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I don't understand the hate a descent awesome MCU super action superhero - Captain America is the king
ivo-cobra82 July 2017
I don't understand the hate for this movie it actually surprised me, I really enjoyed this film. Captain America: Civil War is a descent awesome MCU super action the third film of the Captain America trilogy. To me the second movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still the best one I just love that movie to death, but I like this one I love the first one but I just love all three of Captain America films. I thought the cast did a good job Chris Evens kicks ass once again he is Captain America and I look this movie from his point of view. He is really become my favorite hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers films especially Age of Ultron, Captain America is still a guy who has a lot of screen time that it is the focus of a movie and he is still the guy I can take a side I agree with him, I can understand his choices.

We have also almost everyone from Avengers films except Thor and Hulk actors Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo did not appear. Chris Hemsworth thought that MCU fired him because he was not cast as Thor but he was later explained that MCU wants his own movie and his own stand alone path which I can't wait for Thor: Ragnarok.

The cast beside Chris Evens includes Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, Tom Holland, Frank Grillo, William Hurt, and Daniel Brühl.

In Captain America: Civil War, disagreement over international oversight of the Avengers fractures them into opposing factions-one led by Steve Rogers and the other by Tony Stark. We have two opposite teams now fighting each other:

Team Iron Man: War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, The Vision, Spider-Man.

Team Captain America: Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch.

The battle between Captain America and Iron Man draws a political line in the sand. On one side, you have Tony Stark, a man looking to protect the world from super-powered individuals who've proved in the past to be more destructive than helpful. On the other, you have Steve Rogers championing civil liberties. It's the age old debate of safety coming at the cost of freedom, and we'll get to see it play out to a hopefully satisfying conclusion this year.

The action scenes are fantastic, the fight scenes on the airport are incredible heart pulse breath taking awesome. The fight scenes were very well done and well choreographed. I liked this movie more the story drew me in, the villain wasn't that good.

Robert Downey Jr. does a good job, Paul Rudd he is fun in the flick, he has a great moment as Ant-Man he has a few moments but one predictable. Scarlett Johansson did great! Black Widow kicked ass specially in the beginning of the flick. Anthony Mackie I really like him as Falcon he as a lot of good stuff in this. He was down played in Age of Ultron but has a lot screen time in here which was excellent and they made that for that in this one I am glad for it. Anthony Mackie has a lot of good screen time, specially in the action moments. Falcon has a remote control like a mini Flacon I thought that was really cool. Chris Evens is to root for this character, Black Panther interesting the actor playing black panther was really good I like him and I am really interested seeing his up coming movie. Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier did fine.

A lot of people are complain about how terrible this movie is I am sorry I don't see it that way, I don't see at all it is peace of sh**. I wish that Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow / Crossbones wouldn't die and it was nice to see him in the beginning of the movie. I still wish he would work for the villain I still enjoy his screen time.

I thought Chris Evens and Robert Downey Jr, did work great as a opposite team. I love the end of fighting between Cap, Iron Man and Bucky Barnes. I thought the last fight scene was well choreographed I honestly think Iron Man would have won and he would killed Bucky Barnes. If Cap wouldn't have hurt his heart. I know when Tony find out Bucky killed his parents and he killed his mom in 1991 he decide to kill him. I mourn with Tony and it was a great dialogue "That shield doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve it! My father made that shield!"

Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

I understand the hate, because Captain turn the law politics back to save his friend, but he actually try to safe an innocent man who was framed by Zemo.

Captain America Civil War WAS BETTER THAN X-MEN APOCALYPSE, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel and Deadpool I don't like those movies they are peace of sh** and too way overrated. The rating I am giving is 10/10
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#TeamNeither WWE RAW With Superheroes
Warning: Spoilers
People says: an Avengers movie with 'emotional depth' and 'moral complexity', and now I have to question what planet they're living on. Seriously, WTF people!! if this is 'emotional depth' and 'moral complexity' then Marsellus Wallace is a bitch! When their operation to stop the theft of a biological weapon in Lagos goes explosively wrong leaving dozens of civilian casualties and themselves under scrutiny. It may be that I'm misremembering, but were there any civilian casualties in the past??? Didn't whole cities go up without anyone even wandering around dazed with a nosebleed? But the plot needs what the plot needs so now the Avengers have always blown up innocent people, which leads to 100 nations gathering together and saying: this must stop. And: you must all be brought under the control of the UN. While Iron Man is for it, Captain America, who is more Brexit, quickly goes rogue and becomes a fugitive. This could have then set the scene for, perhaps, saying something almost interesting about government control, military might and divided loyalties, but instead it results in all the superheroes choosing #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan— there are no takers for #TeamNeither, which would have been the sensible option WHY WHY they fight!! Come on!!! Captain America a rebel soldier???
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Overstuffed and Undercooked
nathanianhenderson1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The WINTER SOLDIER is the best MCU film, but its sequel has a serious identity crisis.

Captain America: Civil War wants to be great. But for the most part it isn't. The film is an overstuffed 2 and half hour film that has one too many ideas thrown into the mix. It is essential a cash grab of the BVS variety. But why can't people see this?

