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  • Ten years after escaping from their grandparents' attic at Foxworth Hall, Christopher (Wyatt Nash), Cathy (Rose McIver), and Carrie (Bailey De Young) Dollanganger are attempting to move forward in life. Christopher has nearly obtained his medical degree and is dating Sarah Reeves (Whitney Hoy) , the daughter of his supervising physician (Nick Searcy). Cathy has been accepted into a local ballet troupe where she meets fellow dancer Julian Marquet (Will Kemp) and decides to follow him to New York and take up his offer to help further her career. Carrie has become engaged to young minister Alex Conroy (Ross Philips), who leads the choir of which Carrie is a member. Despite their best efforts to put their past behind them, however, the three siblings are still haunted by it and by their feelings toward each other, their mother Corrine (Heather Graham), and their Grandmother Olivia (Ellen Burstyn). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Petals on the Wind is the second novel in the Dollanganger series written by American novelist Cleo Virginia "V.C." Andrews. The novel was adapted for the film by screenwriter Kayla Alpert. The film is a sequel to Flowers in the Attic (2014) (2014) and was followed by If There Be Thorns (2015) (2015). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's strongly recommended. Viewers who have watched Petals on the Wind without having first seen Flowers in the Attic report feeling confused and unable to figure out what's going on. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the novel, Carrie was portrayed as very small for her age but with a large head, thanks to the malnutrition she suffered while imprisoned in the attic. In the movie, however, Carrie was played by a normal-looking actress, so her "freakiness" was attributed to the fact that she still carried around a doll. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Following Carrie's death, Cathy and Christopher return to Foxworth Hall to take revenge on their mother. Corrine is planning a Christmas eve party to celebrate her renovations to the house. As Bart (Dylan Bruce) leads the guests in a toast to Corrine, Cathy appears at the top of stairs and offers her own toast, telling everyone how Corinne locked her and her three siblings in the attic for two years and murdered Corey and Carrie. Corinne tries to deny ever having children, but Cathy goes on to say that she's pregnant with Bart's child, stunning Corinne. Bart kicks out all the guests and, while he and Cathy talk, Corinne goes up to her mother's bedroom and confronts her. Olivia simply reminds corinne that "those who sow the seeds of evil shall reap the harvest of Hell." To how her motherly love for heer daughter, Olivia presents Corinne with a truck full of her precious souvenirs saved from the attic. Corinne begins to tearfully look through them until she finds Corey's skull amongst the items. Something in Corinne finally snaps. She begins to embrace Christopher, but he pushes her away, while Olivia sits in bed chuckling.Without saying a word, Corinne picks up a candelabra and sets the curtains and bedding on fire. Olivia begins to scream while Christopher carries Corinne down the stairs and out the front door, calling to Bart and Cathy to get out of the house, which is becoming engulfed in flames. Six years pass. Cathy and Christopher, along with their two sons, are shown hosting a backyard barbecue at the house in California where they have moved as a family. In the final scene, Corinne is shown running through a mental institution, blathering about being nothing like her mother and crying to see her baby. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Apparently so. At the end of Petals on theWind, it announces that If There be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday will follow. Edit (Coming Soon)


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