it off.

I was curious given Sharon Stones involvement, but I couldn't even stomach a few more minutes to see when she might appear.

It amazes me how shows like this make it to production in this day and age of digital TV when SO much GOOD TV is available at your fingertips.

in the first 3 minutes our hero manages to take down 4 bad guys through the usual over-choreographed improbable fight scenes that make you want to yawn.

The kicker was when he shoots a bad guy in his left shoulder, only for the same bad guy to reappear in the next scene with the bullet wound now in his right shoulder - all the while he is using his arms to fight our hero like he wasn't shot at all.

Im sorry but this isn't the 90s. Writers and directors - you need to do better if you want people to watch your show.
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Fun,action packed series
To start, I'm not too sure what program the low reviewers are actually watching. I find Agent X great to watch, it's not hard to watch either which I find nice after a long day working but that's not to say its something to switch your brain off either! The story is fairly simple but it is not boring, every episode has Agent X trying to stop another bad guy/girl and you feel the story expanding and other people coming from the woodwork. The actors are all fun to watch and as for the chemistry, in theory they have just met each other!! You find yourself wanting to know more about the characters. I am enjoying this series and I really hope there is another one.
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A fun, clever action movie — for the small screen
nordink-438199 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't seen any of the promos for this show — so I had no idea what to expect.

Based on the show's description, I decided to give it a try...

I was a bit blown away, to be honest. The show is very impressive. It feels like Bond/Bourne made for TV.

The cast is all excellent. "Agent X" is perfect in his role — and Sharon Stone is likable and convincing as the Vice President. (I always considered her a femme fatale, but it seems she has real acting ability. She is totally believable and appealing here.) 

I only planned to watch an hour of the premiere — and save the rest for another day, but . . . I got sucked in!

One last thing I wanted to say about this show: I really do *not* like when action movies take themselves seriously. That's not the point of the genre! Agent X is always *fun,* though — and has some funny asides. (For instance, when Sharon enters a foreboding tunnel discovered under her house, she says, "This better lead to the wine cellar.")

Like other great shows on cable, this one is clearly binge-worthy . . . I'll be watching for the rest of the season.
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Agent X
FKookie19 November 2015
Im writing in support of Jeff Hephner.. Olga Fonda and Gerald McRaney.. they act just fine.. they come across as likable and watchable in the series.. i think we should give these actors a chance because they are not the problem..

the problem is Sharon Stone.. She overacts.. and if she is the executive producer i am not sure how much she was involved in the show turning out the way it did..

Do not get me wrong.. she may be a really nice lady in RL i do not know but commenting about the series i get this irksome feeling when watching the show that somehow its all about Sharon Stone herself and not really about Agent X.. which is a shame..

it also annoys me that a number of scenes that she is in there are those special filters or wotcha might call it to soften her age lines.. something feels off because its an action video for goodness sake and not some social event that we are trying to capture the moment of with a filtered photo ..

Sorry Agent X.. to give this series a chance you guys gotta decide if this show belongs to Agent X or is this just a vehicle for Stone to promote herself..
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Watchable - forget the bad reviews
mandcsharma12 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure why this has been panned, its watchable. Of course its not real people lighten up it is however watchable and I for one will watch it again. It has potential and Sharon Stone looks as good as ever. Take it for what it is a journey outside of reality TV and other boring rubbish that we are currently being served.

It's never going to be as good as Person of Interest or anything that JJ Abrams will produce but it is certainly watchable and not as bad as the reviews paint it.

So take it for what it is and thats a far fetched storyline, not great dramatic art. Just more a way to forget the reality and watch something that won't tax your brain.
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Do not watch it
saints_spider9 November 2015
As my title suggest please if you liked Sharon Stone do her a favor and do not even think of watching this season.

The direction is bad, the script is bad , the action scenes are awful, you don't need to hold a gun to know that the bullets the actors are firing are fake as they get, frankly it looks like some toddlers with their squirt guns are playing around.

I am actually crying for the fact that i can never get back 40 minutes that i wasted on this show.

This show is the worst mistake in the history of Television and don't even get me started with the cast. Good God how can I tell the viewers not to ever watch this show
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Obvious error
paw-1894410 November 2015
Some people should lighten up. It is a story, not factual so if it is far-fetched - so what. If you don't like the idea behind the story, don't watch it. I like Gerald McRaney and enjoy watching him in just about any role. Jeff Hephner used to be on Chicago Fire. The thing I was surprised at was the mistake in the scenes in the hotel room during the first few minutes. John shot the man in the white robe in the left shoulder. When they were fighting by the window the blood was on the left shoulder but when they were fighting outside, the blood was on the right shoulder. Not very good to miss something that obvious. They need someone to watch for those types of errors.
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So.... What about Agent X
lil_shredder_crys20 November 2015
Admittedly, I watched the first episode entirely on the premise of Jeff Hephner's involvement. However over the past few episodes the show has merit.