Now this is a Captain America as the title suggests. But in the end a more fitting title would read: Bucky VS Ironman: Dawn of who's the Captain's Bestie. The reason I say this is the film felt disjointed to the point of it being a joke. It felt like two separate films weaved together to try and make a film that makes sense. But it didn't It's one half a Captain flick/ the other half a mini Avengers film. But they both drown each other.

It's clear this is a film Marvel wanted to make, but why on earth rush into it? One film could never service this iconic plot line. It should have been gradual, and while we did see Cap and Tony tense up in Ultron, this is where a strain in their relationship should have been definite and it should have still been in effect at the beginning of this film.

For the most part of the Airport sequence there was no real danger. It was a carefully orchestrated scene that showed these films are for young cinema-goers. Even when one character is looked to be written off "BAM" they are back, giving everyone some cheep laughs at the end of the film.

Now from a writing and filmmaking point of view and dare I say it, this film has worse interconnecting scenes then The Amazing Spiderman 2. Re-shoots are obvious, editing is sub par, cinematography lacked style and was evident to be a "quick" point-and-shoot at the action affair. Such a disappointment.

But yes this film has it's fun moments (the same can not be said for BVS). But they can't help a film tailored to a certain demographic that leaves out those looking for a film that doesn't kill a few braincell upon leaving the cinema. The laughs are hardly inspirational writing and forced, so forced.

sidetone: ONLY SOME OF THEM HAVE SUPER POWERS, SO WHY DO THEY ALL RECOVER FROM HARD HITS AND KNOCKS? it's just makes the stakes so much lower and less respectable.
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Too much contrivance, insults the viewer's intelligence
KenToo13 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A movie can do everything else right, but if the story requires the characters to do something that they would never do, ignores a huge elephant in the room that no one would ignore, etc., then it suddenly becomes garbage because it forces me out of the experience of going along for the ride.

This movie could have been good. I love superheroes, especially when movies work in lesser known heroes. There's some witty dialogue and plenty of star power and special effects. However, the plot has an absurd contrivance that I cannot get past.

In order to plot Captain America versus Iron Man, the authors could not come up with an intelligent misunderstanding. Instead, Captain America's friend is framed for a crime and Iron Man thinks he's guilty, even when event after event makes this highly dubious, and even when his "friend" Captain America tells him he thinks his friend may be innocent. Sorry, based on the track record of this relationship in the movies, Iron Man would HAVE to step back and think twice about this friend's guilt if Captain America really asked him to.

Moreover, when towards the end Iron Man learns the friend was framed, but learns this friend also had been previously brainwashed to kill in the past, and had killed his parents, he then tries quite un- heroically to kill Cap's now un-brainwashed (and framed) friend.

What part of brainwashing and mind-control does Iron Man not understand? If some one kills while under the influence of brainwashing and mind-control, they are the VICTIM, and you do NOT try to kill them after they manage to escape and overcome the brainwashing and mind-control.

The writers somehow thought they could just sweep this under the intellectual rug by just moving the action along very quickly, as if this would not give the audience time to connect the dots and see how ridiculous and unrealistic this "dilemma" really was. Sorry, there was no true dilemma. Captain America was right and Iron Man was wrong, completely, and in a ridiculously contrived manner.
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"Captain America: Civil War" Pits Two of MCU's Biggest Heroes in One Epic Confrontation
thependragonscribe27 April 2016
The Marvel universe gets tenser with the most-awaited "Civil War". For what fans clamor to be a storyline that the MCU is building towards, here comes a showdown of Marvel's biggest properties.

"Captain America 3" starts off where "Avengers: Age of Ultron" ended, when the New Avengers, led by Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans), are cornered by international concern in response to continuous collateral damage. As a result, a governing act is proposed to the Avengers, fracturing the team to two sides, one led by Rogers and another led by Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). But when a new threat is on the horizon, the team has to face the repercussions of their brawls.

It is a huge help that the Russo Brothers returned to hold the weights of Marvel's Phase Three, after their spontaneous effort in "The Winter Soldier". Though "Civil War" may not be as solid as its predecessor, it is still a worthy addition to the Avengers storyline and Captain America's saga. Yet, it excels for taking a mature route that brings a compelling character study, a token from the first Avengers movie. Out of such character study is the major theme of vengeance. I am not going to give any more details about it. It is best to be seen and be enamored by how such themes are delivered with an affecting yet entertaining vibe.

Kudos to the cast ensemble that all brought their A-game, even though some characters are not that fleshed out, or feeling shoehorned. Evans is at his most moving as the fading patriot who wishes the best for his team and loved ones. Downey Jr. is still what we expected from RDJ. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow has a neutral but affectionate presence, despite her rather little involvement. The rest of the cast is great to see, with notable breakout performances from Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panther and Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. And Daniel Bruhl as Helmut Zemo is a better addition to Marvel's lacking lineup of antagonists. But despite the cast's collective efforts, there is an obvious battle for screen time with all characters. Thankfully, it was all salvaged as the two parties brawl in a cleared airport, in an exhilarating action sequence that will surely make every audience member cheer.

