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Scarlett Johansson: Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow



  • Black Widow : Are we still friends?

    Hawkeye : That depends on how hard you hit me.

  • Steve Rogers : I'm sorry, Nat. I can't sign it.

    Natasha Romanoff : I know.

    Steve Rogers : Then why did you come here?

    Natasha Romanoff : Because I didn't want you to be alone.

  • Natasha Romanoff : Tony, you are being uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal.

  • T'Challa : In my culture, death is not the end. It's more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veld where... you can run forever.

    Natasha Romanoff : That sounds very peaceful.

    T'Challa : My father thought so. I am not my father.

    Natasha Romanoff : T'Challa, Task Force will decide who brings in Barnes.

    T'Challa : Don't bother, Ms. Romanoff. I'll kill him myself.

  • Natasha Romanoff : Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.

    Sam Wilson : Anyone ever tell you you're a little paranoid?

    Natasha Romanoff : Not to my face. Why, did you hear something?

  • Natasha Romanoff : I know how much Barnes means to you... Stay at home. You'll only make this worse.

  • Natasha Romanoff : [Picked up cell phone]  Yeah.

    Steve Rogers : You're alright?

    Natasha Romanoff : Uh. Yeah. Thanks. I got lucky.

    [Nat notices sirens from Cap's cellphone, indicating he's around the area] 

    Natasha Romanoff : ... I know how much Barnes means to you. I really do... Stay home. You'll only make this worse for all of us. Please.

    Steve Rogers : Are you saying you'll arrest me?

    Natasha Romanoff : No... Someone will. If you interfere. That's how it works now.

    Steve Rogers : If he's this far gone, Nat. I should be the one to bring him in.

    Natasha Romanoff : Why?

    Steve Rogers : Cause I'm the one least likely to die trying.

  • Tony Stark : They're comin' for ya.

    Natasha Romanoff : I'm not the one that needs to watch their back.

  • Steve Rogers : Who else signed it?

    Natasha Romanoff : Tony, Rhody, Vision.

    Steve Rogers : Clint?

    Natasha Romanoff : Said he's retired.

    Steve Rogers : Wanda?

    Natasha Romanoff : TBD... I'm off to Vienna for the signing of the Accords. There's plenty of room on the jet. Just because it's the path of least resistance doesn't mean it's the wrong path. Staying together is more important that how we stay together.

    Steve Rogers : What are we giving up to do it?... Sorry, Nat. I can't sign it.

    Natasha Romanoff : I know...

    Steve Rogers : Well, then... what are you doing here?

    Natasha Romanoff : I didn't want you to be alone.

  • Lt. Col. James Rhodes : Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor, which is one more than you have.

    Sam Wilson : So let's say we agreed to this thing. How long is it gonna be before they lojack us like a bunch of common criminals?

    Lt. Col. James Rhodes : 117 countries wanna sign this. 117, Sam, and you're just like, "Nah, it's cool."

    Sam Wilson : How long are you gonna play both sides?

    Vision : I have an equation.

    Sam Wilson : [sarcastically]  Oh, this'll clear it up.

    Vision : In the 8 years since Mr. Stark announced himself as Iron Man, the number of known enhanced persons has grown exponentially. And during the same period, a number of potentially world-ending events has risen at a commensurable rate.

    Steve Rogers : Are you saying it's our fault?

    Vision : I'm saying there may be a causality. Our very strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. And conflict... breeds catastrophe. Oversight... Oversight is not an idea that can be dismissed out of hand.

    Lt. Col. James Rhodes : Boom!

    Natasha Romanoff : Tony? You are being uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal.

    Steve Rogers : That's 'cause he's already made up his mind.

    Tony Stark : Boy, you know me so well. Actually, I'm nursing an electromagnetic headache. That's what's going on, Cap. It's just pain. It's discomfort. Who's putting coffee grounds in the disposal? Am I running a Bed and Breakfast for a biker gang?