Personally, I like Agent X for what the show is. It's a spy show with a campy edge. John Case is no James Bond, nor is Agent X a Bond Movie, and I think this is the aspect that hangs it for many viewers. When a viewer takes away this imaginary ideal for spy shows and movies set by James Bond and for many of us Growing Up Bond, this show becomes quite brilliant for what it is a campy spy show, with an endearing if a little classless Agent who falls comfortably between the Bond ideal and....Johnny English.

I think if everyone who tries to watch this show gives it a minimum of 8 episodes before casting judgments, will find themselves hooked and wanting more.
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I love the plot
charlespt8111 November 2015
I was waiting a action season like this. First the pilot , Sharon and Geff did a superb performance. The plot is so real and very addictive. Sharon role as the vice president of America is very powerful and sensitive. So far she is has done a superb role relevant to her vast experience in acting. I am doing sure if Geff had acted before , but he also put a good show.Olga character is very sharp , skillful. She looks like she did her homework and her given role was wasn't easy too. Anyway the timing for the show was over 40 minutes which is fine and each scene a surprise element. Good going guys.All the best

Charles Dubai
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B and B with real taste!
lotussuperseven9 November 2015
I liked the first two episodes because they were-in my mind-a combination of elements of Batman and James Bond done in a realistic manner. The hero of the piece like Batman has an older man who supports and aids him in his efforts to eliminate evil. The hero interacts with the femme noir with a Bond like seductiveness and with a paradoxical cool distance. The realism for me derives from the interaction of the cast in their various roles in that they do not have a destiny /fantasy based conviction of their success but rather come across with vulnerabilities and uncertainties as to the success of their efforts.The improbability of their surviving some of the firefights and having weapons with magazines-like the nine yards of belt ammunition of WWII fighter planes("the whole nine yards") is par for the genre.
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I LOVED this show!!!
johnlbader-571-427899 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think this is an excellent show!!! Great Actors, great dialog, great action!!!! I found it to be action-packed, serious, and funny and clever all at the same time. The acting of Jeff Hephner is particularly impressive. He has an ease and relaxation in his work that is remarkable. Gerald Mc Raney is likewise doing extremely impressive work. And, of course, I would love to see more of James Earl Jones!! I love the premise and am very interested in seeing how the conflict within the government plays out that some know his identity and most don't. Those in the know have to take extreme measures to keep the operative's identity a secret. For me, while it plays well as an action series, I also enjoyed the witty and smart dialog. I will be watching this show every week.
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Agent X-best new show of 2015!
bobor-808949 November 2015
Fantastic- riveting action, a charismatic leading man, a great storyline- this is one show to watch this season. Stone is great as usual as the vice president, and her acting is spot-on. Hephner is the next Bond and keeps the action moving forward and has great leading man potential. Olga Fonda is a great surprise- she is sexy and has a great career ahead of her. Great show, lots of potential for character development and story arcs over coming season. The fight choreography is fantastic, and Herron the director is true to his Bourne roots and keeps the viewer engaged and riveted throughout. This show is one of the best of the season so far- will keep watching for sure and look forward to seeing the characters grow.
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Agent X We love it!!!
deeceel-445189 December 2015
My husband and I overdosed on Agent X the last couple of days. What some people wrote was not necessary. Really? Come on people lighten up for heaven sake, it's a TV show!! There are shows I don't like or don't watch because they aren't my taste and I don't tear them apart the way people have done here. Some of the things that people write weren't necessary. Give people a chance to judge on their own. We loved each and every episode. More people should know about this show and not just the ones who won't sit back and just enjoy. The star power in this show is amazing as well. People should give it a try. As I said before WE LOVE THIS SHOW AND ALL THE ACTORS!!!!
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Hooked from the first 5 minutes
thetruequeenbee3 January 2016
I'm not one to really get into TV shows like I got into Agent X. I love the chemistry of the characters and also the storyline. Even the antagonists are great! This is not James Bond or a spy show. and anyone who watches for 5 minutes and says it's not good is a fool. There's so much to the story, yet it doesn't get convoluted. I love the characters. The action is over the top! I don't want boring TV! Agent X delivers! As we get more into it, we see what makes John tick and that's crucial to understanding his moves. He's multi-dimensional and Jeff Hephner plays him so well. Sharon Stone has her usual grit and Gerald McRaney always brings it no matter the role. Everything here just works well together. ❤️❤️❤️
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Conceived of by monkeys, green-lighted by cretins, & downhill from there
foulke999 November 2015
While I have come to accept that there is an enormous amount of poo generated by those in the entertainment industry, the powers that be have truly outdone themselves with Agent X. The base premise itself is so radically absurd that I felt it only just that I should give myself a robust dope-slap in advance of watching the first episode, and it turns out that I was too easy on myself by a factor of at least 42.