For all the makings of a summer blockbuster, "Captain America: Civil War" gets it all started right. Besides being a loyal companion to the comic book storyline, it is a worthy setup to Marvel's other properties and one that truly can hold on its own, courtesy of its consistent superhero action scenes, the Russo brothers' tense direction, the excellent cast, its thought-provoking themes and its exciting story with its signature Marvel snappy dialogue. Let us hope for the best for MCU's future, including Tom Holland's "Spider-Man".
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Not terrible but still bad
k1nley14 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoilers and my English is kinda bad.... so lets start: After seeing 8.5/10 my expectations were really high but after watching this movie i was so disappointed (probably the worst marvel film since first CA what is really ironic since CA 2 was one of the top three... ) Story: story is meh, nothing special, just CA and his buddy (with support of 1/2 avengers) against the world My PERSONAL problems with this film : 1. Terrible villain again, didn't remember his name 20min after the movie ended, did pretty much nothing but showed some amazing prophet skills 2.So many stupid things like how did villain know iron man will come at the very end, how did he know nobody told iron man how his parents died, also the big fight at the airport was just too dumb, pretty much all mighty jean nm.2 and vision in the same fight where black widow and hawk eye should just really be hoping, praying and dodging some random explosions... this list could really go on and on 3.SO OVERCROWDED. Why the hell did ant-man join the fight? What is his motivation? How does random Nigerian prince have powers to fight CA and bucky ? HOW ??? Nobody but CA, Iron man and bucky had story behind them (pretty pathetic though),others were just useless guys fighting. At least they didn't ruin Hulk even more :-) 4.Really ? Tony tried to kill his friend CA and bucky and then after being defeated he is f***ing cool with it? Best buddies again? 5.In iron man 3 tony was able to call 30 auto iron mans to fight for him, here he got challenged by a freaking falcon with his wings? Also at the airport he was unable to defeat CA and at the very end he almost rekt two of them ? ... Guess I'm back to stupid stuff... On the other side, good things: 1.Spider-man - yea this kid with no story in movie at all was one of few good funny things about this movie 2.Cool fights right ? All in all , 4/10 (coz i love superheroes movies), 1/10 is to balance things...
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Now this is a good superhero movie!!
Vinay Sital12 April 2016
Hi, I saw civil war and I come with good news; it's AWESOME! Im not gonna spoil one single thing, since this movie should be seen by only the two trailers you probably saw. Don't watch any tvspots after the second trailer or whatever! Im gonna touch a few aspects and rate them. Acting: Of course it's amazing. The characters we were waiting for were black panther and of course SPIDERMAN! Both were done amazing! Spiderman has a bigger role than I personally expected and it's done with grace. Love it. Black Panther was such a good character with great motivation why he's doing what he's doing. The acting per usual from the other characters were great! 10/10 Story: Now where another (let's leave it) unnamed superhero movie failed this year, and no I'm not talking about dead-pool.., was the story. Now this story is what I expected from the other unnamed superhero movie. I didn't know what side I wanted to be on; cap's or iron man's. I was so conflicted and even while they're fighting you don't know who to root for. The villain in this movie felt a bit, not really out of place, but unnecessary in my opinion. But Marvel always struggles to find a good fleshed out villain except for Loki & kingpin in the series. 8/10 Action/Cinematography: O boy..If you're an action freak you will love this, if you're a comic book fan.. you're gonna LIVE these amazing action set pieces. The much anticipated airport scene is AMAZING. You've seen nothing, literally nothing of the amazing action that will bestow upon you guys. The airport scene is in complete imax and has a runtime of around 17 minutes. Just let that sink in! The Russo brothers know how to create great action and film it great as well. I can go on record and say this is by far the best superhero action scenes ever. 20/10. Verdict: Was it a perfect movie? No. But for me as a fan it came darn close. The only thing that bothered me were the villains, well actually one of the few that are in there. Was it better than... Batman v superman.. yes by far. I mean we're in a comic book movie year, so we might as well compare it. Batman v superman lacked in a lot of places and civil war just did it better. Just the conflict in ideologies made it so much more believable why the characters fought and because this whole story arc is happening now after 2 cross over movies, 3 iron movies and 2 cap movies.. the stakes are so incredibly high. I tried to compare dead-pool with it as well, but it's a different movie in terms of it being a solo movie and setting something up, instead of showing a conflict between good and good instead of good and evil. 9 out of 10! Near Perfect movie for the fans(9.5) and a good solid action film for the general movie go-ers(9)
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These movies have become white noise
hthbrr22 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm confused so much, all these movies sorta blend into each other. Since they are tied together. Hulk, Thor, Cap America, Iron man, etc.... Since the avengers were in this I assumed it was another Avengers movie.

But no it's Captain America: Civil War? Huh? Don't you need the Avengers for a civil war? What it being CIVIL and all. confused.

Where is Thor and Hulk, and Loki and and and.....I can go on and on, but you get the point. We really know it was budget issues. They are IN the Avengers, SO why are they not asked to sign? ?????

Confusion. WHY do, ALL OF A SUDDEN, half the avengers seem not to trust Cap???? OH right since that is what the plot needed. This whole movie is just trash. Random spider man and ant man thrown in too, why not? Just whatever at this point. Explosions and random sh*t. Can anyone make sense of these movies anymore?

