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I want a New Drug
XweAponX20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
No Rating yet - 10/10

This episode gets into the world of "Chromes" - Genetically created and Superior human beings, what kind of drug would such people take?

It all happens at a school where most of the students are "Chromes" - Except for a few very gifted non-Chromes.

Two Genetically Enhanced Girls are enjoying the benefits of this drug, which we are shown a graphical interpretation of - And then they just drop dead. It takes a while for the Crime Lab to figure out that it was in fact a drug. Both girls had Bio Protected cases, enough to hold one pill.

This gets into Future Pharmaceuticals, and that some people even have special Pill Making machines, that make their drugs for them - Right in their houses. Gee, I wish I had one.

But one such machine is found, and special overdoses were made for the girls, because the machine had been hacked into.

Kennex and Dorian find out that these two girls had one non-Chrome friend, who had died while under the influence of the future dope.

Who killed these girls, who killed the first girl? Kennex and Dorian interview several people, including a Teenager who is under the influence of this thing- He tells Kennex the outcome of the interview before they even start. They also talk to the mother of the original girl who died, who reveals that Evidence had vanished between her giving it to the detective and it getting to Police HQ- IN such a way that it could not be proved that it had been deleted.

In the meantime, we see that Kennex is still going to the Recollectinist- And Kennex himself has to take "MemBliss" - A Drug that helps him remember.

When Kennex sees the effects of this new drug, he decides to use a different drug than Membliss in his next Recollection session. Which Drug? Guess.

We also see the level at which Kennex is obsessed with revenge against Insyndicate and his ex-Girlfriend, "Anna" - It is revealed on his Bulletin Board in the amount of little Digital "Sticky Notes" plastered all over-

The Perp in this episode has the exact same Bulletin Board set up in her house, Kennex gets to see himself from another POV. And we see that INSyndicate still has a special interest in Kennex - An Interest that is current.
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This is the way JJ Abrams should handle the Star Trek series.
cyborg-smourfette25 August 2018
This series has everything i wanted to see in JJ Abrams' Trek series.So he understand Trek concepts very well,it's too bad he didn't use the same techniques in Star Trek,his movies would have been the best possible .
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