The only responsible penance for having watched (as I did) the entirety of episode one would be to gift all my worldly assets to Doctors Without Borders, and to then commit seppuku. I confess that I do not have the character to shoulder that responsibility myself, but I am sure that the gods will effect a modicum of restorative justice by making my life a misery for my transgression. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Ancillary premises are equally far-fetched, and as for the writing and acting (and the directing - if in fact there was any direction), well, the less said the better.

The show is dross and chaff and third-rate and dismal beyond despair.
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Excited to see more
buzzwein11 November 2015
Haha. You got to be kidding me with these harsh reviews! People need to lighten up — and not take themselves so seriously!

Roger Ebert (may he rest in peace) would have loved this show.

It's not supposed to be a *documentary*, guys...

It's just fun. I believe the word is "escapist." Sharon Stone is really good here. Her character gives the show some heart.

But Agent X himself is awesome. I had never seen this actor before, but he is perfect in the role.

Good action, good plot, good characters, and the occasional funny line thrown in to boot! I will be watching for the rest of the episodes. I am excited about it.

If you don't like this show, then go watch some important Dutch documentary. Let the rest of us have fun!
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Great Entertainment!!!
allykatz6610 November 2015
Agent X is so much fun!

It's a smart and sexy thriller. Jeff Hephner is fantastic as is the rest of the cast. His chemistry with Olga is palpable and its great to watch them spar. I love the tongue-in-cheek tone. It's not often you find suspense and action mixed with great humor..It's also nice to see Sharon Stone on the small screen. William Blake Heron wrote a great pilot. I look forward to watching the rest of the season. I hope TNT sticks with this series because it seems to get better with each episode. I'm intrigued and just want more!

I highly recommend Agent X.
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So fun!
skizi9 November 2015
I checked out this show after reading the positive review in The Wall Street Journal, and I loved it. It was a guilty pleasure, purely entertaining. The performances were delightful. Agent X is a young George Clooney who I'd love to see in movies. I couldn't take my eyes off the perma-smiling, gorgeous villain Olga. She's tough and sexy, a total 'Jane Bond' herself. You have to check her out! Sharon Stone as the VP is seriously fun and I liked her back story. The show is escapist and exciting. The witty banter is as cool as the fight scenes. Agent X is a reluctant hero, I love that too; he doesn't really want to fight but when he does he's amazing. I totally want to see where the show goes.
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Very Good Action Show
liberalladyjean510 November 2015
This was a fast paced and interesting show. Completely designed to escape the daily grind and just sit back and enjoy. The premise was interesting and needless to say, Agent X is wonderful to look at as well. Sharon Stone was very good and Gerald McRaney as always was excellent. We look forward to continued episodes. I don't understand why the negative reviews and guess they were watching a totally different show than we were. My husband and I both really enjoyed. Try it for yourselves, don't discount this show because of some negative people. Bet you'll like it, too. My suggestion is that you give it a try.
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The Best TV Bond Yet
brontecmo10 November 2015
Certainly one of the best action-vacations you can find on TV. I love the secret passage behind the fireplace and the extra section to the Constitution. It takes a real history buff to produce those allusions to arcane Americana, like Nathan Hale. Most of all, Olga Fonda is a rising star. It's refreshing enough to have a brunette "babe" but she manages to pull off scary/tough/sexy with the perfect blow dry. She and Sharon Stone should have a wardrobe contest. She's the surprise star of the show. Now give us some action scenes in Valentino and Dolce (instead of that overwrought orange jumpsuit) and the coasts will come around. All in, it's American James Bond for TV. I loved it.
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A great action series
kgrimmell9 November 2015
I loved this show. It was a wonderful 2 hour escape from the mundane. The action scenes kept my adrenaline flowing. I couldn't take a break during commercials because I was afraid I would miss even a few seconds of the returning show. I could feel Sharon Stones confusion and hesitancy as she found herself in a position no one prepared her for and see her growth into that position. Jeff Hephner is my action hero. He is drool,amusing,exciting and doesn't take himself seriously. And who can resist that little boy smile? Olga is great. A very bad girl who enjoys every minute no matter the situation. The script's exciting story moves at a rapid pace and the dialog is sharp and amusing but not contrived. Next Sunday cant come too soon. Agent X will keep me watching until the last episode.And then I will ask for more.
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