All started with Cap, the Nazis stole something from Thor/Loki....then he was frozen, woken up....umm Tony Stark's father knew Cap. Umm Cap almost banged Peggy? She did stuff created shield or something....then Hydra got in. Then Loki went crazy, and Thor stopped him, or didn't. Umm then Iron man made suits....Black widow wore tight tight clothes. She was in ballet??? Kissed Cap, but loves Hulk??? is even happening any more. Robin hood has a secret family??? And who was that guy in a panther suit. RANDOM AS F***! LOL ?????

If you LOVE confusing white noise this is the movie for you!!!!! "Confusing White Noise: The Movie!"
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Only action scenes are good
Warning: Spoilers
Captain America is only a stupid cowboy in this movie. Why does he not sign the regulation papers? He isn't a god like Thor or Superman. Who is Captain America to be above the Law? Superman or a American cowboy? Why did he not tell Iron Man what his best friend have done with H.Stark and his mother? Does he know how to talk with his friends like Tony? I think not. He only knows how to fight... like a perfect soldier...

And what about the conflict? And the consequences? Will we see them? Or Captain is already a friend for Tony? He has given a cheap cellphone to Tony... so... the conflict doesn't matter...

Only the action scenes are good...
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Marvel are on a roll.
highmaster1614 May 2016
Captain America Civil War is the thirteenth film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, with a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. In Captain America: Civil War, disagreement over international oversight of the Avengers fractures them into opposing factions - one led by Steve Rogers and the other by Tony Stark. Civil War is definitely one of the best Marvel movies to date, and absolutely on par with The Winter Soldier which was also great. They are both on top in the Marvel Cinematic Movies ranking of mine so far. The conflict between these well beloved characters is done in a brilliant and fantastic way by the amazing Russo brothers who took the cheese out of the first Captain America movie , made one serious and great second movie, and build upon them both with the third outing. Everyone does a great job here, Chris Evans has made Captain America his own same as Robert Downey Jr for Iron Man. It features a very big ensemble cast and not one of them is anything less than great on the role. The fight scenes are also some of the best ever made in a comic book movie, even better than in The Winter Soldier. Especially the airport scene is just mesmerizing and totally stands out from everything else that's going on. Spider-Man is also unbelievably well done and Tom Holland is just fantastic. I am one of the few people who actually loved The Amazing Spider Man movies, and really got mad to hear that they are going to reboot the character again but I can see now that it was worth it. The visuals are great from beginning to end, the music is also good as usual. The villain is something that most people though it was the weakest point but I strongly disagree with that. He had reasoning as to why he is doing those things, and he pushes the other characters in new directions which is also necessary. I generally adored this movie, and even though I am a DC fan, there's just no denying that Marvel knows what they're doing and that is why they are much more successful right now.
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Behold, the Übermensch
curlyhead-0577912 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Superheroes may misunderstand and they make mistakes but, ultimately, they are morally incorruptible. If they find themselves on the wrong side of a fight it's because they've misunderstood the nature of the problem. However, when reality finally hits home we can rely on them to admit their error and go off to fight together in the name of Truth, Justice and the American Way. People who die are unavoidable collateral damage, superheroes are beyond reproach and we need them too much to limit their powers. The world is just too scary and too dangerous to shackle the mighty with red tape and bureaucracy. Superheroes are better than us mere mortals, not just more powerful but also more moral. They don't need to follow the same rules we do.

After Winter Soldier I was under the (apparently mistaken) belief that Marvel's Capt. America franchise was criticising neoliberal America. There was all that stuff about the ends not justifying the means and about how politicians use terror to convince the population they need to be oppressed for their own good. How wrong could I be! Now I see that it's actually the opposite. It pretends to be anti-establishment but really it's just about justifying a sense of self-entitlement. Like Donald Trump, Capt. America criticises the State for oppressing people whilst simultaneously adhering to exactly the sort of high-handed moral superiority that inevitably leads to that oppression. He (I mean Capt. America) obviously skipped school on the day they taught the importance of checks-and-balances and why one of the central principles of US Democracy is that of the separation of powers.

The message of this film is simple. If you believe you are right, then you can do whatever you want as long as it's in the name of *insert moral cause*. Anyone who tries to limit your personal crusade is either stupid, naïve or oppressing you. Freedom from oppression means the freedom to act like you're better than other people, because, well, you ARE better than other people (go on, admit it, you're amongst friends here).
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Marvelously Stupid
Vitaly Tomilov3 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The story goes, Marvel runs out of ideas. They got excellent stuff shown in the first movie, then something lesser in the second one, and then the third one was like - somebody damn insisted on making it, even though there was no story written...

When the evil is all defeated, the continuation is not due till the next movie, and all avengers are simply bored, in the shortage of anything interesting going on, why not have all the heroes beating the crap out of each other? That should do the trick, and keep the sheep happy.