    [puts phone on table, screen pops up] 

    Tony Stark : Oh, that's Charles Spencer, by the way. He's a great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3.6 GPA. Had a floor-level gig, an intel plan for the fall. But first he wanted to put a few miles on his sole before he parked it behind a desk. See the world, maybe be of service. Charlie didn't wanna go to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale, which is what I would do. He didn't go to Paris or Amsterdam, which sounds fun. He decided to spend his summer building sustainable housing for the poor. Guess where: Sokovia. He wanted to make a difference, I suppose. I mean, we won't know because we dropped a building on him while we were kickin' ass... There's no decision-making process here. We need to be put in check! And whatever form that takes, I'm game. If we can't accept limitations, we're boundaryless, we're no better than the bad guys.

    Steve Rogers : Tony, if someone dies on your watch, you don't give up.

    Tony Stark : Who said we're giving up?

    Steve Rogers : We are if we're not taking responsibility for our actions. This document just shifts the blame.

    Lt. Col. James Rhodes : Sorry, Steve, that... that is dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we're talking about. It's not the World Security Council, it's not S.H.I.E.L.D., it's not Hydra.

    Steve Rogers : No, but it's run by people with agendas and agendas change.

    Tony Stark : That's good! That's why I'm here. When I realized what my weapons were capable of in the wrong hands, I shut it down. Stopped manufacturing.

    Steve Rogers : Tony, you *chose* to do that. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. What if this panel sends us somewhere we don't think we should go? What if there's somewhere we need to go and they don't let us? We may not be perfect but the safest hands are still our own.

    Tony Stark : If we don't do this now, it's gonna be done to us later. That's the fact. That won't be pretty.

    Wanda Maximoff : You're saying they'll come for me.

    Vision : We would protect you.

    Natasha Romanoff : Maybe Tony's right. If we have one hand on the wheel, we can still steer. If we take it off...

    Sam Wilson : Aren't you the same woman who told the government to kiss her ass a few years ago?

  • Natasha Romanoff : [fighting Bucky]  You could at least recognize me!

  • Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross : Huh. Five years ago, I had a heart attack. I dropped right in the middle of my backswing. Turned out it was the best round of my life because after thirteen hours of surgery and a triple bypass, I have found something forty years in the army had never taught me... perspective. The world owes the Avengers an unpayable debt. You have fought for us, protected us, risked your lives. But while a great many people see you as heroes, there are some who would prefer the word "vigilantes".

    Natasha Romanoff : And what word would you use, Mr. Secretary?

    Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross : How about "dangerous"? What would you call a group of US based, enhanced individuals who routinely ignore sovereign borders and inflict their will wherever they choose and who, frankly, seem unconcerned with what they leave behind? New York, Washington D.C., Sokovia, Lagos...

    Steve Rogers : Okay. That's enough.

    Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross : In the past four years, you've operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That's an arrangement the governments of the world can no longer tolerate.

  • Steve Rogers : I'm not getting that shield back, am I?

    Natasha Romanoff : Technically it's the government's property. The wings, too.

    Sam Wilson : That's cold.

    Tony Stark : Warmer than jail!

  • Natasha Romanoff : You know what's about to happen. Do you really wanna punch your way out of this?

  • Ant-Man : Look, I really don't want to hurt you.

    Black Widow : I wouldn't stress about it.

    [beats up Ant-Man] 

  • Black Widow : Thank you.

    Sam Wilson : [holds up Redwing]  Don't thank me.

    Black Widow : I'm not thanking that.

    Sam Wilson : Aw, come on. Touch it, give it a kiss.

  • Black Widow : Maybe Tony's right. If we have one hand on the wheel, we can still drive. If we take it off...

    Sam Wilson : Aren't you the same woman who told the government to kiss her ass a few years ago?

    Black Widow : I'm just... I'm reading the terrain. We have made some very public mistakes. We need to win their trust back.

    Iron Man : Focus up. I'm sorry... did I just mishear you or did you just agree with me?

    Black Widow : Oh I want to take it back now.

    Iron Man : No, no no. You can't retract it.

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