The movie has no story, its conflict is superficial and borderline idiotic, even for the way the avengers split into two groups had no logic in it, and, of course, no explanation. They just really wanted to flex their muscles, and so they did, period.
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Exceeded my expectations.
djsmileyface13 April 2016
I loved every second of Captain America: Civil War. Everything was so well put and the story and plot worked very smoothly. This movie is everything Batman V. Superman should've been. Every character fit right and at no point did the movie feel crammed with superheroes. In my opinion, the two heroes that stole the show was Spider-Man and black panther. They got both of these characters right especially black panther. As much as I loved Batman V. Superman, I have to give this movie more credit. The Russo brothers did not disappoint and they delivered another marvel masterpiece just like the winter soldier. This movie was very good and I plan on seeing it again when it comes out to all theaters and maybe a couple more times! This movie made me very excited to see what comes next in the MCU.
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Infinity War is in good hands.
Areeb Khan13 April 2016
Checkmate, haters. And sorry, it's just not your year. I have seen this movie, but I won't mention a single spoiler here. (If you guys want proof, you can PM me and I'll tell you how the movie ends and the after credits). The reason I'm really writing this review is that I KNOW THERE WILL BE BIASED PEOPLE HERE WHO'LL WRITE THAT BVS IS BETTER and this is trash, etc, etc. Well, just see this movie and judge for yourself. Speaking briefly of the movie, it is an emotional roller coaster with an absolutely beautiful end. Spidey had a satisfying screen time. As for the acting, by the time the movie ended, I was a happy man. Russov's are handling Infinity War, and after watching this movie, how they did justice to characters, I'll not worry. A movie we wanted as well as deserve.
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I big let down.
Warning: Spoilers
So the year of the big Superhero movies started so well with Deadpool and Batman v Superman, two movies I enjoyed very much, both different from one another and I felt delivered on what they were meant to be.

I was looking forward to Civil War a lot due to the love I have for Cap's previous movie, the Winter Solder. However, this film was a massive disappointment for me.

The film starts off in Wakanda where the Avengers have tracked down terrorists, led by Crossbones and as a result of the confrontation between the two groups, part of a building gets blown up and people die, which all of a sudden is a big deal. Due to that the government wants the Avengers to be reigned in an be controlled solely by the government, which Tony Stark is for (following a brief encounter with the mother of a dead child thanks to the Avengers) and Steve Rogers is against.

From there on, the film is mainly focused on Tony trying to get Steve to agree to the terms posed by the government, with no success until it all comes to a head once both Tony and Steve create their respective teams.

Marvel took a serious storyline in Civil War and just didn't know how to handle it in my opinion. It felt like the Russo's were caught between making a darker movie about a serious issue and making a light hearted comic book movie. In the end, we got a standard Marvel movie. Nothing different or ground breaking about it whatsoever... and its taken 13 movies to get to this point. It feels like the Marvel films are standing still and cannot progress to the next level, maybe in fear of the backlash from fans if they changed the formula.

What the movie does well is it showcases the arguments of both Toney and Steve well and you cant really pick a side of your own. However, we don't really get anywhere and by the time the famous airport scene comes about, you forget who's fighting for which team. Some heroes don't even know why they're there! It all felt very forced.

The action was great and so where the debuts of Spider-Man and Black Panther , however the whole movie could have been done without Spider-Man. He added no value to the story. The film had its standard levels of humour and whilst some of the comedy was done well, it went into overdrive once we had the inclusion of Ant-Man and Spider-Man.

The only part of the movie that was heart felt was the final scene between Cap, Iron Man and Bucky as you felt the heartbreak that Tony had at that moment - great acting from Robert Downey Jr. However, even that scene came about via coincidence, which was really the trend of this film.... everything that happened was coincidental, from Tony showing his younger self with his parents at the MIT presentation, to the video of Bucky killing Tony's parents.

Civil War was the wrong title for this movie. It should've been called, 'A Minor Disagreement'. All in all, the movie felt pointless as nothing was achieved by the end. Everyone remained friends and the only casualty of the movie was the least cared about character in War Machine. The movie just felt like a stepping stone to Infinity War and the solo Spider-Man and Black Panther movies.

No doubt that this will be praised by everyone and will make a ton of money, but as someone who appreciates movies, this one fell well short of the mark.
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Marvel Does it Again!!
zekromshk13 April 2016
I was one of the few fortunate people who got to watch this early. This movie was everything i hoped Civil War to be. It was funny, got you emotionally involved and Action Packed. Yes! the action is done brilliantly. The best I've ever seen in a comic book movie. Maybe one of the best in movies in general. This movie is not your average comic book good vs evil movie. It's much of a clash between ideologies which was really interesting to see. I also have to talk about how Spiderman was portrayed in this movie. I really liked him. As expected he was not the focus of the movie. However, he was not just a cameo either. The few scenes he was in the movie was enough to like him. If i have to point out flaws there is hardly any. Marvel is almost perfect. Almost. I do have one problem with the movie. It was the main villain. Like other marvel villain, this villain just didn't work for me. The movie would have done fine even without the villain. It feels like he was just there because ...he was just there!. But it's not a deal breaker people!! The story isn't about the villain. It's about Civil War. And you're gonna get it.. I can't recommend this movie enough. Believe me guys, the 1 star reviews are all from Marvel haters. They just can't accept the fact that Civil War was a great move. Most of those reviewers probably haven't even watched the movie. Ignore the haters and watch the movie. You won't be disapppointed.
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An Amazing Movie
Ernesto Ravello13 April 2016
Russo Brothers did an amazing job with this film. I loved every scene in this film.The action is amazing,its good to see Chris Evans again as Capitan America,Robert , well he is tony stark and i actually loved him this film more than in his own movies. Black Panther, Antman y Spiderman, they are just amazing and interesting characters in the film. Visual effects are amazing and the battles are really good. I thought that marvel will never do a very good movie like it was winter soldier, but i was wrong, i was totally wrong I don't like to compare, but i enjoy this film more than batman v superman. It's obviously that it is not perfect, that's sure but for me this is the best marvel movie, and i cant wait for the infinity war, the MCU is in good hands with the Russo brothers
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Another awful MCU movie; BvS is a much better movie!
Asuka-Fan8 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1st, Civil War is basically a copy of BvS. A government building gets blown up by a bomb, killing a prominent government official. A villain manipulating heroes into fighting.

2nd, too many characters just popping up without any reason at all and just shoehorned into the movie - Ant-Man/Giant Man - Black Panther - Hawkeye (was retired, now suddenly abandons the girlfriend and kids to come back and help a fugitive escape from the authorities) - The Annoying Spider-Kid (more annoying than Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace; did more talking than fighting)

3rd, after all the buildup about a disagreement over the issues of collateral damage and government oversight of the heroes, those issues were completely trivialized by a "big fight" that was nothing more than a friendly sparring contest with bad one-liners thrown in: "Are we still going to be friends after this?" "We haven't met before?" "Mr Stark. What do I do now?" "You have a METAL arm?" "I'm from Queens. I'm from Brooklyn."

Was the "Civil War" supposed to be a real fight for something they believed in, or just a "Joke-Off" to determine who could deliver the best jokes?

4th, MCU fans had been saying for months that Captain America was justified in opposing government oversight of the heroes because he didn't want the Avengers to be controlled by HYDRA. But it wasn't HYDRA who requested the Sokovia accords. It was the United Nations.

The Avengers had caused massive deaths and destruction so the United Nations wanted oversight of the Avengers. But Captain America didn't want the Avengers to be held responsible and have to answer to the people for the massive deaths and destruction that they caused.

Captain America wanted the Avengers to be the supreme authority (exactly like Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein made themselves the supreme authority) to make decisions on what's best for the people instead of letting the elected representatives of the people make decisions on what's best for the people (like the way a Democracy works). So basically, Captain America opposes Democracy and favors Tyranny.

5th, plenty of plot holes and lazy, contrived writing. Tony Stark had called Secretary of State Ross to evacuate the airport prior to the big fight. So Ross knew before the big fight that the Captain America and the Bucky were planning to hijack a plane at that airport.

So why didn't Ross just have military fighter jets hovering in the sky nearby in case they succeed in hijacking a plane? There's already a "shoot on sight" order for Bucky so if they succeed in hijacking a plane, then the military fighter jets can just fly in and either shoot at their plane to force them to land or shoot down their plane.

Since Captain America and Bucky can't fly on their own, their powers are useless when they're inside a plane being fired upon by military fighter jets. And their plane wouldn't be able to evade military fighter jets. But the script needed Captain America and Bucky to escape so that it could set up the final fight between Iron Man and Captain America.

Also, the 1st half of the movie is all about Tony Stark trying to get all the Avengers to sign the Sokovia Accords, which state that the Avengers would operate only when approved by a UN panel. Then in the 2nd half of the movie, Tony recruits Peter Parker to join his team even though Peter is a minor and wouldn't be able to sign a legal document and thus wouldn't be approved by the UN panel to operate under the Sokovia Accords.

Another egregious error is that the whole movie set up Bucky as the killer of Iron Man's parents, thus setting up the main conflict in the movie, but why would there be video footage of their accident on some random back road in 1991? And how did whomever filmed the video footage know to place the camera at that EXACT spot where their car crashed, and not a mile ahead or a mile behind where the car crashed?

If there was video footage, then wouldn't Iron Man or Jarvis or even Ultron have stumbled across it by now? Tony hacked classified government networks in seconds in Iron Man 2, hacked Shield in The Avengers and has apparently been watching Peter Parker on a regular basis. Seems like he would have found video footage of his parents' deaths a long time ago.

And better yet, how could the coroner rule their deaths an accident when the ligature marks around Maria Stark's neck and the fist imprints in Howard Stark's face would have been immediately evident in the autopsy? Was the coroner just incompetent?

Also, Tony Stark believed his parents died in an accident and never suspected foul play at all. So how did Zemo know that their "accident" from 25 years ago was actually foul play? How did Zemo know there was video footage from 25 years ago of Tony's parents being murdered and how did Zemo find that footage when Tony never knew about or found that same footage?

Tony Stark was more angry at Steve Rogers because Steve knew but didn't tell him. So how did Zemo know that Steve knew the "accident" 25 years ago was actually foul play?

Those are massive pills we're asked to swallow that exist only because they conveniently set up the final conflict between Iron Man and Captain America. Now that's some mighty contrived writing.

6th, another forgettable MCU villain. Zemo was about as invisible in Civil War as Luke Skywalker was in The Force Awakens.

7th, critics and haters of BvS complained about how Lex knew Superman is Clark Kent and how Superman knew Batman is Bruce Wayne, but there was no explanation at all for how Tony Stark knew Spider-Man is a high school kid in Queens.
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Civil War? more like a spit fight over a disagreement that puts lives at risk
Peter Turner17 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I would give it 0/10 But had to settle for the lowest which was 1/10. This movie is as inconsistent as it is poorly written. Black Widow survives being thrown in a armored truck with a grenade, not to mention no one even bothers to shoot at her.

The scene where Scarlett Which blows up part of a building was ridiculous, out of all the places she could've chosen to throw the bomb it was at the one tall building in the area. Captain America freezes due to hearing the name Bucky and even says that. The scene where Black Panthers Dad dies is ridiculous given that Black Panther should've been killed in the blast, not to mention how was that part of the building the only part that suffered the most damage? I guess they didn't want to kill off Black Widow. The explosion would've leveled the lower floors thus resulting in the higher floors crumbling. Not just that one room being majorly affected.

Tony Stark is the only one in this that makes sense. Everyone complains about Tony and says he's the bad guy and will stab you in the back, when they are the one's who broke the law and have a cry about it. Scarlett Witch being "rescued" by Hawkeye was completely ridiculous, she has a guilt trip about killing people and she snaps out of it just because she is told to get up off her ass. Not to mention Tony just grows a conscious after a few years of all these other people dying but changes his tune after talking to a Mother. Jokes are forced.

Lets not forget how bad the reasoning for their fighting is. Captain America especially, Bucky being a trained killer, who would be out in public and he thinks it's a good idea to break him out and beat up the German police. Also the part where black Widow goes off at Tony for things getting out of hand and that Captain America will always be on the run and she let Captain America go. This is why the Avengers can't have nice things.
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1 Star from DClievers so funny
Jonathan De La Cruz13 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so great directed by the Russo Brothers they done a great success. A better movie than BvS, this is possible the best movie of MCU with respect of Winter Soldier. Spiderman OMG great performance by Tom Holland and Black Panther another great debut for a great character of the Marvel franchise. Infinity Wars is in great hands of the Russo Brothers.In other things this movie only fails in the villain Baron Zemo but the fight in the airport was possibly the best action sequence in the history of super hero movies. It's not a revolution of super hero movies but this is fresh air for the MCU and overall the genre, DC/Warner needs to learn of how make a great universe.
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The post credit scenes are not worth it. Overstuffed and bad.
benmartyn2438 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When politicians and world leaders think that people like Captain America and Iron Man are running amok, they tell them they need to be regulated. tony Stark, Iron Man thinks it's necessary. While Steve Rogers, Captain America doesn't think so. That eventually splits their team, The Avengers. At a UN gathering where the regulations are being worked out, there's an explosion and some people are killed among them is the King of Wakanda. Investigation reveals that the bomb was planted by the Winter Soldier, who is Bucky Barnes, Captain Amerioca's friend during the war. Everyone is out to get Barnes and kill him if necessary but Steve wants to get to him first and help him. When he finds him he says he didn't plant the bomb, suddenly another person shows up who's out to get him dressed in black. When security forces catches up to them they are arrested and the one in black is revealed to be the son of the Wakandan King, T'Challa and he is the Black Panther the guardian of Wakanda. While in custody, a psychiatrist is sent to evaluate Bucky but suddenly the power goes out that's when he begins to say some words that have an effect on Bucky. He breaks out and Steve tries to get him. Believing that Bucky is innocent Steve sets out to find the man who got to him. Tony is told that because Steve helped Bucky he is now also wanted. He offers to bring him in so he asks War Machine ,and Black Widow to join him. He recruits someone to help him while Widow offers T'Challa to join them. Steve brings Falcon with him who gets Ant Man and Steve calls Hawkeye who gets Wanda whom tony has under lock and key under the eye of Vision. They get away and Vison joins tony. Eventually they all have a confrontation.
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One of the worst Marvel films ever
Mr. Nasty10 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw it. Not gonna go in depth but incoherent plot with lack of motivations for a lot of the characters to even fight to begin with. Didn't like the actor who played Spider-Man, his jokes were bad and misplaced in the middle of action scenes. Spider-Man seemed like he was added in at the last possible moment of production as he seemed out of place. I mean Tony Stark shows up and just blindly follows Tony. Black Panther was alright but oh boy does his mind change fast but like Spider-Man, he was shoehorned in. Ant-Man dragged along to be beside Captain America, he just blindly follows Cap.

Too many jokes in the middle of action scenes. Winter Soldier almost killed some of the Avengers but Captain Americas gay love for bucky blinds him from him. Captain America being so stubborn and showing his true colours as a terrible individual as he doesn't seem to care about anyone's safety. I thought Cap was suppose to be a leader but really, this movie only showed lack of leadership skills as he almost got everyone killed.

The highly praised airport fight was not impressive. I'm not sure what people saw here. Zoomed-in action scenes, close up to the faces, lame jokes in between, Black Widow asking if were friends to Hawkeye, camera shaking. The heroes just scatter/disappear and end up on the raft?.

Terrible pacing from one scene to the next. Captain America just having a casual talk with Spider-Man while they are fighting and you can see Evans laughing after he mentions that he's from Brooklyn ugh. So bad and so cheesy. Cap holding the helicopter ugh so cheesy.

They say bucky is brainwashed but in some scenes, he seems to have it together but in other scenes, he don't. If he is brainwashed, why does Zemo need to activate him when he says the code?. After Zemo says the code, he almost killed some of the Avengers but later on, he fights alongside them?. And now he has it together or what?. Is he brainwashed or not, what's going on here?. Why is he back and forth on killing the Avengers and then working beside them?. Ugh so awful.

Chris Evans wooden acting. Lack of facial expressions for the intense moments of the film. Captain Americas lame letter to Tony Stark.

All these Marvel movies and they still can't make War Machine the true badass he is like in the comics. The character has been under utilized since Rhodes has put on the suit. They made him a laughing stock in Iron Man 2. The character has very little screen time in every other Marvel movie. Absolutely awful how they treated War Machine in this movie and previous movies. Terence Howard should be happy that he's not playing this character anymore. Disney/Marvel made him a joke.

RDJ as Tony Stark/Iron Man is fantastic as always. No complaints here, his motivation for killing Bucky makes sense here. Captain America protecting bucky nope other then that they are friends from back in the day.

A lot of the faults people give to BvS which are warranted is also in this movie Civil War. This is not even a Cap Movie, it's a Avenger movie. It's a overcrowded mess with too much going and too many shoe-horned characters and too many characters lacking any real motivation for even fighting each other.

I could go on about why I think this is the worst Marvel film to date. I'm not sure what critics saw here. I rated it a 1 as a place holder and reserved judgement until I saw it. I finally saw it. I'm leaving it at a 1/10. An absolutely awful dreadful film that's only to please the fanboys and children.
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Best Marvel film, Yet.
Cynically speaking, the whole mold that the latest Marvel movie creates, is a colossal set up that engenders subsequent sequels and solo outings in the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. The third for titular Captain America, "Civil War" is essentially the third Avengers film, starting with events happening a year after "Age of Ultron". That is not to say the film is mistakenly titled, because it still is, in all important aspects, a Captain America movie. It's just that, he isn't alone. The sheer size of this potential billion-dollar movie calls for an equally mammoth effort from sibling directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, who also both helmed Cap's previous film, Winter Soldier. Their deft maneuver results in a beautifully crafted cinematic piece, whose towering bravura, bestows the entire proceedings with striking depth and sentimentality, which may not be the first for the genre, but enough to make it Marvel's best film, to date.

In "Civil War", the brewing enmity between Steve Rogers/ Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) inevitably arises and turns bitter in the wake of their relentless campaigns to save humanity. The irony emerges amidst of their efforts, when greater authority finally asked who should be held accountable for the collateral damages brought both by their offensive and defensive operations. The motion begins to roll when a mission in Lagos resulted to unexpected amount of destruction and deaths.

Differences in views divide the once solid group into two colliding factions. With Stark and his allies resigned to submit under the Sokovia Accords, Captain and the rest of his team, move away with staunch stand to operate freely under no greater force's jurisdiction. There is an intelligent attempt from both sides to meet halfway, but battle line is imminently drawn as a result of another attack which Cap's best buddy, Winter Soldier— now simply, Bucky Barnes— is believed to orchestrate. Doctrinal contrasts force heroes to pick sides, and the resulting chaos ensues a much bigger damage than what came in the missions they've previously pulled off together.

While Joss Whedon's "Age of Ultron" is as massive as a superhero movie could be, Russo's Civil War is colossal in its own right, maintaining the former's size as it shifts to a more character- driven narrative, with its emotional weight heaviest on Steve Rogers' shoulders. There is a striking hint of effort to not overpopulate the proceedings with relentless chaos and destructions, but the ones inevitably allowed, are delivered in immaculate visual glory, each explosive action set- piece captured with breathtaking panoramic ingenuity.

Even with all the intersecting plot lines laid out for every important character of this superhero extravaganza, they all eventually converge at one point, in which Captain Rogers and his connection with Stark, plays a key part. There is a visceral profoundness in how his character is written that finally places him at the center of his own film, and Evans has his commitment fully deployed for the role. And for a film whose own size seems to undermine its very own titular hero, the accomplished feat is truly massive for Captain, himself.

A film of this size naturally gets devoured by its very own ambitions. Character-wise, Civil War is as big as the last two Avengers movies. And while Thor and Hulk are both missing in action here, newcomers are welcomed to fill in their shoes. The film facilitates the solid introduction of Chad Boswick's Black Panther, whose stand-alone film is due in 2018. But perhaps, as most people who've seen it, will say, the entry of the amazing web- slinger is the film's most anticipated highlight. Tom Holland's Spider- Man is a breath of fresh air, and it delivers some hope for the character's looming third big screen incarnation, next year. His comic timing may have been at par with that of Paul Rudd's Ant- Man, who shares one of the most genuine fanboy moments in the movie. This lightness comes amid the political tensions and philosophical differences between the opposing forces, one that is utterly missing in DC's Batman v Superman's messed-up attempt to pull off an essentially similar drama, last month